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As Predicted in 2006
By Randy H   62 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Randy H says B.A.C.A.H. says There's one person on who will throw a tantrum on the blog to make that point, while backing it up with a list of citations. For some, inflation is...

Finally, a REAL alternative candidate
By Randy H   6 comments, latest 3 years ago:
American in Japan says Tako (たこ) means octopus in Japanese.

Ridiculous Realtor Quotes
By Randy H   392 comments, latest 4 years ago:
bubblesitter says ChrisLA says My wife and I were driving home one evening and saw a lot of signs for a place in our area. This was interesting to see because a realtor told us...

By Randy H   281 comments, latest 6 years ago:
Patrick says It's because a spammer posted it to it, making it have recent activity. I deleted the spam comment, but the modification date of the post is still recent.

Bubblehead Roll Call
By Randy H   251 comments, latest 7 years ago:
Allah says I’m still unsure of how long the correction will take. I’m still sure it is underway. I’m vindicated in my sticky price calls. I’m also sad I was right. I think if it...

Barack Obama Wants to Reward FBs
By Randy H   271 comments, latest 7 years ago:
Until I hear one address what is to be done about the CEO's of these comapnies/banks.... that were part of the lending that lead to this meltdown ...that taxpayers are now being saddled with....I have...

Impact of the Real-Estate Bubble BLOG
By Randy H   265 comments, latest 7 years ago:
Up here in Canada Bubble Bloggs have really got the realtors worried. One site called "Let's Imagine a housing Crash" about Vancouver BC has at least one RE agent pumping out counterspin 24/7. One well...

Houseowners Who Won’t Cut the Price
By Randy H   271 comments, latest 7 years ago:
No, I think Birth Tax has more simplicity. It is the carbon tax equivalent of flat tax. :)

Get comfortable until Spring '08 (Bay Area)
By Randy H   262 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Randy H says Retirement This will be my last thread article. I trust that everyone will be happier with Allah and my other "haterz" of late than with I. I think I've offended a few...

By Randy H   276 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Malcolm says She definitely backed herself into a corner with her 'houses are an absolutely good investment, and are always a safe bet point of view' but never struck me as particularly nasty or malicious....

...and now (your predictions welcome)
By Randy H   326 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Claire says Randy H - thanks for the reply, we are located in the Mountain View/Los Altos area, and the prices here are depressing. If they don't correct much in the next two years I...

Real Estate Roller Coaster
By Randy H   88 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Malcolm says Testing, posts not showing up on this thread for some reason.

DAiryQUeen (aka TheOtherSide, MarinaPrime, FakeP, FaceReality)
By Randy H   74 comments, latest 8 years ago:
HeadSet says DennisN, Good point about the Frigate Bird test, very interesting. On the Atlas and Titan IV.... Yes, they have big payloads, as does the Saturn series, but neither are ICBMs. These heavy lift...

Someone Please Explain "Pocket Listings"
By Randy H   507 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Wordy says Today, 4-16-07, we requested a release from our Exclusive Listing Agreement with our RE agent because, after 5 weeks, we had not received our MLS# listing. We had found our property listed on...

Coldwell Banker becomes first Realtor of "Virtual Real Estate"
By Randy H   194 comments, latest 9 years ago:
astrid says SFBB, Actually, you'd only be a wall away from your neighbor and avoid car usage much of the time. At least biking and walking is an option for much of the city, even...

Mail in the Keys
By Randy H   264 comments, latest 9 years ago:
I have been enjoying this blog for about a year now. Given the MENSA qualities of the posters, I've been intimidated to enter the fray (those econ models and formulas freak me out). But what...

SF Bay Area is Stubbornly Sticky (for now)410
By Randy H   191 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Fremont_renter --- very very good points. But I strangly feel RE prices may correct much quicker than in prior bust. Gut feeling! I wont be suprised.

By Randy H   331 comments, latest 9 years ago:
I'll bet a lot of attorneys are hating life since the Internet came on line. All of those links are money out of their pocket for legal advice. Life is good.

SF Bay Area is Stubbornly Sticky (for now)409
By Randy H   posted 9 years ago:
Something I posted on my blog SF Bay Area Housing Bubble Battle. The bottom line: The Bay Area has annoyingly and persistently sticky downwards house prices. Recent threads here have pointed out cases of buyers...

A Spring Bounce will Test Your Resolve
By Randy H   101 comments, latest 9 years ago:
DinOr, Thanks - I posted that link a couple threads ago. Clearly when I was looking for work in '02 I should have been spending my time borrowing bucks and buying memberships at CME and...

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