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A Bay Fable.
By surfer-x   261 comments, latest 9 years ago:
DinOR, The financial heros are hillarious! I was thinking of part 3 when I read the Ando article. Thanks for pointing it out though. I didn't realize that 3 parts existed. Good times! Paul

What if?????
By surfer-x   140 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Different Sean says I also don’t think we’ll get a mass panic of people rushing to sell their houses as prices fall. except for foreclosures in a falling market, where the bank is happy just...

By surfer-x   76 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Sylvie says Hey Big V Try being single living on under 50k a year in southern cal that is what I was doing until six months ago. I wish I even made 100k I know...

It only goes up.
By surfer-x   193 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Allah, I agree with those figures, and also agree that this bubble is very troubling by those measures. What I contend is that real-holding costs to real income are more relevant than price to income...

What happens when too many V.O.C's are huffed in a paper bag.
By surfer-x   24 comments, latest 9 years ago:
35% is the percent of people who own their own home in San Francisco, not the precentage of the population who can afford one now.

A Homage to King God Ha Ha
By surfer-x   34 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Ha Ha my friend, donde esta? I thought you would relish being able to post your salary non stop with no fear of heckling. I miss hearing of your amazing salary, please what do you...

By surfer-x   218 comments, latest 10 years ago:
DinOR Says: Garth, Michael, Anybody? "...Now I’m not supposing some one go out and start a whole new “Baja Bubble Blog” but isn’t it in some ways “coat tailing” on the success of the CA...

Where have all the realtwhores gone? (except George because we collectivelly acknowlege that he's a decent guy.)
By surfer-x   242 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Garth Farkley says How Farkley met Surfer-X the Bear: apologies to parrotheads Now, I ain't no drinkin' man. I tried it once, and it got me highly irregular -- swore I'd never do it again....

By surfer-x   312 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Jimbo, Yes, congrats! She is beautiful.

I don't even know what to think.
By surfer-x   175 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Bill Gates = $1 Billion except bill gates dropped out of college in 1st year in order to exploit the whole PC thing... however, he single-handedly makes huge endowments to oxford/cambridge and where ever else,...

By surfer-x   198 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Athena, Thanks for the encouragement. I find that I'm an undisciplined thinker compared to some of my friends, but I try to make it up by the sheer profusion of random ideas. :P My engineering/science...

The Grand Unification Theory of Trolls
By surfer-x   190 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Different Sean says hmm, you're right, i guess you could index the glossary and the 'who is' threads in the right margin with the others. no criticism of the site maintainer/s, he, she or...

Big Fat Stacks Vs. Housing
By surfer-x   119 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Seattledude, I feel the same about NPR..BC, ABC, CNN.. etc. ALL news is basically horseshit and intertwined with the government and commercial enterprise. I dont believe one god-damned word they say. So I quit reading,...

To Own
By surfer-x   137 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Book 'em, Dano.

Eat your words.
By surfer-x   86 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Australia will sell you all the uranium you want... Much easier to get along with as a trading partner... Just thought I'd mention it... Here's John T. Reed's critique of Robert Kiyosaki, if you haven't...

By surfer-x   63 comments, latest 10 years ago:
surfer-x says Ok, I deleted a bunch of the PK/SQT posts, yes, while they technically fit in as they were angry, I feel that they detracted a bit in that I generally enjoy both PK's...

By surfer-x   177 comments, latest 10 years ago:
thisis it.

Big fat stacks
By surfer-x   226 comments, latest 10 years ago:
SQT15 says What it says is that it takes more than IQ and education to achieve financial success. I think a lot of people have forgotten the good old fashioned work ethic. Of course, if...

Is it a virus?
By surfer-x   160 comments, latest 10 years ago:
"I’ve had to start sneaking them out to give them to goodwill. (my daughter will keep everthing if I let her)" LOL. Ditto. My son is still wondering what happened to a tiny plastic Mickey...

Just for fun.
By surfer-x   20 comments, latest 10 years ago:
Like if Santa was on crack when he painted his house or something. I can just imagine the nightmare's my daughter would have. Heck, I'd have nightmare's..

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