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Russian tycoon's Silicon Valley mansion worth half
By thomas.wong1986   3 comments, latest 3 years ago:
tatupu70 says thomas.wong1986 says You have to ask for a reduction in your property tax.. from the county! If you disagree with the assessment. But the assessor just lowered the value by 50% so his...

Latest DQNews Bay Area House Sales Up Sharply, Median Price Rises to $400,000
By thomas.wong1986   1 comment, latest 3 years ago:
thomas.wong1986 says E-man says Why be a debtor. Isn't debt is slavery? :o) No, not when the price is fair and balanced. There was a life before the bubble and all the nonsense hype.

For Memorial Day.. do try to remember for who
By thomas.wong1986   39 comments, latest 3 years ago:
marcus says Off topic, I know, but... re: HEY YOU says I'm still wondering who JESUS would kill & for what reason & what caliber handgun would he'd carry today? I'm reminded of this...

Rationalization over what caused the bubble..
By thomas.wong1986   9 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Fact 7: Mortgage investors had lots of information. I actually agree with this fact. Mortgage investors DID have lots of information. Unfortunately all of it was completely wrong. They were being told this security is...

DQ News... Bay Area Home Sales Continue to Rise. Condo Sales Jump.
By thomas.wong1986   posted 3 years ago:
Latest March results. Dqnews will in a few days release local zip code sales and price detail.. we are getting there slowly but surely. Funny how uber rich Marin tanked double digit. Good Reading!

Bay Area February Home Sales at Five-year High, PRICES DOWN
By thomas.wong1986   2 comments, latest 3 years ago:
Dont forget the state is looking to increase income tax on higher earners... Brown's revised plan would hike income tax rate on $500,000 earners Brown's revised plan would put a larger burden on individuals...

DQNEWS(SoCal) Southland Home Sales Jump in February, Prices Still Down Yr/Yr
By thomas.wong1986   5 comments, latest 3 years ago:
StoutFiles says I don't think you realize how many people have been waiting on the sidelines. Once prices have a steady trend upwards that's noticed by most mainstream media, there will be a tidal wave...

Shocking news...Bay Area Housing Market Logs Higher Sales, Lower Prices
By thomas.wong1986   29 comments, latest 3 years ago:
thomas.wong1986 says RentingForHalfTheCost says This data is hard to compare 1-to-1. The problem is that the interest rate adjustments are in response to the housing market direction. Think about what would have happened if we...

Santa Clara County +400 homes $1 million or more schedule for auction.
By thomas.wong1986   26 comments, latest 3 years ago:
StoutFiles says Are these the joke auctions? The kind where you don't win unless the winning bid is approved by the seller?

NOV and DEC 2011 Bay Area House Prices Low, Sales Up
By thomas.wong1986   7 comments, latest 3 years ago:
LarryPatrickMaloney says If you read through the whole article, the really exciting number is: $215,000 $215,000 is the AVERAGE CASH sale price paid for houses in the 9 county bay area. Real cash prices are...

DQNEWS for Nov-11...Bay Area House Prices Low(er), Sales Creep Up
By thomas.wong1986   5 comments, latest 3 years ago:
The people who have been blowing up the real estate market in Santa Clara and San Francisco counties are now stuck between a fuse lit on both ends, thanks to bubbles finally bursting in east...

California prices continue to sober up (decline!)
By thomas.wong1986   68 comments, latest 3 years ago:
corntrollio says Somehow I don't believe you on this. Based on what? It's absolutely true regardless of what you believe. I even posted a couple of the vacancy ads on this site. corntrollio says Sounds...

DQNews for SoCal August 2011
By thomas.wong1986   2 comments, latest 4 years ago:
And this going to make it worse in Socal.

July numbers from DQNEWS.COM
By thomas.wong1986   8 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Latest July by Zip.. deep single and double digit declines...

Myth or not... Rich people pay in cash!
By thomas.wong1986   45 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Companies such as Macerich Co., Vornado Realty Trust and Simon Property Group Inc. have recently stopped making mortgage payments to put pressure on lenders to restructure debts. In fact, if the CEO of Simon...

Lobby forces at work behind housing bubble
By thomas.wong1986   21 comments, latest 5 years ago:
You never really can be sure. Not all voters are homeowners and it does not take much to put an initiative on the ballot. I would not say anything is impossible. Oh, except maybe for...

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