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Trump was right yet again.
By FortWayne   48 comments, latest 1 day ago:
FortWayne says Rew says ( Selling an AR-15 is far easier than selling codeine cough syrup in the US, as of today. Buying an AR-15 in California is marginally harder than buying same said cough...

Donald Trump was right.
By FortWayne   42 comments, latest 2 weeks ago:
FortWayne says bob2356 says Now you really have gone into the status of deranged. The gay marriage thing seems to have really unhinged your mind. The only economic burden is employers want cheap labor and...

What inversions are costing you.
By FortWayne   9 comments, latest 2 months ago:
BayAreaObserver says Tax inversions may look good to shareholders when they boost a company’s bottom line. But now they are starting to have profound and often unpredictable effects on takeovers and corporate governance. In tax...

CA Water petition
By FortWayne   9 comments, latest 3 months ago:
Strategist says HEY YOU says How many desalinization plants will it take to maintain CA.'s water lifestyle? sbh says He's behaving like a Republican: subsidizing business. HydroCabron says Some of the fattest campaign checks come...

The New Militarism - Who Profits
By FortWayne   1 comment, latest 4 months ago:
thunderlips11 says When the Soviet Union fell and Eastern European countries left the Warsaw Pact and joined the EU, NATO become irrelevant. Even though European NATO members spend less than 2% of GDP on the...

Net Neutrality passed
By FortWayne   posted 5 months ago: FCC approved net neutrality. Best news since the invention of sliced bread.

Audit the Fed - Ron Paul
By FortWayne   9 comments, latest 5 months ago:
jvolstad says Is there Gold in Fort Knox???

Is this you Dan?
By FortWayne   posted 6 months ago: CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) — If his Facebook page is any indication, Craig Hicks doesn't hate Muslims. An avowed atheist, his online posts instead depict a man who despises religion itself, but nevertheless seems...

New Internet rules - FCC
By FortWayne   posted 6 months ago: Is this net neutrality? I don't quite grasp the lingo, but sounds like they are supporting Net Neutrality right, which is a good thing.

I think there should be an explanation.
By FortWayne   1 comment, latest 7 months ago:
Patrick says Nothing is gone, just consolidated under Misc. I'm going to expand the other categories with lots of data about San Francisco tech companies.

Debt Slavery and education.
By FortWayne   2 comments, latest 7 months ago:
Strategist says FortWayne says Liberals have no solutions to this just like conservatives. All meanwhile families are racketed to pay insane costs for very mediocre overpriced education. Don't go to college. Just start working. Problem...

It wasn't about free speech after all.
By FortWayne   1 comment, latest 7 months ago:
FortWayne says The only part I disagree on is that "we learned" or "French learned". No one learned a damn thing.

Investing into oil
By FortWayne   15 comments, latest 7 months ago:
CaptainShuddup says BayAreaObserver says While the public might not feel bad for big oil companies, there is a backlash here that simply cannot be ignored. Lower oil makes alternative energy and renewable energy projects just...

Minimum wage increase in Los Angeles (Yay or Nay?)
By FortWayne   104 comments, latest 7 months ago:
CaptainShuddup says I find it ironic that the same people who push for higher minimum wage, are also the exact same people who get all warm and fuzzy with the concept that fast food workers...

How to report slum lords or illegal construction.
By FortWayne   21 comments, latest 7 months ago:
FortWayne says Found one in their FAQ's on Massachusetts slum lords: 5. Code Violations You are entitled to an apartment that is in compliance with local and state sanitary and building codes. Violations should be...

Underreported problems in America
By FortWayne   1 comment, latest 7 months ago:
HEY YOU says I just got off the phone with Putin. He said the problem America has is that dumbfucks continue to vote for dumbfuck Democrats & dumbfuck Republicans.

Ron Paul suggests we bring all the troops back home.
By FortWayne   6 comments, latest 8 months ago:
bgamall4 says Vicente says Ron Paul is a fracking coward. Because he won't own up to REAL Glibertopian ideology, which would be to START with 90% cuts to the military. And cut further once you've...

Obama fooled liberals like suckers.
By FortWayne   15 comments, latest 8 months ago:
Dan8267 says Ceffer says It's easy to fool liberals. Just put on your lime green tights, flounce around in wondrous raptures about the goodness of men I'm a liberal and I don't believe that man...

CIA is ran by sadistic delinquents
By FortWayne   9 comments, latest 8 months ago:
thunderlips11 says I apologize for taking your meaning incorrectly.

And liberals think they are "Democratic".
By FortWayne   24 comments, latest 8 months ago:
Rin says lostand confused says Rin says Dan8267 says Rin says Speak for yourself, I like gigantic knockers! Nothing wrong with good old B's. It's not about having something to suckle on ... it's about...

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