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Cost of building a home
By Meccos   21 comments, latest 1 year ago:
New Renter says Meccos says @new renter did it for about 259sq/ft based on his post... Yep, and that was undoubtedly with a severe asshole client penalty surcharge. I will say the construction quality was...

Interesting read regarding Wolf of Wall Street
By Meccos   3 comments, latest 1 year ago:
mmmarvel says Blurtman says What? People actually went to jail for money laundering? How archaic. Actually, they went to jail for stock manipulation, flat out lying and a boatload of other SEC and legal screwups....

The REAL problem with this country
By Meccos   posted 1 year ago:

Obamacare taxes...
By Meccos   posted 1 year ago: Get ready to be blindsided by a barrage of new taxes. $1 trillion worth... They'll be coming courtesy of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. And they won't just be affecting those...

Obamacare... keep your plan?
By Meccos   1 comment, latest 1 year ago:
Homeboy says So you couldn't have posted in one of the 4 other threads about this?

Deleting comments again?
By Meccos   posted 2 years ago:
Patrick why did you delete three of my comments? They were not inflammatory, no cuss words use, and they were completely appropriate for the thread. What is the purpose of this forum if comments are...

French Fleeing France
By Meccos   1 comment, latest 2 years ago:
bob2356 says Conspicuously absent, the only number that matters. How many people are actually leaving France because of taxes? Without it the whole story is meaningless. Great reporting job from the WSJ.

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