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Ten Things I Hate About Big Boomer And/Or Casey Serin
By astrid   232 comments, latest 4 years ago:
bob2356 says Misstrial says Got to agree with this - and after all, wasn't it the Boomers who demonstrated, protested, marched, petitioned, and voted for pols who gave them abortion rights to KILL OFF about...

Breeding the perfect CNBC reporter
By astrid   131 comments, latest 4 years ago:
Vicente says Well if you go outside the inbred financial circles, Mrs. Vicente and I think this breeder pair would make pretty babies:

Why Aren't You Talking About Real Estate?
By astrid   14 comments, latest 8 years ago:
Test. Post not showing.

To Serve FB
By astrid   274 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Robert Cote' you are my favorite amongst dystopians.

Ask a JBR
By astrid   52 comments, latest 9 years ago:
This thread is now closed. Thank you all for your great response. I'll save "Ask a FB" for another lazy weekend.

The Internal Revenue Code Made Me Do It
By astrid   218 comments, latest 9 years ago:
I'm shutting this thread down to prevent more spam (stuck in moderation, thankfully). Thank you all for participating.

Are High Speed Trains the Transportation for the Future?
By astrid   137 comments, latest 9 years ago:
Eburbed, I believe I qualified my comments with the Manhattan exception. But it is Giuliani's subway crackdown that led to the revitalization of Manhattan and its public transport. With that said, I refuse to take...

Build-UR-Own Housing
By astrid   174 comments, latest 9 years ago:
no sign of life for a couple days -- thread closed

How is your local housing market holding up?
By astrid   82 comments, latest 9 years ago:
"Living in a superstar city is like owning a scarce luxury good."

What if they're right?
By astrid   74 comments, latest 9 years ago:
test Buffett finds parable in sale

And Now For Something Completely Different
By astrid   108 comments, latest 9 years ago:
bikes2work says My main point is that rental RE is NOT a perfectly competitive market. Especially when landlords can be picky about the renters. I used to rent a beautiful Victorian flat in north Oakland....

Outrageous Flyover McMansions and Peso Palaces
By astrid   188 comments, latest 10 years ago:
SJ_jim says John A, as a physicist, can't you appreciate the potential for geometric effect with feedback situation of slow RE sales causing RE lost jobs causing slow RE sales causing...etc, etc, etc? Well, I'm...

Bubble Bubble Everywhere
By astrid   364 comments, latest 10 years ago:
surfer-x says though there were some nasty current Always the case there, I generally do not like beachbreaks. Too peaky and too much current. Give me a nice reef, reef pass or point any day....

Business and the economy in the post bubble world
By astrid   152 comments, latest 10 years ago:
frank, Thank you for that.

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