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Two January 31's Long Ago
By ohomen171  posted 10 hours ago:
January 31 came and went. I was so busy with getting Bianca a bike that I forgot to talk about two January 31's from long ago. The first was 57 years ago in 1958. Russia...

Dow Jones Industrial Average -- Elliott Wave update for week ending 1/30/2015
By darlag  posted 11 hours ago:
This week’s update finds the Dow Jones Industrial Average at a *critical juncture. There are always numerous possibilities for wave counts, but this coming week will be decisive in determining the direction the market wants...

S&P 500 Index -- Elliott Wave update for week ending 1/30/2015
By darlag  posted 11 hours ago:
Like the Dow, the S&P 500 sports multiple alternatives for direction. As we predicted last week, the index continued its downtrend and all indications are that it will continue to fall in the coming week....

Greece Will Not Deal With "Rottenly Constructed" Troika; Mish's Game Theory M
By Mish  1 comment, latest 14 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says Greece Hires US Investment Bank Lazard To Advise On Country's $270B Debt Burden To Europe - The Greek government is enlisting U.S. investment bank Lazard Ltd. to advise on its $270 billion debt...

Immense Hirsute Lesbians
By Rin  13 comments, latest 16 hours ago:
SoftShell says once employed, avoiding redundancy... komputodo says Any specific reason that it needs to be seedless?

Another killer.
By HEY YOU  posted 17 hours ago:
http://www.theguardian.com/us- May 2010, were dismissed on Friday, leaving a family bereft and raising serious concern among national groups over an increasingly militarized police force. In an echo of deaths at police hands that rocked the...

The Official White House Terrorist Identification Chart
By Call it Crazy  3 comments, latest 18 hours ago:
Strategist says I am an American too. I apologize to the world for all terrorism. All the oil we stole. And the Japanese hostage that lost his head. It's all our fault. I'm sorry.

More RadFem Trans Hatred
By thunderlips11  8 comments, latest 19 hours ago:
Call it Crazy says dodgerfanjohn says I said that Gwenyth Paltrow wasn't a whack job for steam cleaning her cunt....and people gave me crap about that. She was just trying to get rid of the...

"An epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct" say judges
By tovarichpeter  posted 19 hours ago:
http://www.latimes.com/local/p Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press Federal judges called upon state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris to respond to reports of a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct going undisciplined in state courts. Federal judges called upon...

South Africa sends for Zimmerman and Wilson.
By Blurtman  7 comments, latest 21 hours ago:
SoftShell says Why would you punish the innocents?? Blurtman says South Africa sends for Zimmerman and Wilson.

What happened to the red house favicon for patrick.net?
By justme  4 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
Patrick says couldn't get a map to come out as anything visually parsable, so for now i just created a red "P": http://patrick.net/favicon.ico

Canada in Recession, US Will Follow in 2015
By Mish  2 comments, latest 22 hours ago:
indigenous says That is good pull, is the US as dependent on oil as Canada? Does world wide re-balancing help the US more than Canada? The US is not even close to having an inverted...

Diving Into the GDP Report - Some Ominous Trends - Yellen Yap - Decoupling?
By Mish  posted 23 hours ago:
Diving Into the GDP Report - Some Ominous Trends - Yellen Yap - Decoupling or Not? http://globaleconomicanalysis. Mish

Obama's plan to tax the rich
By tovarichpeter  posted 23 hours ago:
http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/3 President Obama's budget proposals to tax the rich are usually DOA with Republicans. Nevertheless, the top 1% are now paying an average tax rate that's 6 percentage points higher than when Obama first took...

By Patrick  3 comments, latest 23 hours ago:
HydroCabron says As distribution channels, the entertainment companies have outlived their usefulness. They are now advertising firms. Copyright should end at 5 years: if Disney can't come up with new content with unrealistic cartoon animals,...

Cop reluctantly discharges weapon in self-defense
By HydroCabron  14 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Call it Crazy says HydroCabron says Call it Crazy says a known activist Possibly a community organizer as well. Certainly had it coming. If not now, it is likely that he will commit a crime...

Students are easy prey for student loans
By tovarichpeter  2 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Call it Crazy says Robert Sproul says "14 percent don't think they have any debt at all." How the hell does this happen? Because mommy and daddy signed for it!

People want you to be miserable?
By tovarichpeter  7 comments, latest 1 day ago:
jazz music says Ceffer says The libs are the worst. It's a shame to live to see the ultimate defeat of working Americans since great Repubs like Einenhower faded away. Recognize that there is such...

Why religion (particularly Christianity) is vile, evil, narcissistic & dangerous
By Dan8267  160 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Rin says humanity says Rin says For one, I do believe in *something*, though I'm not willing to talk about it because it's no one else's business. I respect that, and I think I feel...

Obama Is Clueless On Inequality, David Stockman Rages The Problem Is The Fed
By mell  26 comments, latest 1 day ago:
Bellingham Bill says That graph was the rate of tax receipts vs pre-tax profits

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