How many good months is enough?
By turtledove   4 comments, latest 21 minutes ago:
indigenous says Reality says Two words: Independent Contractor. The IRS frowns on that. Generally hard to do in TD's situation.

I'll call it what it is, TREASON! We need an investigation.
By HEY YOU   2 comments, latest 32 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says thunderlips11 says Here's the deal - the same people who lecture us about the need for security and snooping in all our phone calls and emails, and trying to restrict encryption, refuse to...

Hitler's Banker's Grandkid Facing Shit-Stained Humiliation in New Hampshire
By DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   1 comment, latest 36 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says Jeb Bush just wasted $133 million and is polling at 2.8% of the GOP vote. He's toast. The Iowa caucus is over. At this point, any Republican with less than 10% of the...

IHLlary, Insane Whore of Wall Street, Called Out for Gobbling Bankster Schlong
By DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
indigenous says Somehow Frank-Dodd was useless?

Assange about to Go Free?
By thunderlips11   19 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Dan8267 says Assange should rally the Swedish people to do to their government what the Icelandic people did to theirs.

Liberals trying to solve more problems no one thinks are a problem.
By FortWayne   #1  #politics   50 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Dan8267 says FortWayne says Dan8267 says 1. There is nothing wrong with promoting homosexuality. Everything is wrong with it. Oh you expressed a bigoted opinion. We should all accept it as a fact. FortWayne says...

Replace Welfare with Unwed Mother's Homes
By thunderlips11   17 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Dan8267 says We license guns, boats, driving, fishing, catching lobster, even barbers. Why isn't something as important as parenthood licensed? Well, of course, there are just fears that anyone with the power to prevent people...

Is cheap oil a bad thing?
By tovarichpeter   22 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Dan8267 says lalalala says How? War

Take a deep breath.
By HEY YOU   posted 2 hours ago: A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.

Say's law and Mises' widget
By iwog   #economics   73 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
indigenous says iwog says I didn't say otherwise So then you see that with this in mind there are no surpluses.

Funny cat pictures thread
By zzyzzx   61 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
turtledove says

Internet COWARDS!!
By HEY YOU   11 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
iwog says Yeah I thought it was pretty funny. It's an article about someone being attacked on the internet for making a joke, and the same people who support this poor "victim" pour on the...

American Hero/Job Creator Spits on Communists for Persecuting His Innovation
By DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie   posted 2 hours ago:

Should you get your wisdom teeth removed
By tovarichpeter   posted 3 hours ago: My parents decided to go ahead with the surgery to remove them anyway. “There was a lot of blood,” the doctors told me first thing after waking up i.e., hemorrhaging. That, and the lingering...

The Difference Between Trump and Sanders Supporters
By Ironman   #politics  #trump  #bernie   31 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
Ironman says Tenpoundbass says All we would have to do is cut off the allowance to the Bernie voters, and throw them out of the basement and make them work for a living. They'll be...

UK wants authority to serve warrants in U.S.
By BayAreaObserver   4 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
justme says The title and the title of the original article is misleading. These are special types of search warrants, not (at least not directly) warrants for someones arrest, which is the more common usage...

Thieving monkey bound and caged in India's Mumbai
By lostand confused   1 comment, latest 4 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says Brains!

Time Stamp your 2016 Recession Call Now
By Logan Mohtashami   #Economics  #Investing  #Housing   234 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
indigenous says

Rapefugees Grope Reporter on LiveTV first night Cologne Carnival
By thunderlips11   7 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
lostand confused says This is what happens when feminazis win and their ideas implemented. The local men become wimps and there is nobody to defend against the ravagers.

Nasdaq ends at lowest level since October 2014
By Ironman   #economics  #investing   2 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
dublin hillz says The fact that the index is still lower than it was 16 years ago demonstrates that dollar cost averaging is a better approach than lump sum investing unless the country/world is in...

FCC to implement cable box reform
By tovarichpeter   2 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
YesYNot says About time. 15 years ago we could role our own pvrs. Then windows started including their version. Then HDTV brought the digital cable signal and the fuckers locked is out. They want to...

China devaluation - hedge fund overcrowded trade?
By tr6   1 comment, latest 6 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says tr6 says If renminbi is weak and dollar is the only strong currency in the world, we are going to import a lot of deflation. Shave and a hair cut two bits!

Common Practice in Jewelry Shops to Switch Diamonds.
By Robber Baron Elite Scum   #housing   18 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
tatupu70 says Ironman says was from 2 YEARS ago.... but hey, you've shown regularly that you aren't all that bright... Wow--you are really deranged. It was bumped today and I hadn't read it before. Is...

So You're Young And Want Sanders, Eh?
By Ironman   #politics  #sanders  #yourescrewed   14 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
Ironman says From the MSNBC Debate last night, a question to Sanders: TODD: Thank you, Secretary. Senator Sanders, so just explain how you spent nearly two decades in Congress and haven't gotten any of these...

I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash
By iwog   #investing   1,182 comment, latest 8 hours ago:
Logan Mohtashami says Still intact some what, but net seller until it breaks over 2,100... Cycle is old for sure

Home Prices & the Dow, each Inflation-Adjusted. A recent Dow day.
By ttsmyf   482 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
ttsmyf says WOW! The UNtrustworthy are certainly in control of what information is apparent to the people! Say hey! This was in the Wall Street Journal on March 30, 1999. Note "... how much it...

My Body My Choice for Men
By Patrick   #redpill  #feministhypocrisy   200 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
mell says CDon says Lastly - if you all want something fun to debate, we once discussed the case of where a dude ejaculated in a woman's mouth, and then when he wasn't looking used...

Fiat Money
By The Professor   #environment   25 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Yeah man, I'm getting almost 6000 guaranies to the dollar. A few years ago it was less than 5000. My Purchasing Power for local items like Chicken and Rent and Electric is up...

Predictions for 2016 election
By Quigley   8 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Bernie or Trump. Nobody else. Hitlery, Kasich, Rubio, Jeb!, and Cruz under no circumstances. Actually, if it is a Rubio v. Clinton race, I would root for Rubio because he's the most openly... Anti-Hillary Coalition of the Unwilling to see her be President
By thunderlips11   #t   108 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says She’s not in the bankers’ back pockets. No, siree. Hillary Clinton may have received millions of dollars from Wall Street—in both personal income and campaign contributions—but she can ditch those well-heeled friends at...

Funny picture thread
By zzyzzx   #humor   614 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
Dan8267 says zzyzzx says Finally something America can be proud of. In general, we don't shit in public. Our main exposition of spewing shit in public is our presidential debates which only happen every four...

Obama Wants More Girls And Kids Of Color To Learn Computer Science
By Blurtman   32 comments, latest 11 hours ago:
Rin says MMR says Asian-American refer to a geographical region Indian-American refers to a geographical region Mexican-American refers to a geographical region European-American refers to a geographical region South American refers to a geographic region...

"No Cost" License Plate Readers Turn Texas Police into Mobile Debt Collectors
By BayAreaObserver   #politics  #scitech   14 comments, latest 12 hours ago:
bob2356 says Ironman says bob2356 says I use a cash only prepay dumb phone. You do know that even your dumb phone gets pinged continuously so it can deliver a call or text to you...

Comcast sucks so much that there is a business that cancels it for you
By Patrick   #comcast  #shittycompanies  #lobbying   21 comments, latest 12 hours ago:
zzyzzx says Obligatory:

Somali plane bomber neatly served justice to himself
By Patrick   1 comment, latest 12 hours ago:
Heraclitusstudent says If confirmed I would say he deserves a Darwin Award.

Will she call for murder charges,
By HEY YOU   posted 12 hours ago:
against any Rep/Con/Tea women that had an abortion or support abortion? I'm sure she doesn't receive any Big Govt. Redistribution Tax Dollars supplied by hard working taxpayers. Surely she's paying for any investigation out of...

The New Offshore Center--America
By bgamall4   #investing  #economics  #politics   posted 13 hours ago: Officials in South Dakota have figured out how to make up for the complete collapse of their oil fracking industry. They are morphing the Peace Garden State into a major offshore banking center. #investing...

Hillary explains "speaking fees" - People will always pay for a hot babe.
By Blurtman   1 comment, latest 13 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Release the transcripts of the Talks! "Oh Bankster gods, how much of your cock will be sucked under a Hillary Presidency."

Dear Americans, What Are You Thinking?
By Dan8267   4 comments, latest 14 hours ago:
Dan8267 says Blurtman says The Brits should talk, i.e., Tony "War Crimes Are Us" Blair. Blair was an evil shit like Bush, but the vileness of Blair's government is no more reflective of the British...

Officers break the rules, shoot baby.
By Blurtman   posted 14 hours ago:
Chicago (CNN)On an early fall evening last September, Chicago police officers John Conneely and Mike Modzelewski heard the call of shots fired go out over their radio. Partners for about a year, they had responded...

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