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When mechanical analog computers ruled the waves
By curious2  posted 1 month ago: The Advanced Gun System, left, is intended to take on the role of the battleship's 16-inch guns, right. Aside from its GPS-guided shell, the digital technology of the AGS's fire control system does exactly...

The Stress Of Being A Computer Programmer Is Literally Driving Many Crazy
By Dan8267 in Boca Raton FL 33433   24 comments, latest 1 month ago:
Dan8267 says Call it Crazy says Dan8267 says jojo says Good for you. It must be therapeutic to open yourself up like that. Now if only all Republicans would do the same. Yes, that is...

Atomic Car Revisited: Thorium Could Power A Vehicle for 100 Years
By zzyzzx  18 comments, latest 1 month ago:
justme says Sigh. Those who refuse to understand will continue to refuse to understand. Can I please ask everyone (I am talking to you, Bellingham Bill) to read complete paragraphs and not take one sentence...

Circular tech support
By Dan8267 in Boca Raton FL 33433   16 comments, latest 1 month ago:
Patrick says Try getting the wife to adopt Linux though. my wife loves her macbook air, and i love having a unix shell on it. and i actually set up linux for my mother such...

THE INTERNET IS FUCKED (but we can fix it)
By jojo  1 comment, latest 1 month ago:
casandra says Sometimes a good thing is just more than humans can rationally handle!

Apple becomes king of outsourcing jobs to slave labor in China
By Dan8267 in Boca Raton FL 33433   2 comments, latest 1 month ago:
Ceffer says Is it Apple, or North Korea? Only Steve's ghost knows for sure.

Windows XP diehards arent going quietly
By zzyzzx  28 comments, latest 1 month ago:
Bitcoins arent the future? says Yes, it seems that Windows XP diehards arent going quietly... I'm not a huge fan of the UI upgrades, I just upgraded to 8.1 from 7. I wish I could...

Next Windows update tipped for March 11th but Start menu still missing
By jvolstad in San Antonio TX 78256   8 comments, latest 1 month ago:
CaptainShuddup says Just read in a "I hope Windows 9 will have" article, that Windows 8 Mail doesn't support POP3, is that true? Or am I misunderstanding what the author is saying? "Fix Calendar...

Spanish scientists use bacteria from baby poop to make sausages
By zzyzzx  9 comments, latest 1 month ago:
CaptainShuddup says I'm not the one lying to the Elderly, Sick, Poor, Middle Class, and the Youth on a daily basis.

Huge wind turbine farm could cut hurricane wind and storm surge damage
By zzyzzx  3 comments, latest 1 month ago:
CaptainShuddup says zzyzzx says For example, had there been 78,000 turbines spread across a wide swath of Louisiana coastline Then there would have been 78,000 reason for someone to bitch about the wall of wind...

Beyond WhatsApp: 15 Years Of Acquisitions By Tech Companies [Infographic]
By BayAreaObserver  1 comment, latest 1 month ago:
CaptainShuddup says The more shit Facebook and Google buys, it's just more shit I'll never use. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has a ton of shit, every time I click on it. I get either a...

Texas City Working To Turn Sewer Water Into Tap Water
By zzyzzx in Wichita Falls TX 76301   1 comment, latest 1 month ago:
El HydroCabron says The air you breathe has been farted by many different species. The water you drink has been in piss, diarrhea, semen and discharge from vaginal yeast infections. You are all a bunch...

Most awesome thing coming to the Web: World Science U.
By Dan8267 in Boca Raton FL 33433   posted 2 months ago:
I just was listening to NPR and found out that Brian Greene, an awesome physicist, is creating an online science university. I've previously written about online education resources where you can take actual college courses...

New Samsung S5 coming out today.
By CaptainShuddup  4 comments, latest 2 months ago:
curious2 says CaptainShuddup says Not so. Read the customer reviews, e.g. "Cannot find my Hitachi TV." If you use a different app from Samsung's stock app, you get different ads and you're still limited...

Stevia First says its found novel plant variant in field trials
By tvgnus  1 comment, latest 2 months ago:
CaptainShuddup says Why what's the point? Some people will over consume it to ill effects, and everybody will have to stop using it.

UC Davis: Volcano eruptibility is rare
By tvgnus  1 comment, latest 2 months ago:
Ceffer says In a downwardly mobile economy, magma is the only thing left with upward mobility. Does that make volcanos conservative or liberal?

Guaranteed World Stipend...In Bitcoins!
By John Bailo in Kent WA 98030   3 comments, latest 2 months ago:
CaptainShuddup says Then why go to work? Or how would you be able to chose your own course in life in a system like that? You would want to be an actor, but the governing...

Tech Bubble 2.0 "Doesn't Exist"
By JodyChunder in Victorville CA 92392   2 comments, latest 2 months ago:
JodyChunder says CaptainShuddup says New Technology will always be useful, over sold and over valued companies not so much. None of the tech of the great 2000 tech crash disappeared. I hear what you're saying,...

NSA Spying Is Making Us Less Safe
By curious2  8 comments, latest 2 months ago:
Dan8267 says bob2356 says You really need a hobby. I was speaking figuratively. Everyone else figured it out from context, what happened to you? Bullshit. Your statement was "To bad Orwell didn't live long enough...

AUDIO: From smart phones to smart underwear
By tvgnus  posted 2 months ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Wearable devices just the threshold transformative technology, says futurist •  The military has smart underwear BYOB. Many will remember that from their younger days. But now its morphed into BYOD bring your own device...

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