War With Iran Begins in T-Minus...

By Huntington Moneyworth III, Esq   follow   Tue, 27 Dec 2011, 11:40am PST   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike   5,872 views   37 comments   Watch (0)   Share   Quote  

And so it begins. The over-reaction by the Moslim high priests has created an opening for the President of the underclass to seal his re-election.


Apparently fearful of the expanded sanctions’ possible impact on the already-stressed economy of Iran, the world’s third-largest energy exporter, Mr. Rahimi said, “If they impose sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, then even one drop of oil cannot flow from the Strait of Hormuz,” according to Iran’s official news agency. Iran just began a 10-day naval exercise in the area.

Frankston, you smug stupid bastard, you will lose the bet in a couple of days. Be ready to wire over the $50 million before year's end.

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