One Up On Wall Street

By Patrick   Follow   Thu, 11 Oct 2012, 12:59pm   3,950 views   2 comments
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This is the book that introduced me to the stock market and I still think it's the clearest introduction to the stock market I've seen. The theme is basically that you can use what you see in everyday life to get a better idea of how companies are doing than the analysts on Wall Street.

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  1. Scagnetti

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    Thanks, I need a book about the stock market anyway. Just placed in my cart on "Amazon". the way, I got your kindle edition of "The Housing Trap". Excellent book Patrick. Especially for a computer programmer! It deserves to be on my bookshelf, so I'll probably order the hard copy as well. You won twice!

    Note to all; if you're going to buy Patrick's book, get the hardcopy. You'll regret it if you don't.

  2. Patrick

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    I'm starting to recommend books and stuff in the right hand side of the category pages.

    I hope to get Amazon commissions from this, but only for stuff I really think is good.

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