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Instead of just beating on each other and saying "is not" and "is so" back and forth, it would be useful to get people with some real knowledge of the issue being discussed to weigh in too.

So I've created the "Invite an expert to join discussion" link at the top of each thread. If you click it and then enter the email address and name of someone you think knows what they're talking about, that person will get an email from me saying that username so-and-so invited them to comment.

Maybe no one will use it, but I think it's worth a shot. It would bring in new opinions, and all you need is the email address and name of whoever you're inviting. Reporters are good to invite, or scientists, or politicians. Heck, even realtors may have useful things to say, and this lets you contact them without getting spammed.

Maybe this will add significant value to the forum. Please try it out if you can think of anyone you'd like to hear from, even the president! Just be polite if you want to get an answer.


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