Debt slavery in Hong Kong

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everything   befriend (2)   ignore (1)   Tue, 13 Nov 2012, 11:08am PST   Like   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 1

Bankers, everywhere you turn, they own the politicians, modern day slavery is everywhere, another form of austerity for the rich.

Indiana Jones   befriend (0)   ignore (1)   Wed, 14 Nov 2012, 7:39am PST   Like   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 2

Did anyone put a gun up to these women's heads and forced them to take out those loans?

Have you ever heard of systemic corruption?

Why should people everywhere have to assume that everything is corrupt? This is paralyzing. I believe in personal responsibility, but sometimes anyone can be fooled, scammed or conned.

These women are hard workers, trying to make money for their families back home, and their only "crime" or mistake was to trust others to do what they say they are going to do.

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