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New energy source for public rail systems

By tovarichpeter   Follow   Sat, 24 Nov 2012, 12:53am PST   347 views   2 comments
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zzyzzx   Mon, 26 Nov 2012, 2:07am PST   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like   Dislike     Comment 1

That's a really good idea. It's not really a new energy source, it's really just another form of regenerative braking. Would lower electric rail electric bills and reduce maintenance costs on braking system.

Automan Empire   Mon, 26 Nov 2012, 3:33am PST   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like   Dislike     Comment 2

Such a good idea I am surprised they aren't already installed.

What we REALLY need are Shipstones. (cookie for reference)

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