E-books jump as print book reading declines

By tvgnus   Follow   Thu, 27 Dec 2012, 10:55am   253 views   3 comments
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Two-thirds of readers still read printed books •  Eventually could affect the way knowledge is packaged and the way ideas are spread The population of e-book readers is growing. In the past year, the number of those who read e-books increased from 16 percent of all Americans ages 16 and older to 23 percent, according to new research released Thursday.

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  1. CaptainShuddup

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    1   10:59am Thu 27 Dec 2012   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like   Dislike  

    The media is trying to make this sound all organic and pretty.
    But the truth is you can't find a hard cover book worth reading at the 5 book stores left in the United States.

  2. MsBennet

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    I bought a new book, Hunger Games, on Amazon for 2.98. Probably cheaper than the E-book, which is probably 9.99.

  3. jvolstad

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    I've given away almost all my print books. Love being able to pull out my Smartphone and read where ever I am.

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