Rust Belt is still the heart of U.S. manufacturing

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Commerce Department report details where manufacturing is concentrated •  California is both the giant -- and a no-show Theres plenty of manufacturing life left in the so-called Rust Belt of the Midwest, according to a new report Friday from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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I heard a very interesting point on NPR yesterday, that I thought about after the housing bust. But haven't thought about lately, and certainly haven't heard anyone else mention.

In regards to the supposedly new construction starts.
I'm paraphrasing here...
"There is a serious lack of skilled construction workers, were going to have to train a new batch of carpenters, electricians, concrete mud workers, and other various construction skilled workers. Or find ways to attract them from what ever other jobs they may have taken since the bust"
(not even talking about skilled tech people here).

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