Obama chooses Fox to guard Hen House

By Robert Sproul   Follow   Sat, 26 Jan 2013, 12:08am PST   289 views   1 comment   Watch (1)   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like (2)   Dislike (1)  

Matt Taibbi, one of the leading reporters of the systemic control frauds of the financial sector elites:
"Couldn't they have found someone who wasn't a key figure in one of the most notorious scandals to hit the SEC in the past two decades? And couldn't they have found someone who isn't a perfect symbol of the revolving-door culture under which regulators go soft on suspected Wall Street criminals, knowing they have million-dollar jobs waiting for them at hotshot defense firms as long as they play nice with the banks while still in office?"


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The Professor   befriend (5)   ignore (3)   Sat, 26 Jan 2013, 4:55am PST   Share   Quote   Like (2)   Dislike (2)     Comment 1

Mary Joe White is NOT a fox.

However putting her in charge of the SEC is just another piece of evidence that Obama answers to the oligarchy

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