The move-up market will suffer for another decade

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Everyone is cheering the bottom of the housing market, and the false assumption is that all properties will rise in price at a rapid rate as housing “recovers.” Properties priced below the conforming limit will almost certainly continue to rise thanks to restricted inventory and record-low interest rates, but the move-up market is a different story entirely.


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Oil Can   befriend (0)   ignore (0)   Mon, 28 Jan 2013, 11:40pm PST   Like   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 1

If the Fed limits deductions, then I think much longer.

inflection point   befriend (0)   ignore (0)   Tue, 29 Jan 2013, 12:38pm PST   Like   Dislike     Share   Quote   Comment 2

smart people will never trust government or the media again.

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