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Robert Swift refusing to abandon his bullet-ridden, beer can-strewn foreclosure

By Patrick   Follow   Sun, 24 Feb 2013, 1:35pm PST   376 views   2 comments
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JodyChunder   Sun, 24 Feb 2013, 3:27pm PST   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like   Dislike     Comment 1

I don't see why the two families couldn't just live together. Film the whole experience over a course of a year and sell the rights to Hollywood. All parties would make out better than if either of them ended up with that f-ugly house.

CaptainShuddup   Mon, 25 Feb 2013, 2:50am PST   Share   Quote   Permalink   Like   Dislike     Comment 2

Well we can't expect people to live up their contractual obligations, but throw what could only called a 'red neck' life style into the mix, then that person should be thrown out on to the street post haste.

Unbelievable, had he been a single Hispanic mother of four, Yahoo would be demanding Obama does something to save her.

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