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"Building equity in a home is a great way to increase your net worth."
By Oxygen in Brooklyn NY 11220   18 comments, latest 2 years ago:
EastCoastBubbleBoy says To elaborate as requested. Let's take me for an example. I have a 30 year fixed. I'm making biweekly payments, and pay a bit extra towards principle every time. Based on my current...

Why House Equity Isnt Worth Buying a House
By Oxygen in Brooklyn NY 11220   posted 2 years ago: For generations, home equity has been the holy grail of wealth accumulation for families. In 2007, the median family held nearly $100,000 in home equity, according to the Fed’s Survey of Consumer Finances. Home...

323 Shepherd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208
By brucebruce in Brooklyn NY 11208   1 comment, latest 6 years ago:
This property sold $200,000 below Zillow zestimate.To be fair it needed about $60,000 worth of work. ..

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