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By Call it Crazy in misc   49 comments, latest 6 minutes ago:
just_passing_through says I watched CBS Sunday News last night after they stated they were going to cover the cold and storms in the North East. However they actually spent quite a bit more time covering...

Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors
By P N Dr Lo R in misc   7 comments, latest 15 minutes ago:
Call it Crazy says Dan8267 says If 99% of cops were good, the criminal cops would be spending their lives in prison. Hell, if even 10% of cops were good, shit like this would not...

Where is APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch?
By Robber Baron Elite Scum in misc   18 comments, latest 22 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says AF sells some great yam cookies.

China: West must respect other nations' security
By thunderlips11 in misc   16 comments, latest 25 minutes ago:
lostand confused says China LOL-they have border "disputes" with almost every country they share a border with and have gobbled up Tibet.

The patent theory of knowledge
By tovarichpeter in misc   1 comment, latest 30 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says The actual persons inventing things don't own the patents to their inventions and those patents don't give the inventors bargaining power. Most patents come from people working for a company that simply takes...

the saudis attacked us on sep 11th, duh
By Patrick in misc   39 comments, latest 36 minutes ago:
HydroCabron says How do they prep something to make it fall faster than freefall?

Minority youth want tech careers
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 50 minutes ago: Journalist, entrepreneur and marketing firm founder. I write about higher ed and early career issues. Pithily. I was pontificating about Millennials and Millennial culture back when they were still known as Gen Y.

State Water Project raises amount of water to be sold
By tvgnus in misc   posted 51 minutes ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Additional 240,000 acre-feet OKd Monday •  Will help offset some economic harm of this extended drought Although few storms have hit California this winter, those that have in mid-December and early February provided enough...

S&P 500 Index -- Elliott Wave update for week ending 2/27/2015
By darlag in misc   8 comments, latest 54 minutes ago:
indigenous says darlag says Which is a good enough reason to take the opposite side. The herd is always wrong at the top. I'm not saying hyper-inflation won't eventua;;y happen, just that a deflationary depression...

Cancer vaccine for males
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 1 hour ago:
http://www.scientificamerican. A vaccine to protect against the most dangerous strains of human papillomavirus (HPV), which cause almost all cervical cancers, as well as many cases of other cancers and genital warts in both sexes, won...

Is Obama the law in America?
By lostand confused in misc   3 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
Dan8267 says I reckon Obama more like Facebook, invading your privacy and tracking your every move.

What the whistleblower really wants
By tvgnus in misc   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago:
Dan8267 says “Managers want to know how to encourage internal whistleblowing” Translation: Management wants to be given the time and information necessary to cover up problems and cover their asses. They want to hear everything...

Nasdaq Composite Index Reaches 5000 for First Time Since 2000
By zzyzzx in misc   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago:
zzyzzx says Iwog wrong again!

Uninsured Ex-Sheriff, Obamacare Hater, Struggles to Pay Medical Bills
By HydroCabron in misc   17 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
saroya says HEY YOU says Get sick,pay cash or DIE,Rep/Con/Teas. Maybe the rest of us non Libertarians can help him with his medical bills. We could do online crowd funding by showing videos of him...

Some rain and snow but not enough to ease the drought
By tvgnus in misc   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Time for a conversation about the unsustainability of most California Agriculture - which uses the lions share of the water. It's also time for California (and Colorado and the rest of the Western...

Long read,maybe not a waste of your time.
By HEY YOU in misc   5 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
bob2356 says HEY YOU says Now,bob,bob,bob you won't be so critical & realize there's no joke when you receive your Voodoo,Trickle Down check. Things are going to be sooo much better. roflmao After 34 years...

Hillary Clinton Talks About Creating A 'Nice Warm Purple Space'
By Blurtman in misc   1 comment, latest 3 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says A nice warm purple space where she can help the bankers, and distract from that help with a bellicose foreign policy.

Democrats, Republicans and economic growth: The facts
By tovarichpeter in misc   posted 3 hours ago: Republican party over economic policy. At one point the piece notes the stagnation in middle class incomes and then tells readers: "There is a growing sense among many conservative economists that faster growth by...

Why we should kill bankers, yet another reason
By Blurtman in misc   posted 4 hours ago:
Suicide rates for adults between 40 and 64 years of age in the U.S. have risen about 40% since 1999, with a sharp rise since 2007. One possible explanation could be the detrimental effects of...

What a $1 million home looks like in different markets
By Call it Crazy in misc   37 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
mmmarvel says Call it Crazy says There was another CA house in LA in that article: Los Angeles 2 bed 2 bath, 1320 sq. ft. Price: $930K * * MMR says ....My point is that...

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