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Welcome to Ferguson - East (Baltimore)
By Call it Crazy in misc   91 comments, latest 4 minutes ago:
zzyzzx says

That's one way to get on the sex offender's list...
By zzyzzx in misc   posted 29 minutes ago: Article is complete with pics.

Fox Clown-News lies about shooting in Baltimore and attempts to restart riots
By iwog in misc   9 comments, latest 33 minutes ago:
komputodo says iwog says What do you consider worse? Brian Williams exaggerating something irrelevant that happened in Iraq or Fox attempting to incite a riot by lying about a police shooting? You are saying that...

How Do You Know If A Clown Is Evil?
By tovarichpeter in misc   1 comment, latest 42 minutes ago:
Dan8267 says tovarichpeter says How Do You Know If A Clown Is Evil? He wears makeup.

Professor: White privilege to blame for Balt riots
By lostand confused in misc   3 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
indigenous says ? Splain me

Key to wealth? More education, study says
By Strategist in misc   19 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
sbh says Strategist says Not for those who want to hurt others. You just indicated yourself. You just took away your own rights. Until you distinguish yourself by principle you remain the same as them....

Tesla battery renders new power plants obsolete
By tovarichpeter in misc   6 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
zzyzzx says OK, what happens when it's cloudy for a week? These batteries are really mostly useful for utility peak shaving. I.E. - charging overnight when electric usage is typically lower and discharging during the...

Cop sues Starbucks over free coffee that spilled
By lostand confused in misc   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago:
indigenous says For that kind of money I would a thunk boiled gonads, so the pussy got what 1st degree burns on his hand? I guess that kind of entitlement comes from special public union...

How can this be, Rahm Emanuel and Chicago are about to default, surprised?
By indigenous in misc   posted 1 hour ago:
I had a lot of fun this morning on CNBC. Rick Santelli invited me on his show to discuss Beware, the Tax Man Has Eyes on You: Potential Hike for Illinoisans is Staggering and a...

By CL in misc   61 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
indigenous says Lips Lincoln did get about 1 million Americans killed, ostensibly to abolish slavery, yet no other country had to have a war to abolish slavery.

Tech veterans jump on startup aiming to overhaul education
By BayAreaObserver in misc   3 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says thunderlips 11 and Rin - Wanted to let you know I've created a company page on PatNet for AltSchool and have copied and pasted your comments from this thread over to the new...

By BayAreaObserver in companies   2 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says Altschool Raises $100M From Founders Fund, Zuckerberg To Scale A Massive Network of Schools Around Personalized Learning. In one of the biggest funding rounds of the year in education and technology, Altschool is...

Mild winter gives ag pests head start
By tvgnus in misc   posted 3 hours ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine No hibernating for the bugs •  I've never seen this happen before San Joaquin Valley farmers have a lot of unwanted visitors this spring an unusually high pest population due to the milder than...

AUDIO: Bridging the communications gap
By tvgnus in misc   posted 3 hours ago:

Water Board OKs mandatory cuts for non-farm water users
By tvgnus in misc   posted 3 hours ago:
http://www.centralvalleybusine Californians face massive fines if they defy their governor over water •  We have to face the reality that this drought may continue and prepare as if thats the case The California State Water...

By Patrick in companies   15 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says In stinging defeat for Google, LinkedIn scores lion's share of real estate capacity in Mountain View's North Bayshore. LinkedIn Corp. came away the clear victor late Tuesday in a pitched battle with neighbor...

By Patrick in companies   3 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says Zenefits today said it has raised $500 million in a round led by Fidelity and TPG at a whopping $4.5 billion valuation. Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad said the big round was raised to...

Americans enjoy the low life
By tovarichpeter in misc   15 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
bob2356 says socal2 says You can have many of those things if you have a small homogeneous and educated community like the snow-white Scandinavian countries. Homogeneous like fifth ranked NZ with 1/3 of the population...

Walk,Republican voters.
By HEY YOU in misc   posted 8 hours ago: Kan. (AP) Ride-hailing company Uber said Tuesday that it is pulling out of Kansas after the Republican-dominated Legislature overruled GOP Gov. Sam Brownback and imposed new regulations on such services.

Whoa, no more housing forum?
By Goran_K in misc   75 comments, latest 9 hours ago:
toothfairy says noooo! I came here to do a victory lap and bump some old threads :(

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