I want to move to a heat sink.
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http://grist.org/food/how-air- Inside my house, the thermostat hit the low 90s, and stayed there all week. At first, I thought I could handle it. I didnt grow up with air-conditioning, so...
Cops can't police their own.
By HEY YOU   5 comments, latest 10 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (1)
Consequences-Dallas? http://www.thedailybeast.com/a
Trump asks Putin to hack Hillary's emails
By tovarichpeter   13 comments, latest 10 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike (4)
Why Feminisation leads to Third-Worldization
By Exleftie   #feminism  #nationalsuicide  #politics   23 comments, latest 12 minutes ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
http://diversitymachtfrei.blog Currently, there is a very high birth rate in Africa and in Muslim countries, the average total fertility rate is 4 in Africa and 3,1 in Muslim countries. Africa...
Why I Do Not Vote
By indigenous   1 comment, latest 15 minutes ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
With the 2000 election behind us – if, indeed, it will ever be behind us – I have now gone 36 years without participating in the voting process. It was...
Trump Winning!
By Tenpoundbass   667 comments, latest 16 minutes ago   ↑ Like (7)   ↓ Dislike (2)
http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/1 Trump sued Univision, the biggest Spanish language broadcaster in the United States, for $500 million last summer. Trump and the CEO of Univision, Randy Falco, issued peacemaking statements. "I...
Hillary sounds like fun girl when she has her Coke
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http://theamericanmirror.com/s Like other men Ive known, Bill Clinton fantasized about having a covey of females, all with full breasts, shapely long legs, and tight, eager vaginas in bed with him....
By jazz music   28 comments, latest 28 minutes ago   ↑ Like (5)   ↓ Dislike (3)
... It's also fear of immigrants, the poor, gays, abortions, gun loss, loss of christian dominance, loss of plutocracy, and providing any assistance to non-donors. GOP Platform Proposes To...
Son says Reagan would not have voted for Trump
By tovarichpeter   3 comments, latest 37 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
By jazz music   7 comments, latest 42 minutes ago   ↑ Like (6)   ↓ Dislike (1)
This is the "How" of the PSYOPS against you using the most profitable propaganda machine in history. It takes almost a billion dollars a year to do this, but...
Cash sales accounted for a third of all home sales in April
By tvgnus   #housinf   1 comment, latest 44 minutes ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
http://www.centralvalleybusine #housinf
Funny picture thread
By zzyzzx   #humor   742 comments, latest 53 minutes ago   ↑ Like (10)   ↓ Dislike (9)
Why Trump must release his tax returns
By tovarichpeter   7 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (1)
http://www.theatlantic.com/not People will look back on this era in our history to see what was known about Donald Trump while Americans were deciding whether to choose him as president. Here’s...
TV networks can force Trump to release his taxes
By tovarichpeter   7 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (1)
http://www.theatlantic.com/pol None When something goes wrong, I start with blunder, confusion, and miscalculation as the likely explanations. Planned-out wrongdoing is harder to pull off, more likely to backfire, and thus...
Apple Revenue, iPhone Sales Come Up Short
By Ironman   #apple  #economics  #investing   15 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike
Oh No..... - - Apple reported fiscal first quarter earnings that beat analyst estimates, but came in below expectations on revenue, iPhone sales and more. The company said it saw...
Hillary Clinton's Image at Lowest Point in Two Decades
By Ironman   6 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
PRINCETON, N.J. -- As the Democratic National Convention gets underway in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton's image is at its lowest point in the 24 years of her national career, with 38%...
No American Flags on the DNC stage - What's with these Communists?
By Ironman   32 comments, latest 1 hour ago   ↑ Like (6)   ↓ Dislike (1)
Here are two pictures from the RNC convention and the DNC convention last night. What's missing? It doesn't get any more blatant then that folks? Which party really gives a...
Top Pollster Just Gave Hillary Clinton Some Really Bad News
By Ironman   33 comments, latest 2 hours ago   ↑ Like (2)   ↓ Dislike
Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.com, who is widely regarded as one of the top political pollsters in the country, has released a new model that shows Trump shellacking Hillary Clinton, with...
Does Hillary endorse election fraud?
By PCGyver   1 comment, latest 2 hours ago   ↑ Like   ↓ Dislike
https://m.facebook.com/notes/e On April 19th, a judge in New York agreed that someone may have tampered with Alba Guerrero's voter registration. Judge Ira Margulis changed his decision from moments earlier that...
Insourcing: American losing jobs to H1B
By lostand confused   4 comments, latest 2 hours ago   ↑ Like (1)   ↓ Dislike (2)
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ Disney characters sing lofty messages about finding your true self, developing your special talent and becoming successful doing what you love. Their stories never say: study to become a...

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