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  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Reference material for my loss of interest in dating women thread, Patrick said:

    the creator of the thread is the moderator of the thread.

  • On 23 Jul 2014 in Convert, pay or die: Iraqi Christians, Patrick said:

    islam from its very beginning has always issued the "convert, pay, or die" ultimatum to everyone under its power. nothing new here.

    the "religion of peace" line is utter bullshit.

  • On 13 Jul 2014 in Patrick's Travel Tips for Seattle and Vancouver, Patrick said:

    btw, if you get to vancouver and stay at the sylvia, you want room number 801. it's the top right corner of the building.

  • On 8 Jul 2014 in Patrick's Travel Tips for Seattle and Vancouver, Patrick said:

    also interesting: i used uber to get around in seattle and loved it, but uber is illegal in vancouver because the limo drivers successfully lobbied against it.

    a triumph of entrenched-interest corruption over the free market, unfortunately.

  • On 8 Jul 2014 in Patrick's Travel Tips for Seattle and Vancouver, Patrick said:

    i'm feeling rich at the moment, so i just paid the going rate on the hotels without trying for a deal. the marqueen was close to $300/night with everything included.

    the sylvia was $240, but i upgraded for $60 to get the room with the best view, so $300/night again. definitely worth it.

  • On 8 Jul 2014 in Patrick's Travel Tips for Seattle and Vancouver, Patrick said:

    definitely a good summer thing.

    prices for hotels etc are reasonable compared to san francisco. except wine in vancouver is crazy. you can't buy it in stores, but have to go to a state-run liquor store. a US $10 bogle merlot is $25 canadian here.

    exchange rate is slightly in my favor, with $1 US = $1.06 canadian

  • On 28 Jun 2014 in Shameless bragging, Patrick said:

    HuggyBumbers McLovkins says

    Picking individual stocks is a fool's errand.

    i suppose i should have thrown it all into a dow index fund, but i don't think i did that badly, since i didn't own all my stocks at the beginning of 2013, but have been slowly buying in.

    anyway, i enjoy the stock-picking game.

  • On 28 Jun 2014 in Shameless bragging, Patrick said:

    Strategist says

    Where's Apple?

    can't do it.

    apple probably has room to grow, but it's already the biggest stock by market cap, no? that alone spooks me too much.

  • On 28 Jun 2014 in Shameless bragging, Patrick said:

    so how did you pick your stocks? i poked through them and lots of them have lots of debt. debt scares me so i try to avoid stocks with much more debt than cash, even at these low interest rates.

    here's my own portfolio, basically stocks where i personally know and use the product, have low debt, pay a dividend, and p/e hopefully under 20. some have sucked. my big winner is LUV (southwest airlines). i'm up 18% in about 1.5 years. not bad anyway.


  • On 28 Jun 2014 in Shameless bragging, Patrick said:

    i didn't even know you could short puts.

    so, uh, if the put falls, that means prospects for the stock went up and people aren't willing to pay as much for the put at a given price.

    and you return the puts when they're worth less than you borrowed them at.

    ok got it now.

  • On 15 Jun 2014 in Skipping the FBI warning on DVDs, Patrick said:

    Updated with better instructions for VLC.

  • On 28 May 2014 in Hate Speech IS Free Speech, Patrick said:

    kind of interesting that admitting that the armenian genocide happened is a crime in turkey, but denying that it happened is a crime in france (which has lots of armeniains, descendants of refugees from that genocide).

    both countries are wrong to tell their own citizens what is and is not an acceptable view to hold.

    i guess it comes down to money again in a way. descendants of the survivors want reparations, and turkey does not want to pay reparations, or give back land.

  • On 28 May 2014 in Hate Speech IS Free Speech, Patrick said:

    curious2 says

    Patrick, whatever may have upset you, the actual article is about college campuses, and for example the bit about being jailed seems really paranoid. America needs the ACLU and I've donated too but the ACLU isn't even alleging anything like the Koran or jail.

    try out some forbidden speech on a college campus and get back to me after that.

    ok, jail time in the US is an exaggeration (so far) but there is an orthodox party line and you will be in trouble for espousing an unorthodox opinion.

    when i was at u michigan ann arbor, a professor there found that in every culture on earth without exception, men strongly preferred young and beautiful women, and women strongly preferred rich and powerful men. never the other way around. he had excellent statistics proving this in various ways, and yet there were public protests that he was allowed to publish such results, and the protesters called for his resignation. can't remember if he was actually fired, but he was definitely a hot potato for the school after that.

    various countries including england have already fined and jailed people for holocaust denial:

    i'm pretty sure the holocaust happened, but i think it's wrong to jail anyone for saying it didn't.

  • On 28 May 2014 in Hate Speech IS Free Speech, Patrick said:

    dublin hillz says

    the act of denial is not meant as a genuine debate

    i don't think anyone's subjective judgement of "genuineness" should enter into it whatsoever.

    either you are free to speak unpopular ideas or you are not.

  • On 26 May 2014 in Sieg Heil, Hellas!, Patrick said:

    i can't quite figure out how it will end here. the biggest banks are protected by the federal reserve, who will print and loan whatever they need, since big bankers are members of the special club that must never suffer any negative consequences of their actions.

    that ought to be inflationary, but you can't have normal inflation without rising wages. if the ordinary workers can't buy stuff now, you can't charge them more. they just can't pay.

    one possibility is that the banker class will simply accumulate all wealth, and everyone else will be their hereditary serfs. fairly close to that already. the end of that is of course some kind of revolution as in france or russia.

    another possibility is for the fed to increase the lending to house "owners" to keep them afloat so that they feel they are part of the ruling class and have an incentive to join the bankers in fighting the revolution. after all, the banker class is tiny and so needs some allies. if barbequed, the bankers would not feed the public for more than a few days.

  • On 24 May 2014 in More damning evidence that Sandy Hook was a hoax, Patrick said:

    evilmonkeyboy says

    Can anybody post anything here to spread propaganda? If so that is fine but just need to know if the site is becoming a joke and I shouldn't waste my time.

    yes, anybody can post anything here. that's actually the point of the site. i wasn't seeing my own opinions in the mainstream press.

    houses did actually fall from $600K to $300K in lots of towns in the east bay and south bay. though not in sf itself or on the peninsula.

    the only things you cannot post here are:

    * threats of physical violence
    * porn
    * spam

  • On 19 May 2014 in Some women buying used pregnancy tests to entrap men, Patrick said:

    i can see that it's fair to support your own biological progeny if it was your choice/irresponsibility to create them and they are provably yours.

    the part of our law that really horrifies me is that men can be forced to pay child support for children their wives conceive while cheating on them.

  • On 19 May 2014 in Some women buying used pregnancy tests to entrap men, Patrick said:

    Dan8267 says

    And these same women turned down plenty of engineering majors who were willing to commit and now have high paying jobs and are stable and reliable companions.

    ah, your fallacy there is the assumption that women are turned on by stable and reliable companions. they are not. such men may be the best economic choice, but it's not just about economics.

    see but be warned that it's extremely politically incorrect

  • On 24 Apr 2014 in Someone says the truth about college, Patrick said:

    i've noticed a distinct trend in programming jobs where lots of people without degrees are getting hired because of that they know and can do, as they prove during a day or more of interviews.

    you can educate yourself on pretty much everything you really need to know for these jobs, and they pay very well.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in America is not a democracy, it is an oligarchy, Patrick said:

    Kind of shocking that these facts are getting some mainstream press.

    Can we have Henry George un-erased from the history books now?

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