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amazing. it's almost like the saudis want funding for isis to continue, and the US gov't is just taking orders from the saudis.

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marcus says

It's because talking about it ... is not the answer.

wrong. talking about it out loud is exactly the right answer. anything else is literally tacit approval of murder.

marcus says

It's because ... raising fear and hate among non-Muslims is not the answer.

sort-of right. we should all be very disturbed by the centrality of violence in islam, and speak about it openly, but hating muslims is wrong. they are just people trapped in a very violent ideology, and deserve some sympathy on that account. they themselves are in danger if they attempt to get out.

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ja says

Perhaps it's not that expensive/difficult to make better personality judgement than looking only at religion. I bet you a penny that walking for weeks with their little children hardly eating or resting is a better predictor or personality than the basic religion teachings of the country you were born in.

sure, most of them are probably fine people, but islam is simply the opposite of western values. note that they walked for weeks directly towards the greatest money and not simply to safety.

why not help them in turkey, where they are very close to their home and can go back when the war is over? what is your goal in bringing them here?

$16,000 per person will go much further in turkey, especially eastern turkey refugee camps, than it will here. this will also help weed out the charlatans that are not refugees at all but simply joined the epic stream of people toward money as soon as they noticed that the borders were open.

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Quigley says

At this point, trying to convince the idiots that Islam is our enemy is just pissing into the wind. They don't think using their frontal cortexes, but using their emotional centers instead for all. The only way to appeal to a person like that is with an emotional (and probably false) argument since that's all they understand.

i feel a bit sorry for them, because they have this beautiful dream that all religions are essentially the same.

when the news constantly shows them that one religion is far more violent than all of the others, their dream is crushed. they just don't want to believe it. it's too upsetting. so they come up with reasons that those people are not "true" muslims, or that it's all america's fault, or that christianity is just as violent.

i don't think they can be reached with facts. facts seem like an attack on their cherished hope.

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ddshutlz says

we are supposed to listen to Jesus instead of The Lord?

yes, actually. christians are supposed to follow jesus' example of "love thy neighbor" above the specific detailed laws of the old testament.

thus the story of jesus preventing the stoning of a whore (which would have been required by jewish law), among other such stories.

and the fact that christians can eat pork, etc.

but you're right, islam derived many of its rules from judaism, and some of those rules are barbaric.

ddshutlz says

Why are there so many Muslims who do no agree to bomb, murder, or rape women???

because most muslims are good human beings in spite of what islam commands them to do.

ddshutlz says

it still seems wrong to believe any of it, or to even believe that it was right back then.

i agree. i don't believe any of it. but i do believe jesus was a far better role model for humanity than mohammed was. please read about mohammed.

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sadly there are also some western countries with rarely-used anti-blasphemy laws, though only islamic countries have a death penalty for blasphemy:

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marcus says

What an incredible act of generosity it is for western countries to admit Muslims into their country so that in one or two short generations they can be freed from such bullshit (that is if they are even strict fundamentalists when they come in).

i agree that there is merit to being generous, and i'm happy to hear you sort-of admit that islam has "bullshit" in it (by which i assume you mean the violence inherent in islam).

marcus says

The survey also found that less than half of U.S. Muslims (48 percent) say all or most of their close friends are followers of Islam

sure, the less rigorously people follow islam, the more peaceful they are. remember that islam expressly forbids muslims from being friends with christians or jews.

but you seem to have much more faith than i do that simply living in america will convince them that the violence inherent in islam is bad. remember that the founder of the muslim brotherhood lived here and went back to found that movement, partly in reaction to the social freedoms he saw here.

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marcus says

I'm pretty shocked to learn that Patrick is this ignorant

ignorant? because i actually read the koran and hadith, and noted the direct connection between that and the near-daily attacks on random non-muslims around the world?

so reading and thinking makes one ignorant?

what would knowledge be then?

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ddshutlz says

There are plenty of Muslims who are not opposed to any of what you mention.

yes, they are good people in spite of islam, not because of it.

Christianity in its most basic text (the Bible) is also diametrically opposed to what you are saying. If you do not think so, why don't you talk to some of the most radical Christians in the South....

no, you're wrong. christianity is not inherently opposed to democracy, freedom of speech, or freedom of religion. please cite the portions of the bible that are.

you also conveniently ignore the role model of mohammed, who robbed caravans, raped captive women, and murdered his critics and opponents.

who again did jesus rob, rape, or murder?

sure, christianity is pre-enlightenment, but it is also very non-violent in its basic teachings, while islam is very violent in its basic teachings.

ddshutlz says

If you are all for helping fellow humans, then why don't you want to help some of the most vulnerable people out there? Refugees, children displaced by war, people who have lost everything they have, etc? Do you not see them as being human?

where did i say i don't want to help them? please provide a quote.

i said we should not be importing ten thousand muslims because:

1. we can more effectively help them somewhere else instead of buying 10,000 plane tickets
2. islam is opposed to all western values

note that saudi arabia never gives aid to any non-muslim person or country, because they correctly understand basic islamic teaching, which you very clearly do not.

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marcus says

"Du-huuh-huh, oh but that was different, because when I choose to hate and fear all Islamic people for the behavior of an extremely small minority, it's you know about violence so my ignorance and prejudice is all like, you know, justified and stuff."

Discclaimer: My father was 100% Irish.

sure, i'm acutely aware of previous prejudice toward immigrants.

yes, this is actually really really different because the catholic religion does not demand you be killed if you try to leave it, nor does it demand you be killed if you insult it, nor does it explicitly demand war against all non-catholics on earth as a sacred duty.

as for the "extremely small minority", that reminds me of a pakistani friend telling me not to worry about pakistan, because "only 10%" of pakistan were really violent fundamentalists who take islam seriously.

and again, the hate is only in your own mind. i don't hate anyone. i just want people to be open and honest about what islam actually teaches.

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marcus says

Maybe I need to hate Islam as well as all Islamic people

if you're a hater, go ahead and hate. but that's just you.

i never said we should hate muslim people, only that their religion explicitly teaches them to kill and that you're not allowed to talk about that according to PC rules.

marcus says

disregard the mean, vengeful and wrathful God of the old testament

yes, actually christians are instructed that those "earlier verses" are "abrogated" by the teaching of jesus, who was ultra-peaceful. christians eat pork, dude.
and muslims are actually instructed that the earlier peaceful verses in the koran are abrogated by the later ones that consistently instruct war against infidels.

the direction in the bible is entirely from war to peace, and in the koran from peace to war.

but even those earlier verses are not really much like the global warmongering of the koran. they were specific to the jews settling israel. (and still cause trouble in israel because some jews take them literally).

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indigenous says

1) Ok discredit the US war propaganda, IOW the prez saying we are going to go to war, IOW fuck Obama, fuck Bush, fuck Bush, fuck LBJ, fuck FDR, fuck Wilson, and fuck Lincoln.

note that nobody will murder you for saying that.

if you really would like to be somewhere people will actually murder you for publicly expressing opinions they don't like, may i recommend any muslim country?

or any country that has large numbers of muslim immigrants, like holland (van gogh) or france (charlie hebdo).

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Quigley says

If they want jobs they'd better STFU.

maybe they don't want jobs.

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Mosques See Dramatic Increase In Just Over A Decade, According To Muslim Survey
Despite such difficulties, a comprehensive survey of American mosque leaders released Wednesday reveals that the number of mosques in the country has grown tremendously, with more than 900 new centers being established since 2000. Another finding from the survey reveals that compared to the turn of the millennium, fewer Muslims see America as "hostile" to Islam today.
Researchers counted 2,106 mosques in the United States, mostly located in or around big cities, with New York state and California alone having 503 mosques.

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it's also disturbing that the christmas season has definitely invaded up to halloween now.

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no questions.

but my taste is not the same as yours. this is closer to my ideal, perhaps even a bit too large:

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controlling "acceptable" public speech is a way of controlling thoughts.

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thunderlips11 says

This story really got buried - I knew there was something in a Coal Mine, but thought it was just a mining accident, not a terror attack.

it's hard to find a lot of details about the coal mine attack:

the knife and cleaver attack on random civilians in a train station was a separate expression of the peaceful nature of islam.

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yes, a network of competing schools would be effective, but they would also definitely get bombed and shot at by the religion of peace. so there would be large security costs.

i think point number one is really interesting. that's why they get so upset when you talk about what mohammed actually did.

the most essential point is community though. muslims believe in islam mostly because that's what their family and friends believe. it's not really a personal choice like we think of religion in the west.

there has to be either an alternative community for former muslims (christians would no doubt love to be that community) or there has to be top-down renunciation of islam, pretty much the inverse of the way islam was imposed to begin with. ataturk is the closest anyone has ever come to that.

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