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  • On 18 Aug 2014 in What sometimes happens when a red state has a democrat governor ?, marcus said:

    This is classic.

    Only it’s not known as Obamacare. It’s called Kynect, the name Beshear smartly gave it in the run-up to the launch.

    Polls consistently report that voters in Kentucky approve of Kynect, even if they voice disapproval when asked about Obamacare. Again, Kynect is Obamacare.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in 225 Jewish Survivors of Nazi Genocide Condemn the Massacre of Palestinians, marcus said:

    Portal says

    Title says survivors

    The list includes survivors. The fact that it also includes descendants of survivors does not contradict that, but yeah it's not 225 survivors - so they got the headline slightly wrong. But then the very first sentence after the title says (in extreme bold ) the more detailed correct statement about who is on the list.

    Portal says

    The video is biased bullshit

    Seemd like facts to me.

    Portal says

    There were a bigger number of jewish refugees from arab countries that were forced to flee to Israel and the U.S. So there are a lot of people that have gripes in the middle east.

    I'm not even taking sides here. Why are you getting so defensive just because a bunch of Jewish survivors and descendants of survivors (all jewish) have an opinion that's different than yours ?

    Real compelling. Especially this part:

    "So there are a lot of people that have gripes in the middle east"

    I think you should have said, "Those people lost their homes and their land,... hey, shit happens"

    I'm not even taking sides here. Why are you getting so defensive just because a bunch of Jewish survivors and descendants of holocaust survivors have an opinion that's different than yours ?

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in 225 Jewish Survivors of Nazi Genocide Condemn the Massacre of Palestinians, marcus said:

    Portal says

    You show your stupidity when you compare the Nazi WWII final solution plan for all Jews to what is happening in Israel\Palestine today.

    What the... Who is "you?" And what the hell are you talking about ?

    The little video tells a history which puts into perspective the number of Palestinian refugees there are, as well as pretty well explaining the reason for the Palestinians hatred of Israel. I'm not arguing that the Palestinians should be getting a more fair deal. Just observing how totally fucked the situation is. And I am not convinced that Israel will not be damned if they continue on the path they are on.

    As for the Jewish survivors of Nazi death camps (on the list)...if they want to be critical of indiscriminate killing of Palestinians, and say that any genocide is bad genocide ? That's their choice. Certainly they would be ones to have a moral high ground on the subject.

  • On 17 Aug 2014 in Black Facts, marcus said:

    New record for the most obnoxious thread ever.

    "To avoid contracting aids or other STDs Africans will gang rape babies and toddlers."

    Wtf, you ignorant ass. Interesting that you post that stupid graphic of IQ distributions, considering you're clearly down there around 80 or so.

    Welcome to my ignore list, asshole.

  • On 17 Aug 2014 in $200K buy a House or 1 share of Berkshire Hathaway stock?, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    What Warren has managed to do, is create Monopolies and limited competition. Low paying jobs, and more company consolidation, than any person in the History of Business.

    Wow !

    Warren Buffet did all that ?

    This is almost as enlightening as your grasp of the way the crude oil markets work.
    Actually you've outdone yourself again.

    When you make these brilliant leaps do you ever consider explaining to us or yourself how you reached your conclusion ? I'm sure that all the economics professors would like to be able to teach this, but first you have to help them, and all of us understand what the fuck you are talking about.

  • On 16 Aug 2014 in It's Different This Time: Humans Need Not Apply; Two Possible Solutions, marcus said:

    The solution is not higher minimum wages. The solution is not a tax on robots like Paul Krugman wants. The solution is not a guaranteed income.

    The solution is to eliminate the Fed, eliminate fractional reserve lending, and give the free market a chance to create jobs at its own pace, without all this government and central bank interference.

    Mish is so annoying to read.

    He says that a guaranteed income is a non starter because we can't be paying people for doing nothing. Okay then, make doing something a requirement for receiving ones income ! And it doesn't have to be guaranteed. Different levels depending on time "working" and tasks performed.

    But these jobs and incomes will no longer (only) be directly linked to the amount that one contributes to profits, because robots and computers will be doing so much of that work.

    I'm vicariously embarrassed for you again Mish, because when it comes to subjects like this, you're so terrified of talking about it intelligently, lest the plutocrats you wish to impress call you a communist.

  • On 15 Aug 2014 in Where is the music category on PatNet?, marcus said:

    Not sure it's rock and roll, but I like it. Pretty cool.

    It's amazing the times that I think I hear the influence of this guy.

    Maybe a stretch in this case. Or maybe just a coincidence. I don't know.

  • On 15 Aug 2014 in TX Governor indicted for abuse of power, marcus said:

    Some high level republicans are working hard at making the primaries in '16 less of a clown show. Perry can't be trusted not to embarrass republicans.

    Now there's just 5 or 6 other clowns they have to worry about. Actually you can't take the clowns out of the hard core tea party group. That's who they are.

  • On 15 Aug 2014 in Would libertarian Howard Buffett be disappointed with his Billionaire son?, marcus said:

    darlag says

    Warren, unfortunately, didn’t inherit either his father’s character or his libertarian ethics, choosing instead to align himself with the miscreants of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve

    Really ?

    Character and libertarian ethics ?

    I don't know how to comment on this, other than to say, you've got to be kidding.

    I don't have too much problem with libertatarians, except when they take their beliefs to extremes. But if you're going to try to suggest that they are somehow superior in character or ethics ?

    For all we know, Warren Buffet may even be somewhat libertarian in his views. I don't see what that has to do with his investment decisions.

  • On 15 Aug 2014 in Does the 2nd Amendment apply to black people?, marcus said:

    This thread is making me realize what a racist I am.

    No wait,... scratch that. You are all race baiters. Yeah,...that's what it is. You're all race baiters.

    (I knew it was one or the other)

  • On 15 Aug 2014 in Drunk AZ math teacher arrives in class and keeps drinking., marcus said:

    lostand confused says

    The interesting thing is, she was fired in New Mexico for doing the same thing. I wonder how she got hired in AZ after that?

    Not sure, but it's probably the fault of the unions. Because of unions teachers are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the principals are required to hire the first person that walks in the door with no questions asked. And then they can't ever fire them.

  • On 13 Aug 2014 in Inequality is a bitch, marcus said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    shows per-worker GDP has gone up 8X since 1970 while wages have risen 6X.

    now, GDP has become increasingly cooked perhaps, adding in imputed rents and stuff that probably don't belong

    Besides, total productivity increases partly becasue of technology that is from capital investment. It's understandable that the plutocrats can argue that workers aren't doing more.

    The thing is, under this new reality (automation and robots) we are going to have to learn that compensation isn't always going to be for productivity that leads directly to $$ profits. People do need to be productively engaged, sometimes in ways that don't increase GDP ($$), and they need a decent share of the $$ that does come from productive profitable enterprise so that they can contribute to the demand side of the economy.

    In other words we are outgrowing much of our current economic thinking.

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Three charts to send your right wing brother-in-law, marcus said:

    Vicente says

    With family I just let it slide right off

    Are you suggesting that maybe we need to start thinking of CaptainSU sort of as if he were a zany and crazy old uncle ?

    Oh, no, I get it, that's referring to the right wing bro in-law.

  • On 11 Aug 2014 in Three charts to send your right wing brother-in-law, marcus said:

    "Me no want to understand your fancy numbers and graphical representation of the truth. Instead me find retarded way to frame the truth that's consitant with my feelings based on ignorance and hate."

    "Oh, by the way. Me smart. Me programmer ! Me like Fox news. Me say liberals are race baiting do do heads."

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Brainwashed to like crappy songs ?, marcus said:

    I listen to a lot of newer stuff, but not garbage. Actually 'Garbage' is a good band although not quite current. I'm a fan of most of the stuff Jack white has done, especially White Stripes, and some lesser well known recent artists. I can tolerate some of the stuff you mentioned, but rather than agree with your taste, I'll agree that there are some good popular artists. It's just that there should be a lot more. And less crap crammed down our throats.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Brainwashed to like crappy songs ?, marcus said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    Fuck, when I was little, I could turn on the radio and hear Gladys Knight, Blood Sweat and Tears and Procol Harem on cheesy AM hits radio

    Yep, and on FM which was growing rapidly and not nearly as commercialized as today, was wall to wall good music, whether it be rock, early progressive rock, or the more mello folk rock or country rock. But that was a different era, and yeah there was payola. But there was also a lot of money to be made with records, and suits hadn't taken over yet. There were some early successes with putting acts together from the business side (such as the monkeys), instead of finding existing talent, but that's way way bigger now.

    I think it's harder now for the really talented groups to get the backing and support they need, because the payoff (risk/reward) isn't what it once was.

    For that matter, small bars and clubs aren't as oriented toward live music as they were either. So, how are bands going to get a start and survive threw their early growth period these days ?

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Brainwashed to like crappy songs ?, marcus said:

    Bigsby says

    marcus says

    The public needs to learn this, and demand more access to quality music.

    It's never been easier to hear good music.

    True. I guess access alone is not the point.

    IT needs to become hip, and not just with hipsters. It needs to become more widely understood, that you're a sap if you get your opinion of whats good just from the radio. Of course if enough people thought that way, then the music on the radio necessarily would be way better.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Behold the Facekini, marcus said:

    This is not going to be catching on here.

  • On 6 Aug 2014 in Reagan brought them out, and Obama sent them back to cold war isolation, marcus said:

    P N Dr Lo R says

    The economy boomed not because interest rates came down but because the stratospheric interest rates finally choked off the raging inflation that the 70's are always going to remembered for more than anything else, even the energy crises.

    yes, but the level that interest rates were taken to, to kill inflation, deeply hindered business.

    And after inflation was killed, by having interest rates so high, interest rates could come down.

    And yes, decreasing interest rates is very good for business ! businesses get to refinince any debt that was taken on at the high rates. THat's free money right there. A lot of businesses thrive on debt for things like inventory and all types of business leverage such as capital investment.

    So of course decreasing interest rates are ridiculously good for business. THE COST OF CAPITAL is dropping. This is equivalent to all major assets that businesses invest in getting cheaper. Can you say construction ?

    Are you kidding me ????

    By the way, Volker, the fed chairman that engineered all of this, was a Carter appointee, and the ratcheting up of interest rates to kill inflation started while Carter was still in office. But that was the painful part, that led to a recession at the beginning of Reagans term. But it was nothing that Reagan did, that ended it.

  • On 6 Aug 2014 in Reagan brought them out, and Obama sent them back to cold war isolation, marcus said:

    Reagan had a flair for TV and I'll admit that as a figure head image he was great. But he certainly was not the reason that inflation ended, or that interest rates were finally allowed to drop. His only contribution to the improved economy was massive deficit spending.

    The dimbulb talking puppets want to say it's because he lowered taxes. No, that just determind how much of the huge spending done at the time was deficit spending. There was so much downward pressure on interest rates (as inflation was over) that there was not going to be an significant interest rate penalty for for deficit spending.

    Talk about your media products ?

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