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  • On 20 Dec 2014 in A different take on Oil - EWI report and video, marcus said:

    Really, your going to give us a link to a link to a free report ?

  • On 20 Dec 2014 in Why U.S. Cops are so brutal, marcus said:

    Wait. Is someone suggesting that there is possibly an issue here ? Other than race baiting that is ?

  • On 18 Dec 2014 in Top Trolls, marcus said:

    Is it a surprise that if so much creativity and imagination is involved in his interpretation of current events, that this would even be even more the case in the way he spins his own personal history ?

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Sorry,your pension will be a little short in RED STATE KANSAS., marcus said:

    Well we've had about a decades worth of propaganda preparing us for this, from the likes of Mish and others.

    "THe Koch brothers message to working folks is never put this buntly but goes something like this:

    "Fuck those government workers. They don't deserve the pensions they've been contributing to, and that they were promised"

    (they don't explicitly add - "we need to send that money up to the top of the food chain where it belongs")

    What the typical "middle class" worker doesn't realize is that when they agree ("fuck those govt workers), they are rooting for pay to come down for everyone.

    THe public sector is a huge part of the economy that the private sector has to compete with for workers. You cut the pay and benefits of the govt worker, it allows private sector pay to drop too.

    We're watching the income and wealth gap growing (FAST) right before our eyes, and the idiot voters don't even see it.

    HEY YOU says

    How you like it,Rep/Con/Teas?

    Most of those idiots love it. "Heyell, ah don't get no pension,why shood they ?"

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in 10 People Who Are Probably Going To Cheat On You (Says Science), marcus said:

    You're probably just bothered by it because you're a tall 39 year old IT guy with a twitter account and your name is Wayne and your wife is a teacher. .

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in 10 People Who Are Probably Going To Cheat On You (Says Science), marcus said:

    BayAreaObserver says

    Says Science


    Through journal studies and surveys of users on cheating websites, science seems to now know exactly what makes someone more likely to be unfaithful

    Bad statistics isn't the same as science. What's a cheating website ?

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Liberal journalism is cracking at the seams, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    There's FOX then there's everything else.

    In other words you're saying ALL journalists are liberals.

    (oh yeah, I guess if you're a right winger you consider those guys journalists too)

  • On 16 Dec 2014 in Liberal journalism is cracking at the seams, marcus said:

    I always wonder why people assume that if a person is a journalist, they must be a liberal. Especially "conservatives" tend to think this.

    I think I just figured it out.

    Even your typical conservative is thinking if they are a journalist, they have to be literate, and if they're literate, let's face it, they're likely to be a "liberal."

  • On 16 Dec 2014 in Falling gas prices = $1,100 average household savings, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Three hundred thousand dollar median home prices will be the norm again, in a healthy sellers market of eager first time buyers.

    Right, because we all know that when gas drops a dollar per gallon, everyone's income goes to the moon. And even with the economy booming so much that all the first time buyers can afford to pay 300k, oil won't go back up.

    Then the unicorns will fart rainbows and republicans will be running everything, and we'll all be rich, rich I say, rich, rich, RICH !

  • On 16 Dec 2014 in LAPD to get body cameras, marcus said:

    The biggest thing is does is make the cops watch what they do, because it's all recorded. That's huge and will make a significant difference in how they behave.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Oh fuck you the Dollar is strong in spite of all that has been done,

    Jeez, calm down. I don't think the dollars strength is attributable to Obama. (Better connection though than 99% of the things you blame on liberals. But that's saying nothing.)

    I was just making fun of the moronic way that you come up with all kinds of strange cause and effect connections between Obama/the liberals and the negatives in your twisted and ignorant world view. Usually it takes the form of: Hey Wait, I've got a new complaint =====>>OH and by the way here's the best attempt I've got (I know it's more than a stretch) as to why it's all the fault of, teh libruls.

    In 99% of the cases, not only does it not make sense that the blame lies where you place it, but also, those people aren't even liberals.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Now it is, when Obama first came in office rice shot through the roof.

    AS usual, your information is bad.



    2008 was when that craziness occurred, in a lot of commodities. This was more a function of panic about the dollar than anything else. Markets went into a brief inflationary panic mode, housing, oil everything was looking poised for an inflationary lift off. If you were going to apply a conspiracy theory to it, you might try to assert that the world financial system was trying to cause an inflationary bubble as a way of decreasing debt loads, but then they realized that in the "new world order" wages in the first world would not (could not) follow.

    I don't subscribe to that theory per se, but it makes more sense than a lot of the conspiracy theories I hear.

    You think it was about OBama (who wasn't President yet) and or about oil. I think it was really about the dollar, and the markets reaction to the dollar.

    Isn't it great the way Obama and the liberals have gotten the dollar up ?

    Just kidding. We all know that only negatives that occur during this time frame can be attributed to Obama and the liberals.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, marcus said:

    iwog says

    They are no longer technically in poverty but most of their money goes to company housing and gets spent at the company store. On paper they have advanced beyond poverty. In practice they are cogs in a machine and often commit suicide because of it.

    I agree with you there. The slave labor going on in China is disturbing and maybe it can be argued that the despair it causes more than offsets the benefits of an increasing middle class (above slave labor pay) that comes with it.

    But then if you take that argument to the global scale, what does it say about us ?

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    If Capitalism says Rice is $20 per 5lb bag

    But it doesn't. 20lb is under $20.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in World poverty is declining, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    As most land is managed by the Global Liberal Helsinki Creeps and the poor can't even live off the land like before.

    You're losing your touch. You waited until the 4th sentence to get to the part about how "it's teh libruls."

    CaptainShuddup says

    Poverty has never been more unbearable in the history of mankind

    I think that what you're observing is that you exist as a middle aged uninformed crank more now than in the history of mankind.

    If we can somehow just take India, China and other developing countries out of our analysis (in other words most of the humans on the planet), then you might have a point.

    But yeah, I consider those people to be bonafide humans, so the consensus that poverty has decreased in the past couple decades is obviously true.

    As for poverty in the U.S., well that's another story. But we account for less than 5% of the world's population.

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in Retire in style on $2000 a month, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    You can't retire over seas now, Obama has made expatriating impossible for all but the extremely wealthy. There's a 35% exit tax now, and a $3,000 exit application fee.

    THe Heart act passed congress by a unanimous vote.

    As far as I can tell the so called Heart ACt, was 2008 legislation which occured before OBama. Everything else I can see suggests that the opposite of what you say is true, which I guess might be your idea of humor or something.

    IT's actually the rich who renounce citizenship that will have to pay a lot. The other thing is you can just move elsewhre retaining your citizenship and paying taxes to the US on your investment income. This is nothing new.

    Consider providing source (maybe reading some first) if you dissagree.

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in Saturated Fat Does Not Cause Heart Disease, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I've never gone with the popular consensus, the Popular is Stupid and gullible. If they are calling for Global warming, then you better buy a good Winter coat.

    Right. THey're doing that because it's popular, not because the science says it's true.

    I would imagine when the horseless carriage became popular you would have stuck with horses until your dying day. Same for air travel, television, rock and roll and modern plumbing especially toilets, "the outhouse was good enough for my pappy, it's good enough for me !"

    Too bad toilets became so damn popular.

    Is there anyone on that's more full of it than you ?

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in Liberal jobs math, marcus said:

    I wouldn't imagine oil use ever going to zero. Is anyone arguing that we'll get to the point that we wouldn't use oil at all ?

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in $303 Trillion for another bailout., marcus said:

    Robert Sproul says

    Maybe I need to go back to Kahn Academy but I don't see that this is not exactly what he was referring to:

    Iwog is right. He wasn't referring to regulated stock options or futures or options on futures contracts. Those are all well regulated with well defined and fairly conservative margin requirements and so on. And on top of that anyone trading such contracts is trading through a clearing firm that watches the risk that traders take relative to the amount of capital they have at risk. Why ? Because the clearing firm doesn't want to get stuck holding the bag if the trader takes risk beyond their capitalization.

    Banks have occasionally taaken too much risk because of a rogue trader, but the government is never going to bail out a bank in that situation. THe risk of bailouts is if an entire class of unregulated derivatives blow up in such a way that an argument can be made as it was in '08 that our entire financial system is at risk if the government does not bail them out.

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in Liberal jobs math, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    You clowns bitch about gaps while those gaps widen under your watch, authority and policy.

    "Under YOUR watch authority and policy" ???

    What kind of fantasy 'us against them' world are you living in ?

    What is it ? OBama has been president, therefore "liberals" have been running some massive agenda with complete control over everything ?

    Wtf ? Democrats, which aren't even liberal, haven't been able to do squat. As for what the automibile industry does ? That's not driven by "you guys" whoever that is.

    And newsflash: New technologies always go to the high end first, because new technologies are often too expensive to make until economies of scale kick in. Consider flat panel TVs.

    Also, hybrids aren't that expensive, but sure electric cars are. That's simply because they can't make those cars that cheap yet. Besides the infrastructure isn't even there yet for recharging easily. And for that matter the 4th generation fission or fusion power plants aren't there yet ( or whatever other technologies are going to eventually give us cheaper and sustainable electricity.

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in Liberal jobs math, marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    $150 Oil and $5.00 a gallon gas makes perfect sense, because there is no future in it.

    Even now, you don't get that the future is with other forms of energy than oil and gas. This postpones that.

    We'll see won't we. I think they are setting up the mother of all buying opportunities.

  • On 12 Dec 2014 in Will the Shale Oil Credit Bubble Burst and Expose The Fake Economy, marcus said:

    Maybe they bought some cheap oil from ISIS and they want to unload it. Maessing with shale would be an after thought.

    Then again maybe projections of shale oil, and the prospect of the keystone pipeline scarred them, relative to the dropping price of solar and other green energies. So they decided to stop holding out for higher prices for now.

    For those that believe that the climate scientists are actually scientists, and not paid shills for Al Gore, this is bad news.

    I get it that some people have the luxury of believing whatever they want to believe, however stupid it is. For some of us though, who deal in facts and reality, there is a significant chance (not certainty - of course we don't know with certainty) that even current levels of carbon in the atmosphere are a big problem. Cheap oil might postpone how quickly we transition to clean energy.

    So yeah, I have mixed feelings about it. Fortunately many countries are still paying way over $5 and they are as motivated as ever to swith over to cleaner forms of energy.

  • On 12 Dec 2014 in what happened to..., marcus said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    There is no middle class with gas over $2.00 just the 1% and their Liberal voters.

    Ahhh. You're funny. Just because you can't wrap your mind around the way markets work, it's the 1% and their liberal voters?

    Everyone knows that the voters that keep the 1% with so much power are the bible belt fundamentalists and the various other right wingers mostly in fly over country. And the republicans in congress that have gerry rigged the districts, and just generally the way the rich own so much of both parties.

    Newsflash: Even now there are about 40 countries paying over $5.00/gallon for gas on on average. Germany pays just under $7.00/gallon and they have a stronger middle class than we do.

    No middle class with gas over $2.00 ?

    You're confused about so many things here. I guess since you saw the price of gas increasing ans the middle class shrank, just add a little bit of your know it all attitude about oil market (based on knowing nothing).

    You're wrong. Gasoline at the pump being $4 at the pump versus $2 is a fairly small part of the reason why the middle class is so screwed.

  • On 10 Dec 2014 in 19 arrested in 4th night of California protests, marcus said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Do you really think these cops kill people who break the law and resist arrest just for shits and giggles, and do it just for the fun??

    No I don't think that at all.

    I think at least 80% of cops would never have killed Garner in that situation.

    But I think some cops have personalities that are possibly even worse than yours. Some are psychopaths which obviously is something you can relate to and defend.

    Call it Crazy says

    Once again, I really feel sorry for the kids that sit in your classroom and have to listen to your racial, liberal, delusional bias day after day..

    I feel sorry for you for being such a stupid asshole. You know I teach high school Math. I don't talk to kids about politics or current events for that matter. And even if I did, if I was say a history or English teacher and we were discussing this, I would encourage them to talk and listen to eachother. I would minimize the extent to which I asserted my view.

    But I know, you have no clue what teaching is about, so I wouldn't expect you to know what I'm talking about. Funny thing is, if there was a discussion among say 15 year olds about this, there would be opinions on both sides, but there wouldn't be a single clown with the kind of authoritarian psychopathic view you express. I guarantee the least informed least intelligent student in the conversation would sound like a genius compared to you.

    I know I should cut you more slack, because you're probably a recovering alcoholic that has done way too much damage to your own brain, but I'm just really sick of how much of an asshole you are.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in One job, two paychecks from taxpayers, marcus said:

    I don't get it. Are we supposed to be outraged ?

    The guy paid into his pension fund with 10% or a bit less taken out of his pay check each month for 35 years. And the local government more than matched that also contributing into a pension fund. That was part of his agreed upon compensation.

    Now he retires and nobody would say anything, except he decides to work, in another government job, making use of his 35 years experience.

    If this is outrageous to people, then they don't understand what a pension is. People act like it's some kind of gift that the person doesn't deserve.

    Sure the guy is doing really well. He made some decisions that worked out really well for himself, and probably had some great luck too. So ?

    Why is there so much envy and weird feelings about pensions ? IF it's unfair, its only wrong that others dont have a pension, it's not wrong that some people do.

    Why not talk about how the sports stars or movie stars or CEO or hedge fund trader don't deserve their millions per year ? (which by the way I have no problem with).

    Some guy works and pays into a pension fund for 35 years, and has an annuity to show for it. Big fucking deal.

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