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  • On 15 Apr 2014 in Freddie, Fannie reform will foil housing reflation efforts, bgamall4 said:

    This article is likely wrong in one way, in the long run. The Bernanke backstop, the guarantee of loans will happen with or without Fannie/Freddie even existing. The TBTF banksters want the GSE business. I wrote about it in my ebooks.

  • On 15 Apr 2014 in Evictions from rent controlled apts in LA surging, bgamall4 said:

    Peter P says

    Hurrah! The market fights back.

    Few things are evil. Rent control is one of them.

    No, there is a rent control that is unseen, it is the limit of apartment projects, the rules for renting an apartment, etc. The financial cabal has its own rent control and it is to the upside.

  • On 15 Apr 2014 in I find it interesting...., bgamall4 said:

    New Renter says

    hese guys are willing to fight and be killed to protect the right for cattle ranchers to illegally graze their herds on federal land.

    Well Dan, now you have your answer!

    If you want the gun nuts to support your cause(s) here is the key.

    Just remember, Sandy Hook was a Hoax and puts gun control in a whole other light. Yes you have these guys, but in the overall scheme of things you had Hitler disarming the Jewish folks to great harm to them and now you have the Zionist globalist multiracial cabal wanting to disarm everyone in the USA. Sandy Hook has been linked to Bloomberg.

  • On 15 Apr 2014 in I find it interesting...., bgamall4 said:

    gsr says

    The same feds who have destroyed a big part of Nevada by nuclear testing, are suddenly now concerned about tortoises in one region of Nevada. And here, you are making mountain out of a molehill by exaggerating the effect of cow grazing.

    I live in Nevada. Someone said this guy doesn't recognize the Federal Government. Does anyone know about that?

  • On 13 Apr 2014 in My take on the soft existing home sales numbers today, bgamall4 said:

    Logan Mohtashami says

    Adjusting it to inflation you can see why so many Americans have a problem with consumption.

    You can see why Americans barring the top level income bracket are struggling so much. After tax/ inflation adjusted/expensive incomes isn't that strong and why household formation hasn't taken off like some demographic economic theorist have been calling for.

    Every housewife who goes into the grocery store knows something is terribly wrong. They just don't know it is QE without curbs on speculation and cornering of commodity markets!

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