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  • On 11 Aug 2014 in Have sex offender registry laws gone too far, Nobody said:


    I don't give a rat's ass if recidivism is high or low. A mere fact that the registry can be used to save a child out of millions is good enough for us to keep it. End of conversation.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in House prices down across U.S., Nobody said:

    Give me back a few seconds of my life back.

  • On 26 Feb 2014 in SF Bay are luxury housing market shows early signs of slowdown, Nobody said:

    I guess Chinese is running out of cash.

  • On 26 Feb 2014 in Case-Shiller says prices coming down, Nobody said:

    Yup, I second that. We should be careful about the blip in the overall data. I have learned over the years, we know if this is even any significance after it is over. So far, this seems nothing more than cyclical. When the spring comes, we will know for sure. We have more than three months for the spring result to come out, after the spring is over.

    Also, over the years I have learned to know when the bubble is happening. I only see a tiny bubble. The news paper like LA times needs to make belief that a tiny fart can be toxic to human health.

  • On 3 Jan 2014 in Two-thirds of real estate agents say now is good time to sell, Nobody said:

    Any time is a good time to buy. I am surprised that only two third. Is this article trying to imply that one third of real estate agent is honest?

  • On 16 Dec 2013 in Iwog and the other Bubble he denied existed., Nobody said:

    Looking at how strong the real estate market came back, it seems we didn't have a bubble.

  • On 10 Oct 2013 in Millionaire Success Factors, Nobody said:

    Don't forget people got richer, because there are so many loopholes to pay less than 15% tax while middle class pays 45% tax.

  • On 20 Jul 2013 in Bay Area rents soaring, Nobody said:

    Don't worry the money that Feds printed is coming back to US from other countries. This will fuck more middle class here in US. Buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Upside is that the rich is going to get even richer.

  • On 21 May 2013 in Why pedophilia is a witch hunt and the laws are ridiculous, Nobody said:

    When I was 18, 15 was still a baby.

  • On 21 May 2013 in Reagan was Great president., Nobody said:

    Reagan was a great president. He knew how stupid majority of the middle class people were to believe in trickle down economy. So we should have a flourishing middle class after more than 20 years.

  • On 2 May 2013 in U.S. Homeownership Rate Lowest Since 1995, Nobody said:

    How can the sales of real estate rise as the same time, the rate of home ownership is falling? It can only mean that the rich is buying up the house to rent to middle class to squeeze more money from the middle class. Another example of rich squeezing more milk from the rest of the population. It is time to tax them at the equal rate as the middle class.

    Oh, and Wong, let's limit the number of properties that the foreigners can purchase.

  • On 8 Mar 2013 in Wealth Inequality in America animation, Nobody said:

    leo707 says

    You may be surprised to know that our wealth distribution is about equal with China's. Feel free to look it up on a number of indexes.

    Damn, I seem to suffer from a superiority complex. But I am paying at least 3 times less to manufacture there vs. here in US.

    Reality says

    The consumers have the freedom to choose from which vendor they'd like to do business with .


    Are you living in a la-la land? If there is only 1% that is supplying the goods, the 1% can set the price to whatever to get more ROI. You must first think that the investors are there for maximum ROI. Then everyone eventually set the price similarly.

    If your theory is correct, there will be more variation in price any where you go. But that's not the case. Every where go, the price is pretty much the same and goes up by the same amount through out.

  • On 8 Mar 2013 in Wealth Inequality in America animation, Nobody said:

    OK, so the distribution of wealth is skewed. But we are not as bad as China. I'd like people to keep thinking that giving us, the 1%, the tax break would create more jobs. People just don't understand that the investment is like a loan. More investment would mean more demand for return. Perhaps, it is worse than loan, cause we demand a lot higher return than the banks do.

    If I invest on an income property, I demand that return is at least 10% of what I paid into the property annually. So if I paid more, I will jerk up the price. You wonder why you feel so poor lately? Well, I don't care, cause I am here to suck more from the middle class and screw them. The "Screwflation" means to fu&k the middle class.

    But we would like you to keep thinking you are well off giving tax breaks to the rich. I like paying 15%.

    From the 1%.

  • On 8 Mar 2013 in Man accidentally shoots off his penis..., Nobody said:

    was he able to save his penis and right nut?

    Either way, he is a half the man he used to be.

  • On 7 Mar 2013 in How the Student Loan Crisis Drags Down House Prices, Nobody said:

    Nah, Patrick,

    I don't worry about it. Chinese will always be there to pump the market back up in California. It is a time for me get the hell out of Ca.

  • On 7 Mar 2013 in New real estate bubble firmly in place. Lets share tips., Nobody said:

    Where is iwog?

  • On 1 Mar 2013 in Most Californians see economy as being in bad times, Nobody said:

    Of course, most of you see it that way. So where do all the money that we have printed with QE, you ask? Well, definitely not to you.

    From the 1%.

  • On 1 Mar 2013 in Warren Buffett tells CEOs to stop whining, Nobody said:

    Of course, we will keep whining. That's a simple and most effective way of keeping most of our earned money without giving back to the society.

    From the 1%.

  • On 1 Mar 2013 in Americans see biggest monthly income drop in 20 years, Nobody said:

    Idiots. You think money saved from tax will trickle down? I will just keep it.

    From the 1%.

  • On 1 Mar 2013 in Student Loan Delinquencies Rising?, Nobody said:

    You should know that the education is a privilege, not a right. If you keep defaulting, we, the 1%, will make sure that only the 1% will get the education.

    From the 1%.

  • On 28 Feb 2013 in Watch your wallet, Obama and his cronies are at it again, Nobody said:

    If you don't wanna pay federal tax, you gotta be the 1%. I mean the 1% of the top earners in US.

    My federal tax is a lot lower than my employees. Yet, I am making more. My guys are working as hard as I. I went to school with both federal and state's scholarship. Yup, I used your tax dollars to go to school and become successful. I was not asked to pay back a dime of that scholarship. And I am paying close to 0% on federal tax. One must wonder why kids can't get adequate education here in US.

  • On 7 Feb 2013 in Robert Shiller Destroys The Idea Of Investing In A House, Nobody said:

    What? My house was an investment? How could that be? I am just going to live here. This is what happens when the immigrants who can only see the real estate as an investment and have no respect for people or human rights come here in mass.

  • On 7 Feb 2013 in How I got my tax rates lowered!!!, Nobody said:

    What? We just sleep with Republicans to create loopholes. They love money just like us. Forget IRS, it is illegal. As long as you sleep with Republicans, they can also delude the 99% to think that we are the actual sole driver for job creation.

    From 1%.

  • On 7 Feb 2013 in Am I right? am I right,? right? right? RIGHT!, Nobody said:


  • On 7 Feb 2013 in , Nobody said:

    What? We gotta fix that. We need to squeeze more money from the middle class.

    From 1%.

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