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  • On 10 Oct 2013 in Millionaire Success Factors, Nobody said:

    Don't forget people got richer, because there are so many loopholes to pay less than 15% tax while middle class pays 45% tax.

  • On 20 Jul 2013 in Bay Area rents soaring, Nobody said:

    Don't worry the money that Feds printed is coming back to US from other countries. This will fuck more middle class here in US. Buckle up, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Upside is that the rich is going to get even richer.

  • On 21 May 2013 in Why pedophilia is a witch hunt and the laws are ridiculous, Nobody said:

    When I was 18, 15 was still a baby.

  • On 21 May 2013 in Reagan was Great president., Nobody said:

    Reagan was a great president. He knew how stupid majority of the middle class people were to believe in trickle down economy. So we should have a flourishing middle class after more than 20 years.

  • On 2 May 2013 in U.S. Homeownership Rate Lowest Since 1995, Nobody said:

    How can the sales of real estate rise as the same time, the rate of home ownership is falling? It can only mean that the rich is buying up the house to rent to middle class to squeeze more money from the middle class. Another example of rich squeezing more milk from the rest of the population. It is time to tax them at the equal rate as the middle class.

    Oh, and Wong, let's limit the number of properties that the foreigners can purchase.

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