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  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Should I buy a house here in San Francisco?, clambo said:

    jdubbs knows the truth; he is renting a place that he could not afford to buy.

    This is not a revelation to some of us.

    Having your cake and eating it too will be possible but very expensive.

    FYI Marina is built on bay land created with the rubble of 1906 quake which will suffer "liquefaction" in a quake as it did in 1989.

    A CONDO that's 1.5 million is a very bad deal, a condo is never paid off, those fees never go down.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Even in Tough Times, Realtor Offers Helping Hand, clambo said:

    What a loser. He has not been paying anything so he knows this will be foreclosed on. He's living rent free in a huge house.

    "Everything fell apart on me", typical bullshit excuse.

    "I mowed the lawn...because I still have pride."

    " lack of knowledge about owning a home" (he sold houses for a living).

    "There's no one to blame, it is what it is."

    Stupidity and greed is to blame, and this guy personifies it perfectly.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Should I buy a house here in San Francisco?, clambo said:

    The flip side is you can at least reverse mortgage it if you have no heirs so you'll eventually get some of your money back.
    Imagine if you had invested that $300K in S&P 500 in Jan 2009, you'd be paying cash for your dream house.
    Keep cash so this means don't pay more than 20% down. I'm surprised that there are no houses in San Francisco that are OK under $1.2 million.
    Here's a little place that's not a lot of dough near your neck of the woods.
    Here's 2 bedroom, $800K

    Following may offend: Don't allow your wife's aspirations to affect your decisions.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Should I buy a house here in San Francisco?, clambo said:

    You sure as hell better like 1. your job 2. your wife 3. San Francisco house for a long time for it to work out.

    Put that $300K into Vanguard Wellington or similar and see what you want to buy in 5 years with it.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in Home Sales Drop Again- Got Housing Recovery?, clambo said:

    Yun and his ilk will say anything, he's a hack.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in There is no global warming, declare 25 percent of Americans, clambo said:

    People seem to need things beyond their control to be worried about.
    It's a very ancient concept. The first of course were afraid of "the gods" and would sacrifice people, animals and crops to placate them.

    Later, we became afraid of "radiation" and it's effects. See old movies and shows from the 50's and 60's. We were also afraid of martians.

    Later we became afraid of nuclear megadeath caused either deliberately or accidentally, Failsafe, On the Beach, lots of other examples.

    Today it's global warming, but since obviously to everyone nothing is warmer, they're calling it "climate change" which is actually harmless except for an inch or two of higher sea levels every 50 years or so. Until of course it starts cooling.

    I recall the panic over the Northern Hemisphere cooling of the 70's, this led to low rainfall in the southern hemisphere and crop failures in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and worldwide hunger was feared.

    It's ever thus. The religious or annoying people also still believe in a god or something to punish your bad deeds, "karma" and other nonsense concepts are very popular even if the person never goes to any church.

    The notion of karma or punishment for our bad deeds seems extremely popular among women, the obvious reason is they feel powerless to control us men so they like the idea of someone punishing our bad deeds.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in The Fed Tapers into a Recession, clambo said:

    No Yellen doesn't have any clue. But there are other adults in the room with her.

    The Federal reserve can throw cold water on the economy, cool it down by raising interst rates.

    But, the converse is obviously not true, the Fed cannot stimulate the economy in a real way. The proof is that the USA economy has grown an anemic 2% since Obama took office, despite the efforts of the Federal reserve.

    Wealth comes from 1. production 2. innovation

    Growth of 1&2 grows our economy. So, as one would expect, the increased production of oil and gas in Texas and North Dakota has grown their economies, while innovation in N. California has grown the economy locally.

    Some interest rates will become out of the Federal reserves control after they stop buying all of the USA debt; since this is sold at an auction, the marketplace will determine how much to discount the IOU, and this determines the interest rate of that IOU.

    Sometimes I watch these TV shows with the talking heads mention "Fed stimulus" and I want to throw a rock at the TV, the Fed is not stimulating our economy, it never could.

    What does it mean for you and me? Stocks are good to have when interest rates are low.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in "Trailer trash " win $111 million, clambo said:

    Evict them all, trailer parks are a blight on the landscape.

  • On 22 Apr 2014 in What the 1% doesn't want you to know, clambo said:

    If you think the poor are your problem, then you are welcome to give them your money if you think this will help.

    Since I have lived in a "developing country" I know that poor people will exist forever because people reproduce regardless of their circumstance.

    In the USA, we have been paying financial incentives for people to breed more poor children, so we have more of them.

    What should be done is encourage responsible decisions by not financially rewarding people for making the wrong ones. This is a start.

    Second would be stop importing other nations ignorant/young/poor who also drive down American wages. This would raise the pay for everyone at the lower income levels.

    Further, it's not my problem, but you are welcome to make it your problem.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in What the 1% doesn't want you to know, clambo said:

    What is impossible to explain is if a guy who has no money wants someone else's money, this is moral to a liberal; but if a guy has money and he wants to keep his property, somehow he is immoral?

    Why is it moral to take from someone and immoral to keep what is yours?

    The problem with guys like Krugman is that he wants to take money from someone ELSE'S pile of dough to help out the "poor".

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Sea Levels Could Rise by 23 Feet by 2100, clambo said:

    Well since sea levels have risen by a couple inches (50 mm=2 inches) over 20 years, there may be some adjusting of dire predictions to do.

    New Orleans is already far below sea level, what difference will 2 more inches make?

    People are perhaps unaware of it, but on the Left Coast earthquakes are RAISING the land of California.

    The earth *could* also be hit by an asteroid by 2100 and we'll all be toast.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Lindsay Lohan - Trainwreck for Our Times, clambo said:

    Gee so much hate for a "sister" who has a "disease".

    There are tons of girls like Lindsay and many are much worse.
    I feel sorry for her since one of the perks of being rich and famous is being intoxicated, lots of them do it, but somehow she was in the legal system for it.
    I mean, there was nobody bothering Richard Burton, Oliver Reed or Richard Harris and others for being a drunk. Nobody cared.

    But she's going to make some money since she is ON TV, that's all that counts. It's all going to help her "career" because there is no bad publicity.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in What if Bundy had been a deadbeat black man or native american?, clambo said:

    Lots of people and corporations lease land but they are not abused by the Feds because even lessors have property rights.

    Interesting in the recent past people who stole cattle were hanged. Today the Feds think they can steal cattle because they're from the government.

    The photo montage above it great.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Your gas dollars at work, building world's tallest building in Saudi Arabia, clambo said:

    Natural gas is $2/gallon, Honda Civic natural gas model, awesome.

    As soon as my Toyota dies I'll get a CNG car. The problem is my Toyota will probably outlive me.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in need advice from you awesome PatNetters, clambo said:

    More grist for the mill, re: mutual funds.

    If you admire Warren Buffet's success with investing, you can have some of it by owning Fidelity Contrafund.

    The #2 stock owned by Contrafund is Berkshire Hathaway. Of course Contrafund also has hundreds of other stocks in the portfolio, but Berkshire is #2 in terms of dollar amount. #1 is Google.

    Funds are better than stocks unless you enjoy the activity, and for reasonable risk control you need 20 or 30, of course, picking the dividend paying blue chip stocks is OK.

    T.Rowe Price Capital Appreciation, Dodge&Cox Stock, Dodge&Cox balanced, Vanguard Wellington, Vanguard Dividend Growth, Fidelity Contrafund are good, as are others. A fun website is to research funds if you are interested.
    I forgot to mention, T.Rowe Price and Vanguard offer very low cost financial planning, I think it's $500.
    If you have a large enough balance at Vanguard, there is ZERO fee for a financial plan to assist you. Theoretically you could "park" your chunk of dough in a Vanguard money market and then qualify for the free financial plan.
    Either way the guys there are very good to talk to, the problem is you are on the phone, Vanguard doesn't have offices all over like Fidelity does.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Money has corrupted us. We no longer understand what it's worth, clambo said:

    Land isn't wealth today, previously it was because land contained game to hunt, trees to cut, and area to farm.

    Many people are wealthy today who don't own land, after the economy was industrialized.

    Now shares of stock or cash or similar represents wealth.

    Some wealth is liquid, some is not.

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Money has corrupted us. We no longer understand what it's worth, clambo said:

    When I lived in England, they had a coal miner strike. They made peanuts.

    The ARAB oil embargo was on, so they prepared for gasoline rationing, just like WWII. I saw old timers go to sell their cars at a car auction. Gasoline was very expensive so nobody drove around places and lots of people never owned a car.

    England looked poor to me, I could go back to the USA, work at a summer job for awhile and buy an old used car that at least ran. I could afford to put some gas in it and drive. Meanwhile, English young people didn't have them.

    They probably also didn't need cars, young in England had little dough so where would they drive to anyway?

  • On 21 Apr 2014 in Your gas dollars at work, building world's tallest building in Saudi Arabia, clambo said:

    It's about as useful as building a pyramid.

    We could use our own natural gas and stop buying oil from Saudis.

    This is what our national policy should be, not windmill schemes and Solyndra scams.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in This Time Things are Different - Remain Calm and Consume. All is Well., clambo said:

    You've got a point.

    On the bright side (if there is one), banks and others paid $100 billion in fines and penalties so far.

    I'm waiting for the guys who got Solyndra money to go to jail, that cost taxpayers $500 million. I'll start with waterboarding Ken Chew.

    There are many mortgages which will still be foreclosed and others will default but time will tell how bad it will be.

    People of course will continue to consume. My friend asked me to help him pick up something at Costco and the parking lot was like a demolition derby. People were in a hurry to buy more stuff, inside the people swooped down on the samples like seagulls.

    It won't stop. Do you know any females?

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Housing Bubble 2.0 Veers Elegantly Toward Housing Bust 2.0, clambo said:

    absolutely one should 1. marry 2. buy a house 3. stay in it for a long time

    If this sounds like your situation, then you will do it or be nagged incessantly by your sweetheart, so you know what you'll do.

    You'll either comply with her wishes or suffer the consequences.

    I always tell females to remember James Bond movies, he lived in an apartment and he didn't seem to care. He also had girlfriends frequently die on him, he had to find another which usually happened before the movie ends.

    In 2009 I bought more shares of Apple and other stuff, today it's enough to buy whatever I want to, but now they're sending me dividends, darnit how irresistible is that?

    Nah, I want to buy a dump in Phoenix and rent it out, of course it's no trouble flying over there to see why the toilet clogged.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Rush in Ruins?, clambo said:

    Funny how Rush bothers some liberals.

    The media is liberal with the exception of Murdoch ones: WSJ, Fox, NYPost. Everything else is liberal.

    Talk radio is not liberal.

    What I can't figure out is how Rush makes any money, since the ads on the radio are generally for weird companies you haven't heard of, dog vitamins, computer backup, identity protection, etc.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Freddie, Fannie reform will foil housing reflation efforts, clambo said:

    The more you learn about the intricacies of the mortgage primary and secondary market, the more absurd it becomes.

    Imagine if they were selling you an "investment" that had fees of $10,000 just to make the transaction? That's buying a house.

    Banks do not have the deposits sufficient to make mortgages for the USA, it's TOO much dough. This money comes from the secondary market, Mortgage Backed Securities=bonds that pay interest from the mortgages.

    Today the Fed is buying a shitload of them but is slowing down the buying pace. There is a worldwide market but they've been burned already.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Obama has Proposed 442 Tax Hikes Since Taking Office, clambo said:

    Bigsby, you don't have to go back in time 100 years.
    You can see my no income tax TODAY, just go over to New Hampshire and see it.

    While you are there, observe the standard of living and other things then report back if they are suffering from a "lack of government."

    Supporting 1. huge welfare state 2. huge military 3. huge government is costing us a fortune and the 1,2,3 is the realm of the liberal lefty socialists who think they know better and can create a socialist utopia.

    Obamacare is an typical example, they are ruining healthcare for many to provide some new benefit for the few. Of course, doctors and taxpayers will get screwed in the process. More regulations, new taxes, and less health care will result.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in The proposed Comcast merger will turn back the clock, clambo said:

    So what? Buy a Mohu antenna and cut the cable. TV is digital HD over the air today.

    Oh you still need internet? Get that $9.95 Comcast deal, use one of your friends who has kids and low income to apply. It's like "lifeline internet".

    Or, split internet with your neighbor, make sure they have a good router and you're fine.

  • On 20 Apr 2014 in Was Steve Jobs a jerk?, clambo said:

    He may have been a jerk, but I am glad he was around.

    If you have ever been the one at work to actually get things done, others may also have thought you are a jerk too.

    You want to know who is a true asshole jerk? Gates, Ballmer, and Sculley.

    Sculley was beyond a jerk, a dimwit shithead who allowed Microsoft to rip off Apple. Sculley is the personification of clueless management who has no real skills but has floated to the top of corporations, like a condom in the East River.

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