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  • On 1 Jul 2014 in Obama: The System "Is So Broken" That "Folks Don't Know What The Rules Are", clambo said:

    In case you haven't lived in Mexico as I have, poor parents frequently see their children as income producers/free labor/future social safety net providers.

    For this reason, some poor have too many children.

    Either way, the parents sending kids to the USA are hoping to create some "anchor children".

    You likely don't, but sometimes I watch the news on Univision and other Mexican-American broadcasters. They are constantly talking about immigration reform from Obama.

    The other thing you may not know is that Mexico is descending into chaos and anarchy. It's become a dangerous hell hole when before 2008 it was mostly a poor place with some nice sights and beaches.

  • On 27 Jun 2014 in Ann Coulter turns interest in World Cup into a multiculturalism bashing issue., clambo said:

    When you are paid to write, you sometimes are clutching at straws to find topics.

    I think although soccer sucks mostly, the premier league in England was fun to watch.

    In the U.S.A., some pro sports are completely unwatchable: NBA basketball is one. NFL is losing it, there are too many commercials and now they are putting in too many rules, too many instant replays, etc.

    It's boring to watch most sports anyway, but since in soccer it's hard to score it's kinda fun to see them all trying.

    I like college football if I watch sports at all.

  • On 13 Jun 2014 in Oklahoma GOP candidate endorsed stoning gays to death, clambo said:

    He's a muslim?

  • On 12 Jun 2014 in Our newest Ayn Rand sociopath answers his first questions, clambo said:

    The minimum wage question was just a typical liberal nonsense question.

    The voters do not care about the minimum wage.

    The voters care about 1. jobs/unemployment (92 million out of the workforce) 2. the USA economy 3. energy prices 4. food prices 5. national sovereignty (not invasion of illegal alien illiterates).

    No one knows what the minimum wage is in Texas and nobody cares, they only know that the place has 1. 5% unemployment 2. no income tax.

    The horseshit, lies, nonsense and anti-American nonsense spouted by liberal fools is just become so absurd even liberals who aren't on welfare or disability are beginning to revolt.

  • On 11 Jun 2014 in Michael Moore In Cat Fight With Wife Over Divorce Settlement, clambo said:

    Two fat whales can't have a "cat fight", they have "flipper fights" or "blubber bashes" etc.

    Somewhere a circus is missing its fatman/fatwoman tag team.

  • On 10 Jun 2014 in Should I buy and rent out a house in wine country?, clambo said:

    If I were in your shoes, I would approach the idea differently.

    I would take all my money and invest in stock mutual funds. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can choose among "growth" "value" "dividend growth" "index" or "balanced" funds. Balanced fund examples: T.Rowe Price Capital appreciation, Dodge&Cox balanced, Vanguard Wellington.

    In 20 years you should have a huge chunk of change to use to buy a place somewhere should you wish to.

    Being a landlord has joys and also headaches.

  • On 6 Jun 2014 in Extra dough, clambo said:

    Oh, I forgot:

    For sleeping soundly at night: Vanguard Wellington Fund (balanced)

    If you hate a 1099 Div. from the dough: Vanguard Tax managed balanced.

  • On 6 Jun 2014 in Extra dough, clambo said:

    Vanguard Dividend Growth fund
    Dodge&Cox Stock Fund
    Fidelity Contrafund
    T.Rowe Price Capital Appreciation.

    OR: Vanguard Index Total Stock Market.

  • On 6 Jun 2014 in Relentless Incompetence: Americans Are Giving Up on Obama, clambo said:

    Even most of the bleeding heart koolaid guzzler people I know think Obama's inept.

    Inept is of course a compliment. He's beyond that, he represents everything wrong about liberals.

    He hates success ("you didn't build that!), he hates white Americans, he hates our country because he won't defend its sovereignty. He hates our founders, he hates the constitution, he likes muslims, he likes terrorists/despots/kings.

    He does like pretending to be presidential however, Normandy is of course nice to visit this time of year, although actually anytime it's pretty nice.

  • On 5 Jun 2014 in Perfect storm of bullish sentiment just around the corner, clambo said:

    Bullish on stocks is a no brainer since 2008.

  • On 5 Jun 2014 in Americans skeptical of housing recovery, clambo said:

    That 25% is 1. realtors 2. builders who employ illegals 3. underwater people.

  • On 5 Jun 2014 in Liberal Austin homeowners surprised to find they have to pay all the taxes they, clambo said:

    Nobody likes paying taxes unless they're completely nuts.

    Liberals don't like paying them either: they just vote to make RICHER people pay them.

    Texas is nice, but man it's goddamm hot after I've gotten used to 68F summers.

  • On 3 Jun 2014 in The soldier Obama traded the 5 terrorists for was a deserter, clambo said:

    He deserted.

    The scary thing is that there may be other guys who have deserted and Obama can use them as a pretext to let more guys out of Gitmo who deserve to be executed, not released.

    This is an impeachable move by Obama by the way, the law clearly says that Obama must tell Congress of his plans to release people from Gitmo 30 days in advance.

    Despite the dimwits who love Obama, the president is not an elected king who can do whatever his whims dictate.

    Even Jimmy Carter is happy, Obama is making him look good which is really amazing.

  • On 3 Jun 2014 in Obama supporter threatens to kill white people on airplane, clambo said:

    She's a dimwit who just paid $300 for shooting off her big mouth.

  • On 2 Jun 2014 in Dumb Ass Yellen., clambo said:

    Low interest rates encourage no consumer activity since credit card rates are still much higher than prime.

    The Fed is keeping banks healthy and enabling Obama/Pelosi/Reid to keep spending like drunken sailors.

    What stimulates people to consume instead of save? High inflation.

  • On 2 Jun 2014 in The soldier Obama traded the 5 terrorists for was a deserter, clambo said:

    So the bad guys will go back to cause more trouble and we got a deserter in return? Even for Obama this was stupid.

  • On 31 May 2014 in Housing Stumbles, GDP Turns Negative Yet Stocks Soar, clambo said:

    Stocks do well when interest rates are low or falling.

  • On 31 May 2014 in Synthetic Oil and older cars, clambo said:

    If you use synthetic, it should be OK but of course if leaks develop you're outta luck.

    You can go longer between oil changes with synthetic, e.g. 5000 miles.

    Synthetic is good if you live in very cold areas, the stuff stays loose enough so you can crank the car over. I once lived in NH and regular oil would turn viscous at 30 below.

    If synthetic is about the same price as regular oil then I'd use it.

  • On 31 May 2014 in No, Mr. President, drought and climate change aren't linked, clambo said:

    The panic over the Northern Hemisphere Cooling in the 70's was over the lack of rain in the southern hemisphere which led to lower crop harvests. The concern was worldwide hunger caused by cooler earth temperatures.

    Of course you've all heard of "El Nino"=a warm sea phemonenon which of course can cause high rainfall up here.

    Global warming hysteria is a huge hoax and a con. Whether the idiots like Obama and Gore actually believe in it I don't know. I do know there's no scientific evidence that we have to worry about anything from global warming except rising sea levels.

  • On 29 May 2014 in man amends tax returns and declares offshore bank account-is forced to pay 2 mil, clambo said:

    If you read my post carefully, the word used was "contents" not the balances of your checking accounts.

    The IRS has only to request the balances from your bank. The IRS can also seize your balance without your permission.

    My point is that the IRS has knowledge of all of your accounts and therefore can quickly find out the entirety of the information related to the accounts. The exception was an annuity contract.

    Was my clarification sufficient for your understanding?

    Re:checking account transations. All of these are instantly available to the IRS if they decide to conduct an audit on you.

    Brokerage transations are reported to the IRS also, not just the dividends you are paid.

  • On 29 May 2014 in Texas man stops his girl's party and whips her for dancing with a black kid, clambo said:

    So "right wing lunatics" who fail to appreciate that Mexicans are racists are the problem or is it just an additional tragedy to add to the inherent racism of Mexicans making them "honorary Republicans", even though they most surely don't vote Republican?

    Or, why is it the "right wing lunatics" problem if blacks and Mexicans hate each other? Blacks target Asians for car jacking and other crime in the Bay Area, are the "lunatics" not noticing this also?

    Are the "right wing lunatics" ignoring that blacks also target Jews in NYC for the "knockout game" and therefore are also somehow responsible?

    One thing is admirable about the Mexicans: they don't obsess about what people think about them, their customs, or their behavior. Right or wrong, they express their feelings in the ways they see fit.

    We may disagree and of course my generalization is rather broad, but I know that most of my Mexican friends would say the man's actions were extreme altough also they appreciate he didn't want his daughter choosing a non-Mexican guy.

    Meanwhile weirdo whites who have self-hate, or other issues have to see a shrink to get permission to even express themselves out of fear of political incorrectness.

    People have many misconceptions about other people, it's learned behavior unfortunately, kids who are young all get along fine.

  • On 29 May 2014 in man amends tax returns and declares offshore bank account-is forced to pay 2 mil, clambo said:

    iwog what's up with you and wanting "links".

    The contents of your IRAs are reported to the IRS form 5498.

    Your other accounts are known also, e.g. mutual funds report 1099s.

    Brokerage accounts also report 1099s if the stock pays a dividend, e.g. Apple.

    Banks report 1099 if you have earned any interest even on some checking or money market accounts interest is earned.

    Nothing I write is false.

  • On 29 May 2014 in RECOVERY!: Economy Contracts 1%, clambo said:

    After the year is over, GDP growth may end up being 2%, exactly in line with the anemic economy since 2008.

    On the other hand, since Obamacare kills economic growth, maybe it will end up being under 2% for the entire year.

    Either way, it's going to be amusing to see what excuses the usual suspects make for the crummy economy that Obama/Pelosi/Reid have no idea how to stimulate.

    Hint: raising regulations, uncertainty, new taxes, higher tax rates, do not stimulate any economy anywhere.

    Cash for clunkers and solyndra are examples of how cluelessly inept these idiots in the Democrat party and White House are.

  • On 29 May 2014 in man amends tax returns and declares offshore bank account-is forced to pay 2 mil, clambo said:

    The Swiss better figure out what they're gonna do. The banks there were doing OK by only accepting deposits that were determined to be legally earned money. They kept their mouth shut about the accounts. This is sometimes called "property rights" "privacy rights" or "personal freedom" from intrusive spying govt.

    Why do I have my variable annuity even though the tax laws aren't so favorable to them today? Because NO ONE knows the contents of my accounts! It's a "contract" between me and Vanguard/insurance company.

    How do you guys all feel knowing that the IRS knows the contents and account numbers of ALL your financial shit? IRAs, brokerage, everything today is reported to the IRS.

  • On 29 May 2014 in Texas man stops his girl's party and whips her for dancing with a black kid, clambo said:

    Does this mean the NBA will ask him to sell his Laker's T-shirt on ebay and pay a huge fine?

    iWog wants to blame this Mexican guys behavior on other people, it's gotta be those Republican guys in suits smoking huge cigars in a club somewhere who caused it!

    These kinds of events that are heavy in tradition always are powderkegs and I hate them for this reason.

    The custom of quinzenera (15th birthday) is an ancient indigenous custom from Mexico, it is the transition of a girl into womanhood.

    The girl seems to have been able to transcend race in this instance, but her father not or perhaps her father is annoyed at his daughter for doing something that was intended to shock the girl's grandmother. Who knows the entire story? We don't.

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