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  • On 16 Nov 2013 in 2835 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010, LuckyMethod said:

    thomas.wong87 says

    CrazyMan says

    That’s because it’s Texas and nobody really wants to live there.

    Guess thats why local SV companies sent our jobs there. Apple, AMD, and many others have relocated operations at cheaper locations.

    maybe AMD, but Apple hasn't relocated shit, they still proudly occupy a large portion of Cupertino.

  • On 31 Aug 2013 in Wal-Mart is not Costco; So Why Should it Pay Like Costco?, LuckyMethod said:

    what a load of crap.

  • On 23 Apr 2013 in Is it better to buy or rent?, LuckyMethod said:

    I honestly regret not getting a stupid loan right before the slaughter, I would be still living rent free now. Being "smart" sometimes really doesn't pay.

  • On 23 Apr 2013 in Is it better to buy or rent?, LuckyMethod said:

    Simple! I was unemployed and didn't have the cash, nor the income to buy anything. I hunkered down and now I have a great job and no hope to buy anything for at least a few years until the next bloodbath. FML

  • On 27 Jul 2012 in If you got a business you didn't build that, someone else made that happen., LuckyMethod said:

    Did anybody in this somewhat oniric thread mention the fact that the quote is incorrect? The president in the same speach, a little bit earlier mentions bridges, roads, and other infrastructures, then says "and if you got a business, you didn't build that" referred to such infrastructures.

    I wanted to say it just in case you were all too busy to bother with facts.

  • On 13 Feb 2012 in AAPL to $500?, LuckyMethod said:

    This thread is stupid. I'm sending this so I can stop following it.

    Oh, and the forum's software is also a terrible piece of software.

  • On 18 Jan 2012 in AAPL to $500?, LuckyMethod said:

    thunderlips11 says


    thunderlips11 says

    I know many people who have TWO 19" Wide monitors to work on their spreadsheets with. They would have a really hard time with a 5-7" screen.

    Yeah, me too, and it sucks. It's much better to work on spreasheets on my 27in plus the 24 on the side like I do.

    19in go for like $50 each now, they cost like a mediocre steak in the bay area. just sayin...

  • On 27 Oct 2010 in End Social Security And Medicare Now!, LuckyMethod said:

    62docg says

    I read with amusement the comments from two fellow Italians, recent arrivals to the U.S. Sadly, they display the typical Italian arrogance and buffoonery that gets displayed whether they are correct or not. Italians love to be polemical; here we call it “pissing and moaning.”

    I'm wondering what kind of cave you used to live in back in Italy, but for your information, things don't go nearly as bad as you would think by reading La Repubblica which has an enormous axe to grind with the current government (which I don't particularly like, but that is not nearly as devastating as the press makes it to be).

    As soon as you find the time to pull your head out of your ass, go to wikipedia and update your information, you might even re-discover some patriotic pride: according to the WHO the Italian healthcare system was the 2nd best in the world in 2000, now it slipped back a bit (I think it's the 5th now). Not too bad if you consider that what we have here is 37th or a number like that. Unforgivable for the richest country in the world.

    I moved here for very specific reasons, and I don't regret it. Silicon valley is a pretty unique place and I'm glad I'm here, but as I pay taxes (and will vote very soon, talking about taxation without representation...) I would like this place to live up to its potential.

    There's no reason why in a country like this ANYBODY needs to go without basic healthcare.

    I'm really disappointed that a fellow Italian doesn't remember the first thing about concepts like social justice and christian compassion, which are the base of our society, want it or not.

    The US is a great place to be, but we can't just pretend it doesn't have problems because we make a good living. There's poor people here too, many more than back in Italy. Racism is rampant, and frankly, the nation is going to shit. I'm doubtful I will retire here, I simply don't see the quality of life getting any better soon, and in fact I expect it to get worse. Fellow immigrants often told me how coming here a few years ago was great, awesome opportunities, great salaries.... as of right now, I'm making probably 20% to 30% more than I would be making in Europe, but with substantially less security and peace of mind. I'm young and for now it's ok, but in the long term it's just not worth it. I prefer to make save some money, go back to Europe and start a company there. And if you ask me, I would do so in Spain. Great schools, terrible economy (cheap engineers, very prepared and practically desperate) and a great quality of life. Madrid is the best city in the world, and I really miss it, even when I'm in SF. Once you tried the transportation system over there, BART looks like a sad joke. I really don't enjoy driving all over, not knowing my neighbours, working 12 hours a day but still getting the same stuff done as I was working 7 in Europe and so on... and don't get me started about the food. What was the last time you had a good tomato salad?

    Americans have forgotten what it means to live a good life, and it's really sad.

  • On 26 Oct 2010 in End Social Security And Medicare Now!, LuckyMethod said:

    larrypatrickmaloney says

    Uh,OK, I”m really really confused now.
    Is this some kind of crazy “reverse” psychology trick?
    I’ve lived in Europe. My wife is from a socialist country, and it’s not at all what you think.
    You don know that Britain and France are now trying to get rid of social programs, right?

    Never heard of this one, but I'm sure you'll be able to provide pertinent information to this regard. Maybe...

    Let me tell you ALL what it’s like to go to the “doctor” in a country (eastern europe).
    You go to the big gigantic building, that looks like a govt. prison, and not a hospital.
    In the lobby there are dozens of people waiting to be seen, with all kinds of problems.
    As you walk down the hallway to get your “room” to wait for the dr. You pass elderly people, insane people, disabled people, sick people who are coughing, all in a dingy, thin gown, that is open in the back.
    You get to your room, and it looks like a Dr. Frankenstein chamber, with no beds, but reclining barbershop like chairs, that have straps for the wrists and ankles.
    You wait a few more minutes, and the Dr. comes in. Asks some questions, looks over you, and then he prescribes the treatment. Which is this:

    You watch too much tv. And besides, you must be a bona fide idiot if you think public healthcare in Europe is generally of the same quality of Romanian healthcare (because that's the country you're talking about).

    PS: I wonder if Germany and Austria has their emergency rooms filled with illegal aliens? Do they have the problem in Austria? It might be getting more problematic with the EU opening up. Maybe we should ask someone to visit and give us a report.

    They do, it works just fine.

    Please stop talking about things you don't know. I'm Italian, I moved here 4 years ago after living 4 years in Spain. I would trade my "benefits" in the US (I work for a good employer, I have "excellent" coverage) with what I had back in Italy or Spain any day of the week.

    Seeing a doctor here is a giant pain. Let alone all the time wasted in insurance checks, billing etc... Who talks about rationing and waiting lists not existing here must be stupid. Why do I have to wait 2 months to see my specialist in Stanford? I thought you could see a doctor by just snapping your fingers here in California, did I miss anything?

    Patrick is right, let's leave the Tea Party morons to their delusions, and let's make a better country for the rest of us, well adjusted individuals who pay taxes and see nothing wrong with it.

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