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Leftoid cuckservative feminized beta adhd muslim hack-job shooter manifesto!!!!!

Languages are changing faster than ever with the internet.

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I'm pretty the its the 'never use birth control' policy of the catholic church that destroyed mexico.
Overpopulation = abject poverty.
Cant really say the same for india, though - not pope's fault there.

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I believe this is pretty much true.
This is why I LOVE TRUMP (if he were young enough to actually use the internet much - he would be a dick troll!).

I would never vote for an R though. IMO -we need to force people to have abortions, not force them to have unwanted children.

Like how about an IQ test AND a financial means test before you are 'issued a child license' (have an unlicenced child and you are forced aborted).
Which party supports this ? none
In reality its a bad policy since we all know the human race is really an advanced virus that reproduces until its food sources are gone, then moves on to the next food source. (Agent Smithism)

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I have to agree with your outlook.
I am still hearing federal radio ads on FM radio for the HAMP program 'call this number to make your mortgage more affordable'. It nonsense but is now permanent policy.

Lets not forget the large number of federal programs STILL IN PLACE to keep inventory low, slow foreclosures, and keep people in homes they can't afford - these programs will not go away probably ever.
It takes 3-5 years to foreclose in CA now, and thats not even counting the loan mods out there now, and future loan mods, that never end up foreclosing.
If anyone wants real real estate news in CA listen to the free Bruce Norris podcasts, he interviews smart people who (mostly) are not hucksters, like Sean Otoole, and mortgage industry people. If you never heard Bruce Norris or Sean O'toole - you are probably clueless about real estate.

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People still come here for actual conversation?
That was like in 05,06.

I come here for the humor and its also a nice experiment in how unmoderated message boards go down the toilet.

check out
a bunch of 'neckbeards' as reddit calls them got mad and are making that site pretty good. Its got way more people than this board ever had or will (largely due to patrick having a day job)

Politics is not worthy of online discussion in any case on any board, anyhwere, as far as i know.
Basically half the country (republicans) thinks the other half (democrats, blacks, gays, drug users) should ALL be in prison. So far they are really really good at putting people in prison - its like a major major revenue source. I mean how else are white guys with below average IQ going to make money? They cant code so the next best thing is be a cop, join military, prison guard, DEA, CIA, FBI, NSA, ICE, sherrif, federal marshall. Sometimes it seems like it would be fun to pull hot chicks over and finger them 'searching for drugs' but then I remember I'm human and thats fuked up!!!

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If I could run win 7 and install MS visual studio and sql server on a mac reliably - I would buy a mac.
I'm not sure dual booting a mac with 'boot camp' or whatever will work ok to be a DOT NET developer. I mean , dot net is buggy enough already....

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I would like SSD hard drive and the ability to plugin to a dual monitor setup at home - I guess I need a docking bay for that?

Of course all these brands buy the same cheap parts from china, but there is a big difference in quality.
I subcribed to and the recommend Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, and HP in that order for 'value'.

Currentlly I have a cheapo HP from costco and the platter style hard drive is going bad and its slow as hell for certain programming tasks escpecially running linux inside a VM running win 8 (impossible to develop its that slow).

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Here is what I'm talking about: THE BEST CAR is the 'chevy spark'??? HAHAHA, Its the modern pinto. Probably get more chicks riding the bus.

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Those groups are committing fraud and are criminals.
Google filters out malicious websites that are fake bank and escrow sites, and phishing, etc..
How is this different? Its not.
The groups should be accurate not fraudulent and say 'dont get an abortion come here instead and pray' - thats what they are offering and would not be censored, correct?

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CNN covers every instance they possibly can of the N word used wrong. Its like once a week.

Communist Nword Network

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Ancient rome might have come close to a free market.
You could buy slaves in any race you wanted.
We have finally caught up with thier 'slavery for all' egalitarianism with the war on drugs we can put lots of people in cages who otherwise would run amok doing drugs.

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Income restrictions = only under the table workers and small business owners and maybe 'put it in moms name' people can live there.
Maybe a few janitors working w2 jobs also.
Nice mix of people right there.

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That stat is BS.

Get this - when adjusted FOR RACE (meaning you compare only caucasion test scores to other caucasion test scores) the CA is right in line with the highest achieving schools, states, and countries (like same scores as japan, sweden).

So as long as you are white/asian your scores will be high, no worries.

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The republicans wont have a POTUS for the next 10000 years because the FSA is just too large now - there is no stopping them.

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Yeah its getting crazier. Now its '1 in 5 women was raped by bill cosby'

Well the bill cosby take down article is a false rape story, at least in part. Its like ufo abductions how they 'all sound the same'. But he musta got soooo many women wrecked and did it, I guess thats dangerous now, not so much in 1980.

If you read the individual stories - many of them are lame.
One lady says Bill grabbed her right breast in 1971 at a drinking party. SHES ON THE COVER IN A CHAIR - they are misleading the whole world that 'bill raped all these women' many of them never even accused him of rape. One lady he made out with in a car and she got out of the car and felt uncomforable, then he calmed her down and drove her home SHES ON THE COVER. wtf.

I'm pretty sure half the men in america grabbed a tit and a drinking party in the 1971.

Its kinda racist how they are taking him down implying 'the rich black guy with money rapes white women' what the hell, I thought a man had to be white and use the n-word to get the shakedown-takedown treatment like that (hulk hogan is latest)

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Thank god more womyn dont work in STEM, those chicks would be hacking your laptop, installing illegal porn on it, and take you down for eva.

What is scary is the false rape claims that are never discovered, those guys are in jail.

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There is a worldending drought in CA now.
Ads on radio telling us LET LAWN DIE.

Dual solution to teacher housing and water shortage: all soccer/play fields on school property to be REzoned as highrise condo mixed use!

I would recommend bars, strip clubs, adult stores, tobacco and pipe shops on first floor (to get max foot traffic from students with fake id)
Stories 2 through 99 to be palatial 380 sq foot apartments for teachers. There should be PLENTY of units from floor 5 to 99 to RENT OUT at a profit thus we can then completely eliminate the property tax to fund schools. elminate the lotto tax which funds schools, and the 10% sales tax. so much profits! Rents in SF are 5000 a month for a 1 bedroom above a bowling alley and below another different bowling allley.

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from th article:
Despite the famous ingenuity of the tech entrepreneurs who live here, there’s no clear resolution to the looming teacher housing crisis.


The reason is the tech people wont solve it is there is no IPO possible from zoning law changes and it would effect thier 1.8m crap shack house value.

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They should rezone all schools to mixed use (live/work) zoning.
Then we can let teachers live in their classrooms free (put up a small partition and a closet) AND THEN WE CUT THIER PAY as now they live 'fer free'.

All our problems in america go back to ZONING LAW.

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Patrick did you get a chance to do any nazi hunting while down there?

I'm pretty sure near 100% of all german people south of the US/Mexico border are decendents of nazi's, especially any well off ones.
Its well known. But its not illegal to have nazi grandparents.

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