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  • On 6 Mar 2014 in CAs affordable rentals crisis, PockyClipsNow said:

    If you cant afford 3000 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment you dont deserve to live indoors. You can easily make that much in 2 hours if you apply yourself (sell drugs, dont DO drugs! duh doi!)

  • On 26 Feb 2014 in California Housing Bubble: Now Even Teachers Can No Longer Afford To Buy A Home, PockyClipsNow said:

    Article is BS.
    Teachers only need to teach until they meet and marry facebook/google/twitter employee THEN THEY CAN afford to quit AND buy a house.

    duh-doi! Are married teachers even allowed to work? I thought they fire them once they get married.

  • On 21 Feb 2014 in Renting is your best bet, PockyClipsNow said:

    Somehow with patrick renting since 1998 this seems like a total failure of this blog. This is the RE FAIL blog.

  • On 12 Feb 2014 in Restrictions on Listings, PockyClipsNow said:

    Its all about the double dipping, and controlling web traffic to thier portals. Thats big money, duh doi! How long have you been at this Patrick this is basic shit.


    jesus! this blog is a useless toilet of nonsense and idiots now
    i will not donate money again to patrick.
    zionists and truther bullshit doesnt get u banned? FUK U PATRICK!

  • On 31 Jan 2014 in TSA Employee: We laugh at you naked, discriminate, and harass., PockyClipsNow said:

    This is awsome! We need more jobs like these to put america back to work.... Its like getting paid to surf random porn with your buddies.

    once again I regret not getting a cush fed gov job....sigh...

  • On 30 Jan 2014 in Here We Go Again (Hospitals Raping People), PockyClipsNow said:

    Wait I thought Denninger stopped blogging? WHAT HAPEN?

  • On 28 Jan 2014 in 75 sq ft house with bath and laundry, PockyClipsNow said:

    Too bad 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese and thus cannot even fit inside, let alone get there dual fridge/freezer PLUS extra garage fridge for beer inside that thing (its probably as large as the box their fridge came in.)

    Also it appears to have no insulation. Wouldnt that be cheap at that size?

  • On 28 Jan 2014 in All cash now the norm, PockyClipsNow said:

    mfs.admin says

    Banks need to make this system more fair, why should a person pay 15% or more in interest to borrow money and get less than 1% in return to keep their money in a bank to finance these loans???

    Who is paying 15%? My mortgage is less than 3%.
    So lets say you borrow 350k at 3% that is like $875 a month. PRETTY CHEAP! Buying at these low prices (under 500k) is a no brainer.

  • On 28 Jan 2014 in 12-year-old girl kills herself because of the lie of an afterlife, PockyClipsNow said:

    Is it possible on this site to NEVER SEE any post from either Religion or Politics 'zones'?

    Patrick could make a coupla bucks charging extra $ to premium members to hide these horrifying time waster threads of complete lunacy and egoism, which only showcase how dumb/hopeless we are as a race. (unless you are at the top of a political and/or religious pyramid - then that shit is $4nothin&chicksferfree!)

    seriously i hate every thread ever in those areas.

  • On 28 Jan 2014 in Tiny house with full bath $20,000, PockyClipsNow said:

    19k is almost free.
    Wait until blackstone starts financing these and packages the loans into securities. THEN THESE WILL COST 10X what they do now, buy buy buy now now now.

  • On 21 Jan 2014 in Is San Francisco the future of every city in America, PockyClipsNow said:

    The only reason they moved is so they DIDNT have to cash in thier IPO stock options, they are letting it ride, then in 3 months after the pops and they cash in, they will return and buy up half a zip code and raise the rents on those poor dumb renters.

  • On 27 Dec 2013 in 3 years since we bought!!, PockyClipsNow said:

    Congrats on getting 12+ years of appreciation in only 3 years.


  • On 22 Oct 2013 in The Difficult Escape from Student Loan Debt-Serfdom, PockyClipsNow said:

    best way to pay off student loans:
    1. rack up huge loans, the more the better
    2. do NOT work while in school (instead focus on getting real degree that is marketable- engineering, medical, etc)
    3. buy an EXPENSIVE (over 600k house) asap after getting good job
    4. as soon as you can get a huge HELOC on this house, pull out money, payoff all student loans - then squat in the house for 3 years during foreclosure process. cha-ching!

    the reason you buy an expensive house is so you can easily pull 100k out in heloc. they wont allow this on a house that costs only 100k.

    alternately you could sell the home at huge profit and payoff the loan. but its best to stick it to the taxpayers IMO every chance you get.

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in "Renting is just throwing money away.", PockyClipsNow said:

    Due to the rapid run up in prices,
    LA is now an even more awful town for livability- since people who bought at the bottom will be 'stuck in thier home' due to the rapid prices rises and have shitty commute 4eva. Now when short sales and foreclosures were everywhere that was a golden chance to buy in a prime location. Were back to the long commute to get cheap rent/house situation (which is normal I guess)

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in "Renting is just throwing money away.", PockyClipsNow said:

    SubOink says

    PockyClipsNow says

    patrick shoulda bought in 1999

    and then again 10 years later in 2009 (instead he wrote book saying buying is dumb)

    based on this pattern his next chance to buy well in bayarea might be 2019 (only six more years of renting , not bad!)

    lol...and the house would be paid off by now -

    yeah he REALLY FUCKED UP IMO. I would like it if he were to post his personal financial info from 1999 to now (net worth growth, investments)
    If he had managed to go from say 20k net worth to 1m from 1999 to now then that would give his 'dont buy' line more credit.

    I have gone from about 80k to 1.2m net worth in this time frame and 90% of the gains were from buying then SELLING real estate (just a handful of homes, so only the genuis stock pickers could do this i think, those guys are a rare minority of traders i think. whereas in RE basically everyone wins (or loses) at the same time).

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in "Renting is just throwing money away.", PockyClipsNow said:

    patrick shoulda bought in 1999
    and then again 10 years later in 2009 (instead he wrote book saying buying is dumb)

    based on this pattern his next chance to buy well in bayarea might be 2019 (only six more years of renting , not bad!)

  • On 13 Oct 2013 in How to get a big health care benefit from Obamacare, PockyClipsNow said:

    Yes, lets pretend 30% of the state dont work 'under the table' making the entire income limit benefit giveaways a complete sham/fraud.

  • On 12 Oct 2013 in Billboards!, PockyClipsNow said:

    debt is slavery makes ZERO SENSE with the super generous bankruptcy laws.
    think about it. debt is either hugely beneficial or theft ( in case of default).
    its like duh-doi!!!!!!

    onc exception is student loan debt which cannot be discharged so I would say 'student debt is maybe slavery unless you gott a marketable degree' would be a good billboard. (boring but true)

    anyway fuk the next generation they can borrow 120k for an art degree who cares.

  • On 11 Oct 2013 in Is Red State America Seceding?, PockyClipsNow said:

    At this point the whole economy is a govt jobs program.
    Really 99% of the people work on shit we dont need, luxury items, entertainment, etc.
    Half the country works in real estate lending etc, construction, etc so women can tear out the old brown tiles and put in the new fancy beige travertine ones - which have the same functionality as teh old ones. talk about useless, everything sold at home depot typically replaces something that works fine but is 'wrong color'.

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