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  • On 29 Aug 2014 in I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash, CL said:

    I'm putting it all in Circuit City.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Totalitarian despots criticize United States over Ferguson, CL said:

    Freedom for the prison-industrial complex to buy politicians and criminalize minorities' existence.

    Freedom to be incarcerated for smoking pot.

    Freedom from judicial discretion for judges!

    Of course, we're also free to invest in Corrections Corp of Amerikkka too!

  • On 23 Aug 2014 in Cable rage is real, CL said:

    Vicente says

    A dedicated TV attached to a bundle of garbage & commercials?

    No thanks!

    My solution:

    PC (for some Roku, or AppleTV, or...)

    Epson 3010 projector

    Netflix & Amazon Prime

    What kiddy shows my kids see, is without commercials. I predict the next generation will find it weird that our generation grew up on constant interruptions to sell soap.

    That's what pisses me off. Used to be cable was ad-free for most of it. Now they're fucking double-dipping with ads and jacked up premiums. Throw me a bone here.

  • On 22 Aug 2014 in Blacks form "Huey Newton" Gun Club for Open Carry., CL said:

    Awesome. I've been hoping for this for a long time. I just hope nobody gets Trayvonned over it.

  • On 21 Aug 2014 in Brown Paid for Cigarillos, CL said:

    Strategist says

    HydroCabron says

    This could be why the store did not report a robbery.

    When are we gonna stop standing up for criminals? What good does it do?

    I know! People stand up for the cops blindly.

  • On 20 Aug 2014 in Many are more like this guy, CL said:

    The rightwing embraces cops until cops no longer benefit them.

    Hell, Bush was a Republican, and a fine, god-fearing one at that. But you destroy the world's economy one time, and the rightwing rejects ya.

    So now the meme is that Bush is really just a Democrat.

    Cops used to be fawned over by "law and order" types. They were "pigs" to the Democratic left. But yeah, sure, they're Democrats because of unions.


  • On 16 Aug 2014 in Kevin Ward Was Hit by Stewart's Back Right Tire, CL said:

    Seems like Ward made a terrible and fatal decision.

    The whole job is stupid: drive cars fast and risk your life. Then to exit the vehicle in a fit of rage is triply so.

  • On 13 Aug 2014 in Time to Grind your own meat., CL said:

    The Original Bankster says

    cant trust major food corps.

    If you can't trust Corporations, well, who can you trust? "Why do you hate America? (C)"

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    Everyone's a troll!!

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    curious2 says

    CL says

    Well, for one, it seems to be attracting some dialogue, which isn't bad.

    If finding facts on the Internet is like searching for needles in a haystack, then drawing trolls and fighting Ryan's lies with Krugman's lies is basically saying you want a bigger haystack.

    Of course. We should avoid the internet, lest people discuss a topic relevant to many posters!

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    curious2 says

    CL, I'm curious why you would devote a whole thread to a Krugman column? It's like creating a thread about a Wikipedia article.. It brings out the trolls, Krugman's followers who literally don't care about facts or civility, who just want to "win" because their opinion based on false assertions is (as Krugman would say) "obvious" and everyone who thinks there's already more than one tunnel is too stupid to see the light, because Krugman.

    Well, for one, it seems to be attracting some dialogue, which isn't bad. Second, the quote above could very easily be written about the Libertarians I know, here and elsewhere. The difference, I suppose, from the eyes of the liberals is that where there was some general consensus before, based on science and facts, the "right" has become a cadre of lunatics, who either reject science and history, invent economics based on faith, reject polls if they don't agree with them, and so on.

    Krugman usually winds up sounding exasperated that the rightwing in America is simply insane. I feel that way too and often. I'm open to the arguments from the right, and even would entertain believing some of them, but it's hard to find an evangelist who is not as nutty as he/she is enthusiastic.

    smaulgld says

    That is what we should have but we don't, we have a government that choses sides, and often participates in the market itself

    A lot of that is hype. As above, one congressman's pork is another's bacon. McCain can denounce the mating habits of a wasp being studied, but not mention that the wasp will damage a multi-billion dollar grape harvest. One can attack funding for New Orleans, while the hands come out for MY district. The Pauls denounce even Lincoln's positions during the Civil War. Liberty!!! Yet, I haven't heard them vocalize their feelings about uncompensated labor on behalf of the Africans.

    All in all, this Government barely does shit. And the shit it does supports the businesses the rightwing loves. And the people it shits ON, are the people the rightwing hates. Why complain?

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    mell says

    Ron Paul has one of the most principled voting records, so there's your proof

    Being against disaster aid for New Orleans, but in favor of it for Galveston is principled?

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    smaulgld says

    I thought we were discussing ideology, not actions.

    I thought we were discussing how Libertarian ideas don't work in reality. Logically, then the answer for most Americans is to have a largely free-market, free-enterprise system, with Government to referee when applicable or spend when necessary.

    Thus, largely in line with what we currently have, not the fantasy.

    Similarly, one could argue that Communism can be idealistic, but when applied the "dictatorship of the proletariat" gets a little hung up on the former rather than the latter.

    Could it be that a mixed economy is the most realistic of all systems? If so, then we've arrived!

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    smaulgld says

    Libertarians believe in the non aggression principle and would view selfishness that harms others as repugnant.

    So they would view a tyranny of the majority as against nature or at least their principles.

    Ha! Piffle! Christians "believe" in a lot of things, but when push comes to shove typically act in their own self-interest (which does equal selfishness).

    That, despite believing that a God-man sacrificed himself and advised them otherwise.

    You can't seriously believe that a libertarian will adhere to their ideology even when it is against their own interests. Witness Paul, Rand and Paul, Ron.

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    smaulgld says

    CL says

    Also, if one can't trust the government due to it being made of humans, why trust a marketplace made of same?

    Because you have a truer democracy in a free market place.

    smaulgld says

    What keeps democracy in check? ie 51% telling the 49% what to do.

    So, democracy is people making self-interested decisions, say, regarding their Government, policies, elected leaders. In that case, selfishness is not good, and yields unpredictable results.

    If you get billions of people making trillions of dumb decisions, it's better somehow?

    And what do we do about things like diseases, or artificial limbs, or other "investments" that no rationally self-interested individual or corporation would bother with? No profit to be gleaned, you're out of luck.

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    Marxism solves that by using force. It's not a volunteer society.

    Also, if one can't trust the government due to it being made of humans, why trust a marketplace made of same?

  • On 12 Aug 2014 in Libertarian Fantasies, CL said:

    Government is kept in check by voters in a Democracy. We have little to no say in who will be our corporate leaders, and if nepotism and golfing buddies define the boards.

    Or don't you believe in democracy?

  • On 11 Aug 2014 in Securitization questions, CL said:

    "ABC Investments may group these auto loans into tranches--groups of loans that may have common characteristics such as maturity or delinquency risk"

    So I guess my question is, are the investors tied to the length of the underlying loans, or is that only if they were tranched by maturity? Can you buy a slice of the proceeds for say, a 10 year, 20 year or 30 year ABS if the loans in that pool are for 3,4 and 5 years? Same thing would be relevant for housing CDOs.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in A typo my Ass, CL said:

    FortWayne says

    I think the biggest question that no one in Obama care is asking, where the hell does $1M sound reasonable charge for such a procedure?

    Where can I get on that kind of deal where government will pay me 1M to change tires a few times.

    There is a program at the Pentagon for novice tire changers. Check there first.

    I think they swap tires on the trucks they misorder before they burn them.

  • On 10 Aug 2014 in Car loans causing bankruptcies, CL said:

    Yeah! Car dealers are no more parasitical than realtors!

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