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Blurtman says

I doubt of you can prove that he said any such thing. I can understand your confusion, however, as "Hispanic" is a fantasy category.

Reread what I said. I agree with you actually. I think Trump is recalling images of the the Mariel boatlift, but the racist element hears what they want.

dodgerfanjohn says

Sorry I don't know what this means. I was 6 or 7 at the time and have never heard of this before

Reagan visited the location where 3 Civil rights workers had been murdered in Mississippi as a campaign ploy. He extolled the virtues of State's right, which was well understood in the South, especially only a decade and a half after the Civil Rights Act, which these murders there helped to spawn.

It's a textbook dog whistle. Me, personally? I don't think the leaders of the GOP are all racists, but I think they know that a big chunk of their base is, and so they are always only a bad poll away from the next dog whistle.

He who was ears, let him hear!

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zzyzzx says

If you like the Volt, then buy it. Having said that, I don't see the point of owning any electric vehicle if you don't have a place to plug it in (how did that happen?).

You probably won't believe it (or agree with) all, but I didn't mind paying a little extra. I get the toll discount so that saves me a hundo each month, get the HOV lane from E'ville to SOMA and vote with my dollars a bit. With all the incentives, it was mostly a wash but I had hoped I'd get some charging on either side of the bridge. If I had, I'd probably get 1000 miles or more per gallon.

I also tend to hit free SF street parking, and with the limited charging capabilities I'd have to drop 20-25 bucks per day to get in a garage in SF, plus pay like $5.00 for charging the equivalent of $3.00 worth of gas. Extended range is great, but that part of the economics doesn't exactly work.

I like the new Volts though, and considered just getting a 2017 but we relocated my office from SOMA to the other side of Fidi, and now the commute is much more likely than before to result in me wishing I'd have taken the bus. One car is an option I'm considering too, but the hand-me-down to my wife seemed to hit a few spots for us (mostly with the age of the Toyota she drives)

I mostly kind of figured if consumers like me didn't choose EV, then the next "Who killed the Electric Car?" would feature we consumers in the starring role! :)

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zzyzzx says

Why are you replacing the Volt?

Have you test driven a Mini?

(Haven't touched one)

My Volt is a lease and is maturing in a week, and I don't have a place to charge it anyway. I have enjoyed the car, and the HOV lane access is perfect for my commute. I live and work near public transportation so it's an option, although I'd have to alter my work patterns a bit.

The wife has an '08 Corolla, with low miles that she only uses for the dogs and groceries. I am thinking perhaps of driving the Mini (if I were to get one) for a few years, hand it off to her, and then get my own ride if still needed.

Indiana Jones says

I've had one for 10 years. What specifically do you want to know?

Really, anything like you've offered up. General satisfaction, reliability, comfort. Anything!
Do you prefer the Hardtops? Convertible? How do so many have so many different patterns in the paint jobs?

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errc says

That and, the purpose of the superdelegates is to pick a good candidate in the event that the stupid voters pick a really shitty one, right?

Well, they don't really cast their vote until the convention, they just project their current feelings if any until then.

I agree, that if ever there was a time for them to overturn the voters, it would've been now. But that's different than accusing them of having actually done so.

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errc says

The superdelegates knew all along Clinton was your best choice, before Bernie ever entered the race.

In fairness, the SuperD's were confirming/amplifying the results of the primaries and popular vote, not overturning it. Right?

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I don't care about these silver-tongued devils. Where's Scott Baio? A celebrity you can trust!

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dodgerfanjohn says

So CL basically you just feel like Trump supporters are racist, and you have no factual basis to support any argument that Trump is anti immigrant

No, I'm just not a blind guy. I do agree with the general premise you have there, that the media types make it seem, for example, that Trump is saying all Hispanics are rapists, etc, when he in fact was directing that toward the Mexican Government, ostensibly, and undocumented Mexican immigrants. I'm sure some of them are nice people.

He's not condemning the whole of Islam, just thinks that the people who think/feel/believe in a certain way should be subject to special sequestration, because, "something is going on there".

Now, though, do you think that Reagan launching his campaign, discussing State's rights in Philadelphia, Mississippi was a coincidence, or do you concede dog whistles there?

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The base is almost entirely anti-immigrant, but wrap their words carefully and dance delicately on top of the line so as to incite and inspire the large piece of the base that IS anti-brown/yellow/red, etc.

They intend to say to these knuckle-draggers, "You know what I mean? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!".

Then if the rest of say "we do!", they play ignorant.

You'd be a fool to think that things like "Papers please" doesn't impact all brown skinned folks in the areas where practiced.

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c1561490 says

Interesting question. I downloaded 8 years of historical data for SPY from &

and then wrote a quick program to simulate how I would have performed over the past 10

years if I purchased in various parts of the year.

That's awesome! I don't know if I'll change anything, but it's cool to know!

Is the bottom one, simply "all shares bought in January"?

Ironman says

The bottom line, if the money isn't invested, it's not working for you. Just put it in, because you'll never time it right.

No question. Not to dwell too much, but that's not the issue for me. I already max out on it in the first half, I just wonder if I should change that to equal 12ths all year, or move to the 2nd half kind of thing.

But, on a related note, I have other dollars I need to get growin', maybe in Betterment or some shit.

Thanks for the insights!

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Ironman says

you can see the bra strap impression.

They don't look like they need any additional support.

It also means that you can tell the headless woman in both pics is the same woman in the bikini photo. (Same armpits too, if you're into that :) ).

Nice work TD. Compliments to your creator as well.

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SFace says

Feb 15 to March 7th. The flow of money is the highest for various reasons:

So that would imply to buy in the 2nd half, right? Since that money likely floods in the first half?

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Quigley says

Then when a big sell-off hits like did during the Brexit, buy in with the reserve money and take advantage of the inevitable upward swing

Interesting idea!

Ironman says

The bottom line, you need to be in it, so max out your contribution.

Of course. I do that by summer. I'm wondering if the first half is the worst half to invest in, or the best, or if you're better off equal parts every month throughout the year based on cycles.

Ironman says

The other question, what type of match do you get from your employer, and when is it added to your account?

I get a profit sharing deal mid year, fairly substantial, but no matching.

Ironman says

Of course, if you have a crystal ball, you can make a lot better guesses.

Where can I get one? :)

Ironman says

What has the S&P done in the last year or two?

Went down, then record highs? I went to an Index fund due to low fees. My new 401k plan has much, much lower fees in ETFs.

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Ceffer says

then forget about market timing

I guess though, indirectly I've selected timing by virtue of the fact I'm loading it up every year in the earliest months. Should I go with a flat rate throughout the year instead?

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Ironman says

Depends on where you have it invested. If you are heavy in stocks, you'll just ride the roller coaster of the market during the year

So, in that case, you would do 1500/month? What if one selected an S&P index fund?

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Don't you know? Everything bad that happens during a Democrat's term is the President's fault (or whoever the Democrats select as their nominee in the next round).

Conversely, the problems on the Republican's watch is the fault of the Democrat who came before him or her. Now, sometimes you have to go back to Jimmy Carter to figure out what went wrong with Boosh, but it's all logical if you think really hard about it. This might be especially necessary if you have a Republican House, Senate and SCOTUS and serve several successive terms.

And just because the countless investigations yield no smoking guns, doesn't mean the next ones won't!

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Tenpoundbass says

All of the Americans White, Black or Hispanic are on the Trump train.

True. The train that's leaving the country, forcibly or out of fear for their lives and country.

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White privilege ensured that Euros would be in charge of Latin America for centuries, and that the indigenous peoples would be indentured servants. They had no access to education, enterprise, were unable to run for office, manage their own affairs, and were subject to torture and beatings.

Which is way different than the slavery, convict-lease programs (post slavery), the miscegenation laws, mass incarceration and completely disproportionate representation that blacks have received in this fair country. Right?

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Xanthidae says

Had you held onto your house and continued to make the payments you would have recovered near full equity by today's pricing structures

He said,

ohomen171 says

Creditors were paid off and now our house has a wonderful positive equity.

In any case, what is this magical prediction? That anything can happen in an election? Call Nostradamus!

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Tenpoundbass says

We'll agree to drop ACID and just play music

Tenpoundbass says

Then boy what great music we make, metaphorically speaking.


You're welcome!

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He's only losing if you read the information we have available to us, and the resultant analysis! Just like Presidents McCain and Romney told us in the last two no attention to data! The only poll that matters in on election that it?

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