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Not sure I follow. You were shocked that they thought that advocating and speaking about one's beliefs was reserved only for those they agreed with?

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mell says

knifes make excellent arms too

I've heard this before, but have there been any examples of knives protecting against the "tyranny" of a Government with advanced weaponry? Or at all?

Knives cannot kill 50 people in an outing since you need to be so close. It would seem as though technology has allowed any disgruntled or religiously conflicted latent homosexual to go on a pogrom, and be more successful than ever before in history.

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1) Iraq was one of the most heavily armed Nations per capita in the world, and that prevented neither tyranny under Saddam nor the US invasion and subsequent occupation.
2) We later gathered their guns and outlawed the buying and selling of guns in Iraq, because the gangs, thugs and ne'er-do-wells were killing citizens, and posed a danger to coalition troops. It would seem as though we didn't believe that more guns would make citizens, law enforcement or the military safer.

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What's the appropriate sentence for House Speakers who are child rapists?

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errc says

Retired young at the beach. Sounds more like you are jealous.

I've seen that before. The retirees seem to be quite young and like reefer and drum circles.

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The only problem with Indiana is that you'd have to live there, with those people. Ick.

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marcus says

also the fact that too many males are assholes that piss all over toilet seats without any consideration for someone that might need to sit

FWIW, anecdotally, word on the street is that women are even bigger pigs than men. My intrepid investigator spotted shit on the BACK of a toilet recently, she being amazed at how one could position themselves to achieve that.

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Don't rapists obey the little signs, and then check if they have the right peepee parts before entering bathrooms?

I mean, if we prevent law-abiding transgendered people from entering a bathroom, then only outlaws will enter the wrong bathrooms. And that's not a country I want to live in!

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mmmarvel says

The democratic party conservative?

Of course it is. Do you think the country has moved leftward since the 60s? Since the 80s? Was Clinton a DLC Democrat? Liberalism has been so discredited that the Republicans ran more rightward and the Democrats meet them in "the middle" every cycle.

The result is compromises with the right and they keep pulling the football.

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That was before anyone thought Bernie might have a chance of winning. Also, that was before Benghazi redux redux redux. And the email server whatsit. And I think Travelgate. And before the bombing of the barracks in Beirut. Also, Zionism and Obamacare.

I bet Chomsky has a Drumpf tattoo now!

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It's almost time to revisit this.

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Quigley says

And as if this was some huge surprise.

About the data...much of what Trump has said is an exaggerated take on a real issue. Therefore while being technically false, it's still mostly true, or designed to call attention to a problem. He's had his share of stating lies as truth, mostly I believe when he's badly misinformed. Which he is pretty misinformed on a lot of issues, so When he talks about them he says a lot of things that are untrue. This gives great grist for the media mill to cherry pick data for misleading charts.

This actually sounds like a smarter version of what comes out of Trump's mouth. :)

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My wife left her job years ago, but I left her dough in her former employer's 401k. Can you exercise that option at any time?

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That's because the Dems moved in YOUR direction! After losing so many campaigns, they moved right --cozied up to corporate cash, minimized labor's influence, gutted welfare, embraced deficit hysteria and all kinds of free trade agreements.

Once we got two conservative major parties, the wheels came off fairly quickly.

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Since Curious questions the "high functioning" part, can we just say "autistic"? Do autistic people bring every conversation, no matter how innocuous, to Obamneycare? Is that a symptom?

Could be, but I am no expert on mental disorders. Whatever it is, I am confident that we could narrow his particular flavor of illness down to the "people you avoid at parties".

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YesYNot says

OK, for Aspergers

Douché! :)

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YesYNot says

I agree with Aspergers, although I would give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you haven't actually called the guy a liar

I haven't, at least not explicitly (meaning, only in my head). Although these scenarios might turn into a high rate, from experience I see most people think they pay the rate of the last dollar, which they view as a badge of honor (or at least a way to imply they have a rich man's burden). They likely are adding their top marginal rate, property, FICA and whatnot.

curious2 says

It's funny how when you suppose you begin to sound like a Republican economist

Perhaps, but if the 1099 type work is being hit by high taxes, they don't seem to be handling deductions very well. Even if it's hair cutting or snow plowing, they should have tools, mileage, or gear to deduct. Truth is, aside from a few extreme situations it doesn't seem plausible. I guess to slice it another way, what percent of the US population pays more than 50% in taxes?

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I would also suppose that if these people had 2 wages and SB income to the extent they were taxed that heavily, you'd just go with the most lucrative of the 3 and devote your time to that.

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bob2356 says

At 118k you are well below amt so state income tax, interest on mortgage, and property taxes are deductible against federal taxes.

That's what I was thinking too. And don't most taxpayers pay far less than 20% FIT? Thought the effective rate was closer to 10%?

And can't you deduct sales tax, if it exceeds your other deductions and have receipts?

By the way, these people I'm confident aren't wealthy, and live in Indiana.

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That's what I'm saying too. They claimed 2-3 jobs and small biz, but if they were in that high of a wage, their % on FICA would be very low, as it is regressive.

I suspect most add in their top marginal rate as what they think they pay.

Aside from AMT, it seems nearly impossible. Do we know how many taxpayers pay over 50% in total taxes?


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