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  • On 21 Jul 2014 in So, where is Peggy Joseph's Obama Love now?? Is he paying her Mortgage?, CL said:

    Call it Crazy says

    CL says

    Obama is a lying sack of shit because:

    1) He promised to pay her mortgage?

    2) He didn't?

    I don't recall that promise. Can someone provide a link?

    Apparently, you didn't watch the first video either... Watch it, she'll tell you...

    I watched it, but it added nothing to the discussion. My assessment remains the most valid of rightwing delusion. If Obama were to "give" her what she thought he would, he would have been wrong. If he fails to do what she thought, he is also wrong. Where are your (and the right's) principles, on anything?

  • On 18 Jul 2014 in So, where is Peggy Joseph's Obama Love now?? Is he paying her Mortgage?, CL said:

    komputodo says

    iwog says

    You're too stupid to realize what this really means. If liberals are upset at Obama, doesn't that mean he's far more conservative than you lying idiots have claimed?

    Why does everyone have to fall into your 2 categories? Can't someone just be a lying sack of shit in your world?

    Obama is a lying sack of shit because:

    1) He promised to pay her mortgage?
    2) He didn't?

    I don't recall that promise. Can someone provide a link?

    In any case,

    When this story came out, it was OBVIOUSLY an indictment of this woman, and "coloreds" in general, since we ALL know they want free stuff from the Nigerian President, who was more than eager to deliver on those freebies.

    Now that she did not receive those freebies that he did not promise, conservatives can point to the disappointment they must feel in NOT getting things he DID NOT promise.

    That doesn't make sense to you? Obama is a charlatan who promised to reward her, which would be wrong. When he didn't, he is wrong. Because conservatives don't have a real ideology anymore, unless you count "whatever Obama does is wrong", even if it's exactly what we want!

  • On 17 Jul 2014 in Obamacare Fails to Fail -, CL said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    curious2 says

    it was designed to increase spending

    ACA was designed to be the maximal change the system's "stake holders" would tolerate.

    Tough for politicians to go toe-to-toe with the biggest industry this nation has. People are deathly afraid of losing what access they enjoy, and any reform has to "change" things, not necessarily for the better of everyone.

    PPACA creamed Russ Feingold in 2010, and that was thanks to outright lies about what ACA was changing.

    (Ironically a medical device corporation owner took his seat, LOL)

    Which is why "big reform" gets killed in its crib. A little cost shifting and subsidy deal helps reduce the number of uninsured, and by a lot. In the end, I would suspect that more would end up in PRIVATE insurance, not the Government plan. Both parties believe in various levels of laissez-faire free-market Reagan-style capitalism. The Democrats are hardly paternalists any more.

    Since we all believe in the magic of the market, why not push them into the miracle of insurance markets? Watch it, praise it, and pray to it. Why wouldn't it look kindly upon us for our offering?

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in So half of America loves Sarah Palin, CL said:

    indigenous says

    As Jonah Goldberg wrote in Liberal Fascism, that remark is justified by the warmongering nature of fascism, not by its economic policies."

    Right. Because fear-mongering, antisemitism, gay bashing, jingoism, war-mongering and religious zealotry don't follow wherever right-wing philosophy grows.

    This revisionism reminds me of the conservative efforts to disown Hoover, then rehabilitate Hoover, then disown him again. Naziism is yours.

    Now, Communism is yours too. If there's anything to Schlesinger's political spectrum, it's that the left can be easily co-opted and turned into fascism with only a little effort.

  • On 15 Jul 2014 in Social pictures, CL said:

    Hey guys! Looks like we got a Congressman posting here. ---a "family values" type Republican congressman.

    Wait. I know they like dudes with dicks, and kids with dicks? Do Republican congressmen like chicks with dicks?

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Should we allow deadbeats to buy homes again to stimulate housing?, CL said:

    FortWayne says

    golfplan18 says

    Home ownership is a privilege, not a right.

    It is a privilege, but it doesn't mean we should just let the market up and downs ruin lives.

    I think we should discourage landlordism through taxation and encourage ownership through tax cuts and help renters with rent control.

    Most of the time I'm the free market guy, but sometimes free markets don't lead to good things.

    Sometimes you make sense, FortWayne.

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    sbh says

    She might be scratching her bum because she has worms?

    I think that was checked. That and she definitely tested positive for the UTI, and had all the symptoms....straining to urinate, the discoloration, even a strange accident or two which was unheard of for her (and she's only 5). I feel safe in ruling it out, but I'll ask the vet if they tested for it. Thanks

    Strategist says

    VPI is one of the largest pet insurers, and had good reviews when I first signed up

    I kind of put that idea aside years ago, but I think I'll reinvestigate. Thanks

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Strategist says

    I imagine they would.

    I don't know why, but I always pictured them happy to take my premiums but reluctant to pay out. I don't know why, I don't know why, I don't know why. It seems like a scam.

    I wonder if they cover pre-existing conditions--like UTIs!

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Strategist says

    I don't even want to be tempted to put her down because of a $20,000 vet bill. The $340 per year is a small sum to pay.

    That raises another question...if that terrible event were to occur, would insurance make good on it? Does the policy exclude coyote attacks or anything?

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Call it Crazy says

    How is her water intake? Is she drinking enough water?

    Water intake seems quite good. We mix in a dog food that has higher sodium to prevent stones, since they are prone to them. It has the benefit of making them drink more fluids. But those types of dog foods seem to have their own issues. Might be the first thing I cut out. I seem to recall suspecting allergies when I first added it (per the vet). Maybe I'll start there.


  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    curious2 says

    Umm, there isn't much more to tell: if you get sand into places where it doesn't belong, it can cause itchy irritation, either directly or by making the irritated tissue more vulnerable to infection (e.g., bacterial or fungal).

    Great point. Thanks!

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    curious2 says

    1) The 24/7 "911 type service" would be either 911 or 311

    I wouldn't think 911 would consider a animal emergency a real emergency. From experience, I had a stray running around in my 'hood. When I called that in, I even presented it as a safety hazard, since the dog was running around a busy street. They didn't treat it as urgent, that's for sure. Have you had any prior experience with that via 911?

    curious2 says

    What makes you believe the UTI and the sit&spin are even related?

    She seems to stop that behavior when the antibiotics have run their course, only to start up again sometime later. She gets darker in her vulvar parts when she is irritated (although I agree, it could be the symptom as opposed to the cause. She basically has figured out how to slide down a dog ramp we built for her when she itches. Cute as hell, but distressing to think she may be in discomfort). Post-treatment, the vet has remarked that her vulva is no longer dark and that that is a good sign.

    She does the s&s when she's at home. But often when she has just awakened, which kind of made me think bladder/uti stuff. I like the idea of mixing her diet differently, as well as exercise more. We've done that a bit but maybe I can take it to the next level.

    Can you tell me more about the sandy soil idea? My wife swears the dog gets it because she kicks like a boy when she's done urinating. The vet dismissed that though, but it would be curious if the wife were right after all!


  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Strategist says

    If the UTI comes back take her to another vet.

    It probably is back. I think I might.

    Strategist says

    I have medical insurance for my dog. What do you guys think? Worth it?

    I'm curious about your results. Has it saved you money? Have your pets needed surgery?

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Peter P says

    CL says

    I see articles too that dismiss their efficacy, even among humans. Could it be an old "significant other's" tale?

    Don't discount the placebo effect.

    Ya think I should trick my dog into thinking it's real medicine? :)

  • On 14 Jul 2014 in Animal questions, CL said:

    Peter P says

    1) You can call the local animal control.

    Is that the best way? And are they 24hrs usually?

    Peter P says

    2) Not veterinary advice, but do dogs drink cranberry juice?

    I think there are cran-tabs you can give them.

    I see articles too that dismiss their efficacy, even among humans. Could it be an old "significant other's" tale?


  • On 13 Jul 2014 in A Tale of Two Economies, CL said:

    iwog says

    sbh says

    We could do the neighborly thing and export all our millennials. If it helps re-balance the labor supply I'll fetch my own scones for a half a generation. I'm just generous that way.

    One big problem with the Japanese is they are xenophobic to an irrational extreme.

    A few American tourists here and there don't bother anyone but the idea of bringing in thousands of violent gun-toting Americans to fill jobs would be unthinkable.

    I think that's our problem too---too many 'Muricans. But if the Ferners don't want our Redneck exports, what can we do with them? Shoot 'em??

  • On 13 Jul 2014 in Nice Place . . ., CL said:

    Nice! Is it yours? :)

  • On 12 Jul 2014 in WTF, MBA coders, are b-schools this useless?, CL said:

    corntrollio says

    Rin says

    Yeah, but the implication to the so-called business community is that being a technical lead is merely taking a class or two in CS.

    I don't think anyone's really going to buy it though. As I said, their curriculum has always been a joke anyway.

    Normally, graduate school is furthering your knowledge in a particular discipline. To get a phd in biology, a foreign language, math or basket weaving, you usually have extensive knowledge or a BA in the subject prior to being accepted into the program. Not so for MBA.

    Why is an MBA even considered a "Masters"? Seems more like an Associates.

  • On 9 Jul 2014 in Foreclosure Inventories Set New High in Florida - No New Wave Seen, CL said:

    iwog says

    The experts here at were absolutely correct while you were horribly ignorant with everything you've posed for years.

    That's only because hyper-inflation, Zimbabwe style, is just around the corner! And why I've invested heavily in Gold doubloons!

    Save us, Ron Paul!!! The "fleet-footed Negroes" are coming for me gold!!!

  • On 7 Jul 2014 in This list of things Liberals have ruined., CL said:

    Dan8267 says

    Abraham Lincoln -- who by the way was no hero and has been greatly cartoonified -- would not be a republican today. Not a fat chance. Hell, he'd be kick out of the party for being a leftist loon.

    His pansy soft views on pardons and the death penalty alone would get him heckled and thrown out of a bagger convention.

    Reagan was soft on Communism too. Why didn't he just blow them up instead of START and disarmament? Pussy! And don't get me start on his gun-grabbing!

    The only explanation I can think of is Tip O'Neill. But how did he get to both Lincoln AND Reagan?

  • On 7 Jul 2014 in Poll: Obama worst president since WWII, CL said:

    bob2356 says

    So zero tax rate will result in infinite revenue? Why don't governments understand such simple logic?

    The logic that defies even Laffer!

  • On 5 Jul 2014 in Stocks soar, and most Americans just don't care, CL said:

    Well, I'M pretty happy. My portfolio seems like it went up 20% in like a month.

    Look at me! I'm a job creator!

  • On 5 Jul 2014 in America's worst burger - McDonald's, CL said:

    Homeboy says

    Call it Crazy says

    So, who's the asshole here??

    Um, you, I suppose.

    Hey. Easy you two assholes. Appears to me, Dodgerfan misspelled it first. Isn't HE the real asshole?

    You're welcome!

  • On 2 Jul 2014 in Poll: Obama worst president since WWII, CL said:

    zzyzzx says

    Thirty-five percent of voters said Ronald Reagan was the best president since World War II, receiving nearly twice as many votes as any other former president.

    So, there's sampling bias?

    "Survey was conducted at a Bagger convention of unborn fetuses"

  • On 1 Jul 2014 in President Obama's report card: Solid "F", CL said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Because midterm elections are more a referendum on the White House occupant than anything else

    Cook can be foolish sometimes. If Midterms are referendums on the White House occupant, then wouldn't it stand to reason that Americans NEVER approve of the resident in the Whitehouse--the one they just elected or re-elected?

    If I recall, when Clinton and the Ds gained seats in 1998 it was the first time that had occurred since FDR. Of course, he was also the first Democrat re-elected since FDR too. We could just as easily posit that 2nd term midterms always go the opposite of the President's party, unless it's a Democrat.

    The sun rising is a referendum on Obama.

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