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Cockroaches like you are even more worse for my health.

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For example, The New York Taxi & Limousine Commission takes the words of the passenger against the driver. It seems like everything related to driver jobs is surrounded by laws, rules and guidelines that are very driver hostile.

Drivers of many jobs are treated like trash and are not more trusted with their words than some overzealous piece of shit traffic minion.

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Booger says

We stopped making anything higher than $100 bills decades ago.

Swiftly, after I reduced so many of the upper middle-class into worthless peasants.

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A classic example of a real confident man vs. a faggot!

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kiki8080 says

It's unfortunate that this is one of the top threads on the google search for "jeweler switched diamond."

I was asked by a customer today if we switched her diamonds on a ring she brought in for us to size for her. I told her "Of course not" and she went on her way. This got me to thinking... I have NEVER seen this happen in the 10 years I've worked in the jewelry industry. I've heard stories like "a friend of a friend had this happen once", but never witnessed it or heard of it happening directly to someone. This doesn't mean that it never happens, just that it is a LOT less common than people think.

It is not worth it to steal someones stone! Not worth the guilt, not worth the money, and certainly worth loosing your job or business to.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't KNOW YOUR STONE. Know the inclusions, the color, the weight, etc.... There are a few bad apples out there. However, most of us love jewelry, the industry, and to see a customer's smile when they get their piece back from the jeweler!

It's unfortunate, that you are a butt hurt faggot.

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tatupu70 says

Blue Nile is online only so I'm not sure how they could switch a diamond.

Mailed in jewelry work & repair.

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Fuck you Allah! Suck my cock you bacon hating piece of shit!

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bgamall4 says

They are like cashless societies, totalitarian.

Exactly asshole. That's exactly why I fucking love it (driverless cars)...

I want you peasants to be kept in-check.

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thunderlips11 says

Who Ethnically Cleansed hundreds of thousands Palestinians from their country?


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You fail to mention that driverless cars while having a higher accident rate, they have a very significant reduction in the fatalities. Conventional cars are involved in a lot more serious accidents. The driveless car accidents are extremely minor and nobody was ever injured.

Driverless cars will stop drunk driving, stop road rage, prevent idiots from getting behind the wheel, have less traffic on the road, increase gas mileage - making it more environmentally friendly and it will also like I said significantly reduce the fatalities to close to nothing.

Car makers developing driverless cars are doing everything they can to make the fatalities to pretty much zero. They can release the cars right now but they do not want too because of a potential liability should something go wrong and result in a horrific accident - resulting in a very costly lawsuit.

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Just bought an iPhone 6s Plus contract free. Had a outdated blackberry. I don't really use text nor am I glued to my new smartphone like a teen.

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Home & Car REALTORS love playing games. Well, I like to play a game too.

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Strategist says

All car dealers are crooks. It makes no difference which crook you buy from.

Took the words out of my mouth!


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Strategist says

What will it be?

I'm actually thinking to go undercover as a REALTOR...

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landtof says

did you meet the owner? if not, he was likely taking his ferrari from his mansion down to his yacht.

This is the owner: John Staluppi

He is in the yacht business as well. He isn't self-made: his dad gave him all the equity in the house so he could go and start a business. His philanthropy is bullshit and mainly for tax benefits along with publicity.

I actually lost one sale when I told a customer that our dealership is owned by the New York Auto Giant and that owner of it is John Staluppi. The customer was a retired police officer and said that your owner is a scumbag and I am actually in the middle of a lawsuit with the New York Auto Giant.

He told me that I'm a nice guy and it's not you but its your dealership.

After the customer left, I was yelled at by management.

Hey... It's not my fault your owner is a scumbag. I actually also went to a car show in Oyster Bay, NY for the dealership. I had to take a Prius and advertise it to the foot traffic. I had a New York Auto Giant banner up and one guy with his wife actually told me "Sorry but we don't buy from John Staluppi."

The owner of the dealership himself is a crook from what I can see.

The owner has a huge yacht himself.

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Some more observations from my experience...

If you don't get the customer to test drive, you get berated by the manager. If you don't get a credit card held hostage, you get shit from the manager. If you let the customer leave with your business card without telling manager coming to hold them hostage in the dealership, you get berated as well.

"We don't want to hear that the guy is a tirekicker or not buying, nobody walks into a dealership just for the heck of it." - Actually tons of people walk into a dealership just so they can drive the cars. One customer even told me he used to go into dealerships with just the intention of being able to ride the cars.

What the dealership doesn't realize is that people have their own free will. If someone defiantly doesn't want to do something, has made up their mind, finalized it in their head and has no intention of doing what you are asking - than no amount of your convincing will get them to do anything. You can't force people to do something, they have to want it as well.

Of course, you still need to be a salesman - but at a certian point no amount convincing can achieve what you want someone to do. By force? Sure!

If the customer refuses to give up their information, you get yelled at by the manager. So the next time you shop for a car, understand that the salesmen are under a lot of pressure so just give them information even if it is bogus and just do the fucking test drive. You don't have to give real information.

Of course, don't give your credit card - the salesman get shit for it but not as much as they other things. They try everyhing in their power not to give you the card back and try to get you to leave a deposit on the car to reserve the car even if the customers wants to think about it.

If you only give the numbers to the customer, you will also get shit for it despite the fact that the customers said no several times to a test drive, demonstration and giving out their information.

Another thing I learned is that the summer months are the busiest while the winter & fall months are the slowest except during the holidays. So a commission only pay is completely absurd. Once septemeber and october comes around, business gets really slow.

I don't understand how the assholes at the dealership's management think commission only is fair to salesmen and customers' interest.

Truth is that the typical high pressure car business is doomed and ready to die once Apple comes out with their cars. I strongly doubt Apple will pay a commission. Instead the will pay a salary only just like Tesla Motors and be more like information givers and consumer orienited rather than trying to forcefully get sales from customers.

I would suprised if they would pressure customers into buying, lie, withhold pricing, give different numbers to each person and hassle the customers.

The car business is already dieing thanks to Tesla Motors but the final nail in the coffin will be once Apple comes out with their car. You will find the Apple stores to be the busiest and the dealerships will literally die a rapid epic death.

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holy shit dude, you should write a book. really.

a good book on the details might sell well. you have to polish it and target it right, but it would be a public service and a money maker at the same time.

Thanks man for the inspiration! I think I will write a book actually...

I will post it on here once I am done writing it and it is published.

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SoftShell says

So what's the bad part?

The long hours, the sleazy tactics you must do and the asshole managers who undercut your commission and lie to you about how much commission you really should be getting. Along with many plentiful asshole "customers".

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curious2 says

Your next job should be selling subsidized medical insurance. It's mandatory so the customer can't say no, and it's always "affordable" because the legislation says so. Be sure to mention your experience working alongside convicted felons, because that will further prepare you for a new career as an Obamneycare Navigator



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Update: I worked for around 3 months until I finally was fired today for not pressuring customers into buying cars that were unaffordable for them. I sold a total of 7 cars.

Here is what I learned working at a dealership...

The workplace culture is very twisted. Sales managers are power-hungry assholes and psychopaths. The finance managers are also power-hungry and snakes.

A lot of the salesmen are also snakes although a few of them are genuinely taking the best interests of the customers in mind. The Finance managers and sales managers oftentimes steal the newbie salesman's commission and give them the crumbs.

One salesman was fired because he exposed that the finance manager was undercutting the commission of other salesmen. Managers try to take advantage of newbie salesmen.

2 of my coworkers were convicted felons. One for dealing cocaine and they other for a bank robbery. Apparently, the dealership actually prefers convicted felons as a veteran salesmen there told me since they are more likely to be willing to lie and be dishonest with customers.

The honest good salesmen get abused by both the customers and management. Customers think all the salesmen are scum.

While I agree that the majority are scumbags, a small minority of good honest salesmen are genuinely just trying to make a living but do not want to screw people over at the same time.

Some customers are real assholes. I had this one Indian guy who didn't get his unrealistic price, so he left. Calls me a day later but I was with other customers. I call him back, he gives his offer, I present it to my sales manager, it doesn't get approved and I tell him accordingly.

He than says "Why the hell are you calling me than? Don't call me unless you can get my price!" in a rude tone.

I tell him that I called him to return his phone call as a courtesy after which I just hanged up on the asshole once he get got on a boring rant about how he will buy elsewhere.

A car salesmen job is very stressful. Everyone of the salesmen there are stressed and workaholics. You must work 12 hours a day 6 days a week including weekends if you want to make any money. You will not have a enjoyable life with this kind of career. None of my coworkers had any work-life balance.

The salesman at my dealership were on commission only. So they have a lot of pressure to sell is why they do only commission as the dealership only cares about the bottom line - neither the salesmen nor the customer is important.

We are not allowed to tell a customer that buying the car we are selling to them will financially wreck them and it is not in their best interest to buy it. One salesmen was actually fired a week ago for doing just that.

I will reveal the dealership I worked for. It is called the "New York Auto Giant Group" & also has a name of "Atlantic dealership"

To provide a verifiable example of how fucked up the management there is and how fucked up the company culture is....

Below is a news article about a woman who donated a kidney of hers to her boss at the dealership and was shortly fired because she had to take a few days off after getting her kidney removed to be donated to her boss.

Cars at the dealership are also abused a lot. The lot attendants and the salesmen drive the piss out of the cars - redlining it regularly that is later sold to their suckers.

One of my sales managers even said "Well I don't think it's right that we give a very big price difference to certian customers who we think are clueless idiots but it is what it is..."

That should tell you enough.

My suggestion for getting a good deal? Be willing to buy a used car and get it from a private seller. Fuck the dealerships, unless you work there, they will not give you a good deal at all.

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