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  • On 27 Jan 2015 in Buy a house now or wait? (San Diego), swebb said:

    Kristopher says

    Iíve been very fortunate to find a great job and kept a low overhead which has allowed me to save quite a bit over the last 4 years.

    Kristopher says

    ideally purchase a $425k-ish complete fixer upper with 20% down and fix it up from there.

    That sounds very familiar - it's what I did. I'm in the thick of the "fix it up from there" phase. I'd do it again, but I can tell you that it is disheartening to go from being able to save significant amounts of money and have significant amounts of free time to saving 0 (or going further into debt) and having absolutely no free time. I think it will be worth it in the end (we will have a house much nicer than we would have been able to buy otherwise), but it has been a slog. A lot will depend on how much fixing up it needs (ours needed a bit of everything and a lot of some things), and how quickly you plan to get it done.

    I can't speak to current market conditions or trajectories in SD..I feel like we almost missed the boat buying in early 2013 Denver...couldn't afford anything we'd want at this point.

  • On 20 Jan 2015 in China's trillion dollar stimulus is working, swebb said:

    Nobody says

    We should know the history. There was a roaring 20's which is followed by the depression and 2 World Wars.

    Was there a World War 1-1/2 that nobody told me about? Or perhaps a World War 3?

  • On 13 Dec 2014 in NPR *still* refuses to call Torture, Torture, swebb said:

    Maybe they think it is more effective to present the facts without a lightning rod label so their listeners can come to their own conclusions. That way the water cooler debates can be between two people about the opinion they have formed instead of focusing on whether or to what degree NPR is biasing the story.

  • On 12 Dec 2014 in Cheap places to live for tech besides Bay Area, swebb said:

    I really like Denver.

    If you truly can't tolerate snow, then it won't work, but I can assure you that the winters aren't bad. It's not at all like like many places associated with snow. It is exceedingly more common in the winter to not have snow on the ground than to have snow on the ground. It can and does get very cold, but it's a dry cold (really!), and usually only for a few days at a time. Cloudy days are relatively rare, and clear sunny days are common. It is quite common to have a 50 degree day (or week) even in the depths of winter. 50 degrees in the sun is delicious.

    It may not be for you, but it's probably not nearly as bad as you would imagine.

    Sunny and mid 60s today.

  • On 16 Nov 2014 in Deflation Rearing its Ugly Head Around the Globe, swebb said:

    tatupu70 says

    Why are you fixated on what a dollar buys?

    People are fixated on what a dollar buys because they look to it as a way to store value. Misguided, perhaps, but it's easy-think and comforting to think of the world as unchanging.

  • On 16 Nov 2014 in Japan's maglev train goes 310 MPH, swebb said:

    I'm not sure I qualify as a "Leftist Urban" type, but I'll take a stab.

    John Bailo says

    My theory is all they really want is to contain as many taxable individuals (and dependent welfare recipients) within their Metro Area fiefdoms so that the the bureaucracy becomes as powerful as possible. Anything that allows for someone to "poach" a job/salary but live in a low cost area must be suppressed.

    I don't think it is so self serving as that.

    1. Based on the way you labeled the group, I'd guess they believe in the virtues of urban living (of which there are many) and are interested in things that support it.
    2. High speed trains don't really have much of a role to play in rural / urban commuting. They are suited to long haul routes with infrequent stops, but you don't get to enjoy the benefits of high speed for shorter distances.

    London manages to draw workers from a rather large radius by using a combination of subway to service the urban area, and trains which bring people in from the outlying areas. They aren't high speed, and it works pretty well in my experience.

    SF to LA? That would be a good candidate for high speed rail, and I suspect the "Leftist Urban types" would be on board with that idea.

    Perhaps they aren't in favor of high speed rail for exurb/rural commuting because it isn't practical.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in Do you rent and own a pet? It could soon get pricier, swebb said:

    Strategist says

    Your mortgage does not go up if you have pets.

    But your maintenance costs do. Dogs pee on carpeting. Dogs scratch dors. Pet hair clogs HVAC systems. Dogs dig up plants, pee on (and kill) grass, etc..

    Pets - dogs in particular - are a hassle for landlords. Both for the additional wear and tear, and for the tenant complaint factor (particularly in multi-family settings).

  • On 12 Oct 2014 in How one couple beat the cable company, swebb said:

    I still pay Comcast for my internet connection, but I cut my cable bill 2 years ago when I got rid of my TV. I'm too busy right now to spend much time watching TV, but that will probably change at some point.

  • On 10 Oct 2014 in Holy Cow Wow! The Dow closed today below its peak of 14 3/4 yr ago., swebb said:

    Between 2000 and 2014 there was a pretty big recession, I've been told.

  • On 3 Oct 2014 in U.S. middle-class now poorer than in 1989, swebb said:

    Dan8267 says

    This graph underestimates the problem because it's not "real median net worth" but rather "nominal median net worth incorrectly adjusted for currency debasement by using the every-changing and inaccurate by design CPI rather than M3".

    Why should it be adjusted based on M3? Maybe based on per-capita M3 or something like that...but the economy has grown, so isn't it reasonable for the money supply to grow?

  • On 24 Sep 2014 in Be offended and outraged, swebb said:

    Some insensitive idiot who thinks he's being funny.

  • On 18 Sep 2014 in The class war is widening on airplanes, swebb said:

    EBGuy says

    Am I missing some big downsides.

    I'm not a big fan of changing planes, or even stopping over, if I can avoid it. Particularly when traveling with young children....

    As far as Southwest downside? The whole "no assigned seats free-for-all" might be an issue when traveling as a group...

    Also I haven't found Southwest to be cheaper very often in my market. (the primary reason I don't fly them very often)

  • On 17 Sep 2014 in AZ, VT, OK, HI House Prices in Decline (add. MD, IL)(add TX!), swebb said:

    iwog says

    Call it Crazy says

    I think WE know who the true idiot here is...

    No doubt.

    At some point, IWOG, you look like the idiot for not clicking "IGNORE" on him.

    I don't see his posts (as in I remain blissfully unaware that they were ever posted) - UNLESS someone responds to him...then I see whatever they quote from his post. (it's actually sort of funny when you don't quote from the previous post. I only see one side of the conversation.)

    Anyway, I think it would improve things around here (or at least make it more pleasant for me) if everyone would just ignore the idiots. I'd say 1 out of 20 of his posts have something worth reading...not good enough for me.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Rin's corroboration with a female ex-classmate, swebb said:

    Rin says

    Once you've got yourself a network of friends and the freedom to bo*nk as you choose, how on earth can settling down to a drab suburban life w/ cable TV and a bunch of bills, compare with that?

    Those aren't the only two choices, eh?

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Rin's corroboration with a female ex-classmate, swebb said:

    Rin says

    Well, once my equity is bought out, I'm going to Australia for a month and bo*nk hoes for that entire time.

    Personally, I like enjoying these movie star look-a-like esc*rts than in dealing with regular relationships.

    I think you have probably already set your course with women. Not that you have crossed some PONR, but I think your depth of experience with prostitutes has likely shaped your outlook. Can you really imagine yourself settling down with one woman and staying with her for the rest of your life? From my vantage point you probably have a lot of work to do if you want to get married. Starting with figuring out what you really want...certainly don't do it because others around you are telling you to (that may be more about affirming their decision and their insecurities than anything else).

    Your situation reminds me a bit of a military friend who had enlisted young and made his way through the brothels of the world. He tried to settle down, in some sense, but he had a hard time of it. He told me, somewhat pained, that he thinks his time in the military "ruined him on women."

    A lot of people find marriage to be very fulfilling, but many don't and end up trapped in a miserable situation.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Rin's corroboration with a female ex-classmate, swebb said:

    HydroCabron says

    For someone who's happy with his life choices, you sure spend a lot of time thinking about them.

    A healthy sign, I say. It has to be balanced, but if you don't question your choices from time to time, you probably aren't being honest with yourself.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Having children in an overpopulated world, swebb said:

    bob2356 says

    Wikipedia rots your brain. What a stupid list. Every piss ant little rock that sticks out of the ocean is included. Most of the first 100 entries have less than 500 sq miles of area, smaller than NYC.

    Good job focusing on the data that supports your bias and looking past the others. Look over the list again and see how many "real" countries have 5x the population density of the US.

    I'm not arguing that we don't have a pollution/resources/overfishing problem with the world population as it is. I was responding to this nonsense:

    zzyzzx says

    It's pretty obvious to everyone that there are way to many fucking people here!!!!

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in Having children in an overpopulated world, swebb said:

    zzyzzx says

    It's pretty obvious to everyone that there are way to many fucking people here!!!!

    We are 179th on this list. We have a lot of room to grow into if we need to.

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in Having children in an overpopulated world, swebb said:

    I struggled with the same decision. One approach is to just have 2 kids...replace yourselves and that's it. If everyone does that we have achieved ZPG...or actually negative since some people die young, etc.

    Of course we are living longer and longer nowadays, so it may take a while to reach a steady state...and the population would swell in the mean time.

    It's arguable whether or not the US is overpopulated, anyway, even if the world is.

    The hubris approach is to convince yourselves that your kids are better than the average, and we need more good have as many as you want.

    So how about your thoughts to spur the discussion?

  • On 14 Sep 2014 in GM and Dealers are Cheap Assholes, swebb said:


    GM still makes shitty cars, and while they have ostensibly recovered from the cluster-doodle of 2009, they still can't pay for loaner cars for everyone affected by a current recalls. And Eliemae is surprised/really pissed about all of this.

    I guess I'm not so sure it is their responsibility to pay for a rental car for me. I sure didn't get a rental car when my VW gas tank recall was serviced.

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