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  • On 1 Jan 2013 in Krugman has very interesting perspective on the fiscal cliff deal, pdh said:

    Contrary to the beliefs of some on the left, the Republican base isn't millionaires, so I'm not sure that their momentary lapse of unreason on taxing high incomes will really hurt them that much. And I do agree that this isn't really exciting on any level for Democrats. Republicans get to attack them for inconveniencing their beloved "job creators" and continue to attack them for not cutting spending. AND they got Democrats to concede all this from a pretty strong bargaining position.

  • On 1 Jan 2013 in Recommend Me A Good Macroeconomics Book, pdh said:

    SFace says

    Read the WSJ everyday

    The Financial Times is much better, and without the reactionary opinion pieces to boot.

  • On 1 Jan 2013 in Obama Deal Adds $3.97T to Deficit Over 10 Years; Only 5 Republicans Vote Against, pdh said:

    Talk about a "do-nothing" congress. The one time doing nothing actually would have done some good they go out of their way to make sure that nothing changes.

  • On 1 Jan 2013 in Forget the constitution, pdh said:

    There's nothing unique about the Constitution that lends itself to disagreement. The Constitution is like the Bible, anyone can interpret it however they want provided they can argue it effectively. Without a Constitution we would just be arguing over the interpretation of something else.

  • On 1 Jan 2013 in Paris Real Estate +, pdh said:

    2.) Paris rentals are reasonable. Again, from store front listings, many apartments available from 650 Euros to 1000 Euros in a decent area.

    Are you sure that's monthly? Europeans sometimes list weekly rent instead of monthly.

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