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  • On 12 Jun 2014 in CEO turnover increases slightly, lisalisa said:

    The ones that retired were the smart ones... get the F out while you can.
    the ones that stay on... even to take a step in another direction, IMO are loving that "power trip"... and making Stupid Money.

  • On 12 Jun 2014 in Joe biden: U.S. needs'constant, unrelenting stream' of immigrants, lisalisa said:

    don't believe it one bit... WTF are we manufacturing? and if we are, I guess the immigrants work for less then US citizens. that must be it...

    You want to bolster the economy, bring the troops home, and give them the jobs you want to give the immigrants.

    Joe biden... WTF....

  • On 6 Aug 2013 in Unsold cars piling up, lisalisa said:

    Send them to the countries that need them... especially the ones our military are occupying... then the drones can use them for target practice... sigh.....

  • On 23 Jan 2013 in 6827 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75214, lisalisa said:

    Maybe some banker wanna-be's house...

  • On 16 Jan 2013 in Obama defies Citizen Petition, lisalisa said:

    I signed a petition and got a typical blah...blah...blah ssdd answer.

    It seems to be a ruze

  • On 16 Jan 2013 in A call to arms for America and the world., lisalisa said:

    Your first comment in this thread is assinine. you might as well include cheech and chong as well. Throw in Pryor as well... Hell.. throw in all comics of the era.
    Unbelieveable that you have the Testicular fortitude to say that... and now your "class clown" is RIP.

    Your a real piece of ....

  • On 18 Dec 2012 in 27 dead, 20 gradeschool kids, lisalisa said:

    TechGromit says

    The NRA will dig in and nothing will change. Now if 27 politicians were killed, they have a new bill tough on firearms ownership passed in a week.

    Politicians... some... allready have someone with a gun next to them.... so they have no worry... hmmm except when someone tried to shoot Reagan.

  • On 18 Dec 2012 in Finally a solution that will BAN school shootings, lisalisa said:

    If their can be an "air marshal" on airplanes, their can be a marshal in a school.

    Airplane cockpit doors were reinforced to keep hijackers out...
    Change the doors in the schools.

    sigh... can you just imagine TSA being at every school door?

  • On 11 Dec 2012 in nemo, lisalisa said:

    lostand confused says

    lisalisa says confucius say... man with too much ego, wear his dick on chin.

    Not pleasant to see, but canine will lick masters face all day.

    Who was it the other day, who threw a massive hissy fit when someone said the "c" word. Yet it is perfectly ok to call a man a dick . Typical.

    Not just any man... and not every man

  • On 11 Dec 2012 in nemo, lisalisa said:

    robertoaribas says

    bmwman91 says

    I went to Berkeley. confucius say... man with too much ego, wear his dick on chin.
    Not pleasant to see, but canine will lick masters face all day.

  • On 6 Dec 2012 in Housing for extended families, lisalisa said:

    If you have the Family, more power to you.

  • On 5 Dec 2012 in The IPAD controlled house, lisalisa said:

    Home automation is over rated... give me a thermostat, an outlet, a wall switch and I'm happy.
    For my holiday wish list, Santa might deliver me a "Clapper" :)

  • On 5 Dec 2012 in Nursing homes ripping off residents, lisalisa said:

    My mother asked me to never be put into a nursing home.
    I promised her I would not. I made sure she was comfortable in her home. I brought her groceries every weekend, and made sure all bills were paid. I hired people to clean, cook and watch her. I took turns helping when the help had to be relieved.
    Nobody else in the family would come over to help or visit

    Every Family is different... Family medical history is taken into account.
    My mother knew what it was like to put her mother in a nursing home.
    I'm glad I fulfilled my promise to my mother, despite the family backlash... and it's all about the $$$... and it was her money... not mine.
    I hope I never have to be in one.

  • On 4 Dec 2012 in Go Republicans!, lisalisa said:

    Neither one is perfect. They may have good intentions, however, I believe they no longer represent the people.

    Their was and is something about Romney I didn't like.

    Don't get me wrong about Republicans... they made a bad choice

  • On 4 Dec 2012 in Tell Texas what we really think of them..., lisalisa said:

    I'll treat this like I treat technology.
    Let them be the first to try it.... see if they like it. They will find out what's wrong with it. Maybe it will be a "Lemon"... maybe not. They may get a lifetime of enjoyment out of it.
    The result will tell the rest of those sitting on the fence to embrace it or let it go for something better down the line.

  • On 30 Nov 2012 in User "War" has been deleted, lisalisa said:

    Out of the mouth of babes, does one lower "himself" by using the C word.
    The use of Profanity is unacceptable.

  • On 28 Nov 2012 in Revisiting Silver, lisalisa said:

    Crash JP Morgan buy silver..


  • On 28 Nov 2012 in 407-Pound Woman Denied Flights Home, Dies Abroad, lisalisa said:

    I'm not going to "dis" anything here. If she needed Kidney Dialysis, they should have found a facility in the country.
    "Think I'll just sit here and die"...
    I would rather try saving my life, or my spouse, then anything else... so she should have been brought to a medical facility...
    deal with the $ or shekles or rubles later...

  • On 27 Nov 2012 in , lisalisa said:

    I like the use of the phrase..."Extremely Expensive"... (sigh)

  • On 21 Nov 2012 in we give how much money to isreal every year to help pay for this?, lisalisa said:


    I went to the whatreallyhappened web site.

    Comparing pictures of WWII, nazi Germany to Gaza... um... your stretching it...

    Please try again my young "American"

  • On 19 Nov 2012 in Good bye, Twinkie – Hostess Brands liquidates, lisalisa said:

    Do I hear the Sound of "Little Debbie" to the rescue?

  • On 16 Nov 2012 in Who's Who on Patnet?, lisalisa said:

    Renter... looking to be a homeowner... I have no interest to be a landlord/slumlord... (aka Roberto)

    I discovered Patrick from a Person living in a Motorhome.

  • On 16 Nov 2012 in Good bye, Twinkie – Hostess Brands liquidates, lisalisa said:

    Maybe purina will take them back.

  • On 4 Nov 2012 in Who cares about this stupid election?, lisalisa said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I'm not even sure there's a clear definition of what either party is anymore. Sure people that make up the voting base seem to define the party, but that's just again another tool that is used to put the right stooge on the ballot.
    Until we fix this shit, one thing is for certain. The American people do not chose the President, we just get the task of making the distinction between the Winner and the Runner up.

    Thank you for that comment... the runner up is still a winner in some degree... especially economically. and will sit on some Board of Directors making a boatload of $ ... unless he has the option of being paid in Gold.

  • On 4 Nov 2012 in Who cares about this stupid election?, lisalisa said:

    It may not happen in my time, but the system needs to be flushed out. Way too many perks... way too much greed... we are owned by corporations. We the people currently dont give a shit. Too busy in their "Smartphones"

    America will be stronger and better off when America realizes it's all charade.

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