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I don't really get the appeal. It looks like the printer is producing walls out of concrete, and the interior is finished of in the traditional manner (sheet rock walls, wood floors, etc.). The shell of the building is pretty cheap. Framing is around 10% of the cost of a finished house or maybe 15% of constrution costs. It's not clear how much this would save, and I don't buy the claims of the 3d printer company.

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farmrdave says

Carbon dioxide is a trace gas and cannot ever increase to more than about 500ppm, it is not physically possible.

Has anyone heard of this piece of claptrap before? I've never seen it.

farmrdave says

If you wish to worry about something of importance, study the problem of over fished oceans, over harvested forests, the population boom that is outstripping the food supply.

Be careful, if people start worrying about water quality, they are going to notice all of the ocean acidification caused by CO2 and eutrophication caused by over application of fertilizer.

farmrdave says

Harnessing the atom as mankind's source for energy is the only known energy that can replace petroleum and natural gas.

Are you advocating nuclear energy, or just trying to get people to stick their heads back into the ground?

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If you are logged out, I'm guessing you can still post on threads of those you are ignoring using the email / username boxes that appear next to the comment box. If you see this message, then it works. Marcus, why on earth do you respond to this stuff? No, wait... don't answer that. Sincerity is not welcome here.

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Rin says

The point is that ppl, yes, including a number on PatNet, criticize me (and others like me) for not following in this guy's foot steps.

Apparently about 85% of the AM users were men. Most of the US and Europe had more than 85% male users. In light of that, it's funny that the conclusion you draw is that women are not to be trusted.

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TJs - good for beer, wine, nuts, dried fruits, and the occasional frozen burrito. Whole foods - good for bulk items, some fresh veg when quality counts, a killer salad bar, and good pizza. Whole foods is talking of opening an offshoot store to compete with TJs. They are different markets.

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This poor fuck (assuming he is real) still doesn't know what a clown he is. If you think that your wife is a cold fish (doesn't like sex), you are wrong. She likes sex just fine, but she doesn't like sex with you. Before the internets, it would have been the pool boy or the plumber. Those guys can usually lay the pipe.

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Call it KKKrazy says

You really think so?

I'm guessing that he is taking it more seriously. He is trying to come up with some proposals now (e.g. But, this and any other proposals he comes up with will be ill thought out messes full of contradiction. He is not a thoughtful guy, and hasn't spent any real time thinking things through. The more specific he gets, the more he will betray the mess inside his head. So, you are right. He will answer as generally as possible, and hope that people's opinion of him as a great captain of industry will suspend their disbelief. I don't know what Colbert's new show will be like, but it would be fun to see some conversations with him and Trump.

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Your criteria are too loose. Do you have to worry about children or a particular career? If not, you are golden. Pick your favorite activity or job, then go live where the best options are for that activity or job. If your preferences change later in life, move again.

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More on how the Trump bluster is impacting other candidates.

Here, it is suggested that Kasich / Rubio and Biden / Warren would be good tickets in the current climate.

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Rin says

This is what being a self-starter is all about. Instead of the above, kids would rather waste their days, cyberbullying each other on the net. At the same time, how much does school cost, in terms of time and energy?

Rin, I completely agree with the gist of the thread, which is that learning things is super easy these days. The courses are available for learning science and math. On practical things, you can learn how to do pretty much any work around the house, from minor fixes to removing load bearing walls. Anyone who has the motivation to get off their ass and do something, is living the good life. Kids take after their parents, so the best way to encourage them to take advantage of these resources is to do it yourselves.

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I don't have any problem with the common core that I have seen. Some of it seems useful. Other bits, not so much to me, but that's OK. I think one of the complaints that parents have is that they have to learn the new way if they want to help their kids. They don't want to learn it, and they don't want to fail at helping their kids. So, they blame the school and the 'libtards' that are running the show. IMO, the CC presents an opportunity for the parents to learn something new. If parents are overworked trying to make the bills and really have no time to learn, that is a problem.

marcus says

But the benefit of getting there sooner is over rated. Of the (fairly small) cohort that I've seen getting to AP Calculus in the 10th grade (which won't happen any more with the common core), more than half of them would have benefited by getting there later.

My experience going into engineering at an ivy league school, was that the AP calc and physics made the first year core courses in college a bit of a waste. Maybe it helped the adjustment period. In that respect, the high school courses proved very worthy. Where they failed in my opinion was in connecting math skills to the real world. Basic math could be used to help people understand the things that they observe day to day. Calculus should be related to science (molecular models, car suspensions, structures like bridgees, etc.). Although I could do the calculus easily after high school, I didn't really feel like I got it until using it over and over to solve problems in physics, chemistry, biology, etc.
Do you feel like common core integrates real world issues into math in a way that gives it purpose and meaning? Have you read books by John Allen Paulos? I've been rereading 'beyond numeracy,' lately, and feel like it would be good reading for high school math teachers and some of the students.

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errc says

Why isnt he running as a democrat?

Democrats wouldn't vote for a guy who opens his campaign on the premise that illegal mexicans are rapists. Democrats are no longer the party of protectionist trade policy. Now, it's only socialists (Bernie Sanders) and Fascists (Trump) who want to stop free trade and build an actual wall (Trump). Bernie is doing what he feels is best for the working class. Trump is just raging against the machine to drum up support. I really think that Trump was just trying to create an ultimate reality show out of the election, and had no real plan to seriously run. Now that he has polled so well, he seems to be coming up with some policy and taking it seriously. Even old Jeb nuts is starting to take Trump seriously, as Trump has proven to have sticking power.

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Logan Mohtashami says

New homes are much more expensive that existing homes, but the buyer profile is very strong. The strong middle class and rich people buyer. This is the reason why adjusted to population sales are so low even in year 7 of the economic cycle with rates below 5% since 2011.

Incomes in the upper quintile have increased much more than the median. So, the ratio of new home price to median income would be much more constant if you focused on the incomes of the people who are buying those houses.

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Logan Mohtashami says

If this were median cost of all home purchases or median cost of first time buyer home purchases, it would be more useful. First time buyers have to pay something proportional to their income (adjusted by interest rate). The only exception would be people with inheritance, but these people wouldn't impact the median too much. If you look at repeat buyers, their purchases are linked to their income, but are skewed by recent gains / losses in the housing market. If housing had doubled in the previous 10 yrs, these repeat buyers would be flush with housing gains, and that would affect prices paid. When you limit the chart to new homes, there could be all sorts of things affecting the median. How do the incomes of people buying new homes relate to the incomes of people buying existing housing? I would guess that the new home purchasers are in a higher income bracket. If so, you should be tracking the income of that income bracket on the x axis.

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Call it KKKrazy says

An attribute they share with every one in the current candidate field. It's what makes a candidate valuable to the elite, who also expect to get what they want.

Not Trump - the insult comic top dog. He walks up to the very center of the law and takes a poop on it.

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Trump would make the Palestinians pay for the settlements.

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What little I've seen of common core made sense after thinking about it for a few minutes. One example was subtracting, say 7 from 20. When I learned it, we would borrow 10 from the 2, subtract 7 from 10 to get 3 and then subtract 0 from 1 in the 10s column to get the 13. With common core, you would go about it in the same way you would make change. You would take 7, add 3 to get 10, and add 10 to get 20. Then, you tally up what you added (3 + 10) to get 13. It's a bit weird to have to relearn something so basic to help your kid, but that's life. It's a PITA when MS fucks with your OS as well. Change happens. Hopefully the rest of it is not as fucked up as people claim.

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I think it was nervous 'muppets' putting in sell orders over the weekend. People moved in to buy once the retail orders were processed??

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socal2 says

Regardless, it really doesn't instill much faith in our massive Federal bureaucracy and the people we elect to manage them.


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socal2 says

Lots of politicians have private email accounts through Google or Yahoo

Seems much worse than a private server (assuming the private server wasn't set up by a novice).

socal2 says

Because it took several Bengazi investigations after Clinton left office just to find out that she had her own home-brew server.

Did she really never send a work email to a Republican or other non-lackey? Surely everybody that got an email from or whatever it was knew that it wasn't from the State Dept account.

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