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Ha ha!, and don't forget the Trump Foundation donated more to the Clintons than to vets:

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marcus says

If I was caucus voter on the fence, or barely leaning toward Trump, and looking forward to the last debate before the vote to make up my mind or to confirm my Trump decision, I might think, "who does this asshole think he is ?

Anybody who thinks that *already* thinks that and doesn't need his debate-dump theatrics to confirm it. Please: who actually votes based on the debates? I have to hand it to T-Rump on this one; for a candidate that almost never talks about actual policy, he knows enough to know that debates don't mean shit and policy is the last thing most voters are interested in discussing (or debating).

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indigenous says

I had to look up "Pubah":


a word that can be used in any context, oftenly exclaimned in times of rage or frustration

Whoops, except you are wrong. I can see how AF's spelling threw you off. The official spelling is "Poobah": a humorous reference to a high-ranking person. I always remembered this from The Flintstones (order of the Water Buffalo):

"Grand Poobah is a term derived from the name of the haughty character Pooh-Bah in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado (1885).[1] In this comic opera, Pooh-Bah holds numerous exalted offices, including "First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Chief Justice, Commander-in-Chief, Lord High Admiral ... Archbishop ... Lord Mayor" and "Lord High Everything Else".

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lostand confused says

in a room with Rose, Roseanne, Michael Moore and jane Fonda!!!

It's missing that certain I-don't-know-what . . . Kathy Bates? Oprah? Susan Sarandon? Oh, wait, what about Whoopi! the Pistol-Packing Fart Bomber? Any other Harpies for Hillary that are missing? Janine Garofalo with a testicle stretcher! Lots of musty mons pubis in the room, for sure.

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iwog says

OMG it hasn't hit $1000 yet!!!!!! What a fuckup.

Philistine says

A good prediction might miss the petty details, but will illustrate a trend

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iwog says

This is what you call screwing up a prediction?

I don't think the value of a prediction is in its being 100% accurate. Or even 90% accurate. A good prediction might miss the petty details, but will illustrate a trend that you can bank on. DOW Sept 2014 was 17.1k, today is 15.8k. Similar story across most other indices. All the stock-related funds in my 401k did dreadfully last year, but treasuries and all but two bond funds in my 401k were flat or slightly up. That is something I banked on and at least for my experience, Iwog's prediction was not half-bad and out-performed a lot of the garbage financial journalism from the same time period.

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Rin says

General Washington and his cause but if it involves enforcing religious beliefs, like no boinking hoes, then forget about it!

I don't get why some socialist libbie country like France or the Netherlands has more freedom to f*ck than we do. It's them damn Puritans--they screwed it all up for America 400 years ago, and we're still obsessed with who is bonking whom.

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Kenneth Burke, a national treasure of American thought in the 20th century (agree with him or not), probably wrote the best explication of Hitler's nonsense. On the other side of the coin, even Mussolini thought 'Mein Kampf' was dull and full of trite, pandering platitudes--although he may have been personally envious of Hitler's talent for propaganda and manipulating the idiot masses.

The timing of this release is of course more than a little opportunistic with what is currently going on in Europe.

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Ironman says

The people who vote primaries are very set in their choice

The difference is that the people who vote primaries can only be a potential 56% of the electorate--provided 100% of that 56% turn out. We have 43% non-party affiliation, possibly the highest it's ever been:

Both parties are losing registration to NPA, but Democrats more so than Republicans. The massive swing vote of 43%, should they turn out this election, means more than primary voters in this cycle.

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Tenpoundbass says

A cart load of groceries didn't cost as much as Zenith 13 inch black and white television set back then. So your adjusted for inflation simile is way off.

No, if you look at the cost of groceries in 1965 and run it through the gubbermint's sketchy CPI calculator, you'd be surprised how much in line with inflation everything is. Righty here I see a dozen eggs in California was $0.45 in 1966:

Put that into the CPI doohichee here:

And you get $3.30 cents. That happens to be within one penny of what I literally just paid on Saturday for a dozen eggs in my grocery store that charges high-ass prices for everything. The problem is less inflation of prices and more about the lack of inflation in wages, which is why you "feel" like your groceries are so expensive.

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Where is Rin? Living in the same place as people you "love"??

Remaining face time with people???

Your last 10% of time with someone you love????

Barf!! What horse shit!!

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Tenpoundbass says

can say "See it only took 8 Years but Obama's policies saved our bacon from Bush".

Or they'll double down, on the same ole same ole, while blaming trump for those kind of policies.

Weren't you blaming Obonzo for Bush's TARP/Fed/bank bailouts? Weren't you blaming Clinton for Bush's econo-bomb in 2007? You swing your blame stick as far and narrow according to your platitudes as much as any libfuck does. I'm kinda tired of blaming presidents. It's time to blame ourselves for a change. Trump isn't going to change any of it. And Hillary sure as hell isn't, either. We're royally doomed if we don't storm the castle.

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They are building like crazy here in LA. I think a new condo complex breaks ground every 60 days between Santa Monica and downtown. And in places that were mostly old worn out retail space or dormant lots that are now near enough to prime areas to be gentrified. These are condos that are in the $600+/sqft range, or if leasing are $3500/month 2br and up.

I've even seen a couple SFR developments. There's a zero-lot subdivision almost completed at the very unsexy intersection of Fairfax and Venice up against the freeway . . . advertising houses starting "from the high $1.2 millions", ha ha!

They are definitely building, but they don't need to build affordable homes because apparently there's a lot of hot cash still floating around in the metropolitan zones.

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Different strokes for different folks. I think the key is that one does what one wishes to do with one's life, but based on a pure understanding of the world and your own inner motives. There are a lot of people in sorry marriages that don't even realize it. Vice versa, there's plenty that party their life away to avoid whatever lack or pain they have. As long as we are banging and boozing for the pure fun of it and without any delusions, then carry on!

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dodgerfanjohn says

Good job Obama

I'm not sure a majority of Dems would claim him at this point, either. Oblamo has gone rogue at this point with some sort of "Fuck It" list for his lame duck days.

Make no mistake, the Reps and the Dems (politicians and party leadership, NOT the voters) both worship at the altar of bureaucracy and slush money. Big gov't is in both of their interests, even if they allocate the "bigness" to slightly different places for party-affiliate marketing purposes. It's just a show for the unwashed masses, because there happens to be a great, big schism between the voters and the politicians.

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Rin says

Ceffer, how can you be so cynical? What about LOVE?! ...

To be fair, I think Strategist is just bringing up the missing piece here. Yeah, I agree that marriage for love is a false proposition (you love somebody regardless of strings attached, or else it's just selfish). But, yeah, love . . . what about relating to other human beings at a deeper level? Or are you like 'The Stranger' from Camus? I get that there are a lot of disaffected, numb folks in our fucked up post-modern society, many of which, both men and women, are not interested and mostly incapable of actual human connection. I see a lot of "bro" types that can't even have a meaningful connection with their friends outside the distractions of beer and the shooting range.

I guess we also have the right to be animals and just screw and eat.

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FortWayne says

I say based on 2nd amendment every gun is legally owned.

Even if it's stolen?

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Strategist says

Chinese start working at age 4?

Dude, it's The Onion, that's part of the joke.

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As some mealymouthed pinko libby said, Portland is where 30-somethings go to retire.

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Tenpoundbass says

He doesn't have to do any of the crap he says, to win.

It worked for Obongo, didn't it?

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