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Straw Man says

needs to pay off the car he bought for this gig

Also consider that once he racks up all those miles in such short time, his car is worth diddly as a trade or private sale. I bet when you defray the accelerated depreciation, that $2.64/hour turns into zero. Shockingly, the gov't does not mail you a paycheck for mileage and depreciation if it exceeds your earnings.

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thunderlips11 says

The Financial Pain of somebody who makes $300,000 paying a $150 is much, much, much less than somebody who makes $19,000 paying the same fine.

I think it's funny (well, diabolical when I really think about it) that the CEO of my company regularly runs lights, speeds 100 mph+ on the freeways, and all other manner of skofflawing and our legal person spends a few hours every couple weeks "managing" the tickets, fines, court appearances, etc. To our CEO it's just his nominal cost of getting to drive how he wants and screw everybody else on the road. There's even an attorney on retainer that keeps his driver license relatively spotless.

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bgamall4 says

He said banks cannot pay the interest

Ehhh, what about all the variable rate business loans? A fed hike would allow banks to increase their interest take on these loans. Also, cash deposits are at a record high, so banks have no incentive to pay higher rates to depositors even if there is a modest rate hike.

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Damn liberace's with their climax change, global warning, homesexical marriages, and forcing us to except the transgenitals. Ima go vote for a president next year and fix it ALL!

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Dan, I'm afraid it comes down to taste, and most of us in this room agree vinyl sounds damn good. Especially on a proper tonearm and needle/cartridge setup with today's speakers. It's not a case of the emperor's new clothes. And there was also plenty of shitty vinyl put out from mediocre studio recordings, so not all vinyl is created equal. I've got a digital library full of shit I can't play at "party level" without it sounding pasteurized. I even have a vinyl recording that split the channels four ways and you go to buy that same song off iTunes from the publisher and it's been mixed down to two channels.

You may not be wrong about the technical facts, but human ears are not computer equipment.

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Our company just spent 3 months converting everything to a responsive site. One site for any device; no lost information or funky reformatting. Fuck mobile. That's so 2012.

I rejected apps on the first try. You want my contacts and browsing history in exchange for your pain-in-the-ass app that is going to clutter up my phone??

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socal2 says

The South [. . .] is now much more [. . .] tolerant

LOL, that's some expert trolling!

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Blurtman says

it is curious why Ronstadt, apparently 1/4 German or thereabouts, did not become a polka star instead

In the 1830's, or so, a German settlement took root in Texas and soon they influenced a style of music in Mexican-American culture that sounded vaguely like German polka: Mariachi and Tejano music. It's no coincidence that much of traditional Mexican music shares waltz and polka beats and the accordion. And don't get me going on the Mexican beer thing.

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It's not that women are more judgemental--it's that men are *less* judgmental. See here: we'll bang pretty much anything within very loose parameters (yes, pun bought and paid for). Oh, of course, we have minimal standards not to plow the ultra obese or smelly/hairy/manly ones, but, as my mama always said, "Bend 'em over and they all look the same."

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It's in gramma's best interests to blame it on mortgage availability. Takes the heat off the real economic issues that they know they have zero control or understanding of.

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I think it is instructive that ToB has not replied to any of this, and essentially vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

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marcus says

THe Bush's are wasps.

Jeb apparently converted to Catholicism 20 years ago.

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CaptainShuddup says

He's now bigger than the Courts

Lemme guess. When the courts rule in your favor, it's Justice. When they rule against your interests, it's Judicial Activism. I don't know who this specter of "you fuckers" is. Maybe adjust the tint on your BluBlockers.

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Who said she was mentally ill? Or is that more of that conservative judginess coming out to play?

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The United States currently has a 99% literacy rate. Off the cuff, I'd posit we are more literate than ever. Newspapers are dying because they are a horse and buggy, and local newspapers are the casualties of globalization, which have widened the scope of our "back yard". Family-owned print papers can't compete with the internet and large corporate operations like Gannett. This is like saying because we don't use tickertape anymore that nobody is trading the stock market.

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socal2 says

Conservatives like me joke with our friends how we have to pay California's dysfunction tax to live in a geographic paradise.

So when are all the conservatives going to take over Sacramento and run the liberal vote out of SF and LA and finally fix all our dysfunction?

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What's worse? Liberal shame or conservative blame? I'm still waiting for this Repub congress to fix the economy. Last I checked, Osama wasn't veto'ing any great legislation on that topic.

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PRNDL, don't get me wrong. I think the concept of Christ's sacrifice is a salient difference from most other ancient storytelling. I regard it well on an aesthetic and emotional level. But in the hands of a young one, it is devalued, simplified, and stripped of its richer importance.

The death of Inkidu and Gilgamesh's sorrow of lost friendship is another deeply touching artifact of universal humanity. But reading is so much more than just a story.

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I think the Bible is a difficult work for young minds. The stories themselves are okay as epic narrative, but the heavier philosophy, poetry, and metaphoric substance, coupled with the fact that many languages (via translation) and writers are involved instead of a single mind and single tongue, make it challenging even as an adult with great life experience. Also, separating the tangled morals from the literary aspects is problematic. I would not want my child to read the Bible for the simple reason that he would not grasp any of the substance and simply reduce it to "God hates fags and Jesus died for us".

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I was reading Dr. Seuss at age three, all of the Lewis Carrol fiction by age six, and 'Bleak House' by 10. I was reading Proust and Tolstoy by 12 or 13. As a result, I am fucked up beyond all repair and have a general distaste for most human society.

Early reading proficiency has a dark side.

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