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As some mealymouthed pinko libby said, Portland is where 30-somethings go to retire.

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Tenpoundbass says

He doesn't have to do any of the crap he says, to win.

It worked for Obongo, didn't it?

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I'm going short. I just booked my Paris vacation yesterday.

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turtledove says

would we really be able to find out which "little guys" attended meetings and subscribe to fundamentalist beliefs?

Worse. What about those that sympathize from afar, but are never directly involved in organized activity? All it takes is once for somebody to surprise us with criminal actions.

turtledove says

doesn't mean that they are going to check their beliefs at the border.

Forget The Other. I know plenty of people that live right in my own city and work in my very own office that barely conceal their beliefs specific to their racial, ethnic, 3rd-generation-nationality, indeed, even *individual* experience, that they will spend a lifetime Not Checking at the Door, let alone any border.

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SoftShell says

The only reasonable strategy is to take in the women and children lowering the overall risk, and send the men back to fight for their country.

You think they won't just send in the women and children with strap-on bombs? I think there is a verse about that in the Koh-ran.

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Tenpoundbass says

racial epitaphs


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I think Dan and Lost are both a bit off-kilter. First, there is no equivalency to rape here. That is worse than hyperbole and is the kind of slippery-slope fallacy that shuts down all meaningful debate. But on the other hand, this cop went way overboard and should have had better judgment to know the situation could escalate to this point. Strategic thinking and being a step ahead of the perpetrator should be (are?) a part of basic training. There should not have been a classroom full of kids subjected to this kind of violence--no matter how justified. Everybody should have been removed from the room while this situation was dealt with; class could have been moved elsewhere or resumed 10 minutes later after the situation was resolved. I'm sure some libby parents will be suing the school board for their kids being in the classroom and exposed to violence and potential threat of danger.

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I can only speak for myself. I eat small portions (except a couple nights a week for dinner--I have an epicurean weakness). Not much sugar and very little carbs. Cook with butter and olive oil for low heat, or peanut oil when high smoke point is called for. I shop only the outside perimeter at the grocery store, or buy at the farmer's market when it makes sense. I'm still the same weight I was as in high school. I rarely eat red meat--but when I do, we have a world-class butcher that dry ages at quite a good price. We eat more seafood than anything, although that gets tricky with all the mercury, farm raising, and fish-fraud out there. And red kidney beans: great for soluble fiber, which is way more important than insoluble fiber. I eat all the salt I want. I don't care. And I have lower blood pressure than average for my age.

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Similar to my Air France experiences, Turtledove. The best was some southern grandma type that loaded up on free minis of pinot blanc and drunk-babysat the African twin children seated next to her, while their poor parents tried their best not to panic for the better part of a 10 hour flight. I recall she wore a quilted snowman holiday vest (this was August), and hauled off with *at least a dozen more* mini bottles of wine in her crochet bag by the time we landed at Charles de Gaulle. I was impressed, though, with the dinner service. Aperitifs before the dinner cart. Cognac afterwards. Snotty French flight attendants putting up with all our crap the entire way. Not exactly the Southwest cattle call from LAX to Vegas.

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Every "millennial" that gets hired in my office comes in and asks for a raise/promotion after the first two weeks, takes constant sick days, and quits after six months (thanks, now that we fully trained you). I've actually closed a couple requisitions in my department as it's easier to farm the clerical work to another manager or just forego it altogether rather than babysit one more 25 year old teenager. I do think this age group got a raw deal, but the ones I've employed don't even want to meet half way, so I can't sympathize. Certainly a screwy bunch.

Then we have these baby boomers that are hogging up all the payroll with their outdated executive job titles. They are stuck permanently in 1987 business practices and putting off retirement as long as the board will continue paying them.

I don't know which group is the bigger bunch of assholes.

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Logan Mohtashami says

In the next decade we will have strong growth in Prime working age labor force

Yeah, except how is this "prime working age" demographic going to get paid? We're on 10 years now of 20-30 somethings not getting paid (but for a select few in tech startup, etc.). Seems to me all the $$$ has funneled to the top and they have no incentive to invest->create jobs->create labor demand->push wages up. Japan is currently in this rut for the last 20 years, and it didn't start with their population issues.

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Tenpoundbass says

I hope Trump wins
[. . .]

people will get tired of only Billionaires running and winning.


TPB, are you really going all in for Trump's version of Hope n' Change? Do you really think he gives a fuck about cable monopolies or has the ability to do anything about it even if he did? Just because he speaks your language of Tasmanian Devil Tourette's babble does not make him your messiah. It's like watching the millennials ooh and ahh about Oblamo.

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Straw Man says

needs to pay off the car he bought for this gig

Also consider that once he racks up all those miles in such short time, his car is worth diddly as a trade or private sale. I bet when you defray the accelerated depreciation, that $2.64/hour turns into zero. Shockingly, the gov't does not mail you a paycheck for mileage and depreciation if it exceeds your earnings.

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thunderlips11 says

The Financial Pain of somebody who makes $300,000 paying a $150 is much, much, much less than somebody who makes $19,000 paying the same fine.

I think it's funny (well, diabolical when I really think about it) that the CEO of my company regularly runs lights, speeds 100 mph+ on the freeways, and all other manner of skofflawing and our legal person spends a few hours every couple weeks "managing" the tickets, fines, court appearances, etc. To our CEO it's just his nominal cost of getting to drive how he wants and screw everybody else on the road. There's even an attorney on retainer that keeps his driver license relatively spotless.

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bgamall4 says

He said banks cannot pay the interest

Ehhh, what about all the variable rate business loans? A fed hike would allow banks to increase their interest take on these loans. Also, cash deposits are at a record high, so banks have no incentive to pay higher rates to depositors even if there is a modest rate hike.

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Damn liberace's with their climax change, global warning, homesexical marriages, and forcing us to except the transgenitals. Ima go vote for a president next year and fix it ALL!

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Dan, I'm afraid it comes down to taste, and most of us in this room agree vinyl sounds damn good. Especially on a proper tonearm and needle/cartridge setup with today's speakers. It's not a case of the emperor's new clothes. And there was also plenty of shitty vinyl put out from mediocre studio recordings, so not all vinyl is created equal. I've got a digital library full of shit I can't play at "party level" without it sounding pasteurized. I even have a vinyl recording that split the channels four ways and you go to buy that same song off iTunes from the publisher and it's been mixed down to two channels.

You may not be wrong about the technical facts, but human ears are not computer equipment.

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Our company just spent 3 months converting everything to a responsive site. One site for any device; no lost information or funky reformatting. Fuck mobile. That's so 2012.

I rejected apps on the first try. You want my contacts and browsing history in exchange for your pain-in-the-ass app that is going to clutter up my phone??

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socal2 says

The South [. . .] is now much more [. . .] tolerant

LOL, that's some expert trolling!

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Blurtman says

it is curious why Ronstadt, apparently 1/4 German or thereabouts, did not become a polka star instead

In the 1830's, or so, a German settlement took root in Texas and soon they influenced a style of music in Mexican-American culture that sounded vaguely like German polka: Mariachi and Tejano music. It's no coincidence that much of traditional Mexican music shares waltz and polka beats and the accordion. And don't get me going on the Mexican beer thing.

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