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Alright, but a plane ticket inflation adjusted for the '60s was so much more expensive than it is today. Part of how they made up for it was giving first-class service even in coach.

Interesting Atlantic article about gov't deregulation and internet price competition:

We can get nostalgic for cold bottomless champagne and hot bottomless stewardesses, but you can still get that in first class and pay about what they paid back then. As for people dressing to go on a flight, it's no longer special and Americans are slobs now.

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Given Congress is just going to be obstructionists and do-nothings while they prove some Republican grudge, Obama basically couldn't give a shit and is acting unilaterally. I would admire his wherewithal to get things done in spite of them, but this is a total waste of time when there are so many more priorities.

He must be trolling the whole country with his Fuck It list.

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FortWayne says

Btw Iwog, Hillary promised to kill coal. So if she wins, this is going to be a very short term investment.

Buy the rumour, smell the news!

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DieBankOfAmericaPhukkingDie says

The Mexican guy who made it, shit in the taco meat and had his buddies by the grill spit in the guacamole he used.

And you know Manuel shook out a big load in that "sour" cream. Duh, some of my best amigos are Hispanics!!

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Some of the best values in wine today are coming out of Spain. All the traditional European methods and some comparable terroir but with low prices because people are snobby about wine. I happen to love the rustic qualities of some of the traditional Spanish wines, but there are also many very polished wines coming from certain areas such as Ribera del Duero in the last couple decades. Also, while Americans don't generally have a pallet for true sherry (the dry and off-dry styles), Amontillado, Manzanilla, and Oloroso are some of the most flavorful tipples you can get your hands on and pair stunningly with a variety of unusual food combinations.

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Ceffer says

Couldn't find the scene where the dwarf crawls up Divine's dress to eat her out

There's actually a scene in 'Female Trouble' where Divine plays both herself and a deadbeat boyfriend (tricky camera work!) and eats him/herself out on the side of a road on an abandoned mattress. The slurping/mmmmm! noises are maybe even funnier than the 'Lust in the Dust' scene.

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bob2356 says

I'm assuming you are talking about town square

It's possible that's a reference to Downtown Summerlin, which is on N Town Center Drive.

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Town Square is a joke. Nice, but still many empty shop spaces 4 years later and and nobody with shopping bags. Also its concept is very last decade. Actually, all the shopping malls in Las Vegas are mediocre.

It used to be Fashion Show was the big noise, but that mall hasn't been great in 10 years, either. They just added two more "casual dining" restaurants (blech). The North Premium Outlets, oddly, have more shopping bags walking around than any place in Las Vegas. They bus the touristas in from the Strip and you can find every major brand plus a lot of outlier specialty brands.

The Downtown Summerlin development is trying to be that more contemporary spin (think Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica); but again, if you look around at these places, people are spending money on restaurants: eating. People have to eat; they don't have to spend $100 on another sweater.

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Tenpoundbass says

Trump will fix the seats.

I thought Trump was a capitalist? Or are you proposing nanny state regulations from on high? If you want more comfortable seats, quit paying for plane tickets until the airlines capitulate. Or pay *more* and get a business class/first class seat. In capitalism, you vote with your dollars. As always, it's the populace that can't get their shit together. We truly do have the government AND the plane seats we deserve.

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Strategist says

There is a gay gene.

That article lacks substance and a conclusion. Try this article--it's much more thoughtful and suggests "epigenetics", a case of *variation* in DNA. This suggests one is born gay, but from genetic variance, not from genetic inheritance:

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NuttBoxer says

Russian Imperial Stout, usually 11-14% alcohol.

Love me some Old Rasputin

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After a long night of depressed bourbon guzzling in my dark living room, the last thing I want to do is take my tired, hungover ass back to the office to sit at a desk all day and play on PatNet.

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Camille Paglia came out of the woodwork to write another of her Salon prattlings *in support of* Trump. I don't know what to make of that. Maybe she needs to pay the rent. She certainly owns the brand on inane contrarianism.

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If you've not lived there, renting the first year makes the most sense even if you eventually buy. You don't really know the local culture or the neighborhoods or where the bodies are buried until you live somewhere a bit. Visiting/vacationing are often misleading ways to understand a place.

You could wind up hating it and wanting to move, in which case you are out all the transaction costs. Where I would buy in my city today is completely different from where I thought I would buy 8 years ago when I first moved here, based on what I learned as I became more of a "local".

That said, buying in a non-trendy market like KC is probably the better overall option. Patrick's rent vs. buy analysis is reasonable.

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Ironman says

A list of everything Donald Trump runs that has his name on it:

Dude, come on. Trump is *licensing* his name to most of these. Just do some research on "Trump Marks", for example. He doesn't run those businesses . . . just getting paid for his name. Which is fine--if you are such a brand that you can do that, of course you should, but don't pretend he's operating every single one of those.

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Quigley says

At my work we have vendors coming in all the time to pitch

Me too. It gets tiring after a while. My boss must sit in meetings and on the phone with these ding dongs most of every day. For every dozen vendors we talk to, we might submit RFPs or what have you. For every dozen of *those*, we might actually sign on. My old boss would go to conferences and conventions and splooge business cards all over the place. Then I would have to field the deluge of sales people on my phone and email--you know, the asshole cretin types that don't go away until you unplug your phone or set up an appointment you won't keep. So much time wasted on both sides.

Then there's the vendors you are actually signed on with and some of the crazy crap *they* do. Dropping by the reception desk all hours of the day with cards, candy, and fucking edible fruit arrangements. Sending me ugly T-shirts I'll never wear in size XXXL. Insisting on dinners, amusement park outtings, and conferences that are glorified work vacations, as if I don't have a personal life and a family. I had one that tried to get me to do business with one of my competitors so he could get us both a better rate (and himself a kickback probably)--like forced blind dating from a pimp, or something. I had to finally be a dick and tell him to stop or I was shutting down our contract. Ugh.

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As always, if the consumer wouldn't vote for (buy) inferior quality, it wouldn't make it in the market place. Does anybody really think Target powdered Parmesan is actual cheese? First off it has to be "Parmigiano" in most cases to be the real deal. Worse, do most consumers even care?

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Ha ha!, and don't forget the Trump Foundation donated more to the Clintons than to vets:

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marcus says

If I was caucus voter on the fence, or barely leaning toward Trump, and looking forward to the last debate before the vote to make up my mind or to confirm my Trump decision, I might think, "who does this asshole think he is ?

Anybody who thinks that *already* thinks that and doesn't need his debate-dump theatrics to confirm it. Please: who actually votes based on the debates? I have to hand it to T-Rump on this one; for a candidate that almost never talks about actual policy, he knows enough to know that debates don't mean shit and policy is the last thing most voters are interested in discussing (or debating).

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indigenous says

I had to look up "Pubah":


a word that can be used in any context, oftenly exclaimned in times of rage or frustration

Whoops, except you are wrong. I can see how AF's spelling threw you off. The official spelling is "Poobah": a humorous reference to a high-ranking person. I always remembered this from The Flintstones (order of the Water Buffalo):

"Grand Poobah is a term derived from the name of the haughty character Pooh-Bah in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado (1885).[1] In this comic opera, Pooh-Bah holds numerous exalted offices, including "First Lord of the Treasury, Lord Chief Justice, Commander-in-Chief, Lord High Admiral ... Archbishop ... Lord Mayor" and "Lord High Everything Else".

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