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PCGyver says

Always best to choose a running mate that the other side would less want in office. This will keep Trump alive if elected.

Wasn't that Nixon's strategy with Agnew? Yet it's Hillary that is out-Nixoning Nixon. She's so crooked she could eat soup with a corkscrew.
Blurtman says

A bloodless revolution might be preferable, but a revolution will be unavoidable and will only get worse if the same old cronies continue to run the show.

For inspiration, I re-watched 'A Tale of Two Cities' (1935) last night. Dickens really, in his hyperbole-laden style, demonstrates the unsympathetic character of both the aristocrats and the peasant rabblement. All shade of nuance or deeper human understanding is completely lost in the fog of revolution. This country scares the hell out of me right now.

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BayAreaObserver says

the airport is about an hour bus ride from the city (Kowloon)

Aww geeze, don't take the bus! The MTR Airport Express train is cheap and only takes 25-30 minutes. And it's clean and pleasant. In fact, all of the Hong Kong Metro subway is very reliable and not expensive if a walking tour is more your thing than taking cabs everywhere.

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This is a topic shrouded in mystique. Try the Bob is the Oil Guy forum. You can spend a lifetime reading more than you ever wanted to know.

I would have no issue using synthetic in a modern motor that hasn't been run high miles with dino oil. Not sure about in an old motor that always ran dino (will clean out the worn seals and possibly cause leaking).

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Time Warner, too, is evil. So Comcast's only "competition" in the "marketplace" turns out to be just as wretched.

Hmmmm, what does that reminds us of?

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frank says

Why does EVERYONE say "weary"(tired) instead of wary (cautious)?

I think because "weary" rhymes with "leery", which also means cautious or wary. Or they are Chinese and mix up their L and W sounds.

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freespeechforever says

mother and wife

With respect, you are also objectifying by denying a woman's sexuality and reducing her to wife and mother. A woman contains all of these things, and more. Turtledove made her own offer out of what could only be considered philanthropic self-expression. And we are here patiently waiting for them to be delivered to us, should Fortuna choose to favor us. (Admittedly, the title of this particular thread registers some diversion from the above-styled treatise.)

I notice in your catalogue of full red-blooded American male activities, you did not include Swinger/Porn Star/Sexual Liberator. This is why the Swiss are the happiest people in the universe. Us Americans with our Puritan-derived hang ups about sex need to put away the corn flakes and let the tits fall where they may.

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Indiana Jones says

Life is not like it was for you

Sorta agree. Obviously this woman wasn't thinking if she was racking up that much debt, though. I worked two jobs all through college, and took five years to complete it because of the strain of balancing work with classes. But I graduated with less than $10k in debt and paid it off in two years. I don't think most of my friends went that route, though. I knew some people that literally used student loans to pay rent and go shopping and eat out most nights. This was 20 years ago.

Also, she's not using her brain--there are nursing programs where you work a certain number of years and they forgive some/most/all of your student debt. You just have to sacrifice some "prestige" or more palatable work and then move on after they forgive the debt. Working two jobs in college was how I sacrificed; I guess a lot of this generation doesn't understand sacrifice: instant gratification or bust.

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JasonM says

Also, as someone who is a veteran of bear blogs, the biggest attribute you can have IMO is self awareness. I too was in denial, as we all were. We were all so wrapped up

Jason, to be fair, not all of us were bears, either. 10 years ago I was 3 years into my first real job out of college. Try saving 20% for a (then) $700k apartment in Brooklyn in your first adult years out of school. And there were none of those famous FHA freebie loans for that kind of purchase. The all-cash (in the city, anyway) environment of 2009-2013 in LA eradicated any purchasing power of a 20% DP. That was the point we realized $250k was a lot of cash to have saved and we could just move to Bumblefuck, Mississippi and retire with that kind of money.

What I realized is that my need to live and work in big cities was the biggest impediment to my home ownership. I don't regret it; my career would have gone nowhere if I hadn't left the sticks and started (with nothing) in New York. With maturity, I now see the big city as a place I don't need anymore. But I have a few years left in me before we can go off into the sunset for early semi-retirement.

As the great Jody Chunder once said on this very site (I'm paraphrasing and forget his exact, elegant wording), I lived and worked in the city and all it ever got me was chair-ass, a bruised liver, and a broken heart. Amen, brother.

David9, always good to see you check in.

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Ride the rainbow

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Tenpoundbass says

We then had to replace our cabinets.

It's a damn shame too, because that was framed in Oak and set in place with the lathe and plaster finish work over the edges. I had to saws all out some damn fine cabinets, and put in some first class crap.

Because you can't buy those ugly solid wood cabinets anymore. It's all prefabbed with crappy maligned mil-work.

"Lathe" and plaster? Do you mean trimwork turned on a lathe, or do you mean lath and plaster? Lath and plaster is used for walls, not trim work, and was replaced by gypsum board in the '40s/'50s and later drywall. What exactly are you trying to say here?

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Simchaland, there is a six stage grieving process for the American Dream. I think you are still in Denial--and I say that sympathetically. 10 years ago when I found PatNet, I was in Denial, too (well, actually, New York City). Look, you have a sweet deal on rent. I don't think you are "freeloading", so much as sitting on a windfall and not counting your blessings.

Like Strategist said, you are going to eventually pay market rent. It's a matter of time. We haven't had our rent raised in 6 years and continue to store our acorns for the winter, but I have no issue with the inevitable day that the LL asks for the favor in return. Meanwhile, we invest our savings as wisely as we are capable of.

After I passed the Denial stage in 2012, prices starting going back up. That's the problem with metro-city areas; they dropped the least after the bubble, and immediately went right back up. By the time I had a 20% DP, it was cash-only-or-FUCK-YOU. So, I could have been stuck at the Acceptance stage, but instead I jumped right ahead to the Move the Fuck out of The City stage. I came from a longtime Southern family, though, so small towns and backroads are not uncomfortable for me. We all travel our own journey.

The end of the grieving process for the American Dream is when you realize we were not born at a time that allowed endless cheap land and opportunity. Our grandparents did not compete with Chinese money or the massive population we now have, nor did they prize metro-city real estate the way we do today. That said, we all have our personal situations, and if you cannot move for personal reasons, perhaps the price you pay is not to own where you live and instead play the renter's game.

I don't see a bubble. Certain markets are definitely going to plateau, or even decline somewhat if there is a recession coming, but SF/NYC/LA/etc. are going nowhere but up.

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Blurtman says

List of ethnic groups in the United States by household income

Anybody notice this list of countries (not "ethnic groups") details European American but also Portuguese American, Belgian American, Polish American, German American, et al. So WTF is " European American" then--if all the European countries are then duplicated in the "data"? Or is that a euphemism for all the Jews from European countries since they can't be real Germans or real Swiss or whatever?

This list is one of the more bogus pieces of pseudo-knowledge I have seen on Wackopedia.

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Goran_K says

to get to a $300,000+ down payment is going to take many years

Sad but true. The story of a lifetime, perhaps.

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Iwog, you didn't eat at the right places. Which is nuts b/c you can trip over good food in NYC. I hope you weren't judging the entire city based on mid-town "by the pound" luncheonettes. A good rule is stay below 23rd in Manhattan, or no further than two neighborhoods out from the river in Brooklyn or Queens. Actually, there's some insane ethnic cuisine further out for the adventurous.

SF has an amazing food scene, no doubt. I actually like the food in Napa/Sonoma even more.

At least NYC and SF don't have the obnoxious restaurant hype that we have in LA.

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Switzerland does not "require". Non-military citizens have a rigorous licensing process to obtain a gun. Switzerland has conscription to around age 35, which includes a state issued gun.

Is your cartoon suggesting we need conscription in the U.S.?

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Ironman says

Morning" beer? Sounds like you have some serious issues

Indeed! My stash is nearly dry and the likka store is at *least* five minutes from here. But thanks for taking my bait. Let's put this all aside and have a nice cold Lagunitas with me, sir!

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Where's Gary to tell us this is all fake and gay? A bunch of method actors! Bread and circuses, mein Herr!!

Libbies will use this to ban guns; con-tards will use this to ban Islamofucks. Same shit, different day. Gonna have my Sunday morning Beer now and pretend the world is not this screwed up.

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turtledove says

take out a bunch of credit cards. Pay off the balance with cash advances. Declare bankruptcy. Discharge the card balances

We've suggested this in the past on PatNet. I always wonder if anybody has ever taken the advice. Would be interesting to know if this works as simply as it does on paper. "He who dies with the most debt wins".

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Shouldn't Florida be getting their annual hurricane gas increase right about now?

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YesYNot says

this guys stupidity

The dumb bitch that gets herself raped at the Jagermeister frat party will be slut-shamed and called out as a cum dumpster, so society doles out its own punishments for stupidity.

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