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Blight bundle, now that's hilarious. 3.2 million?, just give it to them, oh wait, I heard a real estate developer mentioned...

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Health care is a monopoly, insurance to, out of control, not sustainable. U.S. health care ranked 40th by World Health Organization, you pay allot & don't get much. So typical greed style coporate mentality in the U.S.

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They are just joining in the fun, everybody else is doing it. They are finally figuring out that debt is the better solution.

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Sounds about right, more people on the inside will work real well for the drug trade in America, and of course .. they know how to do it, by starting them young, and also creating existing ties to the countries where the drugs come from. Well thought out plan.

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They say rate hikes are coming to get people to buy now, they've been using this trick for the last 5 years, works good. But, now everyone is mortgaged, or took out more heloc's, or bought cars, now we got interest free credit cards until 2016. Economists and investors know rates won't be raised for at least another year. The U.S. debts are not serviceable at higher rates, sounds more like a possible recession in 2016, or whenever chickens come home to roost again, whichever comes first. Jobs don't always equate to housing activity. Where I work, they don't hire permanent employees anymore, they hire foreigners, who know the jobs are temporary, and it takes 6 years to get citizenship.

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Rin is right about the age where he's probably dealt with a whole lot of feminism throughout growing up and his life so far. Women get away with allot because of this, for instance, a woman drunk driving in a town near me, got in an accident, and her Mother died as a result, if it were a man driving he's be throw in the clink, meanwhile, she goes scott free.

He may come off as Mysgonist but Misandry is also quite rampant, and he's just simply going his own way. I don't blame him a bit. Oh, and lol, my family despises me for being a loner myself. But, I'm on track for retirement, and like Rin, at age 55 I can finally quit riding the cubicle and go do what I want for a change, which will be to work jobs like you find at, do some light traveling, volunteer work, whatever floats my boat.

But, I'm not into objectifying like Rin, many, many women are really great people, in fact, if it were not for a woman, the nuclear bomb would not have come to be, as it did.

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Well, many millennials know jobs are more temporary than ever before so they rent instead, many have student loan debt. People need to realize who owns the U.S. government, just follow the money. The two party system is really quite antiquated, and it's not really a two party system anymore .. again, follow the money. It's just a pretty large group of talking heads

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I think everyone thinks about doing this, forget about it, and concentrate on getting into something you really enjoy, or freelancing it. But, it sure does not hurt to take some time off either. On the other hand, if you can manage working out of your home and can afford health insurance for your family go for it. I know guys who change jobs just because they are getting a bit older and don't want to take the risk of losing it all because they need/want a better health plan.

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I never under estimate China, they know they need a middle class and they'll build a better one than we had, they have a huge democratic under tow as well. Why?, it's just another transition they are in as well as joining the BRIC, while the U.S. fiddles away.. The U.S. is actually bubbles within bubbles, and we are inherently addicted to recessions. I know a few Chinese folk here in the U.S. who own apartments in China, they are not that expensive. I agree, the money supply growth is the new wildcard, but if it is serviced within the country they'll figure something out when the time comes, kind of like we did. The other wildcard is all the gold China is acquiring.

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China is still building a middle class, if they can afford a car, they'll soon be able to afford an apartment .. because they don't live in economic bubbles like us where even many here cannot buy a car & also many certainly cannot afford to buy housing.

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China has almost 1.5 billion people, the U.S. has 316 million. Their RE market, if it starts popping, investors come in and scoop the pop up, the inventories would clear almost overnight, they don't live in economic bubbles like we do here. Just like Chinese investors dominate the U.S. RE market. The Chinese government already stepped in and put a stop to over heating the RE market, unlike the stupid U.S. and banksters who played people as fools. Also, they don't build apartments and throwaway houses like we do. They build actual concrete apartments, when you buy one it's an empty shell, it's an easy investment, no insurance needed, no taxes, no b.s. like we have here. And, no the titling office is not like it is here either, they just don't have the kind of red tape you have here when you want to buy something.

China does not lead in stock piled gold, if they have larger stock piles than anyone else it's because they manufacture more than anyone else so use more metal than anyone else.

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Stupid and a money grubber..

Michael is kind of onto the medical system though.

I've been going to the doctors 4 --- the last 4 years, they just keep repeating the same tests over and over.

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Flipperville is back, prices up, sellers think what they got is worth allot and everyone wants to make a buck, now things can go a little stagnant and that's the summer for you. Time to settle down crack a few, and watch the world go to h in a handbasket for another season. I just put an offer in on a small condo, the sellers were asking 100k for it, I offered 96500, they counter offered at 105k, so I said ok I'll give you your stupid 100k, but you pay $500 warranty and $1000 towards closing, supposedly they are accepting the offer but who knows, if they let it expire they can keep the place. I'll keep shopping if I have to.

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U.S. healthcare - for profit. Ranked 40th worldwide among industrialized nations. It's just about worthless unless you have cancer or their crappy blood tests finally pick up an infection after the damage has already been done. Trick is to let the patient get so bad that it's time to start cutting parts out. Reactive medicine, is about as far from pro-active as it gets. Ethics .. not part of the corporate mentality.
Also, with GMO's coming on strong, Crohn's, digestive disorders, mental disorders, more cancers, auto immune diseases..
Just watch the documentary under our skin - open your eyes people.
Also on youtube, if you have roku3 or smart tv easily viewed on your TV.
Leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. - medical costs.

I'm with you elliemae, bless you.

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Definitely, if you want to talk depreciation, think of having to remediate anything pre 1970 that is chock full of lead paint and asbestos, gotta be gutted. Foundations made out of rebar don't and won't last either. Although, cracks in floating slabs are normal, I guess landscaping can help but I nary see a basement that does not leak water .. eventually. They just keep making cheaper, some of these houses from the 50's are pretty solid, but it's all about keeping a good roof on the house, and how about those asbestos siding you still see around. These 10-20 year roof's made with tar .. simply designed to have to be replaced. Now, I see they've got plastic slate for a 50 year roof, vs. clay, 100 year roof, copper nails, etc.
In Europe they've got roofs that are 500 years old.

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Lol, watch America continue to outsource itself, thinking that's the solution to cutting costs. Service based economy, military economy, borrowing economy, and throw away society, a sign of what is to come one day in the land of more.

Lol2, I don't have money to pay interest to the banks, property taxes, insurance, and ever expensive service based economy upkeep. I'm stretched, I don't care how low rates are. Income went flat and I sold immediately 4 years ago, renting and putting more money into my pocket vs. a house that does not rise in value, just sucks money.

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Lately had a petition for whole foods, apparently, all that expensive prepared stuff they sell, they don't use good ingredients, etc. They also have funny things on the shelves like colloidal silver, but also warnings about it, Whole Foods might be a little more eastern diet vs. western diet without going to all the korean, asian, chinese food stores we now have in town.

I went to whole foods last night, the girlfriend needed something that only that store had. I still bought a bunch of crap, it's all non gmo organic.
Here is what I went for.

Well being journal 6.95
Half Gal Coconut milk 3.99
salad spring mix 3.99
organic cane sugar 2.25 lb. 7.63
Black seed soap 4.99
Herring 6.99
ginger saurkraut 5.39
banana .92
cucumbers .92
quinoa 1 lb. 4.61
radishes 2.00
tomatoes 4.19
walnuts 4.92
bottle white wine (italy), 14.99
The craziest thing I bought was a loaf of paleo bread for 8 bucks, but I don't eat much bread and that will last me two weeks. The whine was so good me & gf sucked it down pretty fast between us.

I don't go to whole foods often, to spendy, it's a rare treat, we have a local co-op that I go to instead, also a hy-ve, so I change up some, depending on where the better deals are. Lately I've changed over from the cheap soaps to goat soap, tired of the other cheap crap.

I'm spending more, but my health is getting funny, and I'm trying to live better. On the other hand, health can be easier than you think, and you don't need to shop at whole foods or go completely organic, just got to learn to get smart about your health, stay away from certain foods, learn how to cook good meals, etc., something many Americans refuse to do.

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Think parking cash, think easy money, think about to many people with to much money and out of those many people, many don't trust equities, etc. Fortunes are built in many ways, moguls are born by the minute these days. Yeah it makes for an imbalance and I see allot of houses for rent these days.

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It's still cheaper for me to rent, I was looking at some condo's nearby the other day just for fun, some of them were only about 1400 sq/ft., the taxes were 4 thousand a year. I can rent for about 7 thousand a year.

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It will respond until it won't, but I think it will for a long time to come because QE and your government is in many ways .. all that's left of your economy, it's only the faith in the dollar itself keeping the float going.
smaulgld says

everything says

No different, except now our crashes are a little more global in nature, the fed will standby, not much they can do initially being the root cause of events themselves. QE is all they really know, it will work until it doesn't.

Rates will have to stay dirt low, this will keep equities happy and good until they've exploited low interest rates to the point where the stock market will crash. What will I do?, nothing I can do.

The poll asks the question and I suppose the "nothing" answer in the poll is "stay in cash" Rates will have to stay low but can the Fed keep them low with more QE? Would the stock market respond to more QE?

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