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Tenpoundbass says

They were found in Blue Ice.

The avalanche covered them, the cold frigid weather made blue ice out of it. The Frozen solid blue ice then continued to convey the contents up hill down hill as the glaciers have done for millennia.

Then when they got to the bottom of the hill, they begin to emerge out of the ice, where the sun helps aid the process.

Now had there been global warming like everyone says. They should have been found the next spring in the exact location where they were covered after the snow pack melted.

Glaciers don't go up hill. Gravity doesn't work that way. I realize you live in florida where the highest point is the highway overpass so the idea of an 26000 foot summit is pretty hard for you to grasp. I'll try to type very slowly. The Shishapangma glacier drops over 10000 feet from the top of the mountain. That would be around a 35 degree drop in temp from the base camp to the summit. The base is 16,000 or another 59 degrees drop from sea level. Lowe and bridges were killed at 19,000 feet. No the avalanche didn't carry them down the hill, they were in the runout area. The snow pack never melts at those altitudes. That's why there are glaciers in the first place. Glaciers don't exist on mountains where the snow pack melts. During the winter storms the snow builds up or avalanches down from the steeper slopes. Then the summer snow pack warms and settles creating something called firn which is half way between snow and ice. The weight and colder winter weather then turns firn into glacier ice and the weight drives the glacier down, never up, into the valley. The bodies were found thousands of feet lower (and warmer) near the base camp where the glacier does melt.

Sorry this is all so much over your head. Don't bother to strain yourself trying to deal with such hard to grasp concepts like elevation and temperature, just toke another bone, you'll feel much better.

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indigenous says

Exerps from a podcast about the book, "The Lost Mandate of Heaven: The American Betrayal of Ngo Dinh Diem, President of Vietnam"

The first problem is you are listening to a podcast about a book. Maybe try reading the book. I haven't, but might. Diem wasn't building roads, schools, and healthcare. Diem and his cronies were taking american aid to build and stealing it. What he was doing was pursuing his disastrous resettlement policy. Sorry but the corruption under Diem has been documented time and time again. I can come up with at least a dozen books documenting this just off my bookshelves. If shaw writes otherwise then his book is very revisionist history. Geoffry Shaw isn't exactly a neutral observer. Go read his Alexandrian Defense Chronicles stuff. Talk about neocon wet dream.

Try reading Darpa the Pentagons Brain by Anne Jacobson. It has several chapters about this period. I loaned my copy to a friend so I don't have it in my hand, but in summary darpa was contracted to do a major study of the situation vietnam in 1961 or so that lasted for months. The team consisted of people who were very knowledgeable about se asia and most spoke fluent vietnamese. They found diem was totally corrupt, lacked any support among the population, that his policies were deeply unpopular and creating a much larger opposition all the time. Especially the resettlement policy. Kennedy and the CIA hated to hear this, shelved the report and sent out another team the next year. That team had little experience in se asia and didn't speak the language, forcing them to use interpreters, but came back the the report results kennedy and the CIA liked. Every bit of this is documented, dates, places, people, papers, meeting notes, everything.

You might also try watching, since you seem to prefer watching to actually reading, the fog of war. Especially the part where mcnamara met with ho chi min and asked if there was anything that would have stopped him. Ho chi min said no we would have fought to the last man.

So I stand by my statement. Diem being killed by the coup plotters, not the killed by the CIA bullshit you keep repeating to try to make it true, made no difference in the outcome at all. The NVA was coming in no matter what, the south vietnamese government was totally incompetent and corrupt with no hope of stopping them, the people had no support for the government or the us troops. Having a catholic government in a 95% buddist country didn't help at all. Especially when Diem government brought back the landlords the viet minh had driven off years before and forced the peasants to give up the land and pay years of back rent. Which was collected by the south vietnamese army. Marylin Young in "The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990" documents that during the diem regime there was "75 percent support for the NLF, 20 percent trying to remain neutral and 5 percent firmly pro-government,". NLF is another word for vietcong. South Vietnam was going to fall no matter what, the US involvement only changed the timing by a few years.

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Tenpoundbass says

Heraclitusstudent says

You know glaciers are flowing, right?

I do! I sometimes wonder if the Global Alarmist does.

Ice does not flow if it's melting.

Damn this thread is the funniest thing I've read on patnet in a long time. I almost choked to death on my orange juice. TBP you have truly outdone yourself in the ignorant and proud of it category. The south will rise again.

Ok, quick science lesson for the terminally conservative. Glaciers are formed by snow sliding downhill into valleys compressing and creating a river of ice flowing downhill. Gravity works. Glaciers then flow downhill to the altitude where it is warm enough (you do know temps fall as you go higher I hope) to melt them. There is snow feeding into a glacier all the time at the top. If you fall into the top of a glacier (note the article says the climbers were taken down by an avalanche aka snow sliding downhill) then you and all the snow flows downhill very very slowly until you, or at least your body, reach the point where the ice melts. It's a river, it moves. The end point changes with glacial melting, not the beginning. The river gets shorter and shorter from the bottom up as things warm. The end points of glaciers have been moving higher and higher, aka retreating, for years.

It would be best to wait until you are sober and more or less not high to do this kind of heavy conceptional thinking.

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indigenous says

Got any numbers?

Don't need numbers. There are entire government agencies dedicated to supporting air travel aka airlines. Again are you denying airlines are not heavily subsidized? It's a simple question with a simple binary solution set called yes or no. Not that you have ever answered a direct question, at least no one has seen it happen yet.

indigenous says

BTW I notice you did not bother to respond to facts I supplied regarding the US killing of Diem

I'm not on 24/7 like you and cic. When I get some down time I post.

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Tenpoundbass says

What subisdies does the Airlines get? I know they got them at one point when they were struggling, are they continuing to get them?

You could start with airports construction and maintenance, air traffic control, national weather service, the FAA, military pilot training, essential air service act, fly america act, 9/11 bailout (air transportation stabilization act), subsidized maintenance facilities. That's a good start, then we could move onto actual airline bailouts.

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indigenous says

You are the one who did not do the 5 second google search.

You are the one drinking Libby Kool Aid.

So you are saying you are sticking by airlines never got bailouts or are you saying you were wrong? Looks like your usual duck and shuffle.

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I appreciate the ongoing efforts at improvement, but miss being able to see the last comment.

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Patrick says

bob2356 says

What sd-ira do you own that doesn't charge any fees?

Charles Schwab. i never paid a dime in fees.

Really. I can't find self directed IRA anywhere on schwab's web page. Only self directed brokerage account. Got a link?

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Patrick says

Then not only are their absolutely zero fees if you just own stock in your 401k rollover, but also you can trade stock in that account (even day trade) with zero tax liability until you retire, at which point you just have ordinary income tax to pay

What sd-ira do you own that doesn't charge any fees? Mine all have fees. Actually the fees for self directed are usually higher than traditional.

Just owning stock sort of defeats the reason for having an sd-ira. Plus you can't write off any losses.

You can invest in any legitimate financial investment as long as it's not "self dealing", meaning no friends and family. Art, antiques, stamps, collectables are NOT considered investments by the IRS so that's a big no. With real estate you must use a professional manager and be hands off. It must be passive income. Otherwise the sky is the limit. I've done very well with private financing and tax sales.

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jazz music says

for example, funds a lot of basic research everywhere in the USA, not just at NASA labs, but the requirements and the contracts are funneled through NASA.

Really? Nasa funds a LOT of basic research everywhere? There was 160 billion in the federal budget spent on R&D last year. That doesn't include military/defence projects in the black. The entire NASA budget was 18 billion. Which is actually pretty funny since NASA very artfully implies they spend the entire 18 billion on research if you read their web page. Amazing to have a government agency that somehow has zero operating expenses.

jazz music says

The need for new technology is not filled by greed for stock market gains. Scientists publish (or perish) so military research doesn't provide the basic technologies because scientists avoid military work when they can't publish their findings.

Are you actually taking drugs? The need for new technology is very much filled with greed for stock market gains. Unless you are saying new technology only counts if it is military/aerospace or government funded.

You are contradicting yourself. A lot of nasa work has military applications. Nasa was formed to do space research and let the military pursue weapons research. But they were always interdependent. Read the space act (which created nasa out of naca) section 4 which directs that nasa provide any discoveries with military or national defence value to any agencies that are relevant. The idea of nasa as some kind of pure as ivory soap shining house on the hill above the dirty work of military is an absurd fantasy. A lot of scientists work on military research beyond nasa or what nasa funds. They go where they get paid. Not all, or even a majority, of scientists work in the university system doing publish or perish. Many scientists work for private industry. Like the people who invented the transistor and the ic. Oh right, those aren't real scientists, they work for industry.

jazz music says

: silicon valley would have nothing to sell if it wasn't for NASA.

jazz music says

Our tax money created silicon valley through NASA programs with the requirements to launch intelligent probes to other planets and send data back. Did you think nobody knew that electronics microminiaturization breakthrough technology was paid for by the Apollo program?

Yet the vast and overwhelming majority of products coming out of silicon valley in the 1960's went to the military and industry not to nasa. The vast and overwhelming amount of research money was from the military not nasa. Exactly what microminiturazation breakthrough technology was paid for by the Apollo program? The Apollo program used plain old IC's the same as used in minutemen. It's nice that you believe nasa is a combination of the tooth fairy and the wizard of oz, but it's just not true.

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KgK one says

Eventual profit from corporate is given to shareholders, which they pay taxes on. If you tax corporate, aren't you taxing same money twice once at corporate and then from person who gets dividends?

So what? The same money get's double taxed all the time. You get paid which is taxed, then pay sales tax or property tax or whatever.

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jazz music says

Did you think nobody knew that electronics microminiaturization breakthrough technology was paid for by the Apollo program? Did you think Texas Instruments developed electronics for oil exploration?

Last time I checked the transistor was invented in 1949 before nasa existed by AT&T labs, the integrated circuit by Texas Instruments in 1957 before nasa existed, and the microprocessor by intel for calculators and stoplights in the early 70's with no ties to nasa at all. The circuits on the apollo missions, like the apollo guidance computer, were integrated circuits with wire wrap boards. The guidance computer was designed and built at MIT, not at a corporate site. The apollo program bought small scale integrated circuits (SSI) but they didn't pay for the development. Actually the minuteman missile program bought almost all of the SSI's in the early 60's, not the apollo program or nasa. This allowed the technology to ramp up with the military paying the expensive early production then having prices come down enough through automating production to allow commercial use.

Nasa has created a lot of spinoff technologies over the years. They even regularly publish something called the spinoff report describing them. But nasa did NOT fund the research or drive the production to create silicon valley or silicon valley technology.

jazz music says

No, you paid for it and the corporate world is right there with their hands out ready to gouge the shit out of everybody for it. Is that funny?

You can't have it both ways. Corporate welfare is when corporations get something for nothing. Research isn't something for nothing. The government pays for discovering something or pays for developing a product that never existed before which may or may not be possible. Research is always is a gamble. A lot basic research, other than weapons for obvious reasons, is done at universities anyway, not private corporations.

The amount spent on research is a rounding error compared to tax or direct subsidies given to corporations.

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Philistine says

bob2356 says

I'm assuming you are talking about town square

It's possible that's a reference to Downtown Summerlin, which is on N Town Center Drive.

Ok that makes more sense. Never heard of town center drive. The one time I went to Summerlin I just got off and on the highway.

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indigenous says

They don't get started in the first place. The wars are instigated Wilson with the Lusitania, FDR with sanctions on Japan then with the Japanese ambassadors begging for peace being turned away by FDR, the atrocities with the US bombing Japan and ending with the totally unnecessary A bombs, Kennedy's murder of Diem followed by LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin, GWB and the weapons of mass destruction.

I always enjoy your distorted view of history. Other than Iraq none of these wars were instigated by the US. The US could have chosen not to participate, but the wars were already ongoing.

The Lusitania was sunk a year after WWI started and 2 years before the US entered the war. Hardly in instigation.

Japan was at war for 5 years when fdr put sanctions on japan, they were in china and indochina(vietnam) already and were about to attack the dutch east indies. The begging for peace is pure bullshit. Japan insisted they be given control of all of southeast asia and continue to conquer china.

The war in vietnam was ongoing since 1946. Killing diem changed nothing other than maybe the timing. Ho Chi Min was already committed to coming in with NVA regular army by 1963 well before the coup. Kennedy didn't murder diem, the vietnamese army did. Kennedy supported the coup but believed diem would be sent into exile. Here are the details, not that you are going to read any of it or actually learn some history.

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bgamall4 says

Look at Town Center in Las Vegas.

I'm assuming you are talking about town square, I've never heard of town center in las vegas.

To truly get the full on mall experience one has to go to dubai where the malls have things like world class aquariums and ski areas. or for just plain old mind boggling huge one of the the sm megamalls in manila.

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Dan8267 says

Again, how is a private cop different from a security guard if he's not getting his authority from the state?

The ones with arrest powers do get their authority from the state. Most states have provisions for private cops working for security services to be granted arrest powers. They have to apply for it and be approved. Critical Intervention Services in Florida has arrest powers.

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indigenous says

Don't businesses do that? Some sort of a bond.


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thunderlips11 says

By the end of the study, published in PLOS One, the endurance group had ridden for 27 hours, while the interval group had ridden for six hours, with only 36 minutes of that time being strenuous.

That sounds boring as hell. I'll stick to mogul skiing, windsurfing, and mountain climbing (non technical) for conditioning thank you very much.

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zzyzzx says

iwog says

A combination of 50% of Greenland's ice mass melting and 10% of Antarctica melting could easily cover New York, Florida, and most coastal cities on earth.

Furthermore we know that both are losing mass quickly so it's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN.

Perfect, another brain surgeon. The arctic ice sheet is already in the ocean. It has no effect on sea level if it melts or not. Only ice stored on LAND that melts can change the sea level. Oh my 2013, a one year variation is only considered science to conservative luddites. Here try this chart if you need to talk about sea ice.

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ja says

indigenous says

At the heart of this is deferral of income,

Are you thinking on capital gains?

AFAIK, it's something all countries do.

No the author meant deferral of income, except deferring income just defers taxes also. It's not like the income is never going to be taxed.

The heart of the problem is people can spend unlimited money on political candidates who can then write laws that give back the money plus a whole lot more in the form of tax breaks.

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