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  • On 20 Aug 2014 in 109,631,000 People on Welfare,a total of 153,323,000 People on some type of Prgm, bob2356 said:

    Wtf is all this lived in households shit. Where are the number of people actually collecting the benefits? Seems like simple numbers to come up with, why did cnsnews avoid it so carefully? Who the hell is CNSNEWS anyway. Has anyone ever heard of them?

  • On 20 Aug 2014 in Many are more like this guy, bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    n other words you couldn't find a link.bob2356 says

    A link to what? Where is your link showing police are ALL democrats?

    I don't have a lot of time to screw with this so I'll give you a link to make you happy. Here's the head of the SFPOA saying that "many of our members describe themselves as republicans" trying to convince his membership to vote more democratic. Thats' in SF, the most democrat invested city in the country. Who do you suppose the cops in Fargo ND or Overland KS vote for?

    This is the point where a normal human being would say I fucked up. But I can count on you to dance around for a dozens more postings.

  • On 20 Aug 2014 in Good Job!, bob2356 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    especially since the paramedics/fire dept's are horrendously overpaid

    I thought you were a health professional? I don't know if things have changed that much in the last 10 years since I volunteered on a basic bus when I was training for ski patrol, but I don't think it could be that dramatic. Most of the pure paramedics then were making maybe 14-16 an hour few if any benefits, and working 50-60 hours a week. I don't know anything about what the fire department medics made, never talked to any of them. This was in northern NJ. Maybe Utah is different.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Many are more like this guy, bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    Trying to explain a priori to someone who is sold on the empirical method is a tough sell. But that does not mean it is wrong or is possible to show in a "link".

    Sam has one apple, suzie has one apple, how many apples are there in california logic ins't a link.

    Yea that empirical method, actually looking up facts, is a tough sell to the I believe because I threw enough random facts out crowd.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Many are more like this guy, bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    Here is a poll by the same company that shows public unions are infested by democrats:

    Completely meaningless as usual. I;m sure the clerks and jerks are heavily dem. What percentage of public employees in any state are cops though? Pretty damn small. NYC which has the most cops per citizen by a wide margin, yet only only 15% of the city budget goes to the police force. The entire force, not the payroll. Anyplace else is a lot smaller.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Many are more like this guy, bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    Now about your stupid claim, the link shows opinions about different professions according to their political affiliation. Not reading your own link is pretty fucking stupid I would say?

    At least he has a link, not saying it's true because I believe it's true like you always do.

    An awful lot of cops I know are republican. Most did the high school athlete, go into the military, then join the police career route. I suppose next you'll say all of the military are democrats because they are also public employees. The CIA? NSA? Democrats all?

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Michael Brown Autopsy: Shot from the Front of his Body, bob2356 said:

    sbh says

    Fine, whatever. Why would the cop have hit the arm at all then, irrespective of direction or aspect? I'm just saying, it's not definitive. It can be used to support multiple scenarios: and it will be so used.

    Because many cops aren't very good shots, plain and simple. Aiming center of mass pulling to the left with the gun rising with each shot while the person is falling forward the pattern is very easy to believe. The first couple shots to the hand and arm would also probably make a person bend over from pain.

  • On 19 Aug 2014 in Most supermarket meat contains antibiotic resistant bacteria, bob2356 said:

    curious2 says

    P.S. re your edit to add cats, I have been trying honestly to encourage Toxo Bob to get tested for T. Gondii, but in his mind he's perfect so he responds only with hostility. T. Gondii is also a risk factor for schizophrenia, which might explain the paranoia and delusions of grandeur

    Why don't you encourage yourself to get a life.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Black Facts, bob2356 said:

    The Original Bankster says

    this is generally true. In order to examine this you need to look at places where blacks are the majority such as Africa. the country in sub-saharan africa with the highest standards for both blacks and whites was South Africa. Yes, Blacks had *the highest standards of living* in the entire region. Mostly, they want access to technology and progress, but can't, or wont participate in the same way as whites.

    What a load of crap. Starting in the early 1800's the european powers colonized africa leading up to the "scramble for africa". Both disease and genocide wiped out large numbers of africans. Random country formation destroyed historic tribal boundries leading to non stop war since the colonists pulled out. Who knows how and in what form africa would have developed without colonization.

    Africa has always lacked animals and crops that can be domesticated. Without a food surplus, there is little time for advancement of civilization. European (and Ameriican) superiority types always ignore this stroke of luck they enjoyed. So an industrial society would have been unlikely in isolation, only a tribal hunter gatherer society would have been really possible. But if animals and grains had been imported and implemented early on without the colonization the story probably would have been very different.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Ron Paul: "What Have We Accomplished In Iraq?", bob2356 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    Strategist says

    mell says

    Ron Paul: "What Have We Accomplished In Iraq?"

    Something tells me we will never get Iraq right.

    Hey, it's only been 24 years.... These things take time....

    No one has gotten iraq right in 3000 years. How much time are you talking about?

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Brain Drain and Capital Flight: 64% of Wealthy Chinese Plan to Leave China, bob2356 said:

    A whole 6900 visa's issued last year out of 900 billion people. That's a serious brain drain. How will China do without all those people? Get a grip mish.

  • On 18 Aug 2014 in Like the BRICS & Argentina give a damn about the EU & U.S., bob2356 said:

    A little heavy handed, but the basics are there. A new world order is coming and the old world order is going to end up being spectators.

  • On 17 Aug 2014 in Myths about buying a house, bob2356 said:

    tatupu70 says

    bob2356 says

    No one paying 1725 a month in mortgage itemizes the deduction.

    Of course they do. You get mortgage interest + state taxes + property taxes. In the vast majority of states, it will be cheaper to itemize.

    Really? Standard deduction plus dependents for a family of 4 is 28k. The vast majority of states don't have houses that expensive and taxes that high. Plus everyone gets the standard deduction no matter what. For bill's analysis to be correct he would have to only include the amount above that.

    Bill's house example was in WA. No state income tax, 2k in property tax, 11k in interest the first year. It would just barely pay for a single person to itemize on that. Single people aren't buying 3 bdrm houses. A 360k house would be high end in the midwest, south, most of the west except CA, and a good chunk of the NE.

    The vast majority? There are only 3 states in the country with average or median sale price above 300k, HI,MA,NY. There are 30 below 200k and 15 below 150k. How the heck are people going to itemize on those numbers. You do remember the interest paid drops every year don't you?

  • On 17 Aug 2014 in Myths about buying a house, bob2356 said:

    Bellingham Bill says

    is a random decent place I picked off the listings map in about 5 seconds.

    $360,000 / 180 is $2000 so they're saying if I can rent this for say $1800 I should rent.

    Thing is, PITI is $1862/mo on the 20% down 4.15% 30 year loan, and the actual cash expense (with the tax savings and not counting principal repayment) is $1220/mo starting out.

    Over the 30 year life of the loan, the average monthly expense is $964/mo and I think that's the number that should be used to determine rent-vs-buy.

    What will rents be in 2020? 2030?

    Your numbers are just flat wrong. No one is getting 4.15. Primo credit maybe 4.3-4.4. At 4.3 the PI is 1425. Taxes are 200 according to the ad. Insurance has to be another 100. Both of which can go up, my texas rental houses had tax and ins double in 10 years. So the real number is 1725. No one paying 1725 a month in mortgage itemizes the deduction. The standard deduction is more than that if you are married with a kid. Single people aren't buying 1200 sf houses with 3 bedrooms. There is practically no principle repayment the first 10 years of a 30 year loan. Most people don't live in the same house more than 10 years these days. So I don't see where you are taking it out. You have zero for upkeep of the house. That's ridiculous. I allow 2% for rental units. Over the long term it's a little conservative. So allow .5-1% for owner occupied depending on condition. So tack another 200-300 a month on. I looked at rental houses in bellingham with 3 bdrm and came up with 34 many in the $1100-1300 range. Maybe they are all in really bad area's, but I doubt it.

    I wouldn't consider buying for 360k 20% down if I could rent the same size house for $1200-1300. If I put my 72k down payment in good investments it would pay probably 1/3 of the rent. Commit to 280k debt vs 800-900 rent (after investments)? No thanks.

    What I've done the last 8 years living in a very overpriced rent vs mortgage market is put the difference between rent and mortgage into an IRA plus got employer 4% match. It's 130k and counting so far. Had I been forced to move after 8 years (which I was) and owned the house I would have had about 30k (maybe) in equity, almost zero in appreciation, and an 18k bill for 6% of 300k plus closing costs. So exactly the same monthly outlay netting me maybe 10k. Thats' a stone loser.

    Of course if you are going to piss away the money or live in an area that there isn't much difference between renting and buying the equation is different. I'm certainly not against buying a house, I've owned 5 houses of my own. But a house is a big box, nothing more, nothing less. You really have to take a cold hard look at the economics.

  • On 16 Aug 2014 in Why California is Awesome, bob2356 said:

    Peter P says

    The weather in the Bay Area is unmatched by any place in the world.

    You haven't been to New Zealand then. The bay of plenty, hawkes bay, and gisborne regions have the best weather anywhere.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in Cops arrest Alderman for "not listening", bob2356 said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    It's hillarious that the board lefties are decrying abusive police behavior.

    Who exactly is it that you think will be executing the orders to confiscate everyone's guns?

    I suspect at that point there will be deafening silence from the left.

    You are starting to make less sense than captain fuckedup, and that's a high bar.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in SEC goes after Whistleblower who leaked JP Morgan Settlement, bob2356 said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't the SEC's records public? Here's the SEC list of exemptions from FOI I don't see how a settlement falls into any of the exemptions.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in What Robin Williams death should mean to us, bob2356 said:

    jazz music says

    Rush Limbaugh, quintessential troll

    Why is he still here? He said if obama was elected he would leave. I think that's why so many people voted obama in 2008, just to get rid of douch limbaugh. Then he stayed anyway.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in The Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia on The U.S., bob2356 said:

    smaulgld says

    Then go back to my original list and explain how those goods are manufactured in the US, or repeat your claim that they are just "trinkets"

    Not my post that said they were trinkets.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in What Robin Williams death should mean to us, bob2356 said:

    curious2 says

    I had the same exchange with Bob, but the only counter-example he could find was brand name (not generic) Bayer Aspirin, which was cheaper in Mexico; generic aspirin is cheaper here

    Horseshit. You asked for examples, I gave you examples. Not the only example, just the first ones I came to. If you want to say oh, well I found something different so you example doesn't count then that's par for your juvenile bullshit. So someone says in an article that otc is cheaper than in other countries then that makes it true. No research, no examples, no backup, just a statement and you post it like it came down engraved on the tablets. Also par for the course.

    Based on your postings I don't believe you've ever travelled further than the state fair much less to any other country.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in Turlocks only hospital now owned by Tenet, bob2356 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    My hate for Obamacare

    Hey cap. There are 8 million people signed up for ACA. That's less than 2% of the population. You're not even one of them. Why are you so obsessed?

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in The New Thirty Years War, bob2356 said:

    Strategist says

    When we do take out Iran's nukes the 30 year war will be over in 30 hours.

    That's the dumbest thing written on patnet so far.

    So a columibia grad jewish economist living in london writing in the asia times under the name spengler says the US should do the Saudi's dirty work and take out Iran. Why am i not impressed?

    The 30 year war? It's been a 3000 year war so far and nothings going to change any time soon.

  • On 14 Aug 2014 in The Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia on The U.S., bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    Prove it otherwise it is conjecture

    Here's autos. Ford F100 and a lot of chevy is almost all US, but then it drops pretty fast into less and less US content. Other industries are similar. The new dreamliner is mostly contracted for foreign suppliers. Japan alone makes 35% of the aircraft with other big suppliers in Italy, France, Sweden, Korea, India, Uk.

    I'm sure you can and will find an industry here and there that does mostly domestic and shout to the heavens. But most bigger corporations are sourcing around the globe.

    Everything that disagrees with your preconceptions is conjecture to you, no matter what the source.

  • On 13 Aug 2014 in The worst criminals and terrorists are cops, bob2356 said:

    thunderlips11 says

    How will you detect illegals and visa overstayers then?

    Cops don't find criminals in the process of performing routine traffic stops?

    I get your concerns, but how else, once they are in country, can we find them?

    They also find criminals at roadblocks (your papers, vee must see your papers) and random stop and searches. They could find a lot more criminals if the police simply did a house by house search of every house in the country. I think the police have too many powers now, never mind giving them more. I've heard america laughing called the worlds largest mininum security prison by people overseas. They might have a point.

    Illegals and terrorists aren't synonomous. It's two totally separate issues. Terrorists can easily come in legally. Terrorists are not swimming across the rio grande (ok wading most places, I lived in south texas). They will be flying into jfk and getting their passport stamped by someone saying have a nice stay in america.

    Yes stopping illegals can be done easily by going after employers, but it won't ever happen. There is way too much money made by corporations employing illegals for their bought and paid for politicians to cut it off. It's laughable to watch the repugs crying their crocodile tears about illegal immigration while doing everything in their power to prevent it being stopped.

  • On 13 Aug 2014 in The Impact of U.S. Sanctions on Russia on The U.S., bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    smaulgld says

    Most of ikea furniture is made in Sweden

    22% of it is made in China

    So what

    Because the subject was manufactured in America. Ikea furniture is not manufactured in America. Most of the things on your list are assembled in America out of parts made in other countries or not manufactured in America at all. Assembling foreign made parts locally for tax reasons is a far cry from manufacturing the entire product end to end. Food and wine is produced, not manufactured.

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