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  • On 2 Sep 2014 in Feds punish firm for asking non-citizens to provide more docs to prove status, bob2356 said:

    EBGuy says

    Sigh.... it's obvious that someone was trying to go for a more sensational approach in the news article. Here's the original text from the DoJ:

    The Justice Department’s investigation found that Culinaire required lawful permanent resident employees to produce a new Permanent Resident Card when their prior card expired, even though the Form I-9 and E-Verify rules prohibit this practice. Lawful permanent residents have permanent work authorization in the United States, even after their permanent resident cards expire.

    The green card holders were verified for work eligibility at time of hire. They do not need to be reverified.

    You are a killjoy. Can anyone imagine DOJ actually making companies obey the law? Letting facts stand in the way of a good story, what a concept. Unheard of. This is patnet where facts are not relevant, only how you feel. It's true because l&C feels it's true.

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Bigsby says

    bob2356 says

    Dubai is landlocked. It is surrounded by other emirites. I was just there last week.

    Since when has Dubai been landlocked?

    Ok that was poorly worded. It's not landlocked like Singapore, Hong Kong, or Vancouver But it's limited to a corridor straight out into the desert because of abu dabui is on one side and sharjah is on the other. Since almost all of the infrastructure in all of the emirates is oriented along the coast building out into the desert means that roads, power, and other infrastructure will have to be extended at great cost against the grain of what is existing. They are not doing that so far. It would certainly have been easier to do than putting up artificial island, which shows how reluctant they are to build out into the desert.

    I never said all expensive cities are landlocked, but a very large percentage are.

  • On 1 Sep 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Reality says

    The high percentage being purchased directly and indirectly by foreign money. They are not being purchased as primary homes.

    Translation, I don't have a fucking clue I made this shit up. You made the statement, back it up. What percentage of SF homes and condo's are empty or only occupied "a few weeks a year".

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in California cop facing Las Vegas prostitution charge, bob2356 said:

    Peter P says

    Live to impress yourself, not someone else.

    In my circle we say "let the skis do the talking". Still sounds like more walter mitty than valentino to me.

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Reality says

    In case you did not realize, most of those cities in the list are receiving the bulk of buying power from economies that have currency linked to the dollar. For example, Vancouver RE market is driven by Asian buyers from countries that have their currencies linked to the USD

    Is this a joke? I never realized you had an actual sense of humor. So what happens to everywhere else outside of these cities, why aren't they being driven up at the same rate since there is the same money printing all over. Why would SF go crazy and Houston, which has a great economy, goes nowhere. It's the same money printing. Maybe SF is more desirable than Houston. Oh no, say it ain't so joe.

    Reality says

    LOL! Landlockedness is a joke. Even San Francisco is only a short drive from East Bay, where there is plenty land.

    Thanks for making my point. The prices in the east bay are lower. Dubai is landlocked. It is surrounded by other emirites. I was just there last week. I don't know anything about Moscow. Vancouver is landlocked by geography to the west and north by farm preservation zoning to the east and south. Almost all of the cities on the list are very much landlocked.

    Reality says

    A very high percentage of condos in those hot cities are empty or occupied only for a few weeks in a year.

    Your proof of this is? Go ahead document what percentage of condo's in SF or London are used only a few weeks a year. I know, it's true because you believe it's true.

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in California cop facing Las Vegas prostitution charge, bob2356 said:

    Rin says

    As for look-a-likes, here are the famous women ones I'd done ....

    Lauren Hutton

    Stephanie Powers

    Charlize Theron (larger bust than the real actress) --- this one was a perfect '10'

    Jennifer Lopez

    Tia Carrere

    Geena Davis

    Sofia Vergara

    Kelly Hu

    Jennifer Connelly

    Karen Gillan

    Olivia Newton John (w/ some baby fat)

    I'm now searching for an Olivia Wilde.

    I'm torn between "The lady doth protest too much","you're a legend in you own mind", and "where is the gun camera film" as a response to this. Anyone that needs to brag this much is choking the chicken, not boffing celebrety look allikes even if they are paying for it.

    I suspect a serious case of small dick syndrome. I bet you have a really big pick up truck.

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in Putin Says Don't Mess with Russia, Decides to Arm Iran with Nukes for Proxy War, bob2356 said:

    bgamall4 says

    bob2356 says

    You didn't read the disclaimer at the bottom did you?

    I wrote the article, but thanks for the heads up.

    You're promoting your own semi fiction nutjob articles on patnet? Why not say so up front?

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in White House considers proposals to sharply increase legal immigration, bob2356 said:

    indigenous says

    Strategist says

    In other words "Lets import democrats"

    That's right

    Anything besides conjecture?

  • On 31 Aug 2014 in Lodi hospital joins Adventist chain, bob2356 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Until the turn of the Century almost every community had a Charity faith based Hospital in America. Clinton's first whack at "Fixing" healthcare, ended that.

    Congrats cap, as usual you don't have the vaguest clue what you are talking about. Its good to keep a consistent record. Community/public hospitals declined in the 60's and 70's not during the clinton years. The reason was the mass movement from cities and rural area's to the suburbs where 10's of thousands of new communities popped up with new hospitals built for them or old small community hospitals being overwhelmed and converted into corporate hospitals either for profit or non profit. Does it ever bother you not to know anything?

  • On 30 Aug 2014 in Iwog Idiocy Strikes Again, bob2356 said:

    Reality says

    What makes San Francisco land price go up is the fiat money printing being pumped into Silicon Valley; once the price starts going up at higher rate than other places, it attracts greater and greater share of further excess money printing

    So fiat money printing is driving up the prices of real estate in Monaco, Vancouver, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Geneva, Sydney, Rome, Paris, Moscow, Shanghai, Bejing, Dubai, Mumbai, Istanbul, Sao-Paolo, Cape Town? All of which are more expensive than SF. That's some pretty powerful money printing by the fed.

    Maybe places are expensive because lots of people want to live there and it's landlocked either by geography or zoning. Nah, that would be too obvious.

  • On 30 Aug 2014 in Putin Says Don't Mess with Russia, Decides to Arm Iran with Nukes for Proxy War, bob2356 said:

    You didn't read the disclaimer at the bottom did you?

  • On 30 Aug 2014 in When cops are armed and trained like soldiers, bob2356 said:

    It's only going to get worse.

  • On 30 Aug 2014 in Russia to Sell Oil for Rubles and Yuan, bob2356 said:

    Strategist says

    They will be shooting themselves in the foot if they do that. The best they can do is some sort of a barter with other countries.

    Since the brics are 40% of the worlds gdp I thing they can barter quite nicely without using the USD. What exactly does the US produce that can't be sourced from China, India, or Brazil?

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Illegals Prop Up Prices of Housing, bob2356 said:

    Wow, you really admit to actually reading/watching msnbc? In public no less. I notice the actual number of itin mortgages is conspicously absent. So missing that number how exactly do you know illegals prop up prices of housing?

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Food Stamp Enrollments Top 45 Million 3 Years In a Row, bob2356 said:

    Strategist says

    We have the highest corporate tax rates in the world.

    Yet another one who doesn't know what the word rate means.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Food Stamp Enrollments Top 45 Million 3 Years In a Row, bob2356 said:

    Paralithodes says

    A very fair observation if one completely ignores the introduction of the LLC, whereby ALL corporate profits are taxed via the individual owners' personal income tax.

    Factor in the LLC and your observation means nothing.

    It must be nice to know absolutely nothing.

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Totalitarian despots criticize United States over Ferguson, bob2356 said:

    SoftShell says

    so in a sense, there are more criminal americans, as a percentage, than most everyone else. such is the price we pay for the freedoms we enjoy.

    George Orwell wrote a book talking about people like you.

    “War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984

  • On 28 Aug 2014 in Tax reform could save the middle class, bob2356 said:

    lostand confused says

    these pollyana types and partisan hacks can never look past their party line. America already has the highest corporate tax rate in the first world-if not the whole world. how much more progressive can you get??

    Yep that high tax "rate" is why some of the biggest corporations in the world are paying very little taxes on record profits. It's the paid not the rate that matters. But thanks for providing yourself as an example of a partisan hack that can never look past their party line.

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in Patrick should I buy in Portland, bob2356 said:

    rpanic01 says

    Wife wants to buy a house ASAP but I’m thinking we should just sit on our cash and watch the market because it seems overpriced again. I am not an expert on the market in and around Portland and wonder how is the market there?

    I really, really like living in Portland and around Portland. I'd like to go back some day. But Portland is a very quirky city. There are huge differences between the different hoods. There are some flat out bad area's very close to good areas. A couple blocks can be critical. Industrial, commercial, and residential are surprisingly intermixed in some areas. Portland is also very light on malls if that kind of thing matters to you. Shopping is more a drive store to store thing most places. More than any city I ever lived in you really need to know your way around. It's also the most car hostile city in the country and can be really hard to get around if the metro doesn't go where you want. Jumping right in has the very real possibility that everything you want to do is in another area of the city and a daily struggle to get to. Something to consider.

  • On 24 Aug 2014 in States run by Republican governors boast highest economic growth rates, bob2356 said:

    HEY YOU says

    But I do wonder how many Federal tax dollars flow into these states?

    Don't talk about that red state welfare thing. All those charts and numbers cant't be true. I believe it can't be true so it can't be true.

    Note that the fastest growing states are mostly the poorest states that have been run by republican govs forever. Where was all that growth for the last 100 years?

    What happened to MT,IA,SD,MI,AL? They are the slowest growing and have R govs?

    Meaningless chart as well as article. But the people who don't understand a single data point is useless need something to talk about.

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