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  • On 5 Apr 2012 in Some Obama haters are just racist, with pics, Nomograph said:

    CBOEtrader says


    Hey, CBOEtrader!

    Weren't you trying to get VC funding for something a while back? How did that work out? The situation was pretty dire for a while but has loosened up a little bit lately. We raised barely enough seed money to get something off the ground but even that was tough.

  • On 5 Apr 2012 in And now from the "Only in America" department., Nomograph said:

    What does this have to do with Obama's birth certificate?

  • On 5 Apr 2012 in 4 Illinois Democrats arrested in election fraud., Nomograph said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I don't know

    Really? You're not sure either?

    I heard that his SSN belongs to someone who died in Connecticut and that the numbers were out of order or something. Is this true too?

  • On 5 Apr 2012 in Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, there will be a new tax, Nomograph said:

    BTW, Swiss pharma faces the absolute HIGHEST labor costs for their R&D force, and it's extraordinarily expensive to do business there. Everything costs more.

    So why do they stay? The same reason that Pharma, Biotech, and high-tech stays in expensive areas such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston; the most important factor in success is the ability to recruit and retain the best possible talent. Switzerland has excellent universities such as ETH that provide the skilled workforce they need.

    You'd have a real hard time doing anything in Kentucky aside from building Creation Museums.

  • On 5 Apr 2012 in Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, there will be a new tax, Nomograph said:

    clambo says

    Of course these new taxes are all going to be wonderful for these industries and will help them compete worldwide better than ever before.
    I mean, how can poor Swiss drug companies ever compete? They have no such special tax and they have an 8.5% corporate tax (V. USA 35%).

    Pharma doesn't rise and fall based on minor tax code tweaks. Their fate lies completely in their ability to bring new, patent-protected drugs to market and avoid expensive late-stage (Phase III) failures.

    It's all about R&D pipeline for pharma.

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