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  • On 14 Oct 2014 in The deficit is down, Mick Russom said:

    Yeah, we know its down. The IRS' vicious enforcement has gotten even more vicious and taxes are higher than ever.

    Bet again, spending more than you take in either in real or relative terms is just ponzi theater.

  • On 14 Oct 2014 in Wealth Inequality destroys Societies, Mick Russom said:

    thunderlips11 says

    Best point of the lecture: Helping the bottom 1% is a lot less effective than curtailing the top 1%.

    Yes. But nearly every time the government, which is universally owned by the 1%+ group, steps in to make things more equal the middle class is destroyed, the 1% do even better and the poor are still poor.

    Thomas Jefferson wanted every citizen to own an acre of land and be under a use it or lose it type arrangement but with oligarchs and a rentier class we see here today where people strive only to make unearned income this will only get more and more ridiculous.

  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Big Red One will deploy, Mick Russom said:

    Where is code pink on this one? I guess they like this version of the war.

  • On 27 Sep 2014 in Accolades for Law Enforcement, Mick Russom said:

    Problem with the police forces these days is:

    #1 The do the blue line stuff to support each other. They will not police themselves for corruption well and IA is disliked. Nobody is really watching the watchers.
    #2 They take their pay and pension from a corrupted government. It would be the job of the police to help police the corruption, but since the corrupted government paid them, they are more or less paid off. The new mafia is corrupt government
    #3 They have tolerated the suspension of posse comitatus and willingly have become para-military. This is effectively a standing army.
    #4 They have not done much to put headwind against illegal laws, challenge constitutionality of these laws or refuse to enforce illegal laws. They are effectively paid off by the corrupt government and know the pay and pension come from the government which has ceased to be representative and most (95%) of all politicians are protecting the system and keeping things as is.
    #5 Police use their force to extract even more wealth from society by doing silly stuff like goofy speeding tickets, roll throughs, etc. This kills a lot of good will and is done for meeting quotas and bringing more money into the system.

  • On 20 Mar 2014 in The coming real estate bubble, Mick Russom said:

    Strategist says

    Most cities in OC only have 2 months inventory. That is low, very low.

    Its Casey Serin time again.

  • On 25 Feb 2014 in California home sales, prices dropped in January, Mick Russom said:

    Mexifornia. A burned out husk with a dying middle class a rubbish schools.

  • On 25 Feb 2014 in Bye Bye Mt. Gox: Bitcoin Exchange Website Appears to Have Been Deleted, Mick Russom said:

    You know, printing BTC hashes on paper vs FRN's with serial numbers that could be supernote duplicated without detection.

    Seems FRNs vs printed BTC - algorithmic currency would prevent the FEDZILLA federal reserve from printing money and massive counterfeiting would not be possible.

  • On 25 Feb 2014 in Is it time to declare San Francisco, an overrated city?, Mick Russom said:

    I've been to Japan recently for many weeks, its tough there, but much cleaner and lower crime and a lot of work - but here in Berne Switzerland , very expensive to buy, but to live - you can LIVE here. 5 weeks vacation, respect for your time - employers respect you must go home at 5. Trains work and on time, schools good, learn many languages, food is awesome.

    The USA is trash. Think of going from San Francisco to Guadalajara. That is a big difference, a big drop in standards into the 3rd world.

    Well coming from Switzerland to Mexifornia and San Fran Sicko is the same horrible drop. The quality of life STINKS. And its sad to see the scam of the American dream-turned-police-state-nightmare be sold.

    I am done with San Fran Sicko. The USA is in serious, serious decline. I recommend anyone who still lives in fantasy world visit Tokyo and Zurich so you can realize you live like animals in San Fran Sicko and the lame bay area. Horrible schools, horrible air quality, horrible commutes, horrible "regular" food.

    I wish I didnt have to come back.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in Homeownership rate for young adults drops further, Mick Russom said:

    The sad thing here is instead of allowing correction they are encouraging foreign criminals with ill gotten monies to inflate the cost of living here further while the pan national oligarchs ship jobs overseas. not a good formula. its as if the FedGov was playing sim-city as stupidly as possible at the moment.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in Solutions to San Franciscos Housing Problems, Mick Russom said:

    Its time to leave. Wages for senior developers are over 200k +RSUs now. The cost of doing business here is prohibitive. Im seeing trends in larger companies to try and use non-coastal states where possible to reduce operations costs. I know im preparing a departure, the bad schools, the bad traffic, the confiscatory taxation has made the nice weather not worth it anymore.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in JP Morgan Chase: We Actually Benefit From Downturns, Mick Russom said:

    Banks are bartenders. They get money when the clients are crying or celebrating. They are evil. Usury was considered vile through most of history, and when the credit cards and house as a credit card mechanism was foisted on the public, the middle class has seen a drastic decline in the standard of living (real and relative).

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in How to eliminate our national debt, Mick Russom said:

    "Deficit: $740 billion ; Warfare Spending: $830 billion"

    I would say take a look at both statutory and discretionary at the same time here. Unfunded liabilities, interest on debt, discretionary and statutory obligations makes it very unlikely the money printing will ever stop nor the budget ever under control again. We are going to eventually end up in a jubilee-over-time scenario.

    I wish it were this simple. Its a start, if you can convince others to shutdown welfare please do, but Im fairly certain the banking cabal, the pan national oligarchs and the corrupted will blow what is saved on other things.

  • On 10 Feb 2014 in Why do ppl promote the lie, 'Money Doesn't Bring Happiness' ?, Mick Russom said:

    Seems to me that take your average, well to do Hollywood idiot - who has no real skills and basically gets handed an existence for looking good - you take them and you see that they get divorced, do drugs, OD on heroin, hunter Thompson blew his head off, relationships with kids are strained, legacy is always marred, alcoholism, substance abuse, idiotic political thoughts that only a person who never really worked a day in their life could think, etc.

    I really wouldnt trade my life for theirs. Money is great - but as you can see from some past lottery winners and Hollywood idiots that money can enable the worst traits to be perpetually enabled. I'd like money, but in a trusted/earned/controlled way, not a tony stark+cocaine and girls way.

  • On 30 Jan 2014 in Can't believe prices have doubled in 2-3 years, Mick Russom said:

    New Renter says

    Maybe. But Oakland is a refuge for techies priced out of SF. That makes for a very different situation than most other markets.

    Techies who are the best and the brightest who spend all day spying on us to shovel ads in our faces. This latest crop of techies, the Facebook losers, are so bad with what they do with their brains this rubbish can't continue. They are also complicit with spying on us and sending that data to the Fedzilla.

  • On 6 Jan 2014 in Liberals show their true values., Mick Russom said:

    Dan8267 says

    Liberals believe in equality under law

    hahahahahahaha. liberals believe in equal protection of laws? BWAHAHHAHAHAHH!.

  • On 31 Dec 2013 in Liberals show their true values., Mick Russom said:

    Dan8267 says

    Liberals believe in equality under law

    hahahahahahaha. liberals believe in equal protection of laws? BWAHAHHAHAHAHH!..

  • On 31 Dec 2013 in Is Roberto Gone?, Mick Russom said:

    CDon says

    thousands upon thousands of posts predicting a downward direction of prices has proven... wrong.

    You know how much money was printed and how badly it has been debased to make you "right?"

    Do you even care?

  • On 31 Dec 2013 in Teachers forced out of SF by high rents, Mick Russom said:

    My plans to leave the area with my 3 young kids is already in motion. I cant wait to leave the state and never look back. Its over the hill at this point.

  • On 31 Dec 2013 in 3 years since we bought!!, Mick Russom said:

    SubOink says

    My house will still be a whole lot more than I bought it for.

    And your progenies will suffer that. Particularly when cost of living outpaces both inflation and salary increases. Whats the point of ensconcing yourself behind a virtually area wide gated community? Whats the benefit of being here anymore? 10 years ago? it was ok. 20? it was majorly nice. more, dream. Lately, its a bigger-fool-than-I theory keeping things going.

    Lots of companies are investing in tech centers outside this region. 150K as engineering minimum wage wont last much longer. Its breaking backs. That and the best and brightest around here are busy using that mindpower to shovel ads in people's faces by spying on them.

  • On 31 Dec 2013 in 3 years since we bought!!, Mick Russom said:

    SubOink did time it well. I was about to pull the trigger at the same time.

    I've almost completed a cycle of saving which will allow a cash purchase in a normal part of the country. Job is portable.

    What people here dont care about is Family. No kids are going to be able to stick around, so if you plan to have a long term relationship with your kids and live in this horrible worst-quality-of-life I have ever seen place, good luck and win the lotto, because if you had to time the market to hang on here that is not a sustainable thing. At all. Who wants to live where there is no middle class and just lucky people who think they did something other than being at the right place and the right time.

    Luckily I have lived in 6 other states, and anyone who thinks the slightly higher salary in SFBA is worth it, even with RSUs that work out, is seriously deranged. And your kids will have tats, purple hair and probably hate you due to the sewer system schools , even GreatSchools rated @ 10 which I have experience with.

    I have fleeting times of melancholy, but my life's plan the SFBA dont work. Its just easier to keep a job and get new ones here, but its not worth it.

    If you arent in tech here, you have to be mentally ill to stick around.

  • On 6 Nov 2013 in A Ph.D. may not be the answer, Mick Russom said:

    iwog says

    First the aristocracy crushed the laborers. Then they crushed the middle class. Next they will crush the professionals. (doctor, lawyer, engineer wages all dropping now)

    And landlords crushed the middle class with high rents.

  • On 4 Nov 2013 in Even FOX can't polish this turd, Mick Russom said:

    iwog says

    backwater inbred states to secede

    You would certainly take political executive office and unite the country, wouldnt you? Seems like you have a final solution for those you dont want to hear from.

  • On 4 Nov 2013 in Do you know how the economy works?, Mick Russom said:

    iwog says

    massive mountain of nations that successfully run socialized medicine a

    Then run for sure. But not the way the way most people would want to be treated. Long lines, rationing, etc. There was no fix. There is no fix. Either take rationed care and the rich hop on jets to get real medical care or spotty uneven care with the rich hop on jets or cut to the front of the line to get real medical care. The problem is that you sell it as a working no-issue panacea.

    Now go rack up obscene lawyer bills and collect some rent, 1%-er.

  • On 4 Nov 2013 in A Ph.D. may not be the answer, Mick Russom said:

    iwog says

    vote for a Republican candidate

    We dont have a two party system. Both sides have made big banks bigger. GLass steagall is gone. Monetary debasement and the relative cost of living still going up. Middle class going away. neither party did anything to stop this. So lets not try and make it all black and white so you can feel good about yourself. Its a crock, nobody with a brain buys your feigned concern. I know you grab stacks of $100s and fan the wad allowing you to sniff the green which gives you a high. A good old 1%-er rentier greed-high.

  • On 4 Nov 2013 in A Ph.D. may not be the answer, Mick Russom said:

    iwog says

    Free market zealots will blame anything except the one true cause: Wealth disparity.

    A 1%-er landed gentry and landlord talking about wealth disparity?

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