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  • On 27 Aug 2014 in Totalitarian despots criticize United States over Ferguson, dublin hillz said:

    Are china, russia, venezuela, egypt and those bastards isis really that delusional to believe that we won't see through their charade and mock outrage?

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in Are people, I mean companies who are really people, really this clueless?, dublin hillz said:

    What's the problem, art is supposed to be provocative?

  • On 27 Aug 2014 in My first real estate bear thread (ever), dublin hillz said:

    Whether one decides to be in equities or not is ultimately dependent on their risk tolerance, not their wealth level. I have not seen any evidence that indicates that as wealth grows that the individual is less likely to be in stocks or stock mutual funds. There's evidence that as one grows older that their stock exposure lessens as they have less time to recover from losses. However, if they decide to pass their portfolio on to their kids after they pass away then this does not apply and they are just as likely to remain in stocks given their risk tolerance.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Gun safety instructor shot and killed by student, dublin hillz said:

    We should build a memorial statue for this defender of freedom and make it a national park.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Mexico President Calls For Justice For Immigrants During CA Visit, dublin hillz said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    This is the president of the BUBONIC INVADERS!

    Arrest him!

    Crucify him!

    That would be too much like the pharisees. Perhaps just throwing him off the top of chapultepec castle will do?

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Why do ppl promote the lie, 'Money Doesn't Bring Happiness' ?, dublin hillz said:

    Technically, someone can retire when they save annual expenses X25. That strategy should work until healthcare costs skyrocket. The smaller the annual expenses are projected to be the easier to realize the outcome, but appropriate and realistic expectations are key.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in FBI Raids Patriarchal Fundamentalist Compound, dublin hillz said:

    HydroCabron says

    Of course, most were later executed. If you pulled that shit at a company
    meeting, you'd only be fired.

    They were even able to whack trotsky in mexico city by using a spaniard loyalist who infiltrated the group posing as a journalist and murdered leon with an ice hatchet blow to the frontal lobe. Outright gangsta shit.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Mexico President Calls For Justice For Immigrants During CA Visit, dublin hillz said:

    Remittances from united states represent the second largest source of revenue for mexico. Even greater than tourism. It is in the interest of the leadership there to continue the status quo and to export their people to united states rather than provide the opportunity to make decent living at home.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Putin - $70 billion in wealth, dublin hillz said:

    Regarding 40% of american wealth being gambled away - that so called wealth was in the form of home equity/stock prices. Middle class had most of it in the former category. However, "losing" that wealth which has by now mostly been recovered depending on the region is not the same as someone going into your checking/savings account and stealing 40% without your consent. Everyone understands that home values and stock prices fluctuate and are not protected by the government. The people who treated their homes like ATM machines during the bubble got a well deserved and harsh dose of reality.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Putin - $70 billion in wealth, dublin hillz said:

    thunderlips11 says

    utter chaos, mafia control

    That was unavoidable. After communism imploded (god bless gorbachev), shortly thereafter one of the worst inflations in modern history beseiged the population during transition to capitalist economy. Once prices were "liberated" they adjusted very quickly to reflect systemic inefficiency and lack of productivity. Not that people were able to save much during soviet times but whatever meager savings they had quickly became worthless like toilet paper. Moreover, during privatization, the government cronies got first and only bids on the action. Mafia quickly stepped in.

    However, it is a mistake to believe that mafia is gone. Far from it. Just because you don't hear stuff like dramatic street car bombings like in 1990, doesn't mean that organized crime is under control. Well, it is under control, Putin's that is to serve as one more weapon is his arsenal to go after whomever he chooses :-)

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Putin - $70 billion in wealth, dublin hillz said:

    thunderlips11 says

    Riiiight. There's no rational reason a politician who doubled the national
    income per head after a decade of utter chaos, mafia control, foreign
    interference, and utter ruin could possibly be very popular.

    The improvement in national income is likely due to 2 factors - prices of oil and natural gas and the fact that tax structure was changed where businesses were flat taxed at 13%. Additionally, the baseline was so low that "improvement" still leaves russia way behind western europe and united states. Additionally, the wealth disparity is horrible. Moreover, the new "wealth" is concentrated primarily in urban centers, when one leaves to villages/small towns the poverty is still horrendous.

  • On 26 Aug 2014 in Putin - $70 billion in wealth, dublin hillz said:

    thunderlips11 says

    . You won't just be poor and hungry and homeless, you deserve it because you're
    a loser AND immoral to boot. If you weren't, you wouldn't be poor.

    Homelessness is alive and well in current russia. Estimated russian homeless population is between 1.5 to 3 million citizens.

    Between 10,000 to 50,000 are in moscow alone.

    "“Government services do not focus on precautionary or preventive measures, while the social work with those who have already become homeless is complicated by bureaucratic obstacles, a low level of cooperation between separate services, insufficient development of the network of specialized agencies, and so on."

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in Putin - $70 billion in wealth, dublin hillz said:

    "The crucial elements of Putinism are nationalism, religion, social conservatism, state capitalism and government domination of the media. They are all, in some way or another, different from and hostile to, modern Western values of individual rights, tolerance, cosmopolitanism and internationalism."

    What a beacon of democracy and enlightment. We should emulate him just like some former soviet puppet governments, I mean client states....Pinochet and Lee Kuan Yew are also experts on combining societal development with human rights (I mean human rights abuses), we should take their teachings into account as well...

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in Retirees' Social Security checks garnished for student loans, dublin hillz said:

    When deciding whether or not to pay for the "child's" education it is best to analyze the situation like a general manager of a sports franchise. You have to analyze their talents, work ethic, skills and abilities and determine whether the "investment" is likely to pay off. If the return is not there it is best not to pay or even cosign a loan for that matter.

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in Retirees' Social Security checks garnished for student loans, dublin hillz said:

    How can someone not pay off their student loans by the time they start drawing social secutiry? That's embarassing. Moreover, how can they "forget" about their student loans?

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in That was a big earthquake!, dublin hillz said:

    Earthquakes are fun when nothing falls. Now if the flat screen would have broken, that would have sucked.

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in Why I Love "Burning Man", dublin hillz said:

    I know someone who used to go to burning man for at least 5 year in a row. Eventually ended up becoming an orthodox jew somehow. I don't know if he was crazier during burning man phase or currently. The one common denominator seems to be the "conversations" that are more like monologues.

  • On 25 Aug 2014 in Am I the only one that noticed?, dublin hillz said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    That if you change your forum moniker from a disconnected angry old man, to a
    hip tricolor graphic with a misleading inspirational one word message, you wont
    get as savagely attacked for posting the exact same content?

    I thought it was a vision from shrooms trip and I ain't talking shitake from "publix"....

  • On 22 Aug 2014 in More Than A Thousand Stood Under Heat & Sun For Free Food In Miami, dublin hillz said:

    Strategist says

    dublin hillz says

    Maybe they were actually middle class and used the savings to contribute to roth ira?

    What's Roth IRA.

    retirement vehicle named after irish conservative terrorist group that fronted funds for magdalene laundries....

  • On 22 Aug 2014 in Brown Paid for Cigarillos, dublin hillz said:

    errc says

    EInvestor says

    The video clearly shows Brown shoving the store clerk aside with a box of cigarillos in his hand and walking out the store with the box of cigarillos. Those who want to suggest/believe that is normal behavior for a customer to pay for purchase and then shove the store clerk aside is just insulting their OWN intelligence, if they have any ! Who would store owner press charges against ? A dead robber ? And the mob still looted the store !

    I still dont see how any of this is pertinent.

    It smells like the big government loving union supporters are using this as some sort of justification for police officers carrying out punishment for the alleged crime of petty theft. With six to the head

    In some countries private security with automatic machine guns would cap someone for taking ish out of the store. Would that have been better instead?

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