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  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges, dublin hillz said:

    We need a job bill that will hire stalinist watchdogs to monitor people's exercise regiment and to liquidate the deviants on site.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Non-resident homeowners should be taxed heavily - OC Housing News, dublin hillz said:

    Peter P says

    The best way to tackle home affordability issues is to reign in the NIMBYs and increase supply.

    You are getting dangerously close to discovering the "death panels" plot...

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Non-resident homeowners should be taxed heavily - OC Housing News, dublin hillz said:

    Russian oligarchs in miami and chinese oligarchs in SFBA are the only reason why we still have jobs. If deflation were to have occured we would all be starving in the streets because the job creators would punish the rest of us out of spite.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Meet "OSHbot" Lowes New Store Helper; Goodbye Retail Associates, Hello Robots, dublin hillz said:

    And the robot is not "envious" of the owner's "success" and hence will not take their frustration/misery out on the customer. Brilliant, just brilliant!

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Now Hiring, Programers in Fremont. $1.21 an Hour!, dublin hillz said:

    they were being paid a competative wage, 10 employees at that salary could have rented out a garage, set up sleeping bags, defecate in the yard and make ends meet. Instead here come federal overreach again trying to punish the job creator.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Generation X- The Recession's Lost Generation of Homeowners, dublin hillz said:

    Indiana Jones says

    Things such as being underwater and unable to sell, losing jobs, getting pay
    cuts or getting jobs at lower salaries than previously, having to rely on credit
    cards to get by, short selling homes, foreclosing, cashing out 401Ks to get by,
    etc. The rest just never bought and are now unable to pay the high prices,
    despite working their butts off.

    They should go to a college town bar on a thursday night, have a couple of long island iced teas, ruminate about the housing market, then sleep it off and forget about it.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Islam lesson is a history lesson, while Christianity is bad religion got that!?, dublin hillz said:

    No justice will be done until the professorial erudites are airdropped into kandahar and forced to march to jilalabad while clutching a bible in plain view for the locals to see.

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Millennials surpass older workers in some key business skills, dublin hillz said:

    How will they be buying houses when they stay at a job less than 3 years? That's a recipe for living like a college student for life if they are lucky to ever escape the boomer sadistic dungeon.

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Are they charging a victim as a perpetrator because she's Latina, dublin hillz said:

    No, they are charging her because she was in a relationship with an illegal which invalidates her own legality and citizenship. It's buried in the fine print of 14th amendment, but it's there. She chose to wear the yellow star now she must bear the consequences of sub-optimal decision making.

  • On 21 Oct 2014 in Supreme Court Allows Texas Voter ID Law - Liberals Go Nuts!, dublin hillz said:

    No victory will be achieved until voting resembles MLB all star game where people are free to stuff the ballot box to their heart's content. That will demonstrate willpower and speak to american ethos of "who wants it the most."

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Rioters ruin their own Community, dublin hillz said:

    It's the fault of the liberal media and the feminists who tried to subjugate them since 1776. They are simply engaging in natural forms of protest and civil disobedience to draw attention to their plight and misfortune.

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Gallup: Kids at home bring joy, stress -- what you don't know, dublin hillz said:

    It has been mentioned that kids are like guests who never depart...

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor, Thanks Obamacare, dublin hillz said:

    HydroCABRON not hydrocarbon says

    justme says

    I just got notice that my CoveredCA premium is rising by 3% for 2015. PrettyDamnGood considering that since the bubble burst in 2008, premiums have generally been rising by 10-15% or worse per year. Some Kaiser Permanente plans even have premium REDUCTIONS.

    Keep in mind that most of this is due to severely reduced demand: millions of Ebola deaths have shrunk the pool of customers for healthcare and everything else not related to burial and cremation services.

    Source: Fox News.

    The latest intel indicates that they cannot be buried because ebola will get into groundwater and infect the living with ebola - this process is known as circular ebola and can lead to a calamity that will rival bubonic plague. What's going to happen is that the corpses will be shipped to chernobyl where they will rise like lazarus since high levels of radioactivity will bring them back to life. Those who will fail to awaken after 30 days will be shipped to slovakia where they will be burned in the furnace to see if ebola is indeed contaminable through the air.

  • On 20 Oct 2014 in Challenge to Keynesians "Prove Rising Prices Provide an Overall Economic Benefi, dublin hillz said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Reagan shouted everything he did from the roof top.
    Except Contra. Which
    if he spent as much as you say he did, then why was he running guns and drugs to
    pay for those things you mentioned?

    He had no choice, he couldn't allow the sandinistas to plant the evil empire soviet flag all over south america. That would make the cuban missile crises seem like BBQ. The crack epidemic in united states was the price we had to pay to preserve our freedom. Sometimes collateral damage is necessary.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Equal Rights For Women Now!, dublin hillz said:

    rooemoore says

    Patrick says

    * There should be no separate bathrooms for women, nor any separate facilities ever. We all know that "separate but equal" is a flawed idea.

    I guess traffic on Patnet is slowing down. Nice assclown post to stir the pot. I really thought you were above this kind of crap. Sorry, I was wrong.

    Some characters here act like they would be happier in the middle east but that would only last until they had their first confrontation with a machete wielding muz. At that point they will hail a cab for an express ride to the airport and rush to safety of american "feminist" state.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Uber Gets Failing Grade From Better Business Bureau, dublin hillz said:

    America is about self reliance and pulling yourself up by bootstraps so relying on others for rides (cabs, uber, family) is a from of dangerous sedition and requires intense investigation into the past to uncover sympathies to communism.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Women getting irked by pay lower than male coworkers, dublin hillz said:

    Ceffer says

    "Be her gigolo lover, and send her the bills" Alice Cooper 'I wish I Was Born in Beverly Hills'.

    A life support system for an ASSHOLE! I like the ring of that. Bring me some grog, wench!

    Where can I buy the t-shirt?

    What about this one:

    I can't get a girl, 'cause I ain't got a car
    I can't get a car, 'cause I ain't got a job
    I can't get a job, 'cause I ain't got a car
    So I'm looking for a girl with a job and a car

    Don't you know where you are
    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    I got a mom, but I ain't got a dad
    My dad's got a wife but she ain't my mom
    Mom's looking for a man to be my dad
    But I want my mom and dad to be my real mom and dad

    Oh, I think I've been had
    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    Well, I live at the 7-11
    Well, I'm tryin' to play this guitar
    Well, I'm learning stairway to heaven
    'Cause heaven's where you are

    I can't go to school, 'cause I ain't got a gun
    I ain't got a gun, 'cause I ain't got a job
    I ain't got a job, 'cause I can't go to school
    So I'm looking for a girl with a gun and a job

    Don't you know where you are
    Hey man, you lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost in America

    Lost in America
    Lost in America
    Lost, lost, lost

    Read more: Alice Cooper - Lost In America Lyrics | MetroLyrics "

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in In praise of the dragging down Boomers, dublin hillz said:

    It is completely unfair to blame an entire generation for social ills and to generalize about them and demonize them. In fact it is even less logical than racism/sexism.

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Women getting irked by pay lower than male coworkers, dublin hillz said:

    elliemae says

    I realize that the trolls are bitter - they obviously have experienced some
    issues with women and now their wishes are to find a woman who is willing to sit
    down and shut up except when they're serving them grog and rubbing their feet.
    They don't want women who are partners, they want servants.

    Every time that a woman brings home a dollar bill and gets in the car to drive while having a wireless phone, their self esteem gets a dose of death row electricution....

  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Women getting irked by pay lower than male coworkers, dublin hillz said:

    The issue is that women have been raised by completely different sets of parents than men and come from a different society as well so the defects of one gender cannot exist in the other...

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