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These critical independent thinkers always manage to surprise us with original acts on all continents.

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I am going to write to the city council to build a statue of Bernie at the intersection of 580 and 680 interstate, known as the crossroads of bay area. It should rival any soviet statue of lenin or stalin. It will last for millenia and ensure that the spirit of Bernie never dies. On November 7th of every year, people can leave notes there and curse Ratched to eternity.

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Trump would abrogate every treaty, he never used foreign contractors for his merchandise, every gadget and clothing material he ever sold was built by american labor, he means exactly what he says about trade, he ain't pandering goddamit!

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At oaktown zoo, there are several alligators and the railing is not even all that high for a motivated "child" to climb over and play with the lizard. It's only a matter of time until someone gets mauled for interrupting their sunbath.

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The alligators were needlessly killed for nothing other than human blood lust. The "toddler" was not even eaten.

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In U.S, public transport works if you live and work in the city and sometimes if you live in suburbs and work in the city. Living and working in suburbs is likely to result in significant time loss by utilizing this form of transport.

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Driving to work - simply the cost of doing business - alternatives such as public transport or walking may be feasible - but can be time consuming so that savings vs gas/car maintenance are equivalent to making minimum wage in china.

Daycare - simply the cost of doing business, still cheaper to pay for it vs forfeiting pay and negatively impacting career potential/lifetime earnings.

Coffee - company provides Peets coffee on the house.

Lunch - bring it from home, then no extra cost vs eating it at home.

Petcare - let them outside during the day. If they come back, that means they are yours to begin with.

Clothing/shoes/accessories - would have everything that I currently have regardless of working or not.

Paying to get paid - not since the turn of the century.

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YesYNot says

rational people and geopolitical issues are why lots of them turn to terrorism.

Attacks in Paris on Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan as well as the recent attack in Orlando do not appear to fit this profile and instead are consistent with the theory that they are attacking the west for its "decadence."

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The drone strikes and foreign intervention may add fuel to the fire but they are not the primary cause of this conflict. As the anti west jihadist founder Sayyid Qutb stated himself, they have concluded that they cannot co-exist with the west because western values and culture will inevitably clash with Islam, so they have decided to transform jihad into an offensive weapon to bring "peace on earth." They view United States as the leader of the west since it's a symbol of capitalism and mcworld popular culture (i.e great satan).

A counterargument could be made, why are they not attacking other nations such as mexico, chile, etc. My answer would be that they ultimately find it meaningless to attack them as long as United States is around. But if United States were defeated, I have no doubt that they would go after them after giving them a "chance to convert."

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Patrick says

this is very perceptive imho.

the relentless enforcement of political correctness is the result of fear

If you carefully observe people and especially cultures that are perceived as anti-pc by current standards, you will notice that they exhibit an even greater level of conformity, group think and lack of tolerance for dissent compared to western PC values. It will not take long to come to this conclusion.

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Tenpoundbass says

I call bull crap on this. Obama was elected twice by a troll army

Are you one of their employees too? Govorish po ruski?

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marcus says

Perhaps some random Imams that have talked hate against the infidels ?

They would be the ace of spades.

Ultimately, there will have to be tough decisions made and no choice presents a pain free path. We can choose to sit back and get picked off - 3,000 here, 100 there, 50 there. Alternatively, a strategy can be developed that results in projected long term minimal damage to the westerners. Moreover, freedom of the press is simply not a right and not a way of life that can be negotiated away out of appeasement. Think of it like this - you can invite a guest to your house for the evening and not say certain things out of politeness and to prevent tension. But if the guest moves in and becomes a permanent resident in your abode and you have to modify your behavior, speech, conduct in perpetuity, then you individual character and personality is lost/transformed forever. As a western society, we must not let that happen by any means necessary - whether by covert military action or by isolating the risky regions of the world as much as possible both culturally and economically.

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Dan8267 says

That's the China policy. Make sure you include "democracy" and "Tiananmen Square" in your list of banned search words. Also, you'll have to replace Google with a search engine that filters out any offensive content. Might I suggest Baidu. It's a search engine with years of proven results solving the exact problem you are trying to solve.

At least now we can all admit that Communism has won and is the better system. After all, we all seem to want to move to it and be exactly like Russia and China.

China and communist thug regimes want to limit access to competing ideas proactively because they are insecure about their worldview and know that it's corrupt. In this case, there has been clear evidence from last couple of years that these weakminded conformist individuals are susceptible to "radicalization" based on exposure to recruiters through the websites and their contents. Then, they proceed to commit attacks. I think U.S and western europe would be more than justified to react and eliminate access to these websites from their territories.

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marcus says

They know that public shaming is their weak point, and that is why they had to attack Charlie Hebdo.

Ah, so you understand that publicly shaming Islam is more likely to cause violence than to prevent it.

Glad to see you're finally getting it.

Freedom of the press is the cornerstone of western civilization which implies that cartoonists and writers have a right to express provocative satire without consequences to staying alive and physical safety. Their decision to "avenge the prophet" should have been met with severe countermeasures that would make potential sympathizers think twice before attempting likewise acts. Acting otherwise is a way of caving in and is a symbolic form of surrender.

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Vaticanus says

But most of them were relocated to the United States with aid from bleeding heart liberals and organizations like the United Nations as well as NGO's and United States based charity organizations. Bringing Islamic refugees to the United States has proven to be a bad decision.

Our neighbors the Catholic Community of Pleasanton has been involved in co sponsoring along with catholic charities a refugee family from afghanistan. They raised at least 15 Gs in their effort. Hmmm...

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The first order of business against potential radicalization from homegrown threats would be to disallow/disable access to any suspicious websites from overseas where one could become "radicalized."

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Well there was no rioting/brawls yesterday when ecuador beat haiti 4-0 in new york in copa america centenario.

For whatever reason, soccer has historically attracted some of the worst of the worst when in comes to europe. Britain was actually banned from several tournaments in the past, but things have gotten really bad in russia after soviet union collapsed regarding right wing neo nazis brawling/marauding involving soccer. There's a notorious group there called "Ultras" and often times they fight each other (ex one group claims Spartak, the other CSKA moscow) and they operate like rival gangbangers. In this case, they joined forces and decided to attack the british hooligans on a sovereign soil of another nation.

On a deeper level, one of the most insulting things you could do in a former soviet union was to express any kind of nazi sympathy. Stalin would have them executed. Kruschev, Brezhnev would send them to "corrective colony" where they would likely "die from complications." And yet the current ruler there, the 70 billion dollar man, the former KGB agent himself tolerates them because they are useful pawns, a form of paramilitary force that he can unleash against his opponents if necessary, just like the indoctrinated youth known as "Nashi."

French police should have just opened scorched earth machine gun fire from helicopters and liquidated the troublemakers. That would solve this issue once and for all.

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Ted Cruz was even more hard core against immigration. How come his beliefs did not translate to violence? Could it be that he did not personally diss groups of people with blanket statements?

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thunderlips11 says

It's funny, their defenders insist they are American despite many of them being illegals, then they wave nothing but the Mexican flag

Well, to use trump's words, "he started it!"

Maybe if the jews did something in germany in the 1930s and resisted, they could have prevented an eventual catastrophe and the night of the broken glass would have never happened....not to mention to holocaust....some people only understand force unfortunately

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Some of the people who go out to eat constantly and stimulate the economy by shopping at the mall would actually become homeless in less than 2 weeks if their parents deprived them of shelter. I wonder how many millions of people are in exactly such a predicament.

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