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  • On 23 Nov 2014 in The difference stem cell research can make, Ceffer said:

    Granny taking out her dentures and giving you slobbery tongue kisses forever!

  • On 23 Nov 2014 in Republicans Admit Benghazi Fake "Scandal", Ceffer said:

    The people who died in Benghazi didn't matter that much.

    Besides, they took an oath, they should have expected it.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Sexism is Innate, Ceffer said:

    Where's immense hirsute lesbian Barbie who crams Ken doll's little plastic head up her ass and decapitates him, and defaces his fake plastic man pouch with barbed wire?

    Barbie is a product of the nefarious gay fashion conspiracy industrial complex, whose only goal is to keep women dissatisfied with their bodies and force them to become permanent, hysterical, punch drunk fashion, makeup and accessories spendaholics.

    The fact that women are innately susceptible to this process because of their biologic narcissism points out that sexual evolution has its imperfections.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Republicans Admit Benghazi Fake "Scandal", Ceffer said:

    Looks like Hilary could twerk decapitate three in one fell swoop without dropping the vibrator out of her tweetie.

    An instrument of true immense hirsute cellulite terror, the Godzilla of butt cracks.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in "Eagle Cam": Aerial View of London via Video Camera Attached to an Eagle, Ceffer said:

    I want to see the bird-splat cam, that has an infrared detector and telescopic lens that let's you see the ejection and splat radius of the bird's victims.

    Old ladies with blue hair SPLAT! Skateboarders SPLAT! People in outdoor restaurant yards enjoying a Chardonnay SPLAT! Guy washing his Porsche SPLAT!

    You will see birds for the fiendish dinosaurs they really are and pray for another comet extinction.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Schlong-Gobbling Gay GOP Senator Hired to Manage Idaho GOP Party Books, Ceffer said:

    He was the only Republican they could find who could gobble shlongs and count at the same time. Chalk one up for multi tasking.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Obama's immigration policy makes good sense, Ceffer said:

    Ten out of ten illegal immigrants polled voted that Obama's immigration edict made good sense.

  • On 22 Nov 2014 in Poop map shows problem of homelessness, Ceffer said:

    It's amazing how the human feces map and the psycho liberal politico bullshit map resemble one another.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Liberals smarter, or more evolved ? Or both ?, Ceffer said:

    Saying your are smart and actually BEING smart are two complete and distinct things. Only liberals don't seem to be able to tell the difference.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Suffer little children, Ceffer said:

    More liberal hallucinations?

    Cramming immigrants into this country isn't "finding a better life" as if that is what USA always offers. As often as not, it is a different kind of tyranny. The idea of the American Dream had a lily planted on it years ago.

    Also, we already have millions of scum sucking children who could use lots of help (won't get it) but are being sacrificed to provide temporary give aways for the scads of new scum sucking children.

    Why do they always think that waving a few scum sucking children in the air justifies any atrocity or deluded highway robbery? Why aren't the parents responsible for their own scum sucking children?

    More like the thin crust of oligarchs or liberal royals want to return to a system where there is a masses of ignorant lower classes and themselves presiding.

    A country is no longer a country without legal, enforceable borders, just a new free fire zone for tribal conflict. Obama just decided to dissolve the country as if it didn't matter.

  • On 21 Nov 2014 in Students, and Jerry Brown protest tuition increase, Ceffer said:

    Promise to do a job or fix a problem, squander taxes, come back later, promise to do the same job but need more taxes, squander taxes, wave kids in air, promise to do the same job again, but need more taxes, squander taxes, create multiple polities that squander taxes as entitlements, all promise to do a job that was somehow cheaper and more cost efficient years and years ago, but maybe never got done because taxes were squandered, wave children in air, but need more taxes to do the job that never got done or was done cheaper with lower squandered taxes etc. etc. etc.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Ceffer said:

    One of the ways to properly torture a Realtor is to tie them to a chair with headphones and pipe in Rush Limbaugh on one channel and Glenn Beck in the other, turn up the volume and leave them there for 24 hours.

    Next best thing to an icepick lobotomy.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in REALTOR Tells 911 Dispatchers He Knifed Guy. Is Your REALTOR a Killer, Too?, Ceffer said:

    Parading strumpet realtors with jiggling cleavages have at least one redeeming quality.

    Realtors and knives, bad combination, be sure you leave them at the door jamb when you tour the kitchen.

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Oakland has replaced SF as hipster city, Ceffer said:

    You mean there are enough trust fund brats to populate Oakland, too?

  • On 20 Nov 2014 in Stuff Liberals Say, Ceffer said:

    I think liberals have "guilt trip bees" where they see how many guilt trips they can pack into a single platform and how many they can pack into a two minute statement. Guilt trip fire nozzling is known to dissolve granite much less a rational, thinking person. If they tried "Personal Responsibility nozzling" instead, it would give them a nervous breakdown.

    Free money, and especially somebody else's money, cures all of society's ills and makes all people good people. No more terrorists and no more bad minorities, except that white people are still bad.

    Liberals have the most trouble when the temptation to brand anybody who disagrees with them "stupid" intervenes, and they get into a stuttering moron tossing perpetual feedback loop and they suffer temporary guilt trip amnesia.

    A superiority complex brain fart.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in From the "Yup still mental" files., Ceffer said:

    How about below average Barbie with a muff that goes from her navel to the top of her butt crack, wrinkled ta tas, lots of cellulite, a unibrow, and a really bad attitude once a month. No bland plastic, featureless vagina crap.

    The inventor of this doll sounds like one of those feminist co-dependant weenies who is looking for a nice assertive girl to tie him up and rape him with a knobby strap on.

    Good luck, Average Barbie Inventor, may your quest for the perfect submissive pestork find rapid fruition.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Polar Vortex 2.0 Arrives - All 50 States Will Freeze Tonight, Ceffer said:

    But, it's a hot cold.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Astute, Ceffer said:

    How about "LossaFreeShitistan". Nothing like free shit to attract the dross and derelict.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Finally a job for Rin, Ceffer said:

    Better to pay for an experienced boink than get paid to finger a squirming ignoramus.

  • On 19 Nov 2014 in Ferguson: case closed!, Ceffer said:

    I didn't know Eskimos could Photoshop.

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