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  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 220 Million Undocumented Whites, Ceffer said:

    The Heinz 57s will be dissected with tomahawks and chunks shipped back to respective countries of origin.

    The Indians were thousands of tribes perpetually at war with each other, anyway, more concerned about killing each other than the white devils at their doorstep.

    Ain't tribal warfare great?

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in Another A.I. thread, Ceffer said:

    I knew a guy who went into a profession with honors, became a victim of the times and wasn't able to use his advanced degrees.

    He started a carpet business and is financially better off than he ever would have been in his original avocation. Having a flexible and pragmatic outlook really helps for survival.

    I participated in a talk at a graduate program (98K per year tuition and expenses) about six weeks ago. The dean and the staff were adamantine cheerleaders. My only feeling was gloom and pity for the prospects of the students. A lot of them were foreign princesses and princelings, anyway, with Maseratis, Taliban SUVs and Jensen Healeys in the parking lot.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in 'Murdering Your Wife Will Result In Automatic 4-Game Suspension', Ceffer said:

    They are thinking about the wrong incentives. If they win the game, they get to rape and murder the wives of the opposing team.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in The Pension Advance scam, Ceffer said:

    Another article about debt and spending morons who are supposed to be saved from their own dumassedness or gambling debts?

    I have known high earning professionals who have gone bankrupt a couple of times because they squandered every last dime they could earn, borrow or steal to maintain lifestyle and image on a scale they couldn't afford, or they were going after high maintenance younger pootang. I don't feel sorry for them a bit or consider them victims. It is a symptom of their pathological narcissism.

    This doctor was a physician in his mid forties who didn't pay his taxes and ran up credit card debt? Really, now. They don't mention how many wives etc.

    I think I will go spot my gambling addict brother in law a few thousand bucks because I am such a great person.

  • On 14 Dec 2014 in Can marijuana fight brain cancer, Ceffer said:

    Who the fuck cares, as long as it gets you stoned and mellow, man!

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