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  • On 24 Jan 2015 in Another Obozocare-taxing the middle class to pay for the 300# lazy critters, Ceffer said:

    Most junior colleges do nothing more than elevate the gratuitous high school illiterates to where they should have been in sophomore year of high school anyway.

    Obama has turned the Presidency into game show hosting, so called free prizes but no contest.

  • On 23 Jan 2015 in Crowdfunding for porn, Ceffer said:

    Where are the selfys with everybody inserting and demonstrating their favorite sex toy?

  • On 23 Jan 2015 in What do you know about this prognosticator, Ceffer said:

    You have hundreds of thousands of savants making regular predictions, some of them are going to be "right", even more than once or several times. I doesn't mean anything except the stochastics of guessing with great confidence, regularity and enthusiasm.

    Of course, a lot of savants reeling in suckers will CLAIM to have predicted things. Strange, people seldom seem to demand proof that the self styled savants actually DID predict anything beyond the assertion claim that they did so.

    Isn't this why finance has the highest percentage of sociopaths of any profession?

  • On 23 Jan 2015 in White House investigating billions in lost 401Ks, Ceffer said:

    Is that all?

  • On 23 Jan 2015 in New book says expand social security now, Ceffer said:

    I think the new Democratic platform is going to offer social security checks from birth, with ethnic minorities getting twice as much for reparations.

    White people will only be able to collect SS at all if they can demonstrate decisively that they are at least five times removed from any bloodlines of slaveholders.

    Now that's social progress!

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