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  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Most Expensive Housing Markets in US are Liberal: Correlation or Cause?, thunderlips11 said:

    indigenous says

    Yup same reason the most taxes are paid by the blue as well IOW only the financially affluent states can afford to be blue states.

    Hmmm, low taxes, minimal regulation, minimal welfare state.

    How come all those San Fran, Boston, and Seattle financial and tech companies ain't running down to Mighty Mississippi?

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Hillary Clinton: "Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs", thunderlips11 said:

    beershrine says

    New products are brought to market by small inventor entrepreneurs

    I can't think of one household product recently that was invented and brought to market by small inventor entrepreneurs.

    Google is not a product, it's a service, like Zappo. Nor does Google make Android. Nor is Android OS a Google Product, but is built on free, unpaid, communist Linux. Facebook is a service.

    Name me one product with a small inventor, that is now in every household, in the past few years. Just one.

    Chipotle is a service franchise, not a product with an inventor. Nobody invented Mexican-style cuisine. Franchises are ancient. Served a dish from behind a windowed counter is also ancient.

    This is a capitalist myth, like the myth of the family farmer, the smiling farmer logo looking at you from mass produced industrial scale Agribusiness.

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Durable Goods Decline Second Month; Key Take-Aways, thunderlips11 said:

    We'll have to cut tariffs. That's proven to raise production.

    Oh. Wait a minute. The tariffs on finished goods with major exporting countries is non-existent. Where's the prosperity?

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Hillary Clinton: "Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs", thunderlips11 said:

    indigenous says

    Once again a demonstration of how the mutts don't understand Say's law.

    Say's Law is not a law. In fact, it's been successfully demonstrated not to work countless times. Supply does not always create demand, in fact, it often doesn't.

    Make a million pet rocks and see if they sell.

  • On 27 Oct 2014 in Trying to Destroy the US Post Office - Dumb Ass Republicans, thunderlips11 said:

    HydroCABRON not hydrocarbon says

    Suppose a Republican congressman representing Buttfuck, IA voted to end the subsidy of cheap mail service which rural Iowans enjoy? Would they assassinate him immediately, or just recall him?

    Goddamn Socia---

    Now wait one corn-swagglin' cotton-pickin' minute! is tellin' me my subscription to the Monthly Olde Almanac is gonna cost me how much to deliver? $8 per issue via FedEx?! That's more than the magazine! And get here when?

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