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  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Pope condemns death penalty and harsh prison sentences, thunderlips11 said:

    beetles says

    You are confusing the ancient understanding of a "prisoner," one who is a slave from having been taken captive in battle or is imprisoned for debt in an autocratic society

    Was Joseph was taken in battle or imprisoned for debt? True, he was sold as a slave by his brothers. He rebuked the advances of his Master's wife. She got pissy and lied about him - THEN he went to prison.

    The hebrew word in this passage is Sohar, "To be encircled/enclosed".

    Micaiah and Hanani the Seer were also imprisoned for making unpopular prophecies.

    How about Jeremiah? He pissed off people with his prophecies. He was beaten and imprisoned.

    There may not have been purpose built buildings that served as jails in the Early Iron Age, and they were more into either the death penalty or physical punishment, but the Bible itself is rife with references about people being thrown into whatever rooms served as the jail beneath/within the palace or fortress or what have you. They wouldn't have had words like Sohar, Mahpeketh, or Kele' if they had no jail or prison facilities, even makeshift ad hoc ones.

    There's also Paul, who was imprisoned in Acts neither for debt nor being a slave.

    John the Baptist sat in prison for a long time before having his head served, but these two examples are the late Iron Age, and there are certainly words for prison in Greek.

    I don't dispute the usual way of handling lawbreakers was to stone them, torture them, behead them, etc. in God's infinite mercy just like in modern Semitic states like Saudi Arabia.

    beetles says

    modern understanding of the prisoner who is imprisoned as punishment for serious crimes as a result of finding of guilt by a lawful court in a democratic society.

    So, if the Vietnamese through a labor activist in prison, he's not a prisoner because it's not a democratic society (or a lawful court?). Were people in Stalin's gulag's prisoners or not? Those in the Bastille or the Tower of London? How about the Japanese Internment Camps in WW2, or people who were jailed for being interracial lovers?

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Latest on marijuana legalization, thunderlips11 said:

    You can't take away Locality's revenue drivers and the Cop's #1 source of Overtime and Side Dealing income, and expect them to go along with it.

    Fire the fucker. I anybody wore an offensive shirt like that in any other enterprise,, they'd be fired.

    I wish I was a Federal prosecutor, so I could wear a shirt "Holder, prosecute some bucking fanksters already." I'm sure I wouldn't be fired.

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Pope condemns death penalty and harsh prison sentences, thunderlips11 said:

    Hebrews 13:3 - Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; [and] them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

    Psalms 69:33 - For the LORD heareth the poor, and despiseth not his prisoners.

    Psalms 102:20 - To hear the groaning of the prisoner; to loose those that are appointed to death;

    Isaiah 61:1 - The Spirit of the Lord GOD [is] upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to [them that are] bound;

    Psalms 79:11 - Let the sighing of the prisoner come before thee; according to the greatness of thy power preserve thou those that are appointed to die;

    Gospel according to Saint Bastard 4:20 : And Supply Side Jesus sayeth unto me: "Bastard, Condemn the Prisoner. Make sure he gets shanked or raped while he does time for selling an ounce of weed. Blessed are the cops, of whom less than 3 die per year during drug busts and investigations. Blessed is the prosecutor, who seeketh harsh punishment so when he runs for Attorney General or Governor, the sheep may thinketh him tough on crime."

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Original Serpico says cops still out of control, thunderlips11 said:

    Fantastic Article, thanks Tovarich.

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in It's what's NOT for lunch., thunderlips11 said:

    Here's what's happening - there was a NY Slime article on it before..

    The taxpayer-paid contractors who provide heavily salted and sugared tomato paste, instant pizza dough, cookies, pasta, fake cheese, and all the other corn/soy/wheat complex processed foods, as well as the "Lunch Lady" lobbyists (yes, they have one) are all working on nixing the move to fresher, less processed food.

    Milk at every lunch? Ridiculous.

    That's why Fox and other news sources are showing pictures of skimpy meals. Companies with these contracts want pizza sauce and ketchup to remain a vegetable item, and count choc chip cookies as healthy because they're made with marginally less glycemic whole wheat instead of white refined flour.

    I guarantee in most if not all cases, there was plenty of food available, but the kid only wanted the starch and sugar, so that's all he put on his plate.

    As my mom said, "Well, when you get hungry enough, you'll eat your fruits and veggies." It worked!

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in How about a Clinton Warren ticket, thunderlips11 said:

    For those interested in Warren's paper, where her previous and commonly held ideas about Middle Class problems with bankruptcy and financial security were changed by her own research, can read "The Over-consumption Myth" here:

    As a background, Warren's father had a heart attack at 41, and her mother had to get a job as a waitress to support I believe, 4 kids. She also got her law degree because her husband was an Engineer working on NASA Projects. That's where her idea that Two Incomes are bad because there is no "Reserve Laborer who can pick up the slack in case of job loss or sickness" comes in.

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in How about a Clinton Warren ticket, thunderlips11 said:

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in QE 101 tatupu: How Quantitative Easing Contributed to the Nations Inequality, thunderlips11 said:

    JH says

    The topic is inequality. Here are damning charts. Inequality is exacerbated by QE, but the longer term historical trend is that wealth at the very top is inversely proportional to tax rates:

    ... and not adjusting the income brackets...

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Double-digit decreases for gas prices as oil dips lower, thunderlips11 said:

    If this keeps up, goodbye Fracking!

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in Ebola touches down in NYC, thunderlips11 said:

    What is with sending Ebola patients to big urban hospitals?

    Wouldn't Plum Island or some other facility in a less dense area with better access control be a better choice?

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in We can survive without Russian gas now, says Lithuania's president, thunderlips11 said:

    Straw Man says

    And we are taking a lot of RT bullshit here.

    Almost as much bullshit as the US Media...

    "Russia moved it borders towards NATO!"

  • On 24 Oct 2014 in We can survive without Russian gas now, says Lithuania's president, thunderlips11 said:

    Straw Man says

    Yeah, time to change the subject. It won't help, though, because Soviet oil exports were insignificant until mid-60s.

    Yay, flat out admitted I was mistaken nat gas being used by Germany before the War - but still Russian energy is important to Europe - get accused of changing the subject!

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in Key US Ally warns Women not to Drive, thunderlips11 said:

    It's a crime to "Abscond" from your job in the UAE, by the way. Slavery is officially illegal there.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in How about a Clinton Warren ticket, thunderlips11 said:

    There's one possible option if Warren doesn't run. Bernie.

    On Meet the Press (with a blunt object in your hand, the heavier the better):

    "If the American people understand what goes on in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other countries, they will say, ‘Whoa, I didn't know that!’” Sanders said, pointing out that health care is considered a right, “R-I-G-H-T,” among even the most conservative politicians in Denmark.

    Sanders described his credo as a fight to protect America’s working class from what he sees as the threat of an approaching “oligarchic form of society.”

    “You have today in America more income and wealth inequality than any time in this country since 1928 and more than any major country in the world,” Sanders said. “So, you got the top one percent owning 38 percent of the wealth in America. Do you know what the bottom 60 percent own? 2.3 percent.”

    “You know what that is?" he said. "That's called oligarchy."

    Though Sanders isn’t making any secret of his possible 2016 presidential bid, he said he’s still determining whether he could generate a sufficient level of grassroots support on which to build a campaign.

    Seems like Progressives are getting stronger, finally. Zephyr Teachout gave Andrew Cuomo a run for his money in the primaries, a guy who is the son of a former Governor with a huge political machine behind him. She got 35% of the primary vote, which is huge against an incumbent in a their own party's primary.

  • On 23 Oct 2014 in We can survive without Russian gas now, says Lithuania's president, thunderlips11 said:

    HEY YOU says

    How's that American,EU FUBAR Ukrainian collapse working out for EU citizens?

    Not too well. Behind the scenes, Merkel is taking a lot of flak.

    Merkel has already pissed off the rest of Europe with her insistence on a strong Euro and being immovable on bad debt.

    The only people that got out of it was Finland, they agreed to open new diary product facilities in Russia itself. Most of Poland's apples rotted in the orchard.

    Behind the scenes much is taking place. Sikorski the Russophobe (married to Anne Applebaum, an American Neocon) was fired from him position in the Foreign Ministry of Poland, and he just got more flak for saying that Russia offered to partition Ukraine with Poland. Russia denies, and Sikorski was forced to admit it was hearsay, making Poland look bad. He can forget about a replacement position in the government anytime soon.

    Meanwhile, Putin partied with Italian politicians and dissed Merkel by showing up hours late to their meeting, and then telling the press "We're still too far apart" when Merkel was pressuring him to pressure the Donbas into not holding Elections.

    In Kiev, neonazis and Svoboda clashed with police over giving the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, implicated in countless atrocities during WW2, Veteran's Benefits, and adding all 14th Galizen SS and Abwehr and Einsatzgruppen volunteers to the Veteran Benefit rolls, as well.

    BTW, Russian Agra sector has boomed because of the ban. It had been cheaper just to buy the Euro posh cheese and fruit, but now there's an incentive for Russian business to invest in food production.

    The Black Earth of Russia can replace Euro products much faster and easier than Europe can replace Russian Energy.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in We can survive without Russian gas now, says Lithuania's president, thunderlips11 said:

    Straw Man says

    Because they didn't buy any "Russian gas from before WW2" : the first gas pipelines in USSR were built during and immediately after WWII (Dashava-Lviv in 1941 and Saratov-Moscow in 1946). But these were for domestic use only. The first export gas pipelines were built in late 70s-early 80s.

    My bad - make that "Oil". One of the reasons the Germans were so interested in synthetic coal to fuel (and buying some key patents from Standard Oil/Esso) was because their main source of energy before the war was the Soviet Union. Ploesti was barely enough in peacetime for Germany. They knew once Barbarossa began, no more Russian Oil.

    In any case, the region has been dependent on Russian energy for a long time.

    That one lone LNG facility in Norway ain't gonna cut it, and fracking won't either, especially if the price of a barrel of oil keeps dropping. That's because the Nat Gas from Fracking operations is a secondary product of the oil production itself.

    According to Deutschewelle, 130 Billion Cubic Meters of Nat Gas is consumed by Europe each year, which Germany alone using 90bcm. While Norway and Holland provide a big chunk of it, the rest is Russian. Lithuania's cute little LNG transit facility is slated to open handling half a billion. Even if full output was 10 times that, it's a drop in the bucket. Maybe enough for Lithuania, but not for the EU generally.

    From the link:

    But the problem is that liquefied natural gas costs almost twice as much on the global market as when sourced from Russian suppliers. And there are long-term LNG export contracts, which means that short-term changes to supplies would be difficult. The European attempt to decrease its dependence on Russian gas imports supplied via the Nabucco pipeline, which was supposed to run through the Caspian Sea, recently failed for economic reasons. Overall, it will be a Herculean task - both logistically and financially - for Europe, and especially for Germany, to free itself from its current dependence on Russian natural gas imports.

    A poorish little country like Lithuania paying twice the price for LNG instead of Piped Gas - 90% of it's energy consumption - and not suffering a hit to it's economy? Not likely.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in We can survive without Russian gas now, says Lithuania's president, thunderlips11 said:

    If it was so easy, how come Central and Eastern Europe has been buying piped Russian gas from before WW2, throughout the Cold War, right up to today?

    There's only one production plant in all of Europe, in Hammerfest, Norway.

    LNG isn't a brand - new idea or technology, it dates back to WW1.

    I'd wait and see how this works out, first.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in The "Canadian way" of responding to terrorists, thunderlips11 said:

    The only way he would have been more awesome is if he smacked the fundie convert over the head with that thing.

    Coolest moment in North American politics since President Jackson caned his assassin.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, thunderlips11 said:

    FortWayne says

    There was no alliance. The only alliance, and a shaky one at that was in common defense/military between Europe, US, and Russia. It wasn't even a political allience, Stalin was pretty clear about taking over territories after they defeat Germany.

    Fort Wayne, good point. Just to add to that, it also wasn't the first time the two Germanic States - Prussia and Austria - split Poland with Russia. They did it in three partitions.

    Poland was only a free country because the Allies made the Germans give it independence after WW1 - before that, most of what is today Poland was run by the Prussians and later the successor state, Germany.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, thunderlips11 said:

    socal2 says

    - Existing WMDs (since found per NYTimes article)

    - Risk of new WMD development

    - Human Rights

    - Saddam's history of attacking his neighbors

    - Risk of Saddam harboring Sunni jihadis

    - Saddam funding suicide bombers in Palestine making ME peace impossible

    #1 Those WMDs did not exist. No WMDs were found, only rusty stockpiles, long rendered ineffective by the desert heat and forgotten, in depot locations along the Iran-Iraq border.
    #2 This is rich coming from the a Country - one where his own father was Veep and then President -which had no problem with him developing WMDs which he used against Kurds and Iranians.
    #3 With our approval and support. If the Iranians had pranged the Stark by mistake instead of Saddam, we'd be bombing. We shot down an Iranian airliner and dismissed the whole thing and gave the Captain a medal.
    #4 We've discussed. No concern for his treatement of people before the Gulf War. Our sanctions in the 90s killed innocent people and destabilized Saddam not at all. We also encouraged the Kurds and Shi'a to revolt, promising support - and then let Saddam butcher them in 1991. Don't think guys like Muqtada al-Sadr don't remember this, as do most Kurds and Shia'.
    #6 Saddam was a secular ruler like Assad and Mubarak and Ghaddafyi. It is the Gulf States that support Wahabi Terrorists from Madrassah Education to Armaments.
    #7 Debatable.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, thunderlips11 said:

    socal2 says

    There is no hypocrisy, just trying to make the best choice out of a series of bad options.

    None of this addresses why WMDs were ignored - the US certainly knew about them - with Saddam. Or why the US ignored his atrocities against the Kurds, Marsh Arabs, and Shi'a, either, in the 80s.

    Realpolitik is fine - I'm not that much of an idealist about Global Politics - It's lying bullshit to the public about human rights being the driving force that I can't stand.

    socal2 says

    I guess we can forget that Russia was allied with the Nazis as Russia invaded Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? Russia only turned against the Nazis after Germany double-crossed them and invaded with Operation Barbarossa. Otherwise, Stalin would have been more than happy to carve up Europe with Hitler.

    And of course, that the Germans are the ones who put Lenin on a train to Russia and gave him funds in WW1, too, in order to get Russia out of the war. Stalin the Georgian (born Ioseb Besarionis Dze Jugashvili) was their offspring.

    We can also forget that the US, Britain, Japan, and others intervened on the side of the Whites, and so from the beginning established their anti-Red credentials. Then refused most trades with the Soviets - no exports of metal, timber, and especially gold were allowed from the Soviet Union to most Western Countries..

    Blowback is a bitch. The founders were right - armed neutrality is best. At least then you don't end up fighting the force you helped create later.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Will Millenials ever buy a house?, thunderlips11 said:

    Well, when your underemployed and lucky to have even that job below your skill level, marrying, having kids, and buying an overpriced ticky-tack shack would be being a slave to Tradition.

    "C'mon, buy my $300k home that's about 5x you and your girlfriend's gross combined income."

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, thunderlips11 said:

    Source is Niall Fergusson, who is a good Neoliberal and no leftie.

    The Russians didn't go eye-for-an-eye.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in Hmmm... Looks Like There Were WMD in Iraq After All!!, thunderlips11 said:

    socal2 says

    When Stalin's Soviet Union was starving hundreds of thousands of German soldiers in POW camps, raping thousands of German women, and enslaving parts of Eastern Europe, they were our buddy too. America even gave Stalin tons of weapons, trucks and food aide!

    About 2 years later, we changed course and were threatening Russia with nukes. We were such hypocrites - right?

    Are using chemical weapons en masse against both soldiers AND your own civilians something the US supports? Because before Saddam invaded Kuwait the US not only didn't give a shit, but facilitated it.

    Switching sides over time isn't hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is "It's okay when we or our buddies do it."

    Saddam's use of WMDs weren't a problem until he was our enemy. Then he was a bad guy who used WMDs, even though we (and the Europeans) enabled it.

    socal2 says

    When Stalin's Soviet Union was starving hundreds of thousands of German soldiers in POW camps, raping thousands of German women, and enslaving parts of Eastern Europe, they were our buddy too. America even gave Stalin tons of weapons, trucks and food aide!

    Whereas the Germans and their East European volunteers treated the Russian Civilians and POWs like gold, right? You do know that very few Russian POWs made it out of German hands alive - less than half. Millions of them, and most of them were taken in the first year from Barbarossa. Russians were killed in about the same numbers as Jews, but in a shorter period of time. No food was to be expended on subhumans. The Russians gave it back - but not to the same degree.

  • On 22 Oct 2014 in McDonald's Vows Fresh Thinking After Revenues Decline 30%; Mish Offers Advice, thunderlips11 said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    They care more about what some piss ant Liberal jack Ass that filmed "Supersize Me" and wouldn't eat there normally on a BET! They changed their whole formula, decor, recipes and aesthetics to appease these petty shit talking assholes. And what did it get them? Empty stores and dismal sales that's what.

    The hilarious thing about Super Size Me is that the director has never released his journal detailing what he ate there.

    The other hilarious thing is the a McDonald's Big Mac combo is 90% carbs. The only thing meat in there is the two silver-dollar sized, 1/10th inch thick patties, containing maybe 5-10% of the calories in the entire Big Mac Meal.

    Everything else, the rest of the 90-95% of the calories, is Corn/Soy Fake Cheese, Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Carbonated Water with Sugar or Aspartame, and Bread. The meat is mostly grass-fed free range beef from Brazil or the rest of South America.

    But then people say "It's the Meat that makes it unhealthy and fattening!"

    If somebody ate there every day at least once, and took the meat off the big mac, but ate the rest of the meal including the sandwich bread and "cheese", I guarantee they would gain a ton of weight.

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