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Patrick says

The guy is obviously not very creative, in spite of creating a video game.

Considering he ripped off Dwarf Fortress, but more simplistic with better graphics, absolutely right.

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Rin says

In my homeschooling example ... ppl say that students can't learn advanced math topics like Calculus, Differential Equations, etc, without regular instruction. I believe Oakman and Marcus are a part of this contingency.

I'm learning Chemistry right now, for no other reason that in the 8th Grade I was too busy goofing off and flunked it. Coursera, and Khan Academy on the side.

I learned more about Orbital Mechanics from goofing around for a few hours in Kerbal Space Program, than dry instruction with a live teacher.

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The bias of the cops is amazing - the Sheriff is making this claim based on an assumption that it was due to Police not being given the Unquestioning Respect Automatically and Guaranteed Saintly Treatement by at least 90% of the population due to recent developments - without having any clue as to why the shooting occurred.

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How many millions did it cost? How long will that H2 tank last? Where'd the H2 come from? Nat Gas?

The only place Hydrogen is useful to use directly than other fuels is in the upper stages of Rockets, where weight is at a premium.

BTW, Hydrogen hella flammable. You park that nice hydrogen car in the garage, the fuel tank leaks, you walk in and flip the switch and KABLOOOIE! massive flash burns.

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Nobody builds starter homes anymore. This is a direct result of the lack of government intervention in housing; a return to normal for capitalism. Just like before the 1940s, there were either tenements or mansions, with very little built in between. This is true in both the UK and USA, and I suspect of most countries at most times without government intervention.

The end of rent control, public housing, and affordable housing regulations and subsidies in the 70s explains it all. I'd rather wait a year to sell a half million dollar place it cost me 200k to build, than sell a starter home within days, on the same lot for 150k that cost me 80k to build. This is doubly true if I'm building apartments/condos in an urban area.

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Shitty Economy, Lack of Opportunities for Educated People, Unregulated Banks, Increasing Debt while Standard of Living Declines.

But nevermind all that, let's talk only about absolutely no restrictions on Abortion. And Gay Marriage.

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Mr Happygoluckofus says

He went to other banks but as he said, they are all spanish guys they don't want to talk to me about a moving department. They brush him off and tell him they call a moving company

Their Brother-in-law. :)

Some call it corruption, some call it family values.

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Israel also backed Hamas, to create friction between Palestinians. Oops!

(A great example, by the way, of why there is only fundie Islam groups, without secular balancing reformers)

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All of Pat's reasons are great. The Stock Market is a better place to make money, as is personally lending at usury rates small sums of money.

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Dan8267 says

Yes, and as such he was brought to trial not executed without trial by a drone strike. Bring war criminals to trial is perfectly consistent with the philosophy I expressed. Sentencing convicted war criminals to death after a fair and honest trial is also perfectly consistent with that philosophy. So your example does not contradict anything I said.

Ribbentropp also colluded to wage aggressive war; it was his Foreign Ministry, of whom he was in charge of, that drafted the War Declarations. We didn't execute the guys who drafted pro-Nazi press releases, and certainly not without a trial.

NATO intervened in a Civil War and violated the Territory of a sovereign state. It was called Yugoslavia. The ratio of Bosnian and Croatian War Criminals indicted by the International Court for the Former Yugoslavia, to those of Serbian War Criminals, is about 55 to more than 1,000, or around 20:1, despite all observers calculating the level of atrocities on all 3 sides being roughly equal. The Security Council did not approve NATO's intervention, making it an illegal war by the UN's own rules, of which the US is signatory, and treaties are binding on the US by the Constitution. Only the Security Council, not the General Assembly, has the right to declare war on "peacebreakers", and this is defined as invading another sovereign state - not fighting a Civil war on sepratists. Clinton is a War Criminal, also, as is Madelline Albright.

This is because the Bosniaks are Muslim and backed by the Gulf Arabs and their US Allies.
Croatia has long been a buddy of Austria, Germany, and Italy, and was a proud member of the Axis and an enthusiastic butcher of Jews, Serbs, etc. in WW2. Google "Jasenovac", which was a Fascist Croat, not Nazi, operation. The Rat Lines - smuggling Nazis into South America - left Europe via Croatia, while Croatian Bishops in the Vatican arranged fake passports identifying them as Catholic Priests.

The Western Buttboy Press, as usual, is complicit - everybody knows about Sarajevo, but few about Krajina, or about the fate of the Serbian Minority in Kosovo.

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Dan8267 says

A terrorist is NOT defined as anyone doing work for a group that some people label terrorists. If you are a plumber working for ISIS fixing the drainage pipes in ISIS controlled territory -- and there are a lot of people like this as ISIS performs government services -- that does not make you a terrorist, plain and simple.

No Dan, any male aged 13-100 is a "military age suspect", and therefore doesn't count when we Hellfire a building, even if they were a few farmworkers who rented out the bottom floor.

The Pentagon learned from Vietnam not to count civilian deaths, that way they could paint any guesstimate of civilian casualties as "Grossly Overstated" without having to produce any evidence to the contrary.

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Of interest... cost of living calculators.

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Strategist says

Look how much they make in Russia. $2.34 per hour.

Where mass transit is 45 cents each way, a one-bedroom is ~$400/month (depending on how far from the city center you are), and monthly unlimited ADSL internet (10MBPS) is $7/month.

And that data is heavily weighted towards the big cities St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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Conservative Logic:

White Shooter of Blacks admits he's killing blacks out of racism in his own writings. Relatives say it all started when a girl he was sweet on went with a black dude.

Black Shooter of Whites had a beef about getting fired years ago. He was obviously mentally ill. No evidence he killed the reporters BECAUSE they were White, but more likely because they represented his former employers.

Conservatives mad that liberals bringing up how easy it is for mentally ill people to get firearms.

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Gun Control.

Must be over 35 to possess a firearm (age at which criminal behavior falls off a cliff) in your domicile. Otherwise, must be stored at an approved facility (can include gun range, cannot take weapon offsite).
Any hospitalization or prescription of psychoactive medication, and you must store your firearms offsite, sell them, or give them up within 48 hours. Anybody in your domicile on psychoactive medication, you must also do so. Failure to do so makes you an accessory to whatever crime is committed by the mentally ill person, including any dependents. Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Psychologists/Psychiatrists are mandatory reporters.
5-year waiting period between the end of mental health issues and being able to have a firearm in your domicile.

There you go, I just solved a huge slice of firearm related deaths.

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lostand confused says

How is NJ/NY- the winters are not as brutal as the Midwest? Boston a bit north had a nasty winter this year??

Much more mild: close to the coasts. It's pretty standard for a predicted 3-6" Snow Storm to turn into a Slush Fest. By this I mean Eastern Mass, and the NY/NJ Metro Area. Way over in Buffalo, Binghampton, Albany, or Springfield MA, you can get quite a bit of snow.

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EBGuy says

Many new apartment complexes in Williston, ND are only 80% full. Williston, North Dakota, has seen its population drop about 6 per cent since last summer, according to wastewater data relied upon heavily by city planning officials...“Here in Williston, the growth rate is not predictable,” said David Tuan, director of the city’s public works department. “Measuring wastewater flow tends to be the most efficient way to track population.”

Looks like low oil prices aren't so great for the Fracking Business.

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McDonald's workers in Denmark, Australia, Switzerland make $15 or more/hr, plus mandatory benefits, paid vacation and sick time, mat leave, etc. $21 in Denmark.

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saroya says

Or as Ronald Reagan called them in the 1980's when they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, "Freedom Fighters." Who knew that when Rambo was killing Russians for the natives, they were plotting their evolution towards ISIS?

Yep, don't forget RAMBO 3, where John Rambo goes to Peshawar, Pakistan to work with Arms Dealers to get to Khost, where his mentor on a secret Taliban Support Mission, Trautman, is being held. The Taliban are portrayed as good God-fearing monotheist noble savages being mercilessly oppressed by the evil atheist Soviet Union, and Rambo can help them.

In reality, the Taliban were born when the Afghan Communist Government redistributed to ordinary Afghans (not as Communes, but individual owned plots) the Massive Land Holdings of the Inherited Nobility and Clan Leaders who had been nominating and supporting Sunni Clerics. The now unemployed Clerics along with their former Noble Sponsors, and with lots of Saudi Wahabi Money, incited the population against the Government. Also, Pakistan did not want an India-Friendly Government on their western border, but wanted a return to rule of the Noblemen of Pashtu Sunni Muslims extraction; Saudi Arabia wanted to export it's Extreme Wahabi malcontents by distracting them with foreign wars. See also Chechnyan Fundies (whom people like neocon Michael Leeden supported in 1999), Bosnian Muslim Butchers ("Golden Chain"), and today Yemen (anti-Shi'a Pogram)

Why are all the radicals religious nuts? Because the USA worked with Sunni Noblemen to destroy the entire spectrum of center-right to left ideologies in the Middle East during the Cold War, from Social Democrats like Mossadegh in Iran in the 50s, to secular dictators like Assad today, preferring Religious Dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, all of whom have Religious Police. Extreme Islam is only ideology left.

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socal2 says

It is not meant as a pejorative - just a simple fact.

Yep, It's literally a fact. Dumping cheap corn in Mexico killed off countless small farms, so they all fled north for jobs. Even Cheaper Chinese and Indonesian wages killed off the maquiladoras, which is where Southern Manufacturers fled after leaving the Unionized North. Always in pursuit of rock bottom wages.

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