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  • On 30 Sep 2014 in America's Demographic Situation Is A Ticking Time Bomb, thunderlips11 said:

    Well, if we found Trillions for the Gulf War and the Bank Bailout, Soc Sec will be a no brainer. As I see it, I went into huge debt for the things the MIC/Banksters wanted, so fuck 'em if they try to take Social Security.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in How many times a day are YOUR breasts stared at?, thunderlips11 said:

    Or make decisions based on an idea from a forcibly hospitalized paranoid schizo... like John Nash...

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Accolades for Law Enforcement, thunderlips11 said:

    BTW, I agree basically it's the laws and the politicians - but the thug unions aren't exactly resisting it, either.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Accolades for Law Enforcement, thunderlips11 said:

    bob2356 says

    If there were a substantial percentage (or as dan contends all of them) of abusive cops the number of complaints and youtube videos would be astronomical.

    The Thug Union keeps complaints as secretive as possible, defangs any watchdogs, and of course the Prosecutor is NOT interested in pursuing cops unless the media makes a stink and even then he will bend over backwards to keep the flow coming into his office, so he can overcharge and get desperate guilty pleas, keep the prisons full and say he was tough on crime.

    I hope Anonymous or Wikileaks hacks into a Police Forum and spreads the news about what cops really think about the public and their job.

    bob2356 says

    What does this have to do with cops? It only shows what a total failure the war on drugs is. Cops don't make laws. If the drug laws turn 700% more people into criminals then the cops are obligated to go out and arrest them.

    Not just drugs, although that's a big part:

    This is about quotas. At the end of the day, it's about quotas," he said. "That's why there is such an epidemic in these communities of people getting stopped and frisked — because the police are told to get numbers, and they are not interested in the numbers of radio runs or how they help. They are interested in arrests, summons and 250s."

    An opponent of the New York Police Department's controversial stop-and-frisk policy marches last year in New York City. The NYPD says the stops assist crime prevention, while opponents say they involve racial profiling and civil rights abuses.

    Adhyl Polanco, an eight-year police veteran, testified that his supervisors in a Bronx precinct in 2009 insisted on 20 summons, five street stops and one arrest per month. If you didn't make that number, he said, you could be denied days off and overtime, and given a poor evaluation. Polanco said officers who didn't make their quotas were sometimes forced to "drive their supervisors," who would make them give out summons and make street stops, sometimes of people they had not even observed.

    Polanco and a second witness, Pedro Serrano, a nine-year police veteran from a different Bronx precinct, taped discussions with supervisors during the daily roll call.

    In one recording, a supervisor says "the goal is at least one arrest per month and 20 summons" and that the union backed up the policy. In a later recording, a supervisor says the policy is non-negotiable and if an officer don't do what's required, he could become "pizza delivery man."

    "Things are not going to get any better. It is going to get a lot worse," the supervisor says, because the city will want officers to meet even higher arrest and summons targets.

    Officer Polanco said his supervisors did not think breaking up fights, ending domestic disputes and other police duties were as important as the numbers. In cross examination, the city's lawyers tried to show that Polanco was not punished in any way even though his monthly reports from January through August of 2009 showed he had never fulfilled this quota. He was later suspended with pay over a different incident; the case is still being reviewed.

    Note the willing participation of the Thug Union - that's cops, not just the government.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in America's Demographic Situation Is A Ticking Time Bomb, thunderlips11 said:

    FortWayne says

    IRA's crash every few years when wall street crashes, you can't have that type of uncertainty in retirement.

    Yup. Just ask Chile. The ones who stayed with the smaller guaranteed pay out from the public did ALOT better. Also, fees fees fees - the Chilean Glorious Free Market soaked the employees who chose private accounts with fees up the wazoo.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in fem-nazis gone wild, thunderlips11 said:

    Rin says

    At an expensive esc*rting rate of $300/hr, that would give me an allnighter, every week, for over 20 years.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Sold for 1M a 1000 sqft Cambrian house after spending less than 40K on it, thunderlips11 said:

    In another decade, Public School graduates need not apply, companies will look on resumes and ask for where you graduated. Unless it was a prep school, you're out of the running.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    Also, if rape is a crime of power, how come it's mostly uneducated, young, poor girls that get raped, but seldom old rich white women widows who control an entire portfolio of wealth?

    It would be Leona Helmsleys getting raped, not Shaniqua the Sandwich Maker.

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    marcus says

    Iwog's logic goes something like this. It's physically possible for boys and girls to reproduce when they about 12 or 13. And we know that sometimes powerful men would grab (lock in) desirable girls for themselves, while they were still children (in fact this still happens in some parts of the world).

    Well Marcus, I am not disputing Iwog's thesis nor yours. I'm simply pointing out that marriage age ranges have widely fluctuated in the past few centuries.

    In New England in the 1700s, it was older because parents would not give permission to children to leave the farm and set up new homes further west, wanting both their labor, and knowing they may never see them again (or only once in a great long time, like years).

    But in the 1800s, it was really low again because any body could claim the Homestead Act out west, so the children - especially the 2nd and on sons - would go out there right away, then send back in the mail for a wife. Plenty of factory girls happy to be on a farm in Minnesota instead of being whipped, molested, and worked to death in Glorious 19th Century Free Market 72-hour a week factories.

    They'd rather live in a sod house on the plains.

    Generally speaking though, there was little reason NOT to get married, especially when all the usable farmland was already distributed. And the vast majority of children born in the Wholesome Days of the One Universal Church and Medieval Wonderfulness were born out of wedlock, with "Shotgun Marriages", followed by "Marriage in Common" - where people cheated on each other with abandon.

    Feminists often use the 1% as a proxy for the 99%. Since serfs have no great estates to trade, there is no point in them being picky about who their kids marry. In the early modern era, absent men's pay (ie sailors, who were a huge part of the workforce) would be paid directly to the wife. She could sue if it wasn't and spend it any way she liked.

    Also another myth - women could AND DID - leave men they didn't like. Divorce was illegal, but women often took the children and went back to their home. Contrary to what feminists would like to believe.

    The strongest voices FOR divorce were wealthy and noble women. The strongest voices AGAINST divorce were poor working women - they wanted men who said "I give up on this one" and took off for another city or the colonies to be dragged back to them. .

    Feminists use the 1% nobility and over time the bourgeois as a metric of women generally, even though these were a minority of the population.

    They still do it today when they talk of White Male Privilege. When designing their litany of complaints, they think of some rich, preppy, tall, blonde, heir to fortune named Chad, but not Sal the 40-something pudgy, balding security guard who has no skill with women and little money. The Sals outnumber the Chads by about 100:1

  • On 30 Sep 2014 in fem-nazis gone wild, thunderlips11 said:

    Peter P says

    . They get stressed out over the tiniest details. What they should really worry about is the marriage itself.

    Word. Gotta spend money! Because everybody knows - perfect reception = perfect marriage.

    Just FYI: Diamonds are found in Kimberlite and have nothing to do with Coal, despite widespread rumor that they do. :)

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in When he's good he's very good, thunderlips11 said:

    Jesus, he's good.

    The money part:

    Where are these "Willing Arab Partners"? Saudi Arabia has lots of F-15s. Tons of tracks. They've spent a small fortune on them. Where are they? Invisible Army indeed.

    Good questions from Leader of the Backbenchers.

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    The marriage age fluctuates, but it has a LOT to do with how long it takes a man to make a living. I recall the Irish Immigrants in the 19th marrying very late - late 20s - because they made so little money it took them a long time to "prove" themselves eligible as husbands - and the women also, since they aged as they waited.

    I also recall women marrying "Norwegian Bachelor Farmers" via the mail in the 19th Century. The #1 concern of women was a guy who put food on the table, and getting the hell out of the shoe factory or piece work in the tenement before it took all their health (and looks) away - and before Mr. Free Market coerced them for sex (esp. if they were immigrant women with no male relatives around) then fired them for being pregnant. Same shit that happens today in Guatemala outsourced clothing factories.

    Our modern world is about 180 degrees from the past. In the past, men outlived women, most men buried at least one wife or more.

    There's a deep set, evolutionary reason women prefer older men.

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    In the medieval era, it was one big trailer park. Records are scarce, but in the rare places where the Priest himself was literate, church records show a lot of baptisms just a few months after the wedding, if you get my drift. The "married" couple were universally young - and consider in those times, there was a famine every 7 years, so developmentally (mental and physical) a 16 year old was probably closer to 13 today.

    The age of first menstruation today is also a lot lower, due to better diet.

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    Just FYI I changed the picture a bit to make the point.

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    Iwog's post triggered a thought.

    In a 14-year old girl's room, you'd probably find posters like this:

    In a 19-year old girl's room, you'd probably find posters like this:

    Which one represents a better future for the human race?

    (Yes, I know the first is a little fay - who would you want for a neighbor?)

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Schoolgirls Aged 14-16 Leave France, UK, Germany for Syria to Join ISIS Jihad, thunderlips11 said:

    Go and poke around social justice warrior feminist boards.

    For every posting about stonings, lashings, etc. of women in "Brown" countries, there are a dozen or more posts about "Microaggressions", or about some girl who got propositioned gently in an elevator after a night of heavy drinking, which she declined, and absolutely nothing happened.

    In other words, she was "almost raped".

    (by the way - when some beta asks awkwardly but politely for consent and are refused - he still "almost raped" the girl, even though he abided by the college/convention/authority sex rulebook. It's patriarchy I tell ya! Of course, what this really is, is a beta female who wants to be an alpha female irritated that a beta man had the audacity to even think himself qualified to ask her for whoopie.)

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Hong Kong protesters dig in, brace for possible crackdown, thunderlips11 said:

    Strategist says

    I bet they support the protestors.

    Talk is cheap, thoughts are even cheaper.

    Where dem sanctions at?

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Tapes showing meek oversight of Goldman are about to rock Wall Street, thunderlips11 said:

    indigenous says


    It's the result of it.

    Heraclitusstudent says

    Vicente says

    There is little practical distinction between having no regulation, and simply telling cops to sit on their hands. Either way, free market.

    Exactly. You can't object CRONY CAPITALISM and be against regulation.

    indigenous says

    I will say this slower and louder (as if that will help) CRONY CAPITALISM IS NOT FREE MARKET.

    Are you also against regulating money in politics?

    Do you also think there is no link between this and that?


  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Community colleges to award bachelor's degrees, thunderlips11 said:

    Video Game Design
    Social Justice Studies
    Interior Design *

    * A fast growing field slated to need thousands of professionals in the coming years, according to Higher Ed Booster Magazine...

  • On 29 Sep 2014 in Calvinism is Nuts, thunderlips11 said:

    Rin says

    For me, I don't understand the show (aside from the Three's Company humor) because I fulfill all my fantasies with international esc*rts, outside of the USA. And during those times, I own a medium sized home in central/western MA, drive an Accord, and have the occasional Martinis. I don't have wanton self-destructive tendencies.

    But that's boring, Rin. Americans need to believe that people are either punished or redeemed. The idea of moderation is anathema to the principles of society.

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