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  • On 16 Sep 2014 in Expensive engagement rings are a scam, Vicente said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    Ask me how I know you guys are single?

    Never bought engagement ring, married since 2005. Engineering backgrounds dictated titanium wedding bands, which every other year we remember to wear. She has some shiny rocks but no diamonds. Sensible woman, money is better spent on travel and living well.

  • On 16 Sep 2014 in The young are leaving religion behind, Vicente said:

    HydroCabron says

    Most authors would publish something else, or at least a revision?


  • On 16 Sep 2014 in The young are leaving religion behind, Vicente said:

    Wisdom, or the work of.....

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in The atheist libertarian fraud, Vicente said:

    Suppose you are a nice family of Russian Jewish immigrants living in Chicago in the 1920s. Suppose you get a frantic letter from some distant cousin in Russia, begging for help because their daughter is a stubborn loudmouth who will certainly be killed if she stays in the country for much longer. Suppose you happily provide the necessary affidavit of support for a visa, promise her a job in your family business, and open your home—a five-room apartment already so crowded that the cousin will have to sleep on a cot in the dining room—to her for six months.

    Now suppose your cousin keeps everyone else in the house up all night, every night, with her incessant typing (which you translate into English for her) or her long baths that use up all the hot water (although she will later abandon this practice). Suppose that during the day, while you are faint from sleep deprivation, your cousin roams the apartment singing “I’m Sitting on Top of the World” as loudly as she can. Suppose she declines to speak to you because your conversation topics don’t “interest me.” Suppose she leans on you to arrange an extension of her visa, borrows a bunch of money from you to move to Hollywood, and promises to buy you a “mink coat and a Rolls-Royce” when she makes it big.

    You might, then, be forgiven for holding a grudge when your cousin becomes wealthy and famous and she neither buys you anything nor pays you back the money she borrowed. Instead, all you get are copies of some ponderous novels, tickets to a couple of revolting lectures, and the pleasure of learning, in many interviews, that your cousin “had no family in America” and that “nobody helped [her]” when she immigrated.

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in The atheist libertarian fraud, Vicente said:

    Dan8267 says

    Oh, and Rand Paul is certainly not an atheist.

    Neither is he Libertarian.

    He describes himself as variously a "Constitution conservative" or "libertarian conservative". He is a GOP gadfly who throws on the wizard robe when he wants to appeal to the wingnut brigade.

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in Just show the damn ID. This was made for Dan., Vicente said:

    Bigsby says

    You have to show your ID to the police in the US now when you kiss your husband? Good to know.

    She is quoted as saying "making out". And the 911 call alleges this was taking place in a car. I can see how a caller COULD interpret making out in a car as a prostitute at work. PERSONALLY this is not something I would be likely to phone the police about, but we have laws against prostitution because of busybodies who will.

  • On 15 Sep 2014 in The atheist libertarian fraud, Vicente said:

    The premise is wrong.

    Capitalism is a jealous god. No others are tolerated.

    Once you start from the premise of worshipping Richie Rich, everything just flows naturally from there. Other superstitions are "false gods" that distract you from the serious business of jettisoning altruism, family parasites, and freeing your inner John Galt.

  • On 14 Sep 2014 in GM and Dealers are Cheap Assholes, Vicente said:

    What's good for GM is good for 'Murica!

    Anyone who says otherwise is a Pinko Commie and should shut up or move to Cuba.


  • On 14 Sep 2014 in Stiglitz vs. Krugman on Scotland; Polls Diverge; New Fearmongering Tactics, Vicente said:

    How about GOLD fearmongering? That is of course, not apocalypse profiteering, it's just "common sense".

  • On 13 Sep 2014 in Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012!, Vicente said:

    tr6 says

    oday, can you point specifically to an Apple app that provides much better experience than similar Android app?

    Sure. Facetime "just works" for me. I tried a few equivalent apps on a friends phone once and they were a nightmare. Skype of course is a friggin disaster on all platforms now. Skype is a good example to me of not only what happens when MS buys something, but also what happens when you let n00b-devs run wild with moving all the buttons around.

    This starts me on a whole tangent about interface design. What I want out of a microwave oven is for it to be sensible and easy to understand how to do basic operations, and for them not to change everything with the next model. There needs to be some kind of goddamn standard interfaces on appliances IMO, and no tolerance for patents in that arena. TV is a good example where it used to be SIMPLE. You had on and off, and maybe you have a remote that changed channels and volume. Nowadays if you can find the 6 remotes needed when you are at someone's house, it'll take you MINUTES not seconds most likely to work out what you need to do, in order just to watch TV.

  • On 12 Sep 2014 in Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012!, Vicente said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I think Apples strategy for the last 5 years has been,

    It's pretty clear they pay attention to their customer experience and dominate the high end. Predictions of their imminent demise have been constant for years now. How's that working out?

  • On 12 Sep 2014 in Dear iPhone 6 users, welcome to 2012!, Vicente said:

    When Apple came out with the 1st iPod, there were lots of MP3 music players on the market. However it quickly dominated the high end.

    I'm confident the iPhone 6 will outsell Nexus 4.

    Was Henry Ford the 1st person to do assembly lines? Or the 1st one to sell cars? Nope. American capitalism and marketing isn't dominated by who does it 1st.

  • On 11 Sep 2014 in Starbucks can't find an idiot under 30 that doesn't have tattoo on arms and fa, Vicente said:

    Rin says

    It's interesting to note but many of the esc*rts I'd bo*nked, didn't have tattoos.

    Porn these days is filled with tattooed+pierced people. Turnoff!

  • On 11 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

    JH says

    Somebody worried it will not sell???

    The iPhone 6 hasn't even been released yet, but there's already a way to get it for free.

    In an unusual move, Verizon Wireless (VZ, Tech30) announced Tuesday it would give away one of the phones Apple (AAPL, Tech30) revealed earlier in the afternoon.

    Probably more like Verizon worried about defection.

    I and my family, are defecting to T-Mobile. I've been using a MicroCell device at home, but it's clunky. T-Mobile will offer WiFi-calling, and already has free international roaming. Just as I think I want those features, there's one provider that offers both, so the timing is perfect.

    Analysts worry over the churn of valued customers. I called in to American Express and alluded to my annual fee coming up and thinking if it's worth it. I spend a lot on that card. Before long I had a specialist on the line laying out incentives of money and points to keep me. I read somewhere that the cost of acquiring a credit card customer is ~$700, so if you are decent ongoing value to them, they will spend to keep you as replacing you is expensive. I'm sure some analyst at VZ made a similar judgement.

  • On 10 Sep 2014 in 11 Ways You Know You Live In A Country Run By Idiots, Vicente said:

    Ceffer says

    The only clear and certain way I can know if the country is run by idiots is if I am running it.

    Elect Me!

    You have your moments, but I'd aim for VP.

    We need AF for President!

  • On 10 Sep 2014 in Summarizing The President's Speech Tonight, Vicente said:

    The War that Will Never End.

    It's a MIC Christmas!

  • On 10 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I can at least respect Apple they get a free pass on this clear Douchebaggery violation, because they invented this kind of store.

    I guess you were born yesterday and never went into a Gap, a Banana Republic, Armani Exchange, or Ann Taylor.

  • On 10 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

    gsr says

    Unless Apple invents another brand new gadget, it will slowly sink into oblivion. Just another version of slow iPhone or iPad won't cut it.

    If you don't use the products, why do you care? I don't get your point.

    You remind me of teenagers talking smack about which car is best.

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Why do cops need bayonets, Vicente said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    Have you seen the price of bullets?

    Price of bullets is not an issue.

    We all know Obama has warehouses bursting with bullets, to be used to put down the Patriot Insurrection. They will be handed out freely. It's been well documented by Internet experts.

    You don't have to be out of ammo to use a bayonet. It's also very useful for dramatic FINISHING MOVE on downed citizens, when you want to make a point to bystanders.

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

    JH says

    You claim apple people are less fanatical but just proved you can be as big an ass as me so piss off yourself.

    I'm no fanatic. I own their products. I own some stock. Once they suck, I will be the first to desert them. I'm no longer interested however in a "WHOSE WANG IS BIGGER" contest with the guy next to me. If the tech I have in my pocket is working reliably and elegantly that's all I require of it.

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Somebody please enlighten me about AAPL, Vicente said:

    So do you work for the competition? Or just sore you didn't buy the stock when it was cheap?

    I have been holding AAPL a while now and glad I did. It's P/E is good and so far it's been a good investment.

    I work with IT stuff during the day, and don't WANT to dick with it after hours I want it to "just work" which so far Apple products have been very good to me about. You claim to be asking for explanation, but your tone says you just want to gripe. Piss off there's no explaining it to you.

    Anyone who follows the stock chart 30 seconds after a product announcement is a day-trader. Apple stock has in past run up a bit before new products, deflated after launch, but then resumed it's trend. I don't argue with the long-term trend while it's going my way, although I do keep an alert set for large drops.

  • On 9 Sep 2014 in Jesus was a Marxist, Vicente said:

    HydroCabron says

    Yet Calvin himself is long gone from the collective memory, because he was just the figure who influenced our ancestors - we have kept the customs while forgetting the history.

    I'm ignorant of Calvinism as well, but it jibes with my Baptist upbringing.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in UC Davis partners with Chinese to put zero emission vehicles on faster track, Vicente said:

    We at UC Davis like the Chinese. Their leaders do with protesters regularly what our Chancellor only got away with once.

  • On 8 Sep 2014 in Jesus was a Marxist, Vicente said:

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