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  • On 31 Oct 2014 in When next Tuesday comes..., Vicente said:

    sbh says

    If anyone else has any suggestions

    Ooh ooh ooh Mistuh Kotter!

    The GOP can finally pass the bill they've had waiting in the wings. Its pays for new a new series of drones with laser-guided missiles, by offsetting the program costs through defunding all dairy in school lunch programs. The Guns Not Butter Act will decisively turn the tide in the War on Terror.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Could Non-Citizens Determine the Outcome of the Midterm Elections?, Vicente said:

    Yes such a huge problem.

    The GOP has it's combat brigade though to neutralize this unfair advantage. Operatives who visit retirement homes and "help" the senile fill out their absentee ballots. This is well known.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Cop on Trial for Allegedly Raping a Child While Other Officers Allegedy Watched, Vicente said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

    None of this would have happened without libruls' cheering on rape and taxation and unions.

    You have that all mixed up as usual.

    The Union is named UTR, the United Tax Rapists.

    Where does this man belong?

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Liberal Hypocricy, while lesbian couple with black baby, Vicente said:

    lostand confused says

    Hmm, if a guy has a harem of four wives-wouldn't they have a wild orgy every night??

    Clearly you are unfamiliar with female biology in close quarters. Two or more women living together, will synchronize their cycles. Retreat to the man-cave for at least a week.

  • On 31 Oct 2014 in Liberal Hypocricy, while lesbian couple with black baby, Vicente said:

    SoftShell says

    As the childs parent, I would think you would have said:

    "We never traveled with OUR child, without a packet of documentation.

    Using "This" seems pretty cold hearted.

    Your Freudian slip just gave credence to the thread thesis as to how liberals look at and classify children.

    I am being factual. We have other children. The one who is not biologically ours and doesn't look like us, is treated differently by society. Nobody ever sidled up and said about the son who could be my clone "hey, what country is he from?" or "how much did he cost?" or "he's so lucky!" or "hey our neighbors adopted a kid from Guatemala, what's his story?" or "Foster care eh? Was it drugs or abuse?". Never at an airport or any other official encounter have I been asked to explain my legal relationship to a bio-kid.

    People in the foster/adopted community particularly those who do transracial, see a lot of things you don't. It takes some extra determination and patience some days.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Islam lesson is a history lesson, while Christianity is bad religion got that!?, Vicente said:

    FortWayne says

    Liberals these days are complete losers. They only care about 2 things, supporting islam and all kinds of deviances.

    Wait, where does taxes fit in there?

    Cause if there's one thing I know about Republicans it's that they go on and on and on and ON about how liberals love taxes so very much they'd make them 110% if they could.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in California's Millionaire Civil Servants, Vicente said:

    Robert Sproul says

    "Saratoga Union Elementary School District, which has 2,100 students, paid its superintendent Lane Weiss $317,000 in wages and benefits last year, which included a $48,000 a year housing allowance that the superintendent said has since ended. Weiss’ pay was nearly as much as San Francisco Unified paid its superintendent Richard Carranza, who oversees 58,000 students. Carranza’s contract includes $500-a-month car allowance and $20,000 a year housing allowance, bringing his total pay in salary, perks and health benefits to $319,000."

    Saratoga is heart of Silcon Valley. I'm sure Richie McGoogleHead wants the very best and pays for it.

    The guy overseeing 58,000 students is working too cheap.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Liberal Hypocricy, while lesbian couple with black baby, Vicente said:

    Let's say you went to get a parakeet, and they gave you a rabid tasmanian devil instead. Or they took your money and left town.

    Any way you look at it, they were paid for something they didn't deliver.

    I have an adopted child whose skin color is different than mine, and let me tell you it really opened my eyes to everyday racism. I can see where they are coming from, they didn't really sign up for this originally, but are game to make a go of it. Did they say they wanted to return the baby? No. Our society is not colorblind, and raising a child who looks different than you IS something like a minefield. Everything's great... then BLOOEY "Oh, are you the nanny?" or the appalling shit that OLD people come up with. You never know when some harmless activity is going to result in a policeman thinking that's not your child. We never travelled with this child, without a packet of documentation.

    I don't get how the company could screw up something this basic. Don't they label the test tubes, and at least check them a second time before use?

    Did they send this guy down to the lab?

    Very often people looking into adoption use code-phrases like "a child who could blend into our family". What they really mean is they want one that can pass for their biological child. I don't however think this makes them racists, they are aware it is more complicated. And who deliberately signs up for the "extra complications" plan?

    "This daddy with my skin tone and he's a concert pianist? NO THANKS. Raising a child isn't enough, I want the Extra Challenging Upgrades. What I want is one who will always get extra questions, and maybe genes for Cystic Fibrosis that'd be awesome! "

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in California's Millionaire Civil Servants, Vicente said:

    Teabagger astroturf.

    Shrink = head of an entire system

    Do you expect the Chancellor of UCLA to work for $50K? No? Then why would you expect the head of say the state mental illness facilities to work for $50K? The high-dollar mucky-mucks are never paper-shufflers and button pushers like me.

    This reminds me of a Mish story where he singled out a "teacher" who made too much. Turns out when I researched the guy, he was a neonatal cardiosurgeon who worked at the University hospital. You think someone who can perform heart surgery on infants works for peanuts? Give me a break!

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Hot Chicks With Automatic Weapons., Vicente said:

    Blurtman says

    And we are on their side.

    Arms and alliances with Middle Eastern factions, that is SUCH a rewarding and eternal bond..... NOT!

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Which version are you going to believe Next Tuesday?, Vicente said:

    CaptainShuddup says

    I think that reported statement by the Liberal propaganda machine

    So CNN is part of the Liberal propaganda machine? My org chart doesn't show that.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Generation X- The Recession's Lost Generation of Homeowners, Vicente said:

    Lost? Or delayed?

    Just issue them free reign to unplug their elders from life support, and they'll be set.

  • On 30 Oct 2014 in Hillary Clinton: "Corporations and Businesses Don't Create Jobs", Vicente said:

    indigenous says

    Yeah I used to like this sort of speech when I was a Glibertopian.

    Now I see what an asshole this guy was.

    Destroyed a building for which he was the hireling designer, because he despised the changes in "his" work. Completing ignoring the real owners, the financiers, and all the workmen.

    Randism is sociopathy.

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges, Vicente said:

    Oh yeah.... EBOLACARE!

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Obama on Early Voting: "You Can Only Vote Once; This Isn't Chicago", Vicente said:

    What about if I go by the old folks home and help those people fill out their absentee ballots. It's a public service, their hands are shaky.

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Latest insanity from the NRA, Vicente said:

    I was a staunch NRA member and RKBA advocate a decade ago.

    Now I see they are just insane.

  • On 29 Oct 2014 in Three strikes and gold is out, Vicente said:

    I don't care about that, what do Schiff and Mush say?

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Sex with at least 21 women lowers risk of prostate cancer, academics find, Vicente said:

    Reality says

    Okay, any first-hand experience on pros and cons? I'm seriously curious: being propositioned by a virgin half my age; debating if I should take her on. Iwog's wife is free to chime in on what a female virgin really feels about first experience with a man. Expectations, etc..

    Did it once. It's a lot of work to "do it right" and make it great. I loved her so of course it was no trouble. Now, been there done that!

    The correct answer to the Gilligan's Island question is GINGER!

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Sex with at least 21 women lowers risk of prostate cancer, academics find, Vicente said:

    I've seen this thing referenced every where today.

    IMO the 20 thing just means they are unusually ACTIVE. And not just the splooging I mean they are up and at-em Macking on anything in a skirt. I had an older college buddy like that, like a fucking Energizer Bunny. If I was heading to bed after a date, he was finishing one and dialing up the second one. A second round of dancing sure! He's still like that and he's over 50 now.

  • On 28 Oct 2014 in Anti-Vaxers forgetting polio, Vicente said:

    Well at this point the risk of getting polio seems incredibly remote.

    I mean sure you may have some photos of a dead great-aunt in braces, but anyone LIVING in your family crippled by it? Unlikely!

    However we have it on good authority that the risk of crippling autism is real.

    It's clear who Americans consider a reliable authority figure, so why argue with it?

    So UNTIL we have at least a few hundred kids crippled by it again, we will drift toward more and more personal exemptions.

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