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  • On 26 Jun 2014 in A rare case of ACTUAL voter fraud, Vicente said:

    I don't understand how he voted 12 times.

    Wasn't ID check supposed to end fraud?

  • On 26 Jun 2014 in When HDs Crash, does it erase Emails at the Receive End?, Vicente said:

    Please do not assume I'm either an idiot, or deliberately trying to avoid compliance with what you think are simple laws. They are not. Witness this 18-page slideshow attempting to explain DHS take on Federal Records Act:

    Some pages just leave me with more questions. Interpreting what is meant by Transitory, or Short-Term, or Longer-Term will vary by individual recipient choice. I read the same thing at DHS though, it seems very much focussed on recipient handling of emails and absolutely nothing is said about central IT or retention at the server/backup level.

  • On 26 Jun 2014 in When HDs Crash, does it erase Emails at the Receive End?, Vicente said:

    Entitlemented says

    Is the IRS's job the fair administration of Taxes

    I'm reminded of a friend who went to work at a factory as their IT guy.

    As he was proposing some IT upgrades and laying out costs, the boss reminded him:


    IT is a support function and subject to budgets and manhour constraints like any other support function. I deal with customers everyday who aren't IT people, don't care about IT, they just know they want it to work and spend less money this year than last on it. So if I were to lay out "hey let's spend $50K on a new tape jukebox" so we can retain more & longer, I'm pretty sure what would happen.

    I don't know what your hardon is for this issue. WHAT IS THE LAW? You haven't said, you've posted several sources that attempts to summarize and explain it which is not the same thing. I'm not sure how you can say I wouldn't see THIS as insulting:

    "The word MUST isn't open for interpretation except I guess at uc davis. If it's policy, and deciding what groups to audit is without doubt a policy decision, then it MUST be backed up and saved. "

    Policy is not law. Policy are internal guidelines to carry out among other things laws. Example a vacation & leave policy is not per se a legal matter. People keep going on about how someone should go to jail, without pointing to what law was broken. Except that, vaguely they just don't like it, and it violates their interpretation of the Federal Records Acts.

    Let us suppose Lerner was informed of IRS policy and didn't fully comply. So that is her problem, not the problem of the server admin handling backups.

  • On 26 Jun 2014 in When HDs Crash, does it erase Emails at the Receive End?, Vicente said:

    bob2356 says

    Bullshit. Server admin's don't dictate corporate policy on records retention in any corporation I've ever worked at. If your companies policy is shrug and move on then I hope you never get caught out in a major lawsuit or investigation.

    You are full of insults today aren't you.

    I'm not at a corporation I work for UC Davis. I follow what the lawyers' and higher ups tell me. They say per California that email retention is not required at the server level.

    I suspect it's the same at Federal. Wonks & lawyers sit down, wrangle over what can be done to satisfy legal requirements vs. what is cheapest.

    Did anyone in this thread outline what is actually legally required as far as retention of email backups? NO! The text you quote doesn't require retention by server admins, it merely says if there is none it must be printed and filed IF the recipient judges they need to.

    I just attempted to lend some perspective from similar issues at state level, which were casually brushed aside and insulted.

  • On 26 Jun 2014 in A cure for bloated CEO pay, Vicente said:

    New Renter says

    If workers walked out they would simply be fired and replaced with scabs.

    This doesn't work as well as you'd think, if everyone agrees there is an end to the shit they will put up with.

    Say you make toilets. The scabs aren't going to be up to speed. Production down, you miss shipments, you lose some contracts, you yell at workers, they leave too.

    Why did Henry Ford have to raise his worker pay? It wasn't because he was a VISIONARY to raise it, that was PR malarkey he peddled to gullible newspapermen. No he had 300% turnover and it was wrecking his assembly line productivity.

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