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  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Firefighters rescue naked woman trapped in ex-boyfriend's chimney, Vicente said:

    P N Dr Lo R says

    just what were her (their) plans once they got inside the house

    What it's always about:


  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Firefighters rescue naked woman trapped in ex-boyfriend's chimney, Vicente said:

    Chimney is likely to result in positional asphyxia. Men do this stupid shit too.

    Here's one they didn't notice for 27 years:

    Whenever I see cases like this I think of Sad Astronaut Hottie.

    Peoples Be Crazy!

  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Any of you watching those tiny house TV shows?, Vicente said:

    I never knew there were TV shows, I'll have to see if there are streamable copies as I don't have a TV.

    It's a guilty pleasure of mine to sporadically read Tiny House blogs.

    Your typical subdivision every 5th house is identical. Ever see that in Tiny Houses?

    The attraction is it's hand-crafted and YOURS. Built exactly to your tastes and specifications, not mass consumption. That really appeals to me.

    Also scale. Nobody would tackle building a 737 in their garage, but plenty of people build kitplanes. The scale of the job is small enough a single person could reasonably do it without killing themselves or quitting their day jobs.

    The reason they are built on wheels has to do with zoning restrictions. Most areas will not LET you build a house on foundation below a certain square footage. So you skirt a lot of requirements by putting it on wheels.

  • On 5 Jan 2015 in Alright you Constitution loving Republicans,, Vicente said:

    Quigley says

    And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. I got pulled over once for nothing and asked that question. I said no, of course, and declined to let the cops search the car. They made me wait by the side of the road in the cold for an hour while a K-9 unit came, then did a stupid monkey dance with a cop dog that gave them the right to search the car. Then they tore everything up, found nothing, and let me go (without a ticket) because they found nothing. But there were four cops there at that point, so maybe it would have been harder to plant evidence. Also I was polite and cooperative, except for not giving permission to search.

    So yah, police have way too much discretion about illegal searches of vehicles. They should have to have better reason to search. The fourth Ammendment appears to mean exactly jack.

    Good story.

    Dig deep in your memory though. Perhaps did they utter vagaries about you needing to wait until the K9 unit came?

    My understanding is that unless they have probable cause to hold you on suspicion of a crime and you are being detained, you are actually free to go at any time. Hence the need to ask "Am I being detained, or am I free to go?" to determine your status.

    Most people never ask, and thus passively volunteer consent for a search without cause. It's real easy for them to say "wait here" and you confuse that with actually being detained. They rely on your conditioned response to assumed authority.

    All that being said, I used to compete in IPSC with a cop who said he carried a thick stack of BOLO in his car and he could probably pull a vague pencil sketch out of that stack that looked like nearly anyone he wanted to find a reason to detain.

  • On 5 Jan 2015 in LEAKED TAPE: Mitch McConnell Admits Republican Party Run By Koch Brothers, Vicente said:

    "...the worst day of my political life was when President George W. Bush signed McCain-Feingold into law..."

    Yeah, it's so terrible when The People try to limit potential for corruption and bribery and influence-peddling.

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