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Quigley says

Yeah, I had that whole star crunch skin-thing going on, too. Make you up a liniment of chimney soot mixed with bacon fat -- slather it on. Gone.

I really think this is just a case of media sensationalization. No big deal, gang.

Next up -- Bovine Spongiform and how to cure that overnight with paint thinner and buttermilk

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I had ebola once. I shook it. Gotta rub your entire body down in kerosene and eat three full-size raw onions a day for a week. Presto. Good as new.

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New Renter says

Eugenics itself isn't inherently good or evil, it just is.

Yes. A saner form of eugenics might be something more along the lines of attenuating for disadvantageous genes or genetic mutations. Think anti-dysgenics.

Of course, then we lose our Stephen Hawkings. Scratch that!

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New Renter says

DON"T HAVE A BUNCH OF KIDS. More kids eventually creates more demand. If you have more than two kids you are contributing to the problem.

I like everything you said here, bub, but especially this. People feel like its their right to breed as freely and incontinently as they please. But it's tilting the scale!

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Dan8267 says

This whole story smacks of sixth grade maturity. Hopefully, neither of them will have children.

Exactly. Whatever happened to good old-fashioned defenestration of the offending asshole from the top floor of a tall building?

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rooemoore says

The truth is San Francisco has ALWAYS been considered dirty, and filled with degenerates. It has also ALWAYS been expensive.

Poppycock. I'm a seventh generation Californian. I've lived here most of my life. SF has always been known for a couple of things: its' whores and its' earthquakes. The outsized pricing of SF real estate (and surrounding areas) came about fairly recently. I have a buddy who bought a decent-sized house on a hill with his stay-at-home wife in Tiburon in 1969. He was an electrician's apprentice at the time. (He's still there.) Good luck with that today.

I suspect people are just inured to the idea that California should be more expensive because it's California. True of native's, too, but to a lesser degree

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zzyzzx says

an attic that's really fine

When we were kids and anyone one of our gang would indulge in something stupid, we'd razz the offender by muttering something along the lines of: "maybe this (whatever useless purchase/gesture/designer breed dog/new haircut, whatever) will win her back."

"...maybe this really fine attic will win her back."

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CaptainShuddup says

New Technology will always be useful, over sold and over valued companies not so much. None of the tech of the great 2000 tech crash disappeared.

I hear what you're saying, too, but you gotta at least read the article, Cap. He mostly talks about some of the heavy-hitters like Twitter and Facebook, and questions their non-GAAP earnings reports. It sounds like *conceptual* accounting to me, and you know what that's lead to in the past. It's a thought-provoking piece.

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Dan8267 says

You think that's bad. Try online dating.

Try the female sex-offender maps. Mostly nice ladies on the rebound, looking for a good man who won't judge them. There oughtta be some pretty rich waters there in Florida.

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"..the home is QUIET inside, snug and tight"

That's a pretty cute way of saying tiny and cramped.

Lifestyle-depending, though, it could be just enough. I wish I was cool enough to live in a place that size. Just enough room for my beer, a radio, a bed, listerine and my motorbike. As things stand, I could just about fit all my socks in there with enough room for a shoehorn or two.

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I suspect that too much of anything is too much. Super wealth can blight just as many a soul as poverty, but in a different way. That is to say, if you fall into the former category, you risk becoming a devitalized, rotted-out version of your better self, only you'll do it whilst ensconced in luxury.

Best to keep a hunger on...

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Dan8267 says

How to eliminate our national debt

There's no need. We have most if not all the resources we need in abundance, and use a sovereign currency for all of our needs, which can be printed as needed.

Next problem...

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E-man says

The people that don't have money just want to say it to make themselves feel better.

I think maybe you tell yourself this kinda thing to make yourself feel better for being such a superficial asshole. You fly the flag on your avatar, but its clear to me that your sensibilities are decidedly un-American.

I am a wealthy fuck. I mean, the money is like a warm tide that never goes out, and has been that way since the last 22 years. And YES, I was happier when I was a young dickhead living in a rented trailer in Joshua Tree, drinking myself to sleep, eating fruit for dinner and screwing the boss's teenaged daughters.

If I could trade now for then, I'd be back there 23 skidoo.

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hrhjuliet says

I often wonder if being constantly surrounded by ugly architecture, pollution and billboards while listening to crap a person is being kind to call music in every store and on every channel isn't somehow contributing to the aggression and depression that is so common today.

It's spiritual blight, yes. Dogshit in, dogshit out. But keep in mind, people are not altogether passive in this equation; if there is one thing that I have been and remain beside myself about throughout my years is the out-and-out appetite for ugliness exhibited by so many (most?) people I encounter. The fairness police always rush to the scene with some spin on "beauty being in the eye of the beholder," but this is just milky prattle put out by the same people who say "nobody's any better than anyone else" (and think they're better for having said it).

Five fundamental components for establishing the quality of nearly anything for the tone deaf and blind: sincerity; imagination; durability; compositional integrity; love. If all five criteria have been satisfied in the conception and realization of whatever it is that's being judged, then it's good quality in my book. And if more of what we install into our environment met with these fundamentals, I think we'd better off.

All said, what offends me even more than ugliness is conformity.

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New Renter says

one heartbeat away from being dead. Financial ruin can and does happen to anyone given the right circumstances.

Well, ruin and death are two different things in this context. And I know and you know there are worse things than dying.

Subjective arguments aside, my original thought holds: happiness is not a retail concern!

Is that one of the stamps they used in Charade?

*I bought him of a 12 count box of Boston cream eclairs.

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New Renter says

Which is how most people define rich. Being able to live the life you want without having to work nor being concerned about the money supply. That doesn't mean you can't work if you want to, you just aren't dependent on the job to live.

Good call.

Still, this leaves out the disabled stamp collector living in a shed in his sister's backyard who might also feel "rich" in certain ways, but unlike some genuinely heeled mother, is one hairs width from total ruin. My point is, being rich (would wealthy be a more suitable word here?) is not a matter of perception. I can even see how this could be used as a sneaky device for manipulating popular sentiment about wealth disparity. My original point was that the really bright, thoughtful jerks I've known never had machinations of getting rich in the gilded sense. That mindset is as boring and unpleasant to be around as a cheapskate.

New Renter says

Your preference for the "miserablist with a fractured soul", are you sure this is just not schadenfreude?

I don't believe so. Several winters ago, I was sitting in a crispey creme where I noticed this sad, ancient dude hunched in a booth. He looked pretty hard up from where I was sitting (he was nursing a small cup of coffee and discretely eating a napkin). I didn't enjoy that spectacle at all.*

I just meant to say that I like people who look at the blackness head on. I trust them more, and tend to find them more interesting. I also prefer the sorrowful songs to the other ones, so there you go.

*Of course I did.

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The best problem-solving is rooted in survival. It is almost an art unto itself. By forklifting this problem-solving from the equation altogether, you foreclose upon one of the very fundaments of human creativity. The most creative people who ever lived were not rich, or certainly didn't start out that way. And if they ended up rich, their shit quickly sucked. Most rich kids suck, also.

The only exception I can think of offhand, is,

Most intelligent people don't want to be rich. They simply desire enough money to be able to maintain a standard of living peculiar to themselves.

Drilling down even further -- fuck happiness. There's more to life than that. The injunction to be happy is absurd and harmful to the psyche. Notice how the happiest fucks are always the least interesting of the bunch. In the same way that polemical blowhards are more illuminating than platitudinous bullshitters, I'll take a good ol' fashioned miserablist with a fractured soul any. day. of. the. week. over some high-thread-count having kale-chips-eating twatwad with his conformist ideas about what happiness is.

Life: I think about 2/3 of the package is a regular bitch; but you can squeeze in some real good stuff in that other 3rd, and you can do it without being rich.

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Carolyn C says

My experience is that Oakland is not as bad as the media reports. Does Oakland have crime? Yes. Is Oakland the safest place in the world. NO. Is Oakland perfect? No. Does Oakland have a lot to offer. Yes. Please tell me what city in America is crime free. I met a lady that was held at gun point in San Ramon Rite Aid if I remember correctly along with others. The cashier dialed 411 instead of 911. So the lady said she ran out of the store because she knew help was not coming. The men chased her down and kicked her badly for running. She was suffering from health problems at the time. I met this lady in 2007 just after I moved to San Ramon. I was shocked that this happened in San Ramon. Crime is everywhere and you are kidding yourself if you think you are perfectly safe in any community.

Zactly how I feel about my stomping grounds. You can get your ass shot off, sure, or be taken hostage in your own home, or have someone start pounding on your door and all the windows in the middle of the night...all that shit happens around here, but it doesn't happen on Jody's street, so...pffffuck it: Shangri-la.

Prices here have also more than doubled since the slouch. We have drones, also.

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When I was a young sob, all the dudes I ran with looked the same -- like Lil' Abner. We all wore the same stuff because it was standard. Clothes were made tough and they were affordable. A couple new pair of ready-made jeans and a box of tees was less than 15 dollars and would last you the better part of two years. I bought all my Levis and socks and sweats from army surplus stores. My nicer togs came from Sears or Monkeys.

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