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  • On 17 Oct 2014 in Women getting irked by pay lower than male coworkers, Quigley said:

    One problem with women's pay comes from their very nature. They tend to be people pleasers, tend to be less confrontational by far, and have a hard time asking for what they deserve. A man is far more likely to struggle for a bigger paycheck, working up through the ranks, and switching jobs to find something that pays more. While a woman will usual be more interested in her working environment, office social activities, and the approval of her bosses. She won't usually jeopardize whatever harmony exists by demanding a raise, while men will.
    So, all things being equal, men will still get paid more BECAUSE THEY ASK.

  • On 16 Oct 2014 in Lockheed claims nuclear fusion breakthrough., Quigley said:

    Strategist says

    Heraclitusstudent says

    We already have a large source of fusion power: solar energy. It comes with a magnetic field protecting us from unwanted particles, and an ozone layer protecting us from UVs.

    Someone posted this will cover our entire energy use within 15yrs.

    That seems a better bet.

    To any of you "crazy scientists" I read somewhere about thorium being used for nuclear fusion, and that it is very safe as compared to uranium. Is that right?

    It's fission. And it's fairly safe as fission reactions go. Easy to shield, can't be a bomb. But it's radioactive and thus will never be used for transportation at least on mass scale.

  • On 16 Oct 2014 in Lockheed claims nuclear fusion breakthrough., Quigley said:

    The car issue is a red herring. The important use is energy production, practically for free. If electricity is super cheap, then electric cars make even more sense, especially once the battery issue is sorted. That's being solved too, with supercapacitors. But ya, fusion would be amazing.
    I have this feeling it's been invented before, but suppressed as a radically disruptive technology. Most of our economy is based on energy. What happens when energy becomes essentially free?

  • On 16 Oct 2014 in As predicted here it comes..., Quigley said:

    Straw man Koolaide sounds more like your cup of tea. Koch brothers rah rah! You're just like the hordes of ignorant right wing idiots who believe that poor people are stealing their tax money while robber barons like Walton (who are creating these poor people) are capitalist saints. Meanwhile, Walmart brands are built specifically substandard by each manufacturer to meet the "low price" demands made by the company. Sure you're still getting that gallon jar of dill pickles for $10, but it's grown on chemical infested Chinese land, processed in dirty factories, and canned by political prisoners.

    Behind every great fortune is a great crime. The most successful such criminals just rewrite the laws to suit their brand of villainy.

  • On 16 Oct 2014 in As predicted here it comes..., Quigley said:

    Robert Sproul says

    indigenous says

    raising everyone's standard of living

    As I posted in another thread the Walmart family amassed a fortune equal to the wealth of the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined.

    But yeah, we did get a bunch of cheap Chinese shit that nobody alive really needs.

    They got rich by stealing the food right out of American mouths, money from paychecks, reducing the quality of their products to junk, and ensuring all manufacturing is done by slave labor in dodgy countries. Truly, Sam Walton is a monument of morality!

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