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  • On 6 Mar 2013 in The People's Bubble in China, investor90 said:

    Very Good!

  • On 4 Feb 2013 in Real estate developer nets three years in prison for false statements, investor90 said:

    Ho hum....another one bites the dust.

  • On 4 Feb 2013 in Three real estate agents and one developer charged in 15 mill fraud scheme, investor90 said:

    Business as usual.

  • On 4 Feb 2013 in Realtor sentenced to 30 months in prison for fraud, investor90 said:

    What is a surprise about this?

  • On 30 Jan 2013 in Realtor faces charges in Aurora house burglary, investor90 said:

    Is the Burglar moonlighting as a Realtor? Or is the Realtor moonlighting as a Burglar? Some day soon the Thesaurus will add a new synonym for the word "Burglar"...

  • On 30 Jan 2013 in Bedford Realtor Pleads Guilty To Felony Fraud Charges, investor90 said:

    TRB = Typical Realtor Behavior

  • On 30 Jan 2013 in Sparta Realtor Defrauded Bank, Prosecutor Says, investor90 said:

    No surprise here

  • On 30 Jan 2013 in Is It Exceptionally Smart or Insanely Stupid To Invest in Real Estate Today?, investor90 said:

    Excellent article and enjoyable read. I wonder what Realtors would say...but first they must learn to read and be critical thinkers. This is not going to happen. Most Realtards are in it because they have no other skills than bamboozling others.

  • On 28 Jan 2013 in Owner of Liberty Mortgage Convicted in Multi-Million-Dollar Mortgage Fraud, investor90 said:

    I Googled Hoda and guess what? She is a Realtor, I guess I am not surprised. Why didn't the local association turn her in? Any agent who did business with her would have easily found out about her scams. Maybe Realtor commissions are more important than honest dealings?

    Hoda will have many stories to tell her new roomies about how she lived as a queen by just selling real estate.

  • On 30 Oct 2012 in How to Buy a Home Below Current Real Estate Value, investor90 said:

    1) If a listed property has not sold before the listing is published, it is most likely overpriced. If the property is such a "good deal", why didn't the agent buy it before it was published? Only the listing agent knows ALL the problems with the house AND the REAL reason for sale. The listing agent also knows how much the seller will accept.

    2) FACT: The property is already overpriced at least by 6% upon listing it. The NAR claims that houses sold through a Realtor receive greater than 10% more than the same house sold by a non-Realtor.

    3) 90% of the time when a seller is selling their principal residence, they are having serious financial or personal difficulties ( Trump's 5 D's of Real estate" Divorce, Death, Destruction, Debt, Destitution). Why SHOULD a seller be honest about the property? They have NOTHING to lose by lying , since they just LOST THEIR HOUSE. What other assets do they really have? A buyer may have a cause of action for seller fraud (false disclosures) , but they may NO LONGER HAVE ASSETS to capture as a result of a lawsuit.

  • On 6 Oct 2012 in "Agents don't care what you pay.", investor90 said:

    EXCELLENT...THIS IS IT they get to lie to you throughout and laugh at you as another sucker who bought the bait.

  • On 6 Oct 2012 in "Rentals all suck.", investor90 said:

    2) you want to rent.... this same Realtard controls 90% of the rentals via a large "Property Mismanagement company" which controls rentals for miles around.

  • On 6 Oct 2012 in "Rentals all suck.", investor90 said:

    2) Most properties Landlord- Realtard owns have building DEFECTS, but the city housing director, who works for him part time...looks the other way.

  • On 6 Oct 2012 in "Rentals all suck.", investor90 said:

    Patrick says

    There are downsides to renting, such as being told to move at the end of your lease, or having your rent raised

    and how about these additional issues? 1) You always pay rent timely...yet Landlord-Realtor does not pay the mortgage payments while TBTF banks hassle you weekly for YOU to pay the mortgage. Its legal...while the landlord keeps the rent money and eventually sells short KEEPING your deposit and threatening to report you as a dead beat to credit bureaus...on phoney issues. BTW this last deadbeat landlord-Realtard bought the place back via a relative "buyer" on three separate multi unit properties keeping the rent money and ripping of the bank for over 1.4 Million. He is the "good guy" because he is a "Real Slime" AND the Director of the local Realtard association? Sounds like the new National NAR Director from he O.C.?

  • On 3 Oct 2012 in "I just want to own my own house.", investor90 said:

    taxee says

    I bought a nice place in the middle of an agricultural area in the 90's. Almonds, walnuts, prunes, pomegranates, just beautiful. Be prepared to get sprayed with strange chemicals by the neighbors and you might not want to drink the water. I sold it ten years latter when electric rates spiked and the orchard next door installed a 60 horse John Deer diesel water pump on their well near my house and ran it day and night, two weeks on then two weeks off. Made the house vibrate and I couldn't have a conversation in my front yard. Next time I will try for forty+ acres.

    Be persistent in your search. Our water well tested 100% NO pesticides or other poisons. WHY? Because the local farmers don't worship Monsanto, Cargil, ADM or Roundup salesmen. We have an electricity meter--actually two of them that run backward during the day. The net power use is negative for us. We actually net a small profit each year. We also have fruit trees which offer their own type of "air conditioning" to keep the house cool in the summer. During a power outage, we have our own Natural gas generator which makes very little noise at night. All of our lighting (interior and exterior) is via low power LEDS. Luckily for us the neighbors on each side of us also have solar PV panels. We rarely hear the Gas gensets during power outages. The other neighbors are so far away we couldn't hear a John Deer Diesel Generator if there were one. Oh and guess what...we see STARS at night....and have a nice view and soundscape of local animals....the noisiest seems to be a peacock ---weird bird call. But we have NO freeloaders...gangbangers...graffiti "artists", buses, sidewalks and hucksters. There are "REALTOR, RAPIST and COYOTE" KEEP OUT signs all around the area. My favorites are "Violators will be shot". You can hear automatic weapons fire at is the sound of SAFETY. If any neighbor has a problem...within a minute you will be facing an army of adequately armed Americans who are pissed off. You don't want that especially ...if you are a killer, rapist, child molester, Realtor, bankster or other scum sucking bum. We all know whats up with these criminals. Yes we also have plums, peaches, cherries, walnuts and almonds. A neighbor is a commercial fisherman so if we need some Omega 3's in our diet we trade natural organic NON GMO, veggies and fruit for wild caught seafood. All of us need to go to the country...and stop supporting freeloaders and other bums (Realtards).

  • On 3 Oct 2012 in "I just want to own my own house.", investor90 said:

    Zakrajshek says

    One of the main things I don't like about "owning" is the constant threat of the neighbors, and what irritating behavior they will do next: e.g. their screaming brats, barking dogs, blaring stereos, burping harleys, sex offenders, smokers, and on and on.

    Here is my solution. Move out of the city and its micro sized lots and mini sized houses. I found a little 3.5 acre plot with my own water well, septic system, natural gas and PV solar system 1/2 mile from the freeway. My "neighbors" consist of goats, chickens and old folks who are not allowed to develop the property into another Levittown. We protect each other against Realtard housing glut.....intruders watch out! The 30 acre parcel across the street can only be used for a few grass oats. NO problems. Only those who are handy with a saw and a hammer are comfortable living in a rural area. You either fix or build it yourself or do without. I trade my vegetables with neighbors who grow different crops. Ortganioc natural fruits and vegetables with free range chicken. More people should do this....I can see for MILES in most durections. NO gas stations, or mini-marts! No riff raff...gangs or "diverse" population with their peculiar habits such as gang banging and theft. Lets keep that in the city with the Realtards. Block busting won't work here. Too bad for the realtor slimesters. I have my own police department with initials S&W. Our local judge is a farmer and he has a bias for people not city slickers with a habit of stealing and car jacking. Oh and the best part...there are NO buses, sidewalks or welfare benefits to attract the free loaders from the cities (welfare bums).

  • On 30 Sep 2012 in Work 30 Years For Something That Was Made in 3 Months, investor90 said:

    Jean says

    It is true that it takes a couple of illegal immigrants 3 months to build a property. I live in LA and see it all over the place.

    It's true in my area as well. Some of these illegals are asking upwards of $40/hr to put mud on the walls. I have started a different way of bidding on these house projects. "My illegals are better or cheaper than yours". LOL I have them bid on the total job. Since they don't have a contractors license they can't put a mechanics lien on the house. On my last subcontract job (fixer) I watched carefully and figured that the labor cost was $3.50/hr! 4 illegals for four 10 hr days. Recently, I was able to get a lawn service for $40/month (it takes them 1 hour for the front lawn), so this one is still making $10/hr. In this hood, average lawn service runs $ 150-200/month

  • On 28 Sep 2012 in Realtors whose photos suggest they offer something extra come closing time, investor90 said:

    Real-A Tor Piggy at your service...

  • On 28 Sep 2012 in Realtors whose photos suggest they offer something extra come closing time, investor90 said: In Australia already....excellent clip.

  • On 28 Sep 2012 in Realtors whose photos suggest they offer something extra come closing time, investor90 said:

    Try this babe....

  • On 27 Sep 2012 in "Using a buyer's agent is free for the buyer.", investor90 said:

    mike2 says

    I have a solution for all you anti agent using folks

    AND I have another! I have tried it and this strategy WORKS. Use the exact same Realtor lying, cheating and deception tricks that they used...but in reverse. Sort of like a Realtor jujitsu. The more "tricky" they are, the more they get screwed. On the real nasty lying cheats like "Highest and best" you can disembowel them and "almost win" ( these criminals still get their commissions--but they don't get to steal the property). The problem with this strategy is that you never know WHICH property will be favorable, so you must make an offer on many (until the Realtor games collapse on them) . hint: the biggest fear most agents have are agents they do NOT know. Keep them guessing. Their second biggest fear is TIME. Their least fear is prosecution. They don't even care if they get caught since "everyone else is doing it" (other Realtards)

  • On 22 Sep 2012 in mom and pop landlord need credit check service, investor90 said:

    gbenson says

    ask the tenant for pay statements or bank statements (preferably both since bank statements can show how lavish a lifestyle someone leads).

    Which is worse? A tenant (s) who is one day late and takes excellent care of the property or a landlord/property manager/ owner who keeps the rent and security deposits and DOES NOT MAKE MORTGAGE payments FOR YEARS? How does an HONEST tenant make sure that the Landlord is NOT buying luxury cars planes and vacations with the tenants money? In my situation a whole city block of rental units includes ALL TENANTS where the landlord KEEPS and spends All the rent money for personal use. Today...the banks caught up with him. He now has a row of short sales that he is selling back TO HIMSELF via short sales. BTW he is a REALTOR, The Director of the local Real estate association, and also is a developer a builder and owns the largest property management firm in the city. He is also the mayor and hand picked the last local judge and is the largest campaign contributor locally. How can he KEEP tenant money to use for personal use and not pay mortgage? The TBTF banks NEED him since he builds more houses---still today building new but not selling. How does he qualify for short sales ? Because the LAW does NOT REQUIRE banks to verify that short sales are arms length transactions. Why do TBTF banks want to give away money through bogus short sales like these? Because we will BAIL THEM OUT AGAIN and again.

  • On 22 Sep 2012 in Realtors' bogus "Code of Ethics" not available to the public?, investor90 said:

    There is one more advantage IF the Buyer wants to go directly to the Listing agent: If a Buyer is represented by a Buyers agent in a sales transaction, the Buyer can NOT SUE the Buyers agent for lying or hiding problems or issues with the property IF the Listing Agent LIED to the Buyers agent. The Buyer is screwed, since the information although bogus was BELIEVED TO BE TRUE by the Buyers agent. In the case of Dual Agency...the Listing Agent walks a fine line and knows failure to represent BOTH sides equally can mean legal trouble. Listing agents can be sued for many reasons in Dual Agency contracts...that's another reason for a Listing agent to not go "Highest and Best" with so-called multiple offers---that do not exist. The Listing agent makes more money by selling at a lower price getting all the commission rather than getting less money by selling the price higher with a shared or split commission.

  • On 22 Sep 2012 in Realtors' bogus "Code of Ethics" not available to the public?, investor90 said:

    As a Buyer using a Buyers Agent...MANY MANY times I have learned more about a listing by going directly to the listing agent---using a bogus name---mail drop and out of area cell phone - of course.

  • On 22 Sep 2012 in Realtors' bogus "Code of Ethics" not available to the public?, investor90 said:

    robertoaribas says

    he would have to post his specific case, to have any guess... There are duties to treat each other professionally, etc, so it might depend on his specific post that he wrote.

    Without knowing everything that happened, hard to say. But, I have observed that "pissing off other agents" seems to be an unwritten rule you can't break without repercussions, right or wrong.

    Does this imply that according to the N.A.R. Official Ethics Rules, any Listing Agent who does not answer telephone calls, emails Faxes or hides from Buyers agents is violating NAR Ethics Principles? As one local Bigshot Realtor Broker-Office Owner advised me it is NOT ILLEGAL to NOT be "polite" to "other" agents (scum sucking Buyers agents) by answering or returning telephone calls. Only when the Buyers Agent physically submits an offer ---and IF they "find" it in time, do they inform the seller ( how that is done-- is another story of obfusctaion). In many areas of California, Listing agents brag about not responding to Buyers agents. It's ironic that any Buyer can contact a Listing Agent ( its best if you are a "friend" or "in the pocket" on a list waiting for the listing ) and the "professional" Buyers agent gets a "no answer" or unreturned calls and emails. This is the MAIN reason why large "Full service" Realty Offices have their telephones screened by a clerk. They do NOT want to take calls from loser Buyers agents. They don't care about low-balling (almost non existent), but do NOT WANT TO GIVE AWAY half of their commission. Being a NON- Realtor has its advantages. It looks like Realtors are their own worst enemies.

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