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  • On 17 Dec 2013 in First time house purchase loan questions.., Bap33 said:

    tatupu70 says

    Bap33 says

    3X your annual household income is the MAX house you can afford. Do not go beyond that amount.

    That's a good rule of thumb, but hardly a certainty.

    I agree. But, if a person "earns" their payment through "wages", and has a desire to pay-off the home at some point, then I kinda think it is a rule. If the buyer has a short term selling idea, or has no plan to ever stay put, or does not plan to own, or is willing to gamble, or sees a benefit worth the difference (good area, view, schools, ect), then that 3:1 ratio can move around. But, I submit it should be slid down when the same variables are negatives. In an area like the 209, a middle-class subdivision home is only worth 2X the middle-class HHI, in my opinion. Real numbers in 209 would be something like 45K HHI X 2 for a 90K home. The trouble is, Section 8 hands out $1,000 a month to rent these mid-level houses that can be bought for 1/2 that amount in payments, so most middle-class subdivisions in the 209 are becoming gang slums. This is forcing the regular people that do not want to live in tijuana to sell to the investors and then to pay more-than-value to get into areas that are not infested - yet.

    The way is looks to me is, the REMafia has parlayed their position by gathering up lots of SFH's, having taxpayers pay the note through Section8, and then drive the productive middle-class out of the middle-class subdivisions, and into higher-cost areas, by infesting the area with scum. Graffitti, gangs, drugs, violence, loud music at all hours, little dogs running through the streets, cars parked on the front yard ..... all coming to a subdivision near you if Section8 is not removed from the SFH market.

    p.s. Section 8 allows people to BUY also.

    In the meanwhile, stupid people are rewarded with laon modifications. That is absurd. That is welfare for stupid people. Once again, anyone not stupid enough to go into debt at 10:1 HHI, and then HELOC every penney they can from the asset, and then make zero payments for 5 years, and then get a loan modification -- is the one paying the way for those who were that stupid.

    Back on topic: 3:1 is a good rule for anyone coming on Patrick.Net for good advice. If you are wealthy enough to go beyond that ratio, you can just use the tried and true system of telling your REMafia member, "I can afford this much $___ per month", and out of the goodness of their heart they will find a home that takes (just a little bit more than) that amount for you to own.

  • On 15 Dec 2013 in First time house purchase loan questions.., Bap33 said:

    tatupu70 says

    Why do sellers care if it's FHA financing? Do they fall through more often?

    sellers don't care, RE pukes do.

  • On 15 Dec 2013 in First time house purchase loan questions.., Bap33 said:

    3X your annual household income is the MAX house you can afford. Do not go beyond that amount.

  • On 14 Nov 2013 in ****** 6 ******, Bap33 said:

    There is no lack of access to medical services. There is a desire for some dope smoking liberal pukes to expand welfare.

  • On 6 Nov 2013 in frustrated, Bap33 said:

    dope use may not be 100% amung gansters -- but it is close to it, and it is way above the non-ganster dope user percentage. Dope is used to avoid reality. Embrace reality.

    p.s., your mama.

  • On 6 Nov 2013 in frustrated, Bap33 said:

    egads101 says

    Fucktard, gangbangers kill each other due to the ILLEGAL TRADE and PROFIT in
    drugs. Not because they smoked a joint.

    the drug abuse could be behind the willingness to join a gang. Or, perhaps, the same lack of mental tuffness or self control or self workth that leads one to a gang life may also be what leads one to try any drug, and become a slave to any drug.

    deviant liberals rely on armed Americans that follow laws to protect them, but demand an end to armed Americans that follow laws. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • On 1 Nov 2013 in frustrated, Bap33 said:

    APOCALYPSEFUCK is Comptroller says

    Here's the question that will help organize your thoughts. Is jelly-spined
    programmatic progressivist pseudo-socialism really what produced the current
    endless meltdown? I suggest really rock-ribbed conservatives and stalwart
    lefties are mostly in agreement on the basics but the only barrier is the
    overwhelming influence of campaign money from the financial crimes industry
    which has been directly influencing regulation - or its roll-back - since the
    1970s or so.

    good. thanks.

  • On 21 Oct 2013 in What will be the catalyst for the next down leg in housing?, Bap33 said:

    IF ... if welfare is cut .... if Section 8 is no longer allowed in the SFH rental market .... if EBT removes the cash function .... if there is ever a closed border .... if Obamacare, or some Rupub version of Republicare-Obamacare-lite is forced upon the public ... if a real nasty war starts, with real high numbers American deaths ... if solar flares take out the grid ... if the Mayans date was miscounted by us by a year .... if just the right amount of bad things happen, THEN cali-housing will no longer be the playground for the specuvestors that make up the REmob responsible for funding the REnazi-lobby that keeps the poopoo flowing. As of today, in central cal, there are still "programs" being used to create buyers, resulting in prices being higher than a true market would support. End those progams, and prices keep going down. I think.

  • On 18 Oct 2013 in What will the GOP be like in 10 years?, Bap33 said:

    tatupu70 says

    What are the main differences between a conservative and a Republican?

    my post messed when I clicked it, I wrote a long one. I will get back in near the end of the day and give it another shot.

  • On 17 Oct 2013 in Shiller's lesson: Housing was never a good investment, Bap33 said:

    never seen a millionare use "dickwad" on here before.

  • On 17 Oct 2013 in What will the GOP be like in 10 years?, Bap33 said:

    tatupu70 says

    Bap33 says

    you wish I was GOP you POS. I'm a CONSERVATIVE

    OK Bap. What are the main differences between you (a CONSERVATIVE) and the Republican platform? And when was the last time you voted for a candidate that didn't have an R after his name?

    I voted for Ross Perot and I would have voted for Ron Paul but he was GOPed out. I want the right person doing the right job. Obama is a joke that has went so much better than the leftists ever imagined that they are having trouble coming up with a "next thing" to use to remove your freedoms.

    The FACT is the central valley of mexifornia votes EXTREEMLY conservative, but we get blasted by the liberals near the water on almost every issue. Just check the voting record of the valley counties between Bakersfield and Stockton. Conservatism alive and well.

    And when we do win at the ballot box the liberals use the courts to get their way, and silence the conservative voice. In my voting life it has went on almost non-stop. Liberals suck.

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in Pledge of Allegiance, Bap33 said:

    compulsery education at the public expense should be haulted, and privatized schooling should be all that exists. As a result of education being a choice and not forced, all voting rights should be earned with passage of a basic IQ test in math, economics, and history, along with a clean drug test.

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in What will the GOP be like in 10 years?, Bap33 said:

    Tea Party rules
    Liberalcrats drool

    The failed progressive liberal wealth transfer system will put man back 3000 years. Too bad we dont keep our history on stone tablets so the humans of the furture will know what to do when liberalism shows up again.

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in Disability Industrial Complex, a system ravaged by waste and fraud, Bap33 said:

    what lib program is not funded by taxpayers or Soros?

  • On 16 Oct 2013 in Disability Industrial Complex, a system ravaged by waste and fraud, Bap33 said:

    edvard2 says

    The reason I don't agree with that assessment is because it really wouldn't
    matter whether this was a liberal or a conservative-backed program: no matter
    what it is, there will ALWAYS be people who abuse whatever system happens to be.
    That's human nature.

    Good point. Now, please name some conservative designed and built GOV MANDATED wealth transfer "programs", like any of the different shades of welfare -- from cash to breeding illegal teen moms, to Section 8, to CalFHA, to free school lunch, to Farm Aide, to you name it .... just list some examples of a CONSERVATIVE (not some Rino progressive liberal) that started such a "program". I figure there must be something, I just cant think of one. But, good point.

    I did read on here, and on the net, and in the paper, and saw on Fox, that CONSERVATIVES give more to PRIVATE public help "programs" than self-profressed non-conservatives do. Ever heard that?

  • On 14 Oct 2013 in No, I Will Not Help, Donate, Or Continue, Bap33 said:

    Bush's fault. No patnet libs will utter a word about this. It looked like an Obama - Trevon ralley.

  • On 5 Oct 2013 in Undocumented residents can now get a California drivers license, Bap33 said:

    racist?? I never mentioned any race in my post, so that makes no sense. ?

    I only suggest nude flogging over prison or jail because it is much cheaper and sounds like it would be a better deterrent. Those ideas were off the cuff, not pondered.

    If the CalEPA and the green freaks really wanted cleaner air, then they would have demanded a closed border and supported Prop 187 in 1994. The invasion and hyper-breeding following the activist-court stoppage of the voter's voice has had a horrible impact on all things enviro related. Obviously the pro-invasion liberals want dirty air and dirty water.

  • On 4 Oct 2013 in Undocumented residents can now get a California drivers license, Bap33 said:

    once again the liberals use the activist courts to do stuff that the voters said no to. "First thing we must do is kill all the lawyers and judges",.... said someone one time with a similar problem.

    If the punishment for being an invader driving without a license was instant death, and if the punishment for being an invader on drugs, or someone on drugs born to an invader, was a direct train ride to Tijuana, and if the punishment for (any human)driving drunk was nude public flogging, and if the punishment for (any human)selling drugs was public decapitation, and if the punishment for rape was public hanging, and if the punishment for gang activity was nude public flogging followed by a week in a glass box on public display followed by public nude hanging, and if the rotton political hack POS in Sacramento were charged with murder each and every time an invader commits murder or manslaughter, with a car or weapon or bare hands, then I just might not really care who they decree worthy of driving.

    Progressive liberalism is a disgusting vial worm eating the soul of humanity.

  • On 3 Oct 2013 in Barclays creates "down 30%" house price scenario, Bap33 said:

    Can we all read the Barclay opinion from 2001, and then 2004, and then 2007, and then 2010, and then 2013? I think that might be some cool graph data from one of you graph-data-masters. For me, if they were wrong 3/5 of the time, then their opinion should be weighted 3/5.

  • On 26 Sep 2013 in Morning Bell: $43,000 Per Household, Bap33 said:

    freak80 says

    The facts you post show that the national debt increases fastest during
    Republican presidencies.

    and the Prez dont spend money, CONgress does.

  • On 26 Sep 2013 in Morning Bell: $43,000 Per Household, Bap33 said:

    Call it Crazy says

    sbh says

    .......and this never gets old:

    Now, let's overlay your chart of who was president with who controlled congress at that time. As we all know, spending has to come from congress, the president just signs (or doesn't sign) the bills presented to him...

    This chart looks a little different...

    facts are not welcome in Libville

  • On 22 Sep 2013 in Are Single-Family Home Rents Dropping?, Bap33 said:

    Once again, I must say, if the Section8 welfare renters are removed from the SFH renter pool, then all SFH rents will go down to where they belong. As long as welfare exists, there will be no true market in SFH rentals (or any other service or goods). The way I see it, in the same way that "free money" blew up a house BUYING bubble, the same style of "free money" has now blew up a house RENTING bubble. The RE-Mafia has secured their wealth on the backs of the taxpayers, with the auto-pay, gaurentee-pay system created by Section 8 and welfare. I think.

    And the steady flow of digital wealth being applied to "the stock market" has me worried. How is this going to play out?

  • On 14 Sep 2013 in Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor, Bap33 said:

    bob2356 says

    By your definition air traffic control and the weather service is welfare.

    lol .... you put the straw in strawman on this one. If they are SUBSIDIZED, then you bet, they are welfare supported. But, they provide general services to the masses, not individuals gaining access to goods or services they did not pay for, so, like the farm welfare, it is less crappy.

  • On 14 Sep 2013 in Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor, Bap33 said:

    bob2356 says

    What sort of welfare comes from the EPA for christ sakes.

    um, well, here in mexifornia's central valley, if you have a diesel powered ag pump or generator that is over 74hp and is older than X years, there is a PROGRAM that gives you MONEY towards replacing your old smoggy engines. That money for that engine comes from where?

    (I did not mean to put FDA, I meant USDA, but screwed up - I honestly was thinking "food and dairy" for some reason) anyways, USDA has $0 down loans for house buyers here in the central mexifornia valley. And gives free milk to kids in school.

    As for the real FDA, it seems they spend your Fed taxes on stuff for others -- kinda: Here is a portion of the story:
    """ What does this cost? McKinsey has signed contracts for more than $17 million for work at the FDA since 2008 including $10 million in 2010, according to And Feldman's firm has contracts worth $7.9 million, the paper writes.

    Helen Winkle, whose office oversees the generic-drug division, tells the paper that going to Antietam was so useful she visited twice. The lesson was about "just trying to get people to understand better how to lead their staff here," she says, although three employees in the division, who requested anonymity, says the seminars didn't contribute to solving specific problems in the division.

    As for McKinsey contract, Winkle says the firm found that about half of the 2,000 pending drug applications were still sitting with drugmakers that hadn't responded to FDA questions. But Joe Barton, who is the leading Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is not impressed. "Why on earth are FDA managers spending money for a consultant to tell them why they have a backlog of generic drug applications?" he asks. That's a good question.""""

    seems like maybe FDA has some cash to toss around, but I'll keep looking.

  • On 14 Sep 2013 in Companies lay off thousands, then demand immigration reform for new labor, Bap33 said:

    Dan8267 says

    The data I sourced clearly includes food stamps, section 8 housing, and all
    other parts of actual welfare.

    I must disagree here, Dan. Many forms of welfare are hid hither and yon. It is hid in education, medical, farm, EPA, FDA, ect ect. Lots of "programs" out there that fall under the gerenal term of "welfare". Meaning, "personally getting a good or service that is paid for, in whole or in part, by someone else through taxation."

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