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  • On 22 Sep 2014 in Affordable housing for retires is major problem, lostand confused said:

    I actually like my job. Stuff can happen to anybody, but as a society we are taught not to take any responsibility -wether that be a single woman who slept with a 100 men or a 50 yr old who decided to go to college, get a 200k debt and/or took exotic vacations by using equity in the house.

    It is always the man's fault or the banker's fault or the 1% fault.

    I still like CA, but a million dollar+ for the same kind of property that I jus bought would have set me back some. Now here, I like the job-less competition, more importance and a house I will be done paying off in a few years and still have assets left over apart from the house. The weather sucks in winter , but that is life-you make choices. I am aware stuff can still happen-the best laid out plans of men and all-but at least take responsibility for your actions and stop giving gold stars to everybody.

    it is like this whole education system and education for the illegals. Everybody does not need to go to college. A healthy society is where people take/work in all sorts of jobs/trades. If you learn to read and write for a lot of them-that should be good. No 100k in debt that you are paying off for ever. Why do we need illegals to do farm jobs, when we have 300 pound critters on welfare. Welfare should be means tested-how much have you contributed to the system and now you have a safety net. if you and your mama have been on welfare-enough get off your giant ass and go work the fields or some such.

  • On 21 Sep 2014 in Kim Jong-un's Uncle Eaten Alive By 120 Hungry Dogs, lostand confused said:

    Ouch. I wonder who is worse, ISIS or Kimmy boy??

  • On 21 Sep 2014 in Kimfuck Still at Large - What's the Plan!?, lostand confused said:

    Send him lil kim the rapper as a gift?

  • On 21 Sep 2014 in Trying to retire with a mortgage, lostand confused said:

    Blurtman says

    "Instead, his $4,500 monthly mortgage payments — a consequence of several equity withdraws over the years — became a financial drag."

    Who is responsible?

    Hush. never ask that question. In America , it is always some one else's fault.

  • On 20 Sep 2014 in Man shot by police did not try to grab cops gun, lostand confused said:

    SoftShell says

    zimmerman is innocent.

    he'd make a perfect cop.

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