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  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Fuck the Movie! ApocalypseFuck is Going in with a Log Splitter!, lostand confused said:

    zzyzzx says

    Sony must have some really shitty IT security for North Korea to be able to hack into it.

    Maybe they used the guys who did the Obamacare website?

  • On 17 Dec 2014 in Man who shot burglar in his own garage is convicted, lostand confused said:

    So you go chasing after somebody in a street who is running away from you and kill him and you are free. But you shoot an intruder in your own home -you are guilty? The same with that guy in MN who shot two intruders-who actually came down to his basement.

    The message is chase and kill anybody on the street-but don't you dare kill anyone who breaks into your own home??

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Ruble Rocket to Russia, lostand confused said:

    Strategist says

    Competitive in what? They don't make anything the world wants except for vodka, and they drink most of it.

    If the ruble stays low-they can make anything they want and it will be competitive.

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Ruble Rocket to Russia, lostand confused said:

    Well, they have a current account surplus of about 35 billion bucks. They had a current account surplus of about 30 billion bucks last year.

    they manufacture gas/oil in rubles- but sell in dollars/euro. Just think of that profit margin. If the ruble stays this low-their domestic industry can start picking up and be competitive. it is not like they are a nation of 300# welfare slobs who scream about the 1%.

  • On 15 Dec 2014 in Genetic literacy project demystifies GMOs, lostand confused said:

    First give us a choice. They have used human consumers as guinea pigs to test GMOs and made us pay to buy them. label those things.

    When I buy a vegetable, I want to know it is a vegetable and not one with insect dna or lord knows what else in it.

  • On 11 Dec 2014 in Obama fooled liberals like suckers., lostand confused said:

    Obozo and Al Gore getting the Nobel Prize has tainted the Nobel prize for ever.

  • On 11 Dec 2014 in 21-Year-Old Sues Parents to Pay College Tuition -- And Wins!, lostand confused said:

    thunderlips11 says

    So let me get this straight. Parents make just shy of $300k between them, Father's College and private grammar school Education was paid for 100% by Grandpa, his father.

    Yup. It is called freedom. It is life-if grandparents feel so strongly-they should pay.

    While I might be having kids soon-am already planning to put away something in a college fund. But what if child decides he/she wants to study in Europe at the highest priced university and take a major in Pop Music. Should I be forced to pay quarter a million dollars just because I make a decent amount?? The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • On 10 Dec 2014 in John McCain calls out torture apologists, lostand confused said:

    dodgerfanjohn says

    Am I the only one who wasn't apalled by this "torture" list?

    Well the way things are going, it is only a matter of time before local police employ these tactics on folks who don't pay their parking tickets.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in Woman sells breast milk online, to pay for Christmas gifts., lostand confused said:

    Now, one would need a milking machine to milk these-though the old fashioned hand milking might be better for the milkman!!

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in CIA Torture Reports: Frozen to Death; Rectal Rehydration, Broken Limbs, lostand confused said:

    The sad things is both parties support this.

  • On 9 Dec 2014 in Obama now losing support among white millennials, lostand confused said:

    I think more people are seeing him for the fraud that he is. Ending NSA, prosecuting bankers blah, blah, blah.. Then there is Obozocare and while it does not affect the majority-the horrible FATCA. For a president who stayed abroad, he should have at the very least known how it affects normal Americans. But this hypocritical fraud just does not care-he is worse than Cheney. At least with Cheney you know what you are dealing with -not with this fox.

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in White SC Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Charged With Murder, lostand confused said:

    He lost his life over a frigging parking ticket?? Police in this country are just pigs...

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Just what we need-mice with human brain cells.., lostand confused said:

    What if these mice escape and then breed-will we have half human, half mice running around?? What if we kill one of them-will the far leftists slap murder charges on us??

    What if a mouse lives with us -will the far lefties demand we give the house tot he mouse in case of a separation?

  • On 8 Dec 2014 in Where do you see Obamacare in 10 years?, lostand confused said:

    Well, wasn't it funded for 10 years like the Bush tax cuts??

  • On 7 Dec 2014 in Job market in Bay Area stinks, lostand confused said:

    Yeah, that is why I moved out of CA. One, CA has a huge pool of tech workers-who really, really want to stay there. I moved to the Midwest-nobody comes here unless they have to.

    I now live in a nice , huge almost acre lot home that is less than the price of a small condo in CA. yeah you got to shovel snow and deal with winter. But jobs are a bit more secure and not as much competition and the pay is the same or better actually. I think too much competition is driving down the wages in CA-with only housing prices at stratospheric levels.

    If you bought a home in the early 2000s or in the bottom of the crash-that is ok. But now , it is too expensive.

    I was laid off-seems like eons ago!! best thing that happened to me. I was in a company for a long time-this event gave me a ton of experience-having confidence in my skills, negotiating rates, choosing where and when I wanted to work and when etc. It is life-what does not kill you makes you stronger.

    Now for those with families, it is tougher, but seen plenty who bounced back and are fine.

  • On 6 Dec 2014 in California's drought may be worst in 1,200 years (1st story), lostand confused said:

    Yet real estate is at lifetime highs.

  • On 5 Dec 2014 in Women still absent from top business leadership posts, lostand confused said:

    There are tens of millions of men who never make it to the top positions either. Yet Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina did and the CEO from Yahoo-Marissa something. But dumdum far lefties will never rest until male slavery becomes legal.

  • On 4 Dec 2014 in West Antarctic Glaciers Shedding Faster - Collapse Now Unstoppable, lostand confused said:

    JH says

    I read your own article back to you. And it contradicted your stance. I said nothing about taxes and religion. Merely quoted words from an article you tried using to support your point. It appears you only read the title and had hoped we would only read the title and give you props. Your simple minded friends may but not everyone.

    You want science to support extreme weather (including cold) being a part of global warming? Then start reading more than titles of articles.

    You are spelling out your own mindset. My stance has nothing to do with artic ice. That I do not dispute. My stance is on Antartic ice cap. They are two separate things-I ask why and you say artic ice, artic ice, artic ice. I know your mind is made up-but atleast try logic for a change.

  • On 4 Dec 2014 in West Antarctic Glaciers Shedding Faster - Collapse Now Unstoppable, lostand confused said:

    JH says

    And what you did was different how? Only because you didn't make a thread?

    You can't see the difference? Then you are so invested in your position and nobody can explain I to you.

    It does not make one difference to me if global warming is real or not. I am not the one making millions off of it. But when you are saying it is absolutely real and already are starting or trying to impose taxes and ask to change many things-then one better be prepared to back up their position. if these cold spells in some areas are anomalies-then provide the science for that. If the standard answer is global warming is real and if you question it, you are an imbecile-well that becomes religion, not science.

  • On 3 Dec 2014 in West Antarctic Glaciers Shedding Faster - Collapse Now Unstoppable, lostand confused said:

    JH says

    lostand confused says

    Well, per NASA- Antartic sea ice is at record high levels.


    The upward trend in the Antarctic, however, is only about a third of the magnitude of the rapid loss of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean.

    Cmon man that was in the FIRST paragraph.

    Yup and nobody is disputing that. But when you take a small blurb that makes it seem like anatartic glaciers are ready to collapse-when the antartic ice at record high levels-well.

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